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tv   Colorado Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:03pm EDT

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contact your county clerk's office. in salt lake city, good evening. [applause] ♪
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in colorado income than senator michael bennet faces a challenge from republican nominee darryl glenn. the candidates met for their only plan debate on tuesday. this hour-long debate was sponsored by nine news to in denver. ♪ >> in the fight for u.s. senate democrats are counting on colorado to keep senator michael bennet in to see. so far at the polls are on his site to republicans nominating commissioner darryl glenn who has struggled to raise funds and get his name out to voters. glenn opposes much of what the obama administration has done.
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by contrast bennet supports liberal policies like the affordable care act same-sex marriage in the d.r.e.a.m. act. in the years dominated by the president to raise bennet supports hillary clinton but glenn has gone back and forth about supporting donald trump. we'll get the latest on that from both candidates as bennet and glenn go head-to-head in their only televised debate. live from the colorado center in downtown denver, this is decision 2016, race for the senate. tonight's moderators are news anchor brandon recommend. [applause] >>moderator: thank you so much for joining us tonight. we will be taking commercials in our audience will be skipping their applause for the majority of the night in order to maximize time for democratic u.s. senator michael bennet and his republican challenger darryl glenn. we will bring up the silence for
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one more time as we invite the audience for coming here participating tonight. [applause] everyone who is watching at home on channel 20 or nine right now have the opportunity to ride this debated to weigh in on the issues that are being discussed to go to nine now. polling will be appearing on the bottom to scream and you will have the opportunity to choose one of the issues which will get into the discussion tonight. we alone chose the questions were tonight's debate. they have not been shared with the candidates in advance and without let's get started. mr. glenn the first question is yours. in the last four days you had. different positions on donald trump. first you supported him and then you called on trump to drop out after he bragged about assaulting women you said trump is quote simply disqualified from being commander in chief and then he said essentially
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maybe i will support him after all check in with me later this week to once and for all what you support donald trump? glenn: thank you for having us here in thank you mr. banner for being here. in honor of yom kippur it's important to think about repentance. i'm here because of a very strong woman and what you saw over that period of time was real frustration and hurt because we should never disrespect women. i grew up in a family with domestic violence so anybody that actually puts a hand on or talks about women in that way, it's painful but what you saw on sunday, use on individual that actually made an apology. i am a man of deep faith and i think it's extremely important that somebody makes an apology my faith teaches me grace mercy and respect so i extended an invitation that still out there to have a conversation with
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mr. trump because i want to know what's in his heart. when we are out there campaigning about the issues that he supports we are asked those questions. that's why i'm dedicated to doing that and when we have a conversation i will be able to address that. >>moderator: in fairness to mr. glenn trump apologize before you said he was disqualified from being president. what happened after that moment is that he performed fairly well in the debate. glenn: i would say his policy was not scripted. when you are apologizing to somebody one of the toughest things you have to do is address family members and mr. trump is part of the family. some of the toughest conversations that you have with people deal with substance abuse. your family is there to actually call you on the carpet and show you a pathway out. when he asked me to deliver that message when i'm going interpret interpret -- underserved questions the number one question asked of me is how do you know he doesn't actually feel that way?
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my team and i have personal credibility. we are able to talk to him and that's what's important. >>moderator: you said the invitation is open. you are obviously not going to tell us if you support donald trump tonight or not and i don't want to waste the entire hour on that but i could ask a broader question that speaks about value. you build your campaign or the fact that you are principle christian conservatives so i have to ask you what is principle christian or -- about abandoning and inching towards a man who degrades women and bosa balked assaulting them? glenn: this is a teachable moment about faith because as an individual says that they need help and they want to repent then your faith teaches you to give them that opportunity. what i'm trying to show his grace as a member of the family to be able to say i want to learn from you what's in your heart. i want to share with you what i've learned in this campaign trail because the true problems
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that people are suffering from, and i want to be able to go out there and show him how your words actually mean things. >>moderator: if he declines revocation identifier and? glenn: the imitation is still out there. >>moderator: we talked about nine now. type that in nine now. folk sunscreen will be weighing in on what they think they happen with the i ran nuclear deal and i'm going to start talking to senator bennet about. you told us recently chances are quote airy high that i ran will cheat on the nick we are deal. that's is an unusual answer because usually when you do a deal you do it in good faith know they are expecting their partner to cheat on them or on them are expecting they will do the work. few expect i ran would act in baghdad faith what does it say about your judgments? bennet: first of all thank you for having me tonight and thank you to the advance at home thank
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you for tuning in. commissioner glen thank you for being here as well. with all due respect there's no code cogency between signing a contract with someone doing work on your house and doing a deal with iran and the soviet union for that matter. trust doesn't enter into. i don't trust iran and i didn't trust them when they do the deal and i don't trust him now. here's what i do now before we did the deal iran had 10 bombs of enriched uranium enough to make 10 bombs in iran. they were within two to three months breaking out of nuclear weapon. that's what intelligence agencies have told us. today at iran has less than one bomb of enriched uranium. they have inspectors all over the place looking at their nuclear program. so i don't trust iran i think we should be pushing back every single day on the conventional threat but with respect to the nuclear threat itself that was the right vote politically but
