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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Ambridge Pennsylvania  CSPAN  October 10, 2016 10:25pm-11:23pm EDT

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♪ >> donald trump back on the campaign trail after the debate facing criticism of hillary and bill clinton he held the campaign rally in pennsylvania outside of
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pittsburgh. ♪ ♪ beef. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome the next president of the united states the donald trump. [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> big ben is a friend of mine. we play golf together. he once hit a shot straight into a tree it hit the tree so partisan within two years it would be dead and two years later, i should not say this but we have a lot of tree huggers but two years later the tree was dead. p.s. strong and he is good. big ben. [applause] i am thrilled to be back in pennsylvania november 8 we will win this state and win back the white house. [applause]
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we will take on the special interest the corrupt media, it is corrupt and the career politicians the hassled your jobs and wealthy and middle-class. we will make pennsylvania rich again to bring back our jobs. [applause] the and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue how to bring back jobs. she does not have a clue. if she wanted, in new york state she was in the senate and upstate new york is a disaster she said that will bring back to under thousand jobs. guess what? it is worse than ever before. common watched the debate last night? [cheers and applause]
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did we do good? amazing. i had a lot of fun. i would say hillary is highly overrated. it was fun to watch television some of these people it was painful. but we are fighting for you what is good for me is good for you. [applause] we will talk about a lot of things but always remember this above all else we will bring back your jobs to pennsylvania the end this deal that has been stolen from you in this area. the epa is killing you and your company's i will tell you that will be turned around on day number one.
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the jobs are coming back to pennsylvania and to this area that means we will take care of the steelworkers and our coal miners. believe me. behalf of laid out a bold vision of america of lower taxes better trade deals. millions and millions of new jobs. and but all crooked hillary could do was talk about small and petty things last night. over 90 minutes her values were exposed she had no defense all she could do was lie. she lied so much last night. they don't like to catch her but i explained how hillary clinton oversaw the disaster in libya and cloak --
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including drawing the infamous red line. she was there by the way. the red line was august 2012. she was there but she lied about it. but that was just one of many. of course, the moderators did not call her out or the allies that she told. that she did not delete her e-mail's after congressional subpoena but she did. that was a hard one to believe. the subpoena was sent march march 4th, 2015. cricket hillary's e-mail's were destroyed. bleaching isolde expensive process. when you bleach them that
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pretty much means they are ghana you cannot get rid of them do you think the nsa has them? [laughter] i don't think they'll look too hard for:i bet, i don't know but you have some of the greatest americans in the world i am so proud of the fdr -- fbi had bet they are sick to their stomach over what is happening. her e mails were destroyed march 25th after the congressional subpoena. if you were suing somebody privately and they get rid of the stuff after a subpoena you know, the consequences. here is the united states congress, to subpoena the e-mail's and other things
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now by the way yesterday to boxes of the males and materials are now missing. [chanting] [chanting] very, very sad. special prosecutor hear we come. the double play day's special prosecutor. we cannot allow this to happen to our country. we are like a third world nation. she did not even try to defend that these were
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30,000 e-mail's about wedding planning and yoga. 30,000 t-bills deleted? maybe five and for the wedding what about the rest? she had no defense when i brought up for failures in iraq and syria and libya no defense for failures as a senator from new york to create the 200,000 jobs but instead they were shipped to mexico. she has non-defense to call 1 million americans to call them deplorable. that is you. and what is worse? would you rather be deplorable or your redeemable. that means you have no
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chance. i don't think so i think we have the greatest people in the smartest people on earth. [applause] the most loyal people, every poll points out that trump people are the most loyal ever and we will get out and vote and you remember the primaries? voting begins tomorrow it should be interesting but looks like mr. trump could not win this state he will have a good fight the next day he wins by 22 points. [cheers and applause] remember i said that brexit
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will happen is an t ridiculous? . days later they vote and it happens. but that's all right this is like brexit. we want our borders drawn we don't want people coming in from syria we have no idea who the hell they are. [cheers and applause] and as they said last night night, i mean this, she has hatred and erhardt she wants to divide america up. i want to bring us together as one people. and by the way, we have thousands and thousands of people outside. did you now how lucky you are?
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now they will not let them and i don't know why because there are thousands of people. where is the fire marshal? ic seats over there. the fire marshal. been need your help. where it is your fire marshal? let them in. we have a three-year 4,000 people standing outside. they figure you're taking the seats in the back. i always get a kick out of it there's for walls and a roof with nothing to burn let the people inside. also obamacare which is a total disaster i will repeal and replace the disaster. much cheaper.
