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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 11, 2016 9:15pm-10:21pm EDT

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e-mails. [inaudible] we are going to break away from the program to go to florida for the donald trump rally in panama city beach florida. >> it sounds like we have a pretty enthusiastic crowd, am i right? hillary clinton wishes she could draw a crowd like this. she had to drag out al gore, remember him? we don't have to drag anybody else. we've got as many people outside as we do inside. that's because you know you're here to support a man who's going to change america. we are going to go in a different direction. are you happy with the direction america is going?
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do you want to change it? then vote for donald trump. he is the candidate of change. she is the candidate of the corrupt past and the boy, is she corrupt. he is the only one that is running against the establishment. she's part of the corrupt system. she is the corrupt system. he wants to get you more jobs and improves your education. he wants to make sure that we have safe borders. he wants to make sure that we have safety and supports the police.
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he will defeat them. she runs away from it and refuses to acknowledge it. and one of her speeches that was revealed today, she said that islamic terrorism is not a major danger. but remember during the debate the other night, she said you have to have, and now i am quoting this speech was paid $225,000. $225,000. this was just revealed today. she said you have to have both a public and a private possession on policy. she tried to wrap that in abraham lincoln. there was nothing of abraham lincoln an in the 225,000-dollar page speech.
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it means that you are a liar. i say one thing back then to the people i want to get money from and then i come to everybody else and say something totally different. and she did that time after time after time. it is impossible to know if hillary clinton is telling the truth. she could possibly pass a polygraph test while she was lying. in a paid speech in canada for $262,500 she said we should have a socialized healthcare system
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like in canada. and yoyou want a socialized sysn canada? do you know anybody that goes to canada to get an operation. hospitals in new york or dallas or minnesota to get treatment i don't know anybody that tries to get into a hospital in canada because the healthcare system is a heck of a lot better than the healthcare system because we've at least maintained it as private and when donald trump becomes president, we will get rid of what bill clinton called crazy. obamacare, gone. we will have a private system, a private health care system. you will be able to pick your
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healthcare policies from all over the country. and that competition will drive the price down. the reason hillary clinton doesn't understand the competition drives down prices is because she doesn't understand our economy. she wants a socialized economy just like she said we want to socialized medicine. she doesn't understand the greatness of the economy and how it works. t the roles of the interview i've never heard of that. i was investigating to tell them in advance what the rules o role interview were going to be. you know what that's called, that's called corruption.
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i will give you another one. for weeks donald trump has been saying that the media is corrupt and talked about cnn referred to by all of us as the clinton news networks. during onnetwork. during one debate with bernie sanders according to what was revealed today, he was the head of the democratic national committee and he got a question one day in advance and she gave that question to hillary clinton in advance and then the next day asked almost exactly the same question hillary clinton had gotten an advance. you know what that's called but that's called cheating.
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that's what you get thrown out of west point for the naval academy. we are going to have a president who is a cheater well, i don't know. we have one that is a bribe taker and destroys e-mails. we have one of smashes up telephones. she shouldn't be running for president. she should be under a real investigation, an honest investigation but imagine imagine cnn allowing her to get the questions before the town hall meeting. how many other times did she get
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questions in advance, did she get questions in advance in the debates that we've been watching, and what is the democratic party going to do now that we found out that she is a cheater? are they going to fire her because she was a cheer. this man isn't just a builder of buildings come he's a builder of dreams and knows how to accomplish things and get things done and you'll be proud to have him as your president again because we will be a country that is successful again and that we don't have to get our planes almost shot at or do
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anything into the next time we will. when he is president of the united states they will be too afraid. [cheering] the few moments you will hear from him. i want to make sure you get out and vote and get more people. do you promise you will go get ten more people to vote. promise me. come on. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ we set a new record with 10,000 inside. introducing the next president of the united states, mr. donald trump. ♪ ♪
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♪ thank you very much, everybody. a lot of people. [cheering] thank you very much. fellas, can we move over a little bit, please? we need room. we want people to be able to s see. we all love each other. we want more room. it's great to be in florida, my second home. i live here, stay here, i love this place. we have like 11,200 here, and