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it was the right vote to do and i'm glad i cast it. >>moderator: i want to follow up on one of the aspects of opponents raise which is to them a sense of danger signal that if our enemies are belligerent enough we will eventually come to the table and give them something we want. bennet: we didn't give them something they want. the money is money they would have gotten anyway because of sanctions and the chinese and russians were walking away so the consequence of not doing a deal would have been allowing iran to build a bomb in secret with the money from the relief sanctions and putting the united states of america and the position of deciding when we want to attack iran to prevent them from having a nuclear weapon. i'm glad we have done it this way without firing a shot. we have to be vigilant which is why have legislation that would provide for congressional oversight to track iran to make sure we are sanctioning their ballistic missile tests. they are doing horrible things in yemen and in iraq and in
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lebanon and in syria and its hard for me to see as we push back against those things why we would be better off to say we have a secret nuclear program but they were pursuing. >>moderator: senator bennet thank you. senator bennet and other question for you hillary clinton's recently weak speeches to powerful financial institutions have given us new insight on her unvarnished beliefs including what she calls her dream of open trade and open borders and i'm curious do you share hillary clinton stream of open trade importer? bennet: i have not read the speeches that i believe strongly in free trade. i think as a country we have benefited mightily as a whole on free trade. their groups of people in this country whose jobs have been displaced and we have not done a good job answering for that. we need to do a better job answering to that. >>moderator: what about open borders? bennet: i don't even know what that means.
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if you could define it for me. >>moderator: it was her "that her dream in the atmosphere open borders and open trade. bennet: i don't know what that means but is part of the gang of eight in the of eight and the immigration bill the putt 21,000 extra security folks on the southern border and gave people a pathway to citizenship here i feel it's very important for us to have a secure border and the only legislation that passed either housing congress said -- and siobhan there that is secured our border intended to us this but going back to trade if i can for a second one of the things that worries me about the debate we are having in the presidential race right now is it's about trade. that is not good for this country. we have a lot of benefit from trade and what i don't want to do is to allow the chinese to write the rules of the road. i want the united states to be at the table helping to write those rules. we shouldn't turn our backs on the rest of the world.
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>>moderator: we will continue that discussion now. mr. glenn you said you'd be a no be a no vote ntpp as it says today but the deals always have printers and losers and that's why they tend to be done behind closed doors. it's one thing to criticize that but what ideas you have to open the process and to get deals done? glenn: thank you for the question but mr. bennet is a ivy league educated and was an attorney and he knows with open borders are. he just doesn't want to address that issue. i would like them to at least admit to saying he would oppose the open border concept. clear access to this country without going through legal immigration process and that's exactly what mrs. clinton is willing to do, open borders. we all know what common languages ladies and gentlemen and this is what frustrates people about politics. common sense does prevail.
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if somebody tells you open borders it's like an open door. if you leave your door open in your house what does that mean? your door is open and that's exactly what you want to promote and what i would like senator bennet to do is to commit to making sure that he will oppose his party's nominee and her stance to open borders. >>moderator: should the process be more open and how would you do if? glenn: free trade is extremely important and i'm opposed to tpp. one of the things we need to make sure we understand is we cannot give up our sovereignty. there's a provision in article xxvii at victory for commission of unelected bureaucrats that are basically going to be able to adopt rules and regulations without the united states of america being able to intervene. >>moderator: really quickly what changes you want to make in how things are done? glenn: teen open and transparent to make sure we are standing up for the will of voters and
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america. >>moderator: thank you mr. grand prix just a quick note what folks are hearing at home but sounds like a spirited drum circle or protesters who are beating on the outside the building. we assume they are probably in supportive one of the half-dozen minor party or unaffiliated or write in candidates who are also in this race but are not on the debate stage tonight. nine news uses the 10% threshold for the debate 10% in two polls of the candidates choosing. >>moderator: the campaigns were invited to submit polls showing that they had supportive one in 10 coloradans on the stage tonight. some folks are exercising free speech outside by using the building as a bass drum. we will now go to lightning round of questions and if at any point german you are unable to your questions please ask us to repeat and we will do so. going to start with one that is yes or no. should local governments in colorado be allowed to ban fracking with voters approval senator bennet? bennet: no.
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>>moderator: should local governments in colorado be allowed to ban fracking with voter approval? glenn: no. who was the best and will worst u.s. president of all-time? glenn: i'm a big fan of abraham lincoln. and the worst president i think that is to be determined. bennet: i would agree with what darryl glenn says. it abraham lincoln was the best we have had and i will wait for the worse. their response to what he said earlier about the open borders? >>moderator: let's hold on. anything you guys want to revisit you can in your own time later on. a few more quick questions. senator bennet can you name a republican that you recall voting for? bennet: yes. >>moderator: would you please name that republican? bennet: i will not. >>moderator: why is that?
