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  Mike Pence Campaigns in Charlotte North Carolina  CSPAN  October 10, 2016 8:58pm-9:52pm EDT

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>> hello north carolina. [applause] thank you robin hayes former congressman and my very dear friend. so good for my wife and i to be here with you today. just a few short months ago that i accepted my party's nomination to run and serve as the next vice president of the united states of america. [applause] ..
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i've got to tell you, i joined this campaign in a heartbeat because you have nominated a man for president who never requests, who never backs down, he is a fighter, a winner and we will make america great again when we make donald trump the 45th president of the united
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states of america. you saw last night on the deba debate. optimistic and willing to fight every day for what he believes in and what makes this nation great. [applause] you saw that on the stage last night. it takes a big man to know when he's wrong and when to admit it and have the humility to apologize and be transparent and vulnerable with people and donald trump last night showed that he is a big man. [applause]
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on msnbc -- i think it was that one, someone asked me about my faith. about the fact that i say i'm a christian and in the wake of the last few days what i made of everything. i tell you what, i welcomed the opportunity. other than that woman standing next to me, my wonderful wife, karen, the most important decision in my life is when i made a decision for christ in 1978. [applause] and i was happy to explain on the television program i'm abb for and by faith informs me that we are to hold up a godly standard and inspired to live godly lives but we all fall short of the glory of god that there is no one righteous other
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than the one. as i said last weekend i don't condone what was said, and i spoke out against the other part of my faith is i believe in faith and forgiveness and we are called to forgive. my running mate showed the american people what's in his heart. he showed humility to the american people and then he fought back and turned the focus to the choice and i am proud to stand with donald trump. [applause]
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[inaudible] it's not just a choice between two people come it's a choice between two futures and i want to say to my friends from north carolina, i choose a stronger america at home and abroad and a more prosperous america. an america that stands up for the constitutions that make america great. i choose to stand with donald trump and every american that believes we can make america great again. [applause] it's about security, it's about prosperity and it's about having
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the highest standards of integrity in office in the land. the issues tend to get lost in whatever the media is talking about on any particular day. they are the issues that i believe matter most to the american people and the ones i need you to talk about here in north carolina in the next 29 days. the world is more dangerous today than today that barack obama and hillary clinton took over the foreign policy. our allies are less secure. our enemies are more emboldened. we cannot have four more years of apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. it's important to understand
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seven and a half years of the policy has weakened america's place in the world in the early the middle east virtually spinning apart. remember the number one priority that hillary clinton expressed s when she became secretary of state was a reset with russia and shortly after she gets that littlhit thatlittle red button s conference, a newly emboldened russia invaded ukraine. they have a foothold and renewed alliance in iran that is extraordinary to think of the failure of this administration. but it's not just an envelope and russia. it's building islands in the south china sea and we have north korea firing ballistic missiles and testing nuclear weapons. history teaches us to the evil around us.
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it's moving red lines and a reset without russia and its all holy testament to the truth of history. [applause] the truth is there's a couple of things that were on her agenda and responsibility. she initiated the disastrous agreement in iran. $150 billion for the radical mullahs and they were actually posting of the agreement. you know, when we were in the congress we worked together to pass punishing sanctions and the objective of which is that the punishing economic sanctions would take place until they abandon their nuclear ambitions
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but they actually transferred $150 billion only for a delay in their ambitions and giving the period of the agreement, no restrictions will be in place. and we are still. it was this administration that resulted in delivering on the te day that four americans were released from captivity, 400 million in cash was delivered on a pallet as a ransom payment. let me make you a promise when donald trump becomes president he won't be paying ransom to the terrorist sponsored state's. they will be paying a price if they threaten the american people. it was hillary clinton and barack obama that failed to negotiate a status of forces agreement in iraq, pulled all
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american forces out of the hard-fought gains in iraq has created a vacuum in which the terrorist organizations were able to overrun in areas that have been by the american soldier. there are heroes in our midst that served in operation iraqi freedom and anyone that has worn the uniform and the united states of america if you are able would you raise your hand and allow us to thank you for your service in the united states of america. [cheering] it breaks my heart to think of
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the sacrifices that were made to win this activity in the way that it was squandered and now the american soldiers are being called on again to win back what had already been won and last, it was hillary clinton and her state department fact left americans in harms way in benghazi and after they fell, she actually told the families of the fallen that it was the result of a filmmaker in flori florida. i'm going to be with dorothy woods tonight at another stop in north carolina, a gold star wi wife. when hillary clinton was confronted about what she had said to the families and misdirection she told a senate committee the difference at this point does it make.