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hillary had no defense for secret ties to wall street that she hid from the public that was exposed by a wikileaks just as i walked onto the stage baird giuliani said all of these new charges that just cannot today. wikileaks has approval stuff i will not read it to you but trust me it is bad. this trend -- the transcript as scandalous information about clinton of first seeking public office. she is disqualified just with the fact she did that with her emais.
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day shyness spotlight on how the established networks where politicians meets in secret with the big banks to collect massive and sums of money then betrayed the american worker glitches you and me as we are all workers we just work differently. we have people in this room right now that make more money 18 years ago than they need now. they were caught harder right now all they and 18 years ago. the only thing i say i am older but have never worked this hard. that is for sure. my campaign is powered by dash money and small donations from millions of people who just want their country back they want
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america back. [cheers and applause] last night i asked hillary clinton why she doesn't take some of the hundreds of millions of dollars that she makes of my money but is that smart or stupid? to sell favors to the special interest and invest them in her campaign instead of having to rely on more corporate donations corrects she looked like oh my god why did he bring this up? she was flabbergasted. she had answer and this is just today from wikileaks it is not as good as today but i say that because the press will not pick them up.
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the only thing she has going with is the media without the media she would not have a chance. [cheers and applause] hillary clinton told the "wall street journal" that you need to have of public and private position and being dishonest to run for office one for the public and those to give you the of money. how did hillary clinton tried to defend? she did not deny that instead she blames honest abraham lincoln and. holy clinton blames abraham lincoln known as honest abe
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he is sitting in his grave. the speeches also show that crooked hillary will cut medicaid and social security one more example however position is all like she wants to knock the hell of your social security and medicare and medicaid and i will save them. also reversal because we will make our country rich again to bring back our jobs and make good trade deals. to have countries that were defending all over the world to pay more money, if that is okay? [applause] in all fairness and tell i cabling you never even heard about that. right? then i say that let them pay a little more money.
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we are dying with $20 trillion in debt. some of the country's redo such a good job we defend them they can help us out to save the old debt. shockingly they show hillary clinton to say my dream is the hemisphere open market with open in trade and open borders. [booing] in other words she was denied the state's to surrender to global government with no controls over trade or immigration. can you imagine seriously plaques she says she is for nafta her husband signed that but she is also for the trans-pacific partnership nafta was the worst trade deal ever in the world.
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what it has done to pennsylvania and ohio and upstate new york and new england, she is for unlimited immigration. i am building a wall. [applause] [cheers and applause] a slight difference. we will build a wall. who will pay for it? >> they will. >> a - - by the way i think they are getting the idea. she was the people to come across the border patrol agents, last week never
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endorsed a presidential candidate before but last week vice -- iced endorsed me they want to do their job but they are told to stand back. it would be a lot easier for them if they could make it nice and easy so now we have border patrol agents and we have i.c.e. analytical engine has nothing. she was thousands of people to come in from syria. 550 percent more than president obama. the donald trump the administration will complete the renegotiate nafta or we will walk away to make a brand new deal that is far
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better as the new businesses are coming to pennsylvania and ohio. [applause] and we will stop that disaster is transpacific partnership. we will make deals but you have to see the arrows all over the place it is 5,000 pages once you sign that it is a mess i like free trade. with individual countries if we don't like them we terminate them to send notification of termination. [applause] but that will never happen because during that 30 days . we will renegotiate a better deal. you cannot terminate it is
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like a grand chess master but we don't have any of them. phillip clinton calling for open borders anybody in the world can enter the united states without any limit would end united states as we know it today. no one who supports open borders should be able to run for president because we will not have a country. [cheers and applause] by the way weeks ago i called her out for supporting open borders and they said i was wrong. now i have been proven right . where is the media rushing to correct the false stories because with wikileaks open borders and free trade for everybody. i like free trade but i want smart trade. i don't like the term
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free-trade. free-trade to have that work you need to have really really smart people negotiating all these other countries have smart people but are people don't know what they're doing. bernie sanders declared open borders would be the end of america. he said that means there would be no united states doing away with the concept of the nation state. also explained open borders would make everybody in america up for by a dramatically reducing wages. that is not okay with me. by the way, anyways can fill the rate clinton betrayed bernie sanders? even though we don't agree, she put have spent a legend as a legendary figure in history.
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but he made a deal with her now he is just another guy. she attacked his supporters. she admitted in sacred she is in favor of entitlement cuts and in favor of open borders. your state has lost more manufacturing jobs since the nafta and china deals. i will stop for in cheating by the way this is killing our steel industry in this case has already killed much of it. how many people agree with me that china had so much to do and stupid politicians were killing the steel industry? [applause] between that and currency
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manipulation it is like bad games of checkers. we will start making things in america again and start making things in pennsylvania and again. pennsylvania steel will build our future and pennsylvania energy we will bring back our coal miners to power our future. [applause] congressmen, i get up there. i tell you they say he was one hell of a football player. he has said such an incredible supporter he is standing great -- right next to my daughter.