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bennet: who i vote for is my business but yes i voted for a republican. >>moderator: mr. glenn if you would like to name a democrat that you have voted for you are welcome to. glenn: i believe our votes are private although i believe it's an infringement upon our rights and liberties i'm here to protect the sacred rites your vote. >>moderator: mr. glenn was the single biggest leadership characteristic that you do not have? glenn: that i do not have? >>moderator: that you wish you had. glenn: heights. [laughter] >>moderator: senator bennet the single biggest leadership characteristic you wish you had. bennet: and what are you asking me? >>moderator: the single leadership characteristic you wish you had. been in i think i'm development that patients. my kids disagree with that answer. >>moderator: this is a
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question to both of you and senator bennet we will begin with you. the issue of refugees from the middle east specifically syrian refugees has been discussed at length in the presidential campaign. christine on facebook is curious about your stand and bring a syrian refugees into the u.s. and how to make vetting process more effective. as the u.s. have a duty to lead in syrian refugees and should we change the vetting process? bennet: i don't agree have a duty but i think it's part of the family of nations working together to deal with the horrendous refugee crisis in syria. he would be better for we were willing to take them and as you know we have just taken 10,000. the burden of proof should never be on america. the burden of proof should rise beyond the refugees. the vetting process is very thorough and we should continue to review it and make sure -- because people are reasonably concerned about people coming from that region of the world to the united states because of what is happening.
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what i up will not support because i think it's violent as who we are as americans is two to votes to ban an entire religion of people into united states of america or to ban all syrian refugees from the united states of america. that is not who we are and in times of difficulty when our values are the most tested i was proud to take that photo in the senate and i would take it again. >> moderator: thank you senator and mr. glenn a similar question does the u.s. have a duty to lead in syrian refugees and if you would apply a standard what would be the standard you would apply and please be as specific as possible. glenn: glenn: be nice if america's continued to provide for the safety and security of our citizens. what i'm concerned about is the fact that we have not secured our borders and i think it's extremely important to make sure that we acknowledge that there are threats to the united states of america and we have to have a way of being able to screen the
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specific threat but here's an issue i think is extremely important. i have spent a lot of time in our underserved community. our labor employment participation. is a d. the other side particularly advocating its it's adding more people into the market to compete with that pre-people that are not citizens of this country when you start thinking about black and brown populations one in five are unemployed or underemployed and that's very troubling. i think it's something we need to make sure that we understand clearly before we had more people into the denver metro area because it's going to hurt the very people we are trying to help. when used hard speaking about their access to employment. >> moderator: to use support a religious test for barring immigrants? glenn: that is overly broad. when you're trying to find a thread you need to be able to identify which are specific threats are and come up with a way of -- i do not support
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blanket bans. you have to be able to specific intelligence on how your worth to screen potential threats and that's what we should be able to work on on a bipartisan basis. >> moderator: i want to explore the other aspect in syria which is the ongoing -- i'm going conflict. mr. trump suggest that's -- our partners and his running mate believe we need to go after assad. who do you side with? glenn: was missing his leadership and that's why i'm in this race. you have a commander-in-chief with all due respect that has not clearly given our role. we need to have a better working relationship with our allies working together. the reason why russia has so much leverage out there is because america is not leading and when america does not lead our enemies fill the void so the first thing we need to do and as a senator senator i want to make sure that i'm working with the
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president to have clear lines to make sure we are clearly identified what her role is as far as national security. >> moderator: is assad our partner? glenn: what we need to be allowed to do is clearly identify your threats to the united states of america. >> moderator: i can give you one more chance to answer. it's assad our partner? lin what we need to do this to be able to work with the military intelligence that's out there, work with our allies and clearly identified what are the threats that are there and then come up with a strategy to deal with that. >> moderator: thank you mr. glenn. senator bennet -- bennet: may i answer that question? first of all i'm so happy to hear darryl glenn abandoned the religious test in that's awful because we should have a religious man. he has supported a pass for donald trump and i'm glad he's not anymore in second on immigration let me just make clear again i was part of the
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gang of eight in the senate, for democrats and four republicans. >> moderator: we are talking about assad in syria. now a question to you. another one of hillary clinton's speeches we have read over the last week she said terrorism is not a threat to america as it doesn't endanger our economy or our society and that is not the nine common theme you will hear on the left is the idea that the threat of terrorism is exaggerated because it plays upon people's fears. do you agree with what secretary clinton said that terrorism does not endanger our economy? bennet: i don't think it's on the left or the right. i don't agree that it doesn't endanger our economy or society. it's important for leaders to keep a perspective than what we say in when we are working together and constructive solutions that i would not say it's not threat. >> moderator: where would you rank terrorism is a threat? bennet: i think it ranks very
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high because it's in the public's consciousness and it seems to me it's the job of people that are responsible leaders who understand that reasonable fear and explain to people what we are trying to do to try to address it so i hope later in this conversation we love the chance to talk about what's going on with the isis and what's going on in syria and the threats to our homeland. people have a right to hear all that and to make their own judgments about how safe we are. i believe there is a lot of work that has been left undone in making sure that her country and her allies are safe from this terrorist threat. >> moderator: senator bennet thank you. an opportunity for you to engage which will -- and gazed with one of you. please be careful not to talk over each other so that people at home can hear the best they can with the drum thing going on. a question for senator bennet. glenn: i'm trying to make sure my michael is on with all the yelling. >> moderator: it is their first amendment right.