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outside we have over 10,000 people. would anybody like to switch places? you are great. there is no place like being at a trump rally. we are going to win back the white house. i would like to begin tonight by extending our thoughts and prayers to those recovering from the tragic aftermath of hurricane matthew. i watched and it took a little bit of a turn and we got lucky but it was still very bad. so, to everybody our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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due to the hurricane, voter registration has been extended. did you hear about this? through tomorrow, so register. you've got to go and register. we are doing something that's incredible. it's a movement. but if we don't win, all it is is that the * in history. make sure you get out and vote november 28. if you have already registered, requesting absentee ballots today and vote really early. the hillary clinton documents released today make more clear than ever just how much is at stake. this will determine whether we will remain a free country in the true sense of the word or become a corrupt banana republic controlled by the foreign
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government. it would lead to the destruction of the country. it will lead to the destruction of the country. today we learned that amazingly that's the department of justice sent information to the clinton campaign about the e-mail investigations of the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes. what is going on? rudy giuliani said it, this is collusion and corruption of the highest order, and it's one more reason why i asked my attorney general, i will ask, to a point a special prosecutor. [cheering]
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we have to investigate hillary clinton and investigate the investigation. they deleted 33,000 e-mails after congressional subpoenas. they got a subpoena from the united states congress and then they deleted everything. if you did that in private life should go to jail. then destroyed her phones, anybody store your phone with a hammer? people have gone to jail for doing far less. she also lost, think of this, secretary of state, lost as much as $6 billion in taxpayer money while she was running secretary of state. some people say it was
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misplaced. billions of dollars misplaced. these e-mails confirmed what those of us here today have known all along. hillary clinton is a corrupt global establishment that is raping the country and surrendering sovereignty of our nation. this criminal government cartel doesn't recognize borders bu boh the leaves and global governance on unlimited immigration -- and the rule by corporations. it also believes in no borders. just come on in folks. speaking to a foreign bank again just revealed, hillary clinton said my dream is a common market with opium trade and open borders. there goes the rest of your business is and there goes your country. she doesn't say that. behind closed doors, when she
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thought no one was listening she pledged to dissolve the borders of the united states of america. they've given us a window into the secret corridors of government power where we see the former secretary of state announcing the desire to end the american independence that our founders gave to us and wanted us to have. american soldiers have fought and died to keep america's freedom and now she wants to surrender those borders to an opium trade and world government and by the way, we want a government for the united stat states. crooked hillary is so radical on immigration that as secretary oy
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of state sheikh refused to make foreign countries take back their illegal aliens. the countries were smart and said we don't want them. okay we will take them. then you look at the crime and wonder why. and by the way did you know it was just announced that murder is the highest it's been in our country in 45 years. one such killer that was set free on her watch went to jail, came out and went on to kill a beautiful young american girl named tc chadwick. people have heard that name, beautiful, wonderful person. the killer who had already been convicted for shooting a girl in the head should have been sent home instead he was set free and stabbed her in the face and neck 15 times violently and stuffed
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her body in a closet. the corrupt establishment wants to surrender america's borders even if they send the troops overseas to protect. the administration will secure control, defend and protect the borders of the united states. we are going to protect. then the border patrol agent just gave us the endorsement. even the e-mails show that expressed serious concerns. during a recent trip to florida i had a chance to spend some
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time with the incredible residence of the haitian community that's contributed so much to this country and the state. i also learned from them how much they despised them and it shows that during the deadly earthquake that killed over 1,050 people at least, they couldn't stop cashing in. as people were dying in haiti, they were segregating out requests for president bill clinton vips so that the interest contracts would receive very special treatment. people that were labeled not friends with him were placed on the sidelines.
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a u.s. taxpayer funds to build what amounted to a massive sweatshop and guess who set it up, the chief of staff that helped destroy the e-mails and then got immunity from the fbi that included a distraction of her computer. there's never been anything like this. it revealed to block says the e-mails and information were missing. they were gone. the company that benefited from those actions put a lot of money into the company owned by cheryl mills.