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let me say as the proud father of a united states marine, anybody who said that where did that should be disqualified from ever serving in commander in chieandcommander-in-chief of thd forces of the united states of america. [cheering] for the world to be safe america needs to be strong and in recent years north carolina you need to know we have the lowest troop level since 1940 and the smallest number of ships since 1916 and instead of the battalions that for fighters say they need fear down to 23 and the average age of the aircraft in the work force is 27 years, older than the men and women that we charge to fly them. for america to be strong, donald trump will need on the world
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with strength and rebuild our military and restore the arsenal of democracy and renew our allies and hunt down and destroy any organization that threatens our people or inspires violence on our shores. [applause] that's probably my more than 160 u.s. generals and admirals including more than 20 medal of honor winners have endorsed donald trump to be the next next commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the united states. it is extraordinary but it's not just security abroad and at home. it was a very challenging time in the lives of men and women in the communities large and small to protect our families. an awful lot of members of the community are with us today so would you mind joining me in
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showing your appreciation for the men and women who served in law enforcement here in north carolina and all over the united states of america let's show them how much we appreciate it. [applause] let me promise you is the law-enforcement officer of the united states of america, president donald trump will stand with the men and women of law enforcement at every level and give them the resources and tools they need to protect our families and go home safe and we will restore law and order to every city and every community in this nation. [applause]
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[cheering] and an awful lot of police know that. maybe that's why the largest police officers union in america, 330,000 strong endorsed john ol -- donald donald tragedt of the united states. [applause] so it is about security and safety but it's also about prosperity men and women. there's a lot of talk on the other side about the progress our economy is making that i can tell you whatever progress we make here in north carolina it's been in spite of what has come in out of washington, d.c.. we are in the midst of the weakest economic recovery since the great depression. we have the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s. there are millions of men and women that have dropped out of the work force, and millions
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more in poverty today than today that barack obama became became president of the united states. the new september jobs report came out the most powerful economy in the history of the world only produced 156,000 jobs last month and unemployment picked up. their answer, more of the same. more taxes, more regulation, more of the same on american energy that is stifling american growth. i like to tell us that the best we can do. just be patient it will eventually work its way out. but we all know it is nowhere near the best that we can do. it's just the best that they can do and when he becomes president of the united states of america, we are going to get this economy moving again and put north carolina back to work and people all across the country by putting commonsense conservative
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principles into practice. donald trump has a plan. when we arrived in washington, d.c. we are going to do what ronald reagan did back in the 80s and was president john f. kennedy did in the 60s we are going to cut taxes across-the-board for working families, small businesses and family farms and get rid of the state of texaestate taxes once l and lower business taxes so companies in this state can create their jobs in north carolina and not see it shipped overseas. and on day number one of the administration donald chump is going to sign a moratorium and repeal every single obama executive order stifling jobs and growth in the american economy. [applause]
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[cheering] and after years of seeing american energy frustrated, and a number ondaynumber one in the administration, the war on cole will come to a crashing halt. we are going to call for the resources of the land and develop and all o in all of thee energy strategy that will drive a more prosperous future with low-cost energy for every american. and we are going to take the advice of hillary clinton's husband. did you hear what he said the other day? he said obamacare was the craziest thing in the world. bill clinton finally said something i can agree with. [applause]
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costs are up, coverage is down. you heard hillary clinton. i don't know if she answered, do something about something. donald trump said we are going to repeal obamacare and a stop debate could start over and it focuses on lowering the cost of health insurance instead of growing the size of the government. [applause] [cheering] and last when donald trump becomes the negotiator in chief, are you with me on that, we will have trade deals that work for the american people. we are going to drive a hard bargain and renegotiate nafta so it works in the long term and we are going to get out of this multinational deal and hold our trading partners accountable for the commitments they make to the american people. trade means jobs at its first goinbut it's firstgoing to mean.