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lin it is the right to do that but senator bennet what i would like to find out is airing the iran nuke your debate the republicans brought forward a resolution to actually oppose that. why did you filibuster that? been a probably because i supported the iran deal and i was on the deal and i think this made the united states more secure for the reasons i said earlier. it made our ally israel more secure and it meant that we tried to face down the iranian conventional threat in the region which is extremely dangerous without the immediate threat of their acquiring a nuclear weapon. glenn: you stand for people being able to vote any talk about the obstructionist and how efficient government is. why would you allow that vote to occur even though the presence that he was going to veto it? don't you think that should have been able to go up for a vote? bennet: i need to remember the timing of it that the reason was
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it was probably incredibly important for us to get to that is because the entire rest of the world as you may remember darrell had endorsed the deal, as they were waiting for the united states congress to finish the deal and the deal couldn't go into effect without it. the iranians would have got the sanctions relief and that is to say the money we gave to china and india and other places than they would have been able to build a bomb in seeker. i didn't think of some interest an interest in a safe. nguyen the 430 million dollars to consider that ransom payment and now that iran has access to billions of dollars that they are using to beef up their -- to potentially put our men and women in harm's way. do you still stand by that? bennet: the iranian military was very much against this deal because they were benefiting from the black market in iran when there weren't sanctions to be relieved from the corrupt market that was there. second there is nothing that
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i've heard that suggests this payment you describe was ransom. the policy of united states of america as we will not ransom hostages i agree that an agree that in fairness the amount of money that has been sent as far less than what is believed to be sent when we voted on the deal. i will say this i'm a person in congress who has written legislation with people who have supported the deal and oppose the deal to make sure we are tracking that money. glenn: we don't need a speech. >> moderator: if we have time we will do another round of questions. senator bennet for -- or question for mr. glenn. bennet: i thought it was one question. >> moderator: here's the good news you will get a couple of follow-ups. bennet: i want to go back to the trump discussion because i think you change the subject can you talk a lot about leadership in
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the senate. when the vote is in front of young people are asking about voting on syrian refugees and that is the topic shifting into competition on jobs is not the answer. similarly donald trump, he clearly apologized before you said he was unqualified to be the commander-in-chief which i agree with and i think your position was a strong one. then you change it because you said on fox television that you are persuaded by his attacks on hillary clinton saying he would put her in jail if he were president of the united states. as the father of three girls, as the father of three daughters i didn't hear an apology. what i heard was somebody justify what he is done by calling it locker room banter or locker room behavior. i don't believe it is locker room behavior. >> moderator: let's let mr. mr. lynn respond.
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glenn: this is america where we both agree because they both have daughters. think what leadership is as donald trump is a member of the republican family and what i'm showing is i will call out a member of the republican family but hillary clinton has done so many things, come has lied and there's a whole list of things coming out. where are you at? you have yet to stand up and say anything. people are saying where is michael? when you going to actually hold them accountable. bennet: i have endorsed hillary clinton and i'm answering your question. he did something wrong and i called him out on it. hillary clinton has -- bennet: my question is on your terms with respect to leadership don't you 08 to these
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questioners and answer whether or not you have endorsed donald trump because your answer is to invite him to colorado to have a town meeting. glenn: i'm trying to answer that but you are giving a speech. i have absolutely suspended my endorsement of donald trump and here is why. because my faith teaches me -- i'm answering the question. he asked me why you now and again it's about repentance. it's about talking to a family member that is done something wrong and looking them in the eye and saying look i want to help you with this and if you can actually convince me that you have done that then i can invite you back. you won't even call out hillary clinton that is given away classified information. >> moderator: mr. glenn thank you. mr. bennet. that was nearly as exciting as the drumming on the building.