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today the death toll is on the rise. we should never forget how bill and hillary clinton handled at the last time out. to all of our friends in haiti, your day of justice is coming and it arrives on november 8. not only have they ripped off haiti but it shows members of the team attacking catholics while this is offensive it's just the latest evidence that the clinton campaign has been using so much. you have all read the reports and heard the stories about how
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disrespectfully she treats law enforcement by how disrespectful she used the secret service and many others in uniform even dare to protect her and b. is our weapothese areweapon carrying p. they carry weapons. hillary clinton wants to dismantle so maybe she should start with her security people not carrying weapons. does this make sense to you? by the way, i want to give a shout out and a salute to our law enforcement and police. i am proud of the fact they've
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treated the people with dignity and respect and law enforcement personnel these are amazing people. the e-mails show that hillary . staff has given up secret notes. by the way did everybody see the debate? [laughter] debate?laughter [cheering] it's gotten good reviews. we will see what happens. pat buchanapat buchanan said tht of any presidential debate, the greatest performance -- thank you very much, folks. we had eight online polls and every one of them at the "time" magazine and so many others said we won by a massive margin so let's hope it all boils down to
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winning on november 8 otherwise honestly i've wasted my time, you've wasted your time. i will have spent over $100 million on running for office. that's a lot of money. that's not the thing. if i don't find them it will be the single greatest waste of time, energy and money. it's never been duplicated. there's never been anything like this in history. bernie sanders was second. she had this little crowd. she had nothing. and they are talking on television because the media is rigged. the best thing she's got going
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is the rigged media. can you imagine working with her for four more years? the last thing we need is another four years of barack obama. that's what we are going to get if we get her. but it also shows that the democratic national committee rigged the democratic election. the vice chair was caught reading information about bernie sanders plans to the campaign. in all fairness, he made a deal
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with the devil and made a mistake. he could have gotten something important in american history. when he made that deal, he thought without and very bad. but to all the voters out there, don't vote for a wall street sellouts like hillary clinton. remember this, the one thing i had in mind and we had in common was crooked hillary. the borders are much stronger. that's why i have all of the endorsements with everybody on the orders. but he knew we were getting ripped off on trade and he was right, except my numbers are much different. we are going to redo it and have unbelievable deals. but to the bernie sanders people come to you get sold out but remember this, i'm much stronger on trade and trade was a big
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deal because he i he's right wee getting sold out. our jobs are being lost and taken. we are being sold out. it's a vote for more reckless invasion, more terrible trade deals and as confirmed just today by wikileaks, she also wants to cut medicare and social security. a vote for donald trump is a vote for america first and to protect medicare and social security. believe me. we are going to protect social security. she will also raise your taxes. it also shows something i've been warning everybody about for
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a long time. the media is simply an extension of the campaign. it's just one more way the system is rigged. reporters do work for those like the "washington post" and "new york times" who may think of themselves as journalists but they are actually just the corporate political machine. the dishonesty of "the new york times" is unbelievable. the dishonesty of the "washington post" is unbelievable. the dishonesty of all the cameras, so many of them is unbelievable. the e-mails show "the new york times," "boston globe," univision, a third-grade
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reporter, remember he did the debate and made a total fool of himself all doing favors for the reporters smothering. you saw her on the debate stage. do you think that is pretty poor but the country is all about? they even gave her veto power. i would like to have power when they misquote me all the time. it's actually corruption. before the big debate against bernie sanders is that possible? the vice chair e-mailed from
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time to time i get questions in advance. do you think that is fair? aren't we starting to feel sorry for him a little bit? the media can't report on the establishment because it largely is the establishment and the corrupt media is teamed up against you in th and the amerin people. i used to get great press until they said he's running. i got great press. my wife said the other day you'd use to get such great press and now every story is a slander. i tell you what, it's slanderous and it's horrible and it's unfair, thoug that we are goingo beat the system.
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we will create a bright american future. i didn't need to do this but we have to do it and we have the greatest people on earth. we have the greatest people on earth. today it dredges up al gore. did you see him, anybody see h him. >> to campaign in florida.
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it would help create china. when they are making them they talk about all that stuff going up into the air but maybe we should be making them instead of china and germany and other places. instead of repairing the water infrastructure tinfrastructuress like flint. my administration will address those like the everglades and including the fixing of water problems like lake okeechobee. do you notice they are always letting the water out.