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[cheering] for years we've had fundamental problems ihave fundamentalproblt talked to death in washington, d.c.. and under the last administration when hillary clinton promises to continue, it is amazing to think after the failed policies of the administration at home and abroad, she is essentially running on a promise for a third obama term. it seems like in the last seven and a half years there is no aspect of our lives too small for washington, d.c. to want to become involved. there's nthere is no provision e for them to ignore and as this approach is let's remind each other of one more important point that while the next president will serve a four-year term, the president will likely
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define the course of destiny for the united states and we better think long and hard about that. [applause] elect to worr fleury clinton anu better get used to unaccountable power to take unconstitutional actions. you heard last night wer was jut waiting from the bench. elect to donald trump and evil have strict constructionist who will uphold the constitution from the highest court in the land with great justice appointed to the court and all of our federal courts. they will uphold the constitution and interpret and not legislate from the bench. what's he say to all of you for the sake of the room of law and for the sake of our constitution, for the sake of
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the sanctity of life and of our second amendment right to keep and bear arms we must decide here and now the next president who will make appointments to the supreme court of the united states will be president donald trump. so it's about security at home and abroad, it's about the highest court in the land. but men and women it's about having the highest standards of integrity in the highest office of the land. and i've got to tell you i was proud of my running mate last night as the media continues to ignore the avalanche of
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controversy and corruption coming out of the years of the clintons particularly in the recent years when she was secretary of state donald trump went to the stage and put the truth before the american people. [applause] let's make sure we have this so we can talk to our neighbors and friends. when hillary clinton was secretary of state of the united states of america, third ranking official in terms of foreign policy, her family had a private foundation that accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments and donors and in between the two things, she had a private server and when i was found out by "the new york times" and congress made inquiries for copies of the e-mails she used high-technology and hammers to destroy e-mails
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and evidence. i am old enough to remember when a president he raced 18 and a half minutes of tape and was run out of town. hillary clinton used high-technology to the race more than 18,000 e-mails that we are still waiting to hear about. it's just incredible. that doesn't sound like politics as usual that sounds like obstruction and the american people are sick and tired of it and they are not having it. [applause] [cheering] in the midst of the last several days i know there was a lot of attention on other issues but did you see the excerpts of speeches that came out late friday? the speeches that bernie sanders
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was so interested in, the excerpts although there are more, behind closed doors in the excerpts released on last week late friday told the major donors to be successful you have to have both a public and private position. when she was asked about that on television, we got a lecture about abraham lincoln. did you see that quite [applause] as a member of the party i would really prefer if dishonest hillary didn't associate herself with honest abe. [applause]
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here's another, speak to a brazilian bank and this is an excerpt she said her dream was a hemisphere common market with open trade and open borders. and just in case you're still trying to interpret everything she said about healthcare reform she gave a speech in canada in which she said her goal was to have a healthcare system like you have here in canada. we don't want socialized medicine in america. that's what they have in canada. we want health care on the free market and consumer choice and the ability to choose your doctor and health care, that's the american way so let me just
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say before i close for the sake of our security and prosperity, for the sake of the highest office in the land and preserving and having a truth teller in the highest office in the land, we must decide here and now in north carolina that hillary clinton will never become president of the united states of america. that's got to be the decision and you have got to go out and make it happen. [applause] there's so many things that divide us these days and some mornings i just get up and turn on the television with a stick. i am kind of new to this level.
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i'm honored to be here and i'm more than honored that you would come out to see me today. it blesses my heart. [applause] there's so many things that divide us and so many purposes that divide us as they once did and i want to tell you about donald trump and me. we are two people that were raised to believe and will always believe there will always be more that unites us in the united states of america van will ever divide the great people of this nation.