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we hope to return to questions of the candidates by one another later in the debate. we will try to keep things moving. our viewers are weighing in on their thoughts for the future of obamacare. you want to take part it's an nine now you can have that into any device and senator bennet on obama cared governor hickenlooper told me obviously it's not working the way not working away not working the way it is pretty colorado people people who buy plants on the state exchange are looking at a 20 to 40% price hike next year. your vote for obamacare led to it. are you sorry for how it played out for those people and more importantly how can you assure you will get the individual plans under control? >> of course i'm sorry when anybody's health insurance costs go up. we up. the at his problems with our health care system before we pass the affordable care act and we have huge problems especially were met parts of colorado where there's not enough of a market and not enough competition. for seven years there's not
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enough transparency in our health care system. what hospitals and doctors costs. we need to do a better job of doing that to drive down costs so what i believe is we should be working in a bipartisan way to not just deal with the health care bill but to deal with health care generally in this country and that's what i've been trying to do and that's what i intend to do. what i'm not for doing as repealing the affordable care act. over half million more people in colorado have insurance and we pass the bill. people with pre-existing conditions who could be denied insurance no longer can be. lifetime caps are a thing of the past and he can't be discriminated against just because you're a woman so there are important steps forward and what we have got to do is improve on them. >> moderator: what are the specifics for the individual plan. bennet: it's interesting. i most get no complaints in my office about medicare. people that are on medicare seem to do okay and the doctors are paid by medicare seem to be all
8:32 pm
right. the complaints that i get every single day are for people who have paid their premiums month after month after month to a private insurer and their kid gets sick and they seek to get a claim. the ensure just keeps them on the phone and they don't relent until they give up. clearly a broken system. i believe that when we pass this the first time we should have a public option for people to be able to choose if they want that and i still believe that. my opponent doesn't believe it. motzert you think competition from a public option -- bennet: private, public and nonprofit. my opponent believes the federal government has no role to play. >> moderator: senator bennet thank you. mr. glenn we are talking to you about obamacare as well. the same time we learned the marketplace plans were getting more expensive we also learned the employer plans which is what most people have they are
8:33 pm
staying pretty much the same price. how would you change the system without disrupting what is working about our health care system? glenn: senator bennet has talked about complaints in of his office. that's a key point because complaints in his office. if you would actually leave his office and come home and talk to people in the western slope about the true pain that they are suffering when they are looking at potentially 20 to 40% premium increase. he gives talking about health care. this is about health insurance. ladies and gentlemen we need to go back and use a little common sense because when you're out there trying to pay for a good or a service does it make sense to create a system that decreases competition? if you want to be able to have a higher-quality product at a cheaper price you need to have a system in place that encourages competition. that's why we need to actually repeal the affordable care as
8:34 pm
and have something to replace it with when it comes to competition across state lines. we need to have reform and we need to make sure we are doing things to encourage the market to grow. >> moderator: mr. glenn the polling would suggest that you have been unable to fund raised to a level that would make you competitive in this race. i asked you about your lack luster fund-raising during a primary debate in you said there were these great secret fund-raising numbers are going to come out and prove after that question that you are in good shape. the secret is out and you finish dead last in fund-raising. why would the republicans primary voters -- glenn: >> moderator: those voters were relying on your honesty. glenn: i am here because of fund-raising. you equate millions of dollars of special interest money and
8:35 pm
comparing that with michael bennet and what he has. i'm most proud of the people offered me a check for $25.73. why? because they are hurting and that was the last part of their budget that they believed enough in me so please do not disrespect all the people. go in there and look at the number of people that contributed to my campaign that i've used their last dollar because they have been peering over my campaign because they understand unlike my opponent i'm actually going to go out there and talk to them. i'm going to pray for them and i'm going to make sure people understand they are going to have a voice instead of having somebody that continues to vote 90% of the time -- >> moderator: i understand importance of fund-raising and the investment small donors. again my question was why did you mislead republican voters into thinking there were these great secret fund-raising numbers numbers that one actually there? a new it wasn't true when you set it in the primary.
8:36 pm
glenn: your question -- we didn't mislead anybody. you know what's beautiful about this whole thing it should give you confidence in the process that while a raised the least amount of money i'm here and i beat a lot of opponents and michael bennet is the only person i know that his spent spent $2 million in the campaign in a primary election and the only name on the ballot. >> moderator: thank you mr. glenn. our viewers are going to get to choose the next question or lease a topic for you. if you haven't yet type in nine now and you can participate live with us and pick the topic. you will decide between another question on trump versus versus clinton and we have infrastructure questions and education so those are the three topics. nine now. we will keep the polling over -- open for a moment.
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do you want a question about the presidential race or would you like to hear the candidates on stage talk about infrastructure? it looks like you'd like to them talk about education and we are going to go onto a question about infrastructure which handily won that believe it or not in this question will be to you both and it comes from nine news viewer julian facebook. mr. glenn we will start with you. you have my thoughts on how to fund america's aging infrastructure? glenn: absolutely but the one thing we should not do is raise the gas tax. we should make sure the gas tax has been properly applied to transportation projects and we need to make sure more funding that is given over to the states somebody who has been working transportation infrastructure projects since 2003. all of us have been frustrated with sitting on i 25 and i 70.