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hillary has received millions of dollars from donors that wants to shut down american energy altogether. radical activists like tom promised to spend $70 million to get clinton democrats in return to shut down the production all across the united states. we need to put the miners and steel workers back to work. it would cost america over $5 trillion cause the electricity rates to skyrocket. think of it. we are going to spend $5 trillion you know what's going to happen we will become
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noncompetitive in other countries. we will become noncompetitive. the largest polluter by far one of the united states makes drastic cuts immediately what's that all about why aren't we doing it together it's one more way that they've surrendered american prosperity to china and so many others. we are led by people that are grossly incompetent. it turned out to be 1.7 billion. it's like the stage loaded up with money. no one has ever seen it. can you imagine these people
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three years ago before we made them rich as a country they were ready to go but we made them rich. how about the people ready for deportation. ready for deportation. they made a mistake. they all became united the citizens. and these were people that were not exactly good. that's why they were being deported. somebody said i was wrong on a number. here we go. with 400, 799. it was like 17 or 1800. they said i was wrong because i was low. i said that's okay you can deported them and they said that wouldn't be constitutional. would be constitutional.
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we are being led by stupid people. hillary clinton will be worse than obama. if i am elected president, we are going to start winning again. the speeches even show clinton praising the president of china for promising to assert his authority. my energy proposals will unlock the $50 trillion in energy reserves right here in america. this means new jobs in florida not new jobs in china. we are going to make america first. it's all part of our plan to make america rich again but we also have to repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare.
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in a moment of truth telling he's had obamacare was a crazy system where people wind up with their premiums doubled. on this he was right. the next day he came in and said i'm only kidding. premiums are going to surge beyond what you have diversity report and all across the country. i just left texas. they've gone up 60% through blue cross blue shield. and remember this. on november 8 they are trying to amass these increases. there will be 100% increases,
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95% increases if you've already got 68%, 72%. insurers are fleeing and patients are losing their doctors. 28 times obama said that. he lied. the best students don't want to be the hers anymore. it will destroy american healthcare for good if we don't get rid of it and this is going tif this isgoing to be so pivots of the cost for healthcare so remember you are goin were goint great health care at a far reduced course. obamacare is a nightmare and hillary wants to go to
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single-payer. canada would have a better version of what she's been talking about it people want an operation they come to the united states to get it. it's slow. it doesn't work. we have concepts that are so good they will only get better. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. it's killing the country into thand thepeople that have to pa. but you have to get out and vote. we will replace obamacare with health savings accounts so you can choose the private doctor you want. we will be fixing our terrible trade deals and if you remember on june 1 16th last year that's
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when i said we are going to run and it takes a lot of guts and courage to do this. i started off into their verses and teen people. some didn't honor their pledge but these are minor details. but we had some great people many of whom are supporting us, doctor ben carson, great guy, chris christie. we have incredible support, mike huckabee, he is so good. he said the other night donald trump won that debate by a landslide. he said trump wanted easy but that doesn't mean the cnn of the world will never say. complete great abraham lincoln
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debated it and wa and was repree point of view, cnn was a abraham lincoln went down to a massive defeat. these are dishonest people we are dealing with. ..
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the 45 million americans are in poverty. this is the legacy of obama clinton. energy taxes regulation and trade were creating 25 million jobs are the next 10 years but it's going to be unbelievable. will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created, believe me. [applause] the state of florida has lost one in four manufacturing jobs since nafta and china deals happened. thank you, i love you too darling. i love florida. i love the people of florida. [applause] i have created many, many jobs in florida. jobs in miami beach, to row and
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a tremendous success and mar-a-lago mar-a-lago and the clubs and we have done all of that. and remember when we were in the primary i ran against marco, jeb and all these guys and we had -- marco has been very nice lately and i hope he winds, i do but we won by 21 points. whenever back? everyone said would happen? i went into a couple of states and trump is one point down and then we win by 14 points. we could have this happen. we are pretty even in florida and i'm a little disappointed because hillary hasn't created a job and i have created thousands of jobs in florida, thousands. at the role radel i have over 1000 people working. mar-a-lago. many jobs. buildings along the beach in miami. we have created a lot of jobs so if you guys don't vote me as a