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it has a lot to do with faith in god and the american dream. when i first got to know them as this summer. he was considering a long list of distinguished men and women for this position. we spent some time together as a family. i've not only got the boss traveling along with me today. where did she go. i've also got our daughter charlotte with us. recent college graduate who has a job. [applause] [cheering] but as we got to know the trumps it was interesting. i found out we shared some things. my grandfather immigrated to the country when he was about my
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son's age and donald trump's grandfather immigrated to the country and they came through ellis island. his dad was a self-made man to build a business with his bare handscome about everything that matters, a family and a business. my dad ran gas stations in a small town in southern indiana that did the same. my late father used to say when they started out they didn't have two nickels to rub together. they have more of the time he left us 30 years ago. we were both raised to believe too much is given much will be required and that meant the kid from queens to manhattan island to start building the big buildings. for me it was a calling in to public service and a dream of representing my hometown in washington, d.c. never imagining i could be the governor of the state and ever conceiving of the fact i could be standing before all of you good people today. i tell people often i say other than a whole lot of zeroes, we
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really do have a lot in common. [applause] we both believe in the american dream because we've lived it. our families lived it. and i want to tell you as we leave here today, i hope you will leave this town hall meeting today i say this i hope he will leave here and go tell somebody about the choice we face on security and the economy and prosperity and the supreme court and about the high standards of integrity but i hope you also tell them that you've got two people that are going to fight every day to revive the american dream for every american regardless of race or creed or color. we are going to fight to bring
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the american dream back to life [applause] it's not just faith and the american dream but it all started in their. this is a very challenging time in the life of our nation. i stepped forward and accepted this because i think the country is in a lot of trouble. i really do. this is no ordinary time and it cannot be met with ordinary effort or just with our effort alone. i truly do believe that now is the time to do all we can to work like it all depends on us but if you are inclined, it is a good time to pray for this country. and i'm not so much talking about winning and losing.
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i'm talking about america and my conviction that what has been true is still true today. but if his peoplthat of his peoe called by his name will humble themselves and pray he will hear from heaven and and heal our land. one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [applause] in the days ahead i would encourage you to tell somebody to lay out that choice. it isn't just a choice between two people on the stage last night. it's a choice between two
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futures. it's i don't know about you here in north carolina but sometimes in indiana if one candidate will take us this far and another one will probably take us about that far. a lot of times there isn't a dimes worth of difference between republican and democrat. this isn't such a time. this is a time of whether or not we are going to continue to go downhill towards a weak america at home and abroad to a world spinning apart in the wake of american weakness and retreat, to the american economy struggling incomes and families and walking farther away from our constitutional principles and ideals or whether we will stop, plant our feet, turn around and march back up the
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hill toward freedom and prosperity and a stronger america at home and abroad. that's the choice we have. and the american people will choose freedom and strength and make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. [applause] thanks everybody for letting me get that off my chest. i do believe sometimes you have to pay more attention to what you already know particularly when the water gets a little choppy. and i hope some of the words i shared today may enliven your
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minds a story we want you to tell. but in the time remaining i would love if you would share with me your first name and i would be happy to respond to your questions or thoughts. what is happening over there is happening over here. i'm angry because i am 60-years-old but my husband and i lost our insurance after so many years last week because i like to continue everything myself i pay everything out of my pocket just to keep myself
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going because i'm afraid if something happens i will be dead. that's why i'm voting for you and mr. trump. you are the best men. [applause] it is an honor to be with you today. thank you for your kind words and for your example. it is remarkable. two things you said that i'd want to amplify, or maybe three. give her a round of applause. that was a nice thing to say. so, anyway, this administration
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has actually nearly doubled the national debt. think about that in the entire history of the united states of america until 2008 accumulated roughly half of the current national debt that we have today. it took nearly two and a half centuries to get to this level when they nearly doubled it and hillary clinton's plan increased spending by $2 trillion the truth is it's never going to balance the federal budget unless you get the economy growing again. it is a pathway to turn america into greece. it's a very clear choice in this regard and it breaks my heart to hear you lost your insurance.
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we know what we need to do on health care reform. donald trump talked about the debate last night. they brought medicaid back to the states like indiana has been able to do to a certain extent. the way that you buy auto insurance and life insurance and see the cost of health insurance come down and the quality will come up. so the free market principles, not the system that hillary advocated in that speech. >> my name is john ellis.
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i'm a little older. but i would like to bring up his hillary clinton has promised free college education, she wants moroncemore illegals at $. my question is i started working at 13. 50% by mike himself -- myself and 50% by the employer. even though it was our money that our government promised to return to us, we haven't had an increase in five and a half years. let's create not only jobs for
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americans and veterans, but how about giving us our money. i have a sheet i would like to bring that reminded a question that would be all right. thank you. [applause] >> thank you for your service in the united states marine corps. [applause] there's two things you touched on that got me thinking. number one is i promise you in my first conversatiomyfirst cond trump, the first time we sat down, he said to me we are going to support and defend social security and medicare in the trump administration.