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raise your hand a number of people that like that. we clearly have issues that we must address and we need to be able to do is give states more of an influence over how to prioritize those transportation projects. >> moderator: you want to handle more increasingly at the state level. glenn: they are closest to the source of the issue. they can work with local governments and i'm telling you as a person that has been working on it as a city councilmember on the county commission we work these all the time. people are innovative and creative in coming up with solutions transportation infrastructure problems. >> moderator: mr. bennet same question. bannon first of all we finally have funded a long-term highway bill after 23 or 24 short-term extensions. all done in the name of fiscal responsibility.
8:39 pm
colorado got much-needed money. and by the way darrell you keep a track -- attacking me for not traveling colorado. i will put my record up against anyone in terms of my presence. when i travel across the state we get into these conversations and disagreements in the end i say i don't know why you write about it but here's one thing i do know. because of something wrong in our politics in washington d.c. we don't have the decency is a generation to make assets and infrastructures are rosen bridges that her parents and grandparents built or us much less build the infrastructure my kids and your kids are going to need in the 21st century. go stand on the deck of the hong kong harbor for 10 minutes and look at what the investment in infrastructure looks like compared to what we are doing. that's why i've worked with republicans and democrats and
8:40 pm
independents to repatriate money that is stuck overseas and bring it back to that state and build infrastructure. that cannot be done by one party alone. >> moderator: do you equate your opponent? is raising the gas tax off-limits? spent we are moving to electric vehicles and we have far more efficient cars on the road than we have before. we do have that figured out and my answer to your question is my answer to your previous question which is let's find a way to repatriate $2 trillion stuck overseas and bring it back. glenn: we should not raise the gas tax. >> moderator: a crossover of herbs there. lin it's an important one. >> moderator: i understand. i hope that these will be shorter answer so we have time
8:41 pm
to get to more policy questions that senator bennet do you believe a lot of mr. glenn supporters are deplorable as hillary clinton said about donald trump? an m absolutely not. how's that for short answer? >> moderator: that's fantastic for short answer. it's undeniable that mr. trump's candidate has ignited racist anti-semitic fervor in america. can you quantify how large that is? is that troubling to you you and he blamed mr. trump? glenn: was troubling to me is michael bennet just admitted about the comment that when it came time to call the candidate out but said that he didn't do it. are you willing to go on record and ask for hillary clinton and say that she was wrong? bennet: i didn't have to because she said she was wrong and she apologized immediately. glenn: leadership is you don't
8:42 pm
need to take a poll either way. you do it when it happens. >> moderator: there's only so much time we can spend arguing with other people set in apologizing for it. the question to senator bennet you have voted with the democratic party 90% time in ugoda with president obama roughly 97% of time. would you expect he would be in similar lockstep with a president hillary clinton and majority leader chuck schumer if they were to enter those roles? bennet: watching the math adds up to 90% or 80% it doesn't capture the bipartisan worker done since i've been in the senate and it's why have a reputation in colorado and across the country for being one of the most bipartisan senders. my commitment in colorado is idle to continue to serve you in
8:43 pm
that same way if i'm privileged enough to have another term as your senator. my record whether it's the work we did on immigration or the work on the farm bill, the work of getting to no child left behind has all been done. it's my job to represent not just the people that vote for me but everybody my state. glenn ran this entire campaign saying he was running against democrats. there was a single elected official that he could work with republicans have been too conciliatory, to collaborate with the president. they would vote for mitch mcconnell to be majority leader. the republicans in colorado by and large don't believe that and the democrats and independents certainly don't. you cannot get anything done in washington -- >> moderator: we are going to ask a question.