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victor i'm going to be very angry. hillary doesn't come down to florida. if she comes down to florida to try to get your vote you won't see her anymore. hillary clinton gets it manufactures that are left in florida ohio north carolina pennsylvania, michigan will be shipped to other countries, shipped overseas and go to mexico. there's no doubt about that. if i win day one we are going to announce our plans to totally renegotiate nafta which is a one-way street for businesses to leave our country. [applause] they get the businesses, they get the cash and you know what we get? we get the drugs. we get nothing. we get unemployment and we get drugs. years of all talk and no action
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politicians like her will end. i'm not controlled by special interests and i will immediately get to work and that's what i'm putting up my own money for the most part of her than getting massive amounts of small contributions average of $61 per use of the numbers in effect they're going to be announced tomorrow. we set records for republicans on the small contributions. i love that. and we are doing good. we just came up with the a new commercial on crooked hillary. she is as crooked as a 3-dollar bill. i used to say if he had a 2-dollar bill but now they make 3-dollar bills. if we don't get the daily one on nafta, remember i said it, we believe nafta and start over again and make a much better deal. we will terminate. a trump administration will also stand up to china's product dumping and what they are doing to our steel companies is
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unbelievable. we are going to start making things again in america. we are going to have apple make their iphones in this country, not make everything in china and vietnam and these other countries. [applause] we are going to bring apple and many other companies. they are going to be back in the united states. our jobs are going with much lower business taxes. we will bring the tax. from 35% to 15% and we are going to be booming again. our taxes are so high, our taxes are so high that businesses are forced to leave him by the way when businesses want to be ripped out of florida, rep out of your community, it's not going to happen anymore because there are going to be consequences like carrier air-conditioning in the state of indiana where mike pence by the
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way is doing a great job for me. we like mike. [applause] so mike did a great job. he absolutely be tim kaine who you know, tim kaine raise taxes in his first week when he was governor of virginia. he was not a popular governor. he raised them by $4 billion. mike on the other hand indiana you take a look, he has done such a great job so here's my question to you. by cheering, who did better in the debate? are you ready? you can share let me know. i did very well. did you see hillary today? did everybody see the debate? e, you lost. i look forward to next week we have another when. did you see, wait, wait did you see what she said that i entered her space. you saw that. this is a liar. so i am standing at my podium,
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i've got my chair and crooked hillary walks across the stage right in front of me. i didn't move, right? so i'm standing and she walks across the stage. she's standing right in front of me. i didn't care. i didn't care. and she is answering the question and then she walks right back. okay, that's fine. the next thing i said, i read the paper. she entered my space. but did you see what she said? that i entered her space. and i was very careful because years ago if somebody did come in and talk to her and the poor guy lazio, i said i'm not getting near this woman. i am not getting near this woman at all. no interest, no interest. i have no interest. so i'm standing there.
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she stands right next to me and the next day they said donald trump entered her space. these are dishonest people. anyway next week we have another debate in las vegas. america, if i am elected will become, they always go when. you don't want to sound too eager. the polls are pretty even in florida. just don't let me down. [applause] don't let me down. honestly, don't let yourselves down maybe more portly. america will become the great jobs magnet of the world. remember this. we are also going to fix her inner cities and help our latino americans and believe me that so what we have to do. the hispanics in this country
10:08 pm
have been treated very unfairly. the african-americans have been treated very, very unfairly. 45% of african-american youth live in poverty. 58% of african-american youth don't have jobs. only 41% own their own home. that's much, much lower than other groups. 41% is a very low number, one of the lowest. more than 4000 people a man shot chicago since january 1, 3000 people. so the inner cities don't have jobs, they have a lousy education, right? a lousy, horrible and they get shot walking to the story. so i say to the african-americans, suffering in our inner cities, what do you have to lose?
10:09 pm
vote for donald trump. what do you have to lose? i will fix fix it fix it. i will do the job and in four years from now, when we have another election, i will win with african-americans and i will win with hispanics in very large numbers. we are going to fix fix it. these politicians have been lying to you for years, these democrats. they have run a inner cities for up to 100 years, even more, uninterrupted and they come to vote every four years. hillary clinton comes for your vote and you will get a vote and if after you get the vote she will say i will see you in four years, here's the door. she didn't do anything for new york state. upstate new york is a disaster. she came out and she said she would create 2000 jobs. everybody laughed. she was a disaster and she's a bad person.
10:10 pm
remember that, she's a bad bad person. i will fight harder for you than anyone ever has for people and that's why i want to guess the african-american vote and i want to get the hispanic vote. we are going to fix your committees and fix those inner cities once and for all and we are going to create jobs and a great education and we are going to have safe inner cities instead of these horrible horrible death traps and that's what they are. [applause] we are going to fight for the tino's trapped in poverty. that includes school choice for every low-income african-american and latino, hispanic child in this nation. disadvantaged children will be able to send their kids to the public private charter or of magnet schools of their choice. i also have a message for our wonderful cuban-american community. many cubans here are? cuban-americans?