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[applause] when he wasn't interrupting me actually brought up a few and when i was in congress we supported different things but i'm going to tell you his policy is clear. the way that you consider the things you're talking about is you've gowe've got to get this y now it's back. you want to talk about bringing down the national debt and making sure seniors have the resources to keep international security, then. it's good to keep the promise to the seniors it's too get the american economy growing again
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so we have the resources to meet those obligations i promise you. [applause] my husband and i met you on several occasions you have seriously wounded in afghanistan we recently waited ten months for a referral from the va. how can we improve that, what will you and mr. trump do? i am really terribly honored. would you mind join me in thanking them for their service to the country one more time.
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i thought of this when the marine was standing a second ago. the first one that i attended was after the vfw. and we had a lot of the veteran standup that were here with us today. it is absolutely appalling that men and wome women that wore the uniform and went into harms way have in recent years actually lost their lives waiting for healthcare from the va. beth and on the day that president -- donald trump becomes president. i want you to look at this plan. i think it's about a ten-point
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plan that begins with changing personnel and expectations but also the philosophy. a lot of people talk about the benefits what it is an entitlement. it's not an entitlement. we know that benefits are a part of the ongoing compensation for men and women that wear the uniform of the united states of america. and we have today the bill for those that serve. if they cannot receive world-class veterans benefits under the administration we will make it possible for them to go across the street and get private health care and the american people will pay for it. [applause]
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big change is coming. >> we have tim >> we have time for one more question. >> i'm the proud mother of nine children, aged from my womb and one from the inner city of new york and when you look at my family there is more than just that. by father is a retired officer, my mother passed away but her family came here as immigrants. we've lost our insurance because we can't afford $1,800 a month, but i am more concerned as we stand here we have seen the division that this administration has brought. when i look at my child is african-american and lives in harlem for half of the year and is more concerned on what's going on in the neighborhood i've want to see my dad is a police officer protected and
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respected and i want to know that is a very tall order and i'm also an ordained minister saved by grace and when i look at all that you have to do, number one, i am committed to praying for you and calling on others to take a stand. but what is going to be the first thing that you do in terms of racial divide in the country when you get into office? [applause] thank you for sharing your beautiful family and witness for me and my family we are grateful and we rely on prayer in our house. and i will say to you i do believe that the division that
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we have can be healed in this country when we are standing tall again and on the shared foundation again. you said your father was a police officer, right, my uncle was a cop in chicago for 25 years and my heart break for the people of north carolina and the people of other communities that have faced this division that has followed. we need to be clear but there is every loss of life, i grieve that and when it's because of law-enforcement action, the public deserves an immediate and transparent review of that. but enough of those who would seize on these tragic moments to further divide us and demean the people that we serve in law enforcement. [applause]
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we need to come together and build communities and i truly do believe with donald trump is advocating, and i am proud to stand with him advocating is a stronger more prosperous america where jobs and opportunities and quality education come to every community again in the city and on the farm. one of the things he's most passionate about his educational choice. we believe parents ought to be able to choose where their children go to school regardless of their income or area code. [applause] opening doors for families that find themselves in failing schools and making sure we are providing resources to create prosperity in the streets and ending the flow of illegal drugs that's tearing apart countries.
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for families that's what i would leave you with today. we have 29 days to make a change or not. if you are one of the people that thinks that this country is on the right track come if you think that america's place in the world is just fine and that our economy is about as good as we can expect it to be coming our kids just have to get used to the fact that their future may not be as prosperous then you have one candidate in the race but i want you to leave here today and tell people all across north carolina and the community if you believe we can be strong again on the world stage, if you believe that we can open up doors of opportunity for every american and every community large and small across the nation, if you believe that
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we can create jobs and opportunities and be standing tall with our children and grandchildren able to not only have a great education but start a great future and if we can do it all on a foundation of that solid constitution and the faith that underpins it i need you to leave here today and not rest until you have told every neighbor and every friend at work and worship over the backyard fence that when we make donald trump the next president of the united states of america we will make america great again so lets go get it done. thanks everybody and god bless you. [applause] ♪
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filigree clinton was back on the campaign trail following the presidential debate and talk about the donald trumps federal income taxes and said his real estate organization bought steel from china. this is hel is how the queens se university in detroit. ♪ [cheering]