8:44 pm
mr. glenn this follows with what you were saying. early in a campaign you said you were tired of hearing republicans talk by reaching cross and when you talk about not working with democrats how could that lead to better outcomes especially when you don't know who's going to control the white house or the congress? glenn: both parties have done a poor job of this predator of this prayer war with anybody who wants to put the country first. let's do a little math ladies and gentlemen. my opponent over here voted in lockstep with the administration 97% of the time but yet he says washington is broken and gridlocked. let's use a little common sense. if he voted with the administration 97% of the time on a bipartisan basis that means everything is done. if you have a 97% success. using your own mouth and using
8:45 pm
your own theory that you have been bipartisan and we should have budget falls. we should get everything funded and we should be able to deal with the threats to this country you know what this is one of the reasons i want to repeal common core because obviously we cannot use math here and common sense. let's be realistic. >> moderator: denouncing reaching across the aisle, how does that do anything about gridlocked? glenn: i'm denouncing the light of republicans and democrats pigeonholing each other and finding leverage to be able to get their way. >> moderator: in the primary you were brother specific about it. glenn: i was specific about his idea ain't bipartisan is for to support the iran nuclear deal and to support the epa regulations that are shutting down jobs. that's his idea of bipartisanship. what i don't see him doing is actually leaving and coming
8:46 pm
forward as solutions that are going to help. he talks about repatriating money. the best way to do that is to reduce corporate tax rates so are you now going to support a reduction in our corporate tax. to bring those dollars back here so we can use them? bennet: aspects of what my bill does and let me just say -- >> moderator: we have to move on to another question. jason on facebook ask i'm going to redo exactly what he wrote. set our country is based on unity and their candidates continue to separate our country. like to know what each candidate would do to heal the divisiveness and bring unity to our country. glenn: what's his name? >> moderator: jason. glenn: jason thank you for asking a very important question. i do not like the tone of his campaign. i think it's extremely important to be able to bring committee leaders law enforcement and
8:47 pm
policymakers together. their real differences that we must be able to talk about and i can tell you i've spent a lot of time in underserved communities. as a person simply because of my skin color have been stopped that is real. there are cultural differences that we must address and we can only do that if we come together i believe that is what is wrong and what is happening out there and i know a lot of you have children and we seem to be dividing the country. i hope senator bennet agrees with me that we are going to keep its not about people's character but focus on the issues because i don't think that's right. we live in the greatest country but we need to be able to respect, -- one another and that's what i'm concerned about and i will hold myself accountable to that. ott senator bennet jason's question was what will you do to bring unity? bennet: i respect the voters of
8:48 pm
colorado. i say the same things in the primary election that i say in the general election what you have heard appears the exact opposite of what he said in his primary and i care a lot about that. the reason i care about that is i worked hard in the time i've been in the senate to build bridges of people on the other side of the aisle to get results for america and get results for coloradans. they're people with cystic fibrosis and lung cancer and leukemia but didn't have drugs to treat their maladies before who have been now as a result of the work i did with richard burr from north carolina and the work i did with omar alexander republican from tennessee never demonizing the other side the working together for kids and their teachers in classrooms. at the moment it time where we have had horrible writer coming from the top of the ticket on the republican side about immigrants in this country to pass a responsible bipartisan
8:49 pm
immigration bill in the senate. i've tried to set an example. the thing that i can't abide is people who want their name in lights to give a speech you can't work with the other side. >> moderator: i didn't hear an answer to jason's question. there's a lot of finger because it of what is going on in politics right now. bannon in fairness i gave an answer which is we should be sending to -- people to congress that don't play petty games that get up every single morning to work with their party and the other party to get work done. that's not speculative. that's what i have done. >> moderator: our partners in the denver business journal requested that we talk about what voters want in the number
8:50 pm
one issues in this race jobs and the economy. first you senator bennet please cite to specific ills that he would advanced that would lead to your screening more jobs. aetna the destruction of bill had a set-aside of 30% for public-private partnerships but that's important thing for the private sector. and the villages mentioned with the food and drug administration. the companies developing these new drugs are all private companies. the problem they face in colorado and across the country was that they couldn't raise venture capital in the united states. it was all going to europe and asia because of the regulatory and certainty caused by the food and drug administration. i worked with richard burr republican from north carolina to change the way the approval process works in the last four years 50 drugs have been approved and we have gone from
8:51 pm
having i can't remember the number of companies that i think around 600 companies to 800 not because of the bill but because we have a -- an economy here in colorado that we need to protect >> moderator: mr. glenn to specific bills you would advance that could lead the private sector to create more jobs. glenn: this is the clear area where we disagree because my opponent -- in his support for the affordable care act when you're out there talking to small business owners that is absolute crushing it. we need to repeal the affordable care act and have her replacement in place. that's extremely important to give the thing that i'm hearing when i'm out talking to people when you go out to moffett county and grand junction they need regulatory reform. the war on cole is real. you are shutting down an entire industry. we should be standing up for
8:52 pm
energy and the allowing all forms of energy to occur and allow the market to take tape but mr. bennet continues to have a war on cole shut down communities and on top of that back down his support for the affordable character which has people trying to encourage 20 to 40% premium increase. think about trying to pay their bills would have lost her job and your insurance premium has gone up 40%. these are the real things i'm hearing from people when i go out there and talk to them and not stay in washington d.c.. >> moderator: a lot of folks wanted to talk about guns. donald trump's repeated claim that hillary clinton wants to abolish the 2nd amendment something she has never advocated. is that over-the-top language or two you yourself leaf litter which wants to abolish it? glenn: maybe she shouldn't say that. she has made it very clear and it's very eye-opening when it
8:53 pm
comes to her debate performance and the types of justice is that she would support that would infringe upon the 2nd amendment right. if you are trying to say that she didn't have that actions speak louder than words. she continues to say that. she continues to threaten the 2nd amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. >> moderator: there is interpreting and putting limits on which is it today? does that amounts to wanting to abolish it? glenn: with all due respect i get confused. she says people are poor boy nash wants to abolish the it. which one is it in the she tells us she gets -- she had a private server and then she doesn't take responsibility for that. she is all over the map so my concern is maybe we should be looking at her credibility. the one person that is not ending up and holding her accounting -- accountable is michael bennet. it's been crickets. >> moderator: senator bennet
8:54 pm
hoping for some straight talk on guns and gun control. the so-called assault rifles or is the bogeyman used in only three to 4% of gun homicides in the guns they'll stop tomorrow americans would have. a million guns out there's a knowing that honestly what shorter confiscation would actually make an impact? bennet: i will take euros position which is any and all restrictions on the 2nd amendment are unconstitutional. no amendment is absolute. i'm a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment but i don't agree with that and i also don't agree with surveys and everybody in an audience like that -- this ought to be ought to give away their guns are out. what i would support and what i strongly support is a national form of background checks modeled on the work we did in colorado. if you look in 2015 after the
8:55 pm
law was passed there were roughly 300,000 people that applied for guns. 2.2% of those people were denied guns in colorado and among them were murderers,, kidnappers, domestic abusers and it's very hard for me to hear an argument that says we would be safer if those folks didn't have guns. >> moderator: if you're not going to confiscate a gun there were still 300 million out there. bennet: it would make a difference because in colorado out of the people that committed those crimes what you hear people say is none of these laws would have any effect on what happens in orlando or what happened in dallas for what happened there. that's the excuse for not doing anything. by definition i want to say this , by definition that means it's not taking someone's gun away.