10:11 pm
obama made a one-sided deal with the castro regime. by executive order, everything is executive order because he doesn't have enough time because he is playing so much golf. he doesn't have enough time to convince congress to do it. this guy plays more golf than people on the pga tour. we will cancel the obama order unless we get the deal that we want including political and religious freedom for the people of cuba. we will also stand with their friends in venezuela as they struggle for freedom and doral is located in a big community where we have tremendous numbers of people from venezuela. the people of venezuela and cuba know how dangerous corruption is and how dangerous socialism is. two more reasons why we have to keep crooked hillary clinton out of the way. [applause]
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here is the more amazing thing as we finish up that we are going to do for our country starting in 2017 which is right around the corner. we are going to massively cut taxes and regulation. she is going to increase taxes. we are going to protect internet freedom. you see what they want to have the internet run by the world? you see what obama wants to do? i hope we can stop that belfast. did you see that? he wants to give up the tremendous rights. we are going to defend religious liberty. [applause] we are going to safeguard a very obsolete electrical grid from cyber attack. cyber attack is in a big problem. we are going to rebuild a depleted military and we are going to take care of our great veterans. [applause]
10:13 pm
we have tremendous veterans support, tremendous veteran support. we are going to construct a state-of-the-art system of missile defense. we are going to expand america as the leader in space. we are going to save our 2nd amendment which is under siege by hillary clinton. [applause] and the national rifle association, the nra as you know endorse me, the earliest endorsement they have ever given to a presidential candidate. this is so a port and, we are going to appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. [applause] you have 28 days to make every dream that you ever dreamed for your country become true. on november 8, so important. the arrogance of washington d.c.
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will come face to face with the righteous american voter, you. [applause] we are going to replace our corrupt global establishment that is failed us on the borders, on trade, on foreign policy, on the economy and so much more. we don't win anymore, folks. when did you see us win the? we lose on trade. we can't beat isis and by the way we are going to knock the hell out of isis. [applause] we are going to replace the failed leadership in washington who have squandered your wealth and sold out your country and by the way we are going to have strong borders and we will build the wall and we will stop drugs from pouring in. [applause]
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[chanting] we will build the wall. okay folks are you ready? who is going to pay for the wal? 100%. they might not know it but they will. mexico is great and the people are great. you probably saw it went to mexico and met with the president and it was great. and we are going to build a wall and they are going to pay. the reason they are going to pay as they are making a fortune on trade. our trade deficit with mexico is massive than our trade deficit with china is beyond anything you can even imagine. worldwide on trade we lost almost 800 yen dollars. you say to yourself that negotiates the steel's? my friends who are good business people are sitting here saying who here saying that negotiates
10:16 pm
the steel's? they are in the advance and one guy is looking at me laughing. and competent people or corrupt people, okay? they are either incompetent or corrupt. i am asking all americans, republicans, independents back and democrats to join us in our campaign to give our government back to the american people. [applause] i am going to fight for every citizen of every background, from every stretch of this nation and i'm going to fight to bring us all together as americans. we are a divided country, folks. we are divided in so many ways. we are going to be unified country again. we are going to love each other, everybody. not just the people here. and by the way is there ever a better or safer place to be than a trump rallied? [applause] you had better make sure we win
10:17 pm
or there will be no more trump rallies. the hell with the rallies. imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one american flag. [applause] you are going to look back at this rally for the rest of your life. you are going to remember this day. this is a movement like nobody has ever seen before. it's an amazing thing. we take it for granted almost. it's an amazing thing when we go out to pennsylvania, we have 20,000 people. we go to alabama and we have 35,000 people. we go to different places and we get crowds that nobody has ever seen before for what we are doing and i don't have the guitar. somebody said you get the biggest crowds in the world for a guy without a guitar which is
10:18 pm
an interesting way of looking at it. i will tell you who said that, very famous guy. he happens to be very liberal and i will really get in trouble. we are going to make history together. you are going to look back at this election and say this is by far the most important vote that you have ever cast at any time in your life, november 8. a vote for me is a vote for change. a vote for me it's really a vote for you. we are going to run things right [applause] america first, remember, america first. we are going to put our country first for the first time in a long time. once again we are going to have a government of, by and for the people. [applause] we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong.
10:19 pm
we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. thank you, god bless you everyone. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:20 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:21 pm
♪ ♪ ♪