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we have such great support in these areas. clean coal and shale and natural gas. pennsylvania workers will be hired to do the job would rather give you a job for those that come into the country illegally i explain how she favors the 550% increase. we know nothing about that. we know what is going on look at syria and migration and we will get others to pay. because they are not putting up their fair share. we will leave but they will pay. also how hillary clinton is persuade responsible for the release of thousands of dangerous criminal aliens into the united states as
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secretary of state she refused to make foreign countries take back their own criminal aliens by canceling their visa and i must tell you she refused to use forceful diplomatic action. so there is a killer from another country. we will catch them because border patrol people are amazing so we will catch them but we will want to bring them back to whatever country it could be a killer , a drug dealer, a gang member, hillary clinton will say we cannot push them back the hell we can't. [cheers and applause] i guarantee a under my administration there will not be one guy that is not
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forced back into his country will not read about that we will put such pressure to take them back but hillary clinton did say i am sorry madam secretary. that they will not take this killer back. that's okay. bring them back and let them out on our side then you know what happens. the blair witch project you know, all those who love lost their loved ones to the killers that our illegal immigrants that is a sad thing to see and her refusal to take diplomatic action that causes the release of thousands of criminals and to our communities. fourteen national and a convicted killer who should of been set back to his own country in 2012 instead set
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free on clinton's watch. six months later he killed again murdering a 25 year-old and in one single year in 2010 nearly 4,000 convicted criminal alien -- aliens were released because their own countries said me will not take them back. we are supposed to legally but we will not. another revelation from those secret speeches is that hillary clinton do the state department was under threat of packing but yet she traveled overseas with her totally insecure telephone. remember the one she would banc the hell out of? does anybody hit that with a hammer?
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still more evidence she lied to the fbi just like she lied to congress and ask. one more important issue with the hypocrisy of every clinton and the media i was getting beaten up 72 hours for inappropriate roads 12 years ago locker room talk whenever you call it, but i said to myself, alleges of very inappropriate words that bill clinton sexually assaulted in is a women and she attacked those women viciously one of them said more viciously than he attacked. if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things we will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton there are so many
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that you probably saw yesterday. there were wonderful women in st. louis . and honestly it was beautiful and sad. they're trying to get their feelings of first along. so they could get with it wanted to get out. hillary clinton threaten to me after bill clinton raped me. she has been struggling to get the media to pay attention to her for many years. saw last night i decided we would expose the hypocrisy. [cheers and applause] to the entire world. as it outlined last night, bill clinton was the
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worst abuser of women ever to sit in the oval office. he was a predator. hello rick clinton systematically attacked and would discredit the of victims it is a written by the media but written by many books kathleen, juanita , connie, i mean, and christie. and many more. she is deeply aware of predatory behavior is set of trying to stop she made possible for him to take advantage of even more women she put even more women in harm's way and then says i love women. she is a total hypocrite. the hypocrisy of the media and of politicians is hard
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to believe. a condemn my words but they ignore and defend, this is the way it is. never pretends auctions of hillary and bill clinton that have destroyed and hurt so many lives. but perhaps the greatest window into the character of hillary clinton is what she did as a lawyer defending a man who raped a 12 year-old little girl. death threats to win her case she blamed the 12 year-old victim. her name was kathleen. she was sitting front-row at the debate as a lawyer said she was emotionally unstable and would seek out aldermen
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to fantasize. helen ruined that little girl's life. years later she was recorded laughing about it on videotape and laughing at the girl. nothing she will not do or say to obtain power and it is about time people started to understand that. [cheers and applause] but the hypocrites than the media don't want to talk about what hillary clinton has done to these victims. they don't want to talk about what they have done to other innocent girls and women. like kennedy driving his car into a pond instead of calling the police possibly saving her life almost definitely being able but he
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went home and went to sleep and not reporting the incident to the police. but yet he was hailed as a hero. last 728 -- 72 hours is about the american people fighting back against corrupt politicians don't care about anything except staying in power and keeping the donors happy. [applause] . . but right now it's just about
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protecting the powerful. i'm giving this because doing k that it is so unfair. [cheering] and it's going to lead to destruction of the country and we are doing it. the clintons have corrupted our government at the very highest levels. rank-and-file incredible people by the way. rank-and-file fbi agents are shocked at the corruption they are witnessing at levels nobody would know as possible the department of justice where bill clinton gets to the back of an airplane for 39 minutes just prior to a determination been made of course you and i know the determination was made a long time ago but gets on with the attorney general because he happened to be in arizona playing golf when it's