8:56 pm
>> moderator: thank you senator. we have time for short answer questions before we get to closing statements. i would like senator bennet name an issue you think is just overblown this election year. something we are paying too much attention to. bennet: i will tell you one that we are not paying enough attention to and that is education and the next generation of americans. we do these at the presidential level you hear nothing about what we are doing to support students and teachers and principals. >> moderator: mr. glenn? glenn: i support all choice options and i want to know whether or not mr. bennet will stand here and support vouchers especially in underserved areas that need back? >> moderator: we are out of time. you will each get your time by a flip of the coin senator bennet one minute. bennet: thank you very much or moderating the debate and thank
8:57 pm
you to the audience here in the audience at home. it's been a great privilege to be here your senator for last term. it's not such a great privilege every single day when their people back there that by definition rewith the other side just because they might be republicans or they might the democrats. i have very little patience for that. the track record of the last six years consistent with a track record i had before i was even in politics when i was in business and superintendent of denver public schools. that's a willingness to work with absolutely anyone for the benefit of the next generation of americans and people coming after that. we have the most wonderful state in the most wonderful country in the world. it fills me with optimism and what is i want is a politics worthy of the aspirations we have for our kids and our grandkids. that's example i've set since i've been your senator and it's what i will continue to do if you give me that privilege again. i would like very much if you
8:58 pm
would cast your vote for me between now and november 8. >> moderator: thatcher time senator bennet. mr. glenn. lin the first of all i want to thank you very much and thank you senator bennet. we were talking about issues and i'm hoping we'll continue to show that we can do this in a respectful manner because i'm concerned about the tone of this campaign that i'm very proud of each and every one of you. i am an air force academy graduate retired lieutenant colonel. service of my life. i'm a man of faith and i've learned in fact i was out there talking to you that -- has been broken when he understand that i'm asking your vote because you can trust me. i'm going to actually sit down and talk to you and represent you and come back home and be able to give you feedback but i want you to be able to have confidence in the system. i know some people are scared. i'm here to tell you believe in the fact that your vote matters, believe in the fact that no matter what you were hearing at the national level that we live in the greatest country in the
8:59 pm
face of this earth. want to thank each and everyone of you and god bless you, god bless this great state in god bless the united states of america. i love you both he. >> moderator: we are out of time. our thanks to history colorado for providing this beautiful space and the staff for their hospitality and their willingness to allow the building to be beaten on nonstop by protesters for the better part of an hour. nine news has two debates coming up the week from tonight tuesday october 18 the debate on this year's ballot question in on thursday october 20 to 6th congressional district of a republican congressman mike coffman and his challenger morgan carol. right now on the nine news facebook page the 90s political experts are beginning to analyze this debate in that conversation will continue this evening on nine news at 9:00 and 10:00. thank you all so much for joining us tonight. for brandon redman and the rest of nine news i am kyle bartz, good night. [applause] ..
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before the final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump we are looking back to past presidential debates. at past presidential debates. this saturday at 8 p.m., the 1984 debates between president ronald reagan and former vice president walter mondale. >> we must understand that we are a democracy. we are a government by the people and when we moved it should be for severe and extreme reasons that serve the national interest and end up with a stronger company behind it. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. then the 1988 presidential debate between vice president george h. w. bush and massachusetts governor michael dukakis.
9:02 pm
build a strong future for america and invest in those things. i would like to have the line-item veto for the president because i think that would be extraordinarily helpful. we need to reform so let's look at the records as well as the rhetoric. that is part of your mistrust. >> we have to make investments but also spending cuts. and what i've proposed is he is proposing a bunch o


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