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110 degrees. no one saw him on the golf course. just happened to be there. so they spend 39 minutes in the back of a plane and talked about two things, golf and grandchildren. so i give the grand children five minutes in the golf three minutes. what else do you think might have been talked about? they can't believe, these people that are unbelievable people and love this country so much and they are seeing things they've never seen before. guilty, guilty, guilty, no charge. they see all this stuff going on and these people must be sick to their stomach. what have we seen in third world
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level corruption. this november is our one chance november 8 in our one chance to save the country and it's the last chance we are going to have. [cheering] i'm not proud of everything i've done in life i mean who is, is anyone proud of every element? but let me tell you what i'm very proud of. i'm proud that i've always treated at the blue-collar worker, and i consider myself a certain way to be a blue-collar worker that make this country
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run with tremendous respect. the waiters and waitresses, cops and firefighters, receptionists and custodians. we treat them with dignity and respect. these are great people. [applause] and the police officials, we have to thank them because they've done an amazing job. [cheering] i'm proud of the tens of thousands of jobs i've created and i'm proud that i provide equal play and equal pay for equal work and i have to do that. i've promoted women to the highest positions in my company over the years and they've done an incredible job. i'm proud of our unbelievable movement because that's what we have is a movement, men and
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women who only want a better future for their children. [applause] [cheering] if my mother and father were alive today they would be proud of me and everyone in the room and the other stadiums all of the other rooms that we are in. we are the greatest people in the world and we will make america great again. [cheering] my parents knew what was in my heart. they would know the love i have for all the hard working people in the country. i have the chance today to open my heart to all of you and tell you how much i want to make the country better and stronger and safer, so much wealthier.
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a woman came up to me and said please leave ou leave south weat doesn't sound good. i said can i use rich instead? here's the problem countries over the world are ripping off the united states, taking the wealth and jobs and future. we are going to keep them better. our taxes are going to be cut into hillary is going to raise them. our regulations are going to be caught and you look at your energy companies and natural g
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gas. we are going to cut taxes for the middle class and a big lead for the businesses. companies will be leaving the shores not for mexico and other places. my whole life i've been a fighter, and for you i'm going to fight. we are going to bring back our military. our military needs enhancement is so depleted. we are going to fight for our veterans that are being mistreated and not taking care of properly in many cases illegal immigrants are being taken care of better than our veterans.
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we are going to fight for a second amendment is under siege. [cheering] we are going to fight to have supreme court justices that the believe in the constitution. we are going to fight for all of our businesses bu but this deal businesses that have been taken away from us. we are going to fight for those miners whose jobs -- when i was in west virginia i met incredible people and a lot of miners and i said have you thought of going to another profession and they said no. they said we love mining. our grandparents did, our great grandparents and our fathers.
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we love mining and i realized the love that they had. and you remember hillary clinton made a statement before going to west virginia to get their vote if you can believe this she said we are going to put the miners out of work. we are going to take care of the mind and have clean coal. [applause] we are going to keep our people working and have a lot more people working. we are going to get rid of obamacare.
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we will have almost an 800 billion-dollar trade defic deficit. we will lose the most $500 million but think of this, countrywide as we do all this work and we will have a trade deficit of 800 or most billion dollars. we have a one lane highway going into mexico and we will make it
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for a little while to get back to a one lane highway coming back but also it's going to be like this. we want to be fair. we are going to bring pennsylvania steel and manufacturing back. we are going to unleash trillions to new energy and we are going to put our miners back to work. hillary clinton wants to do their damage. we are going to fix the schools in inner cities and fix poverty and joblessness and liberate millions of african-americans and hispanic americans from poverty because what they are going through is unbelievable. we are going to make pennsylvania and ohio in so many
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other places in the country to manufacture. to do these things we must push aside the politicians of the special interest. we don't want is stolen from us. we have the movement like we've never seen before, bill o'reilly and others have said this is the single greatest phenomena they've ever seen we will make that movement incredible.
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a company that loves itself and loves its people. we are going to make a country where people are proud to come through the borders and want to come through because they respect us and our values. we are going to make a country that is wealthy and save again and make a country that knows what it's doing and the functions on common sense again. our future is in our hands. on november 8 you're going to look back and say i believe that
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was the most important vote that was overcast. we are going to turn the country around and take back the country and take back the white house. we are going to work so hard and we are going to make america great again. ♪ ♪
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