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  Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  October 25, 2016 6:35pm-7:15pm EDT

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to -- and might've been an isolated issue but hillary clinton and barack obama have destroyed our economy. >> good evening tallahassee! are we ready to have some fun #i'm going to introduce you to a gentleman and a few minutes, but first i want to tell you, our country is in trouble. we have a government that just spends like crazy, we need a president president that knows how to add and subtract. [applause] we need a president who knows how to read and understand the law we need someone who is not a politician. [applause] and we need someone in washington d.c. that knows how to say, you're fired [cheering
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and applause] >> donald trump is going to be our new president, and i know i am from pensacola so i know were going to elect him. i know you will join us and we are going to make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. he is going to start fixing this country from the minute he walks into the oval office. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, let let me introduce to you our new president, mr. donald j. trump. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> there is a lot of people. this is a lot of people. so that gentleman has a real bravery, the recipient of the congressional medal of honor. that is great stuff. [cheering and applause] thank you. in 14 days we are going to win the state of florida and we are going to win back the white house early voting in florida is
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underway so make sure you get out and vote. we have a thing going on that they have never seen before, it is a movement. they have never seen anything like it before we are going to win and we are going to bring back a lot of good things including common sense to the white house. [cheering and applause] 75% of the american people think our country is on the wrong track. we have no doubt about that. we are going to fix it, we're going to get our country right back on the right track. together we are going to deliver real change that puts america first, america first. we haven't heard that term in a long time, right. we. we don't put america first anymore, we're going to start. starting next year, soon as we take office. it is america first again.
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[cheering] pgh that begins with immediately repealing and replacing obama care as you know, it has just been announced, announced, that americans are going to experience another massive double-digit spike in obama care premiums including more than a 100% increase in the great state of arizona. they are going going up over 100%. think of it. everybody is going to be going up like that. they gave a number of 25% on average, on average, they know that is not true. they wanted to try to get out of, get in front, they know that's not true. it's much more. you are going to have 60, 70, 80, and 90% increases in obama care. we are going to repeal it to replace it and we are to get you great, great healthcare at a fraction of the cost.
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[cheering and applause] one in five americans trapped in obama care will have only a single -- to choose from. even bill clinton with the craziest thing of the world where people wind up paying their premiums, doubled doubled in their coverages cut have. you know what, he's right. but he suffers at night, guarantee it. the democrat governor from minnesota said the affordable insurers are leaving, jobs are being lost and what wages are being slashed. it's killing individuals, and it is no good. deductibles. deductibles are so high you cannot use it. you will never get to use it. jobs killing obama care just one
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more way our system is rigged. remember jonathan of mit, the architect of obama care he said they could pass obama care because of the stupidity of the american voter. the stupidity, he calls the american voters stupid. the only stupidity and is the stupidity of the politician who ran this monster donner throat. i will tell you, from the beginning i was against it. from the beginning i said it was not going to work, and to work, and it didn't work. it didn't work. it is going to get worse. hillary clinton wants to keep it.
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she wants to spend a fortune on it. she wants to keep it. your numbers are going to get up, up, up, and year numbers are going to get worse, worse, worse. repeal it to replace it. [applause] this morning i spent some time with the employees at trump national in doral and miami. we employ thousands and thousands of people all over florida and the state is an amazing state. i am also proud to provide them with benefits, including healthcare. unfortunately, including health care. unfortunately, a small number of the people that work at trump national in doral, which is not miami are on obama care. a small percentage. as a said this morning, they're having tremendous difficulty. in fact a lot of them have said, can you take me off obama care. should i do it?
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[applause] maybe i will. i will mention you folks when i do. but it is a small group but a group that is having tremendous problems with obama care because of what is going on with the premiums. and with what's going on with the deductibles. again, they can't use it. but we are going to get these people help. we're going to get the people of the country hell. we are going to start replacing it. we are going to have a great healthcare system in the united states and a system that you can afford. so remember, remember, if you vote for hillary clinton she wants to double down on obama care and make it even more expensive and worse. repealing obama care -- [inaudible] what she is and she should be ashamed of herself and our
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government ought to be in be ashamed for letting it happen. we must win on november 8. [applause] we have the power in our hands in just 14 days, 14 days, can you believe this. i started in a year and half aware now down to 14 days. we had unbelievably tough nasty primaries, proud to say that's the toughest primaries in history of politics so we end up but now i have a nasty election
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but we have the facts on our side. we're going to bring back jobs. we're going to get rid of obama care we have so many facts that we're going to cut our taxes. she's going to raise taxes. we are going to cut taxes. were going to save social security. she is going to cut social security. she's going to cut your social security. and your medicare. we have the power to deliver justice for every american who has been victimized by rising crime. and for every worker whose job has been shipped to another country and for every child trapped in a feeling, failing, horrible permit school. we have the power to rebuild the inner cities to trade by hillary clinton and the democrats in washington. african-american community has been betrayed. they had been betrayed. we are going to get tremendous african-american votes and we are going to get tremendous hispanic votes.
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these communities have been betrayed. we have a chance to deliver justice for every taxpayer tired of watching their money being wasted in washington and for every single-look you know the story, every single voter. voter. what is happened to our country. who wants to fix a rigged system that takes your job, takes your freedoms, freedoms, and takes your voice away from you. [applause] together we will defeat the rigged system and the corrupt media. there is nothing more corrupt than those people. not all all of them, but most of them. they are a corrupt group. i will tell you what, i went to the last rally, we had thousands and thousands of people and i was watching one of these --
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terrible people, c. and i was watching and within the crowd is not expected to be big. we had an airport hangar that they could use because the crowd was so much bigger we just move them out to the runways. we had some crab. look at this. and we always have. by the way, all of the country we have. you see what is going on, you see what is happening at the voting booths. the lines are three blocks long. i cannot tell you exactly but i see a lot of trump buttons, a lot of trump hats. a lot of shirts. we have a feeling, don't way that they will be voting for trump. i have a feeling. i have to tell you, we did not
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need to do this. i didn't need to do this. i was on the other side. i talk about the other side. who knows the other side better than me. i was on the other side. i also knew because i saw what was happening, i love saw what was happening, i love our country, i love this country. i had no choice. so i was an insider in the day i announced, boy did did i become an outsider, wow! amazing. i became an outsider. i love it. we are leading a movement, the likes of which have never, ever been seen in this country. there is there is never been a movement like this. even the pendants that hate me say there has never been an event like this in the history of our country. we have to close it out on november 8. in your case, florida, you can go tomorrow and do your thing. but you have to close it out. otherwise, to me it is a waste of time, energy, money. [applause]
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>> i tell the story of one of the pundits, not a good guy but that's okay. he said it doesn't matter if you win or lose, what you have done has never been done a politics. he he said it doesn't matter. i said wait a minute, it totally matters. and i said, if, if i do not win it will be a great waste, seriously of time, energy, and money. just a waste. so november eighth, we have to win. it is one of the great movements of all of the great movements of all time. let's close it out, let's knock out crooked hillary clinton, cook it as a 3-dollar bill. she is a as crooked as a 3-dollar bill. real change begins with ridding washington of corruption. hillary clinton bleached and deleted 33000 e-mails, lied to
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congress under oath, it made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer, and then told the fbi that she couldn't remember 39 separate times. you know her know her memory is a little bit off. [inaudible] we have also just learned that one of the closest people to crooked hillary with long-standing ties to her and her husband, listen to this one folks. you know, we wonder we wonder how did she get away with this crime when a four-star general, james dashmac, , four-star, one of the most respected men in the military
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lied to the fbi once. he said he did it for national security purposes and i can understand that. he lied one time to the fbi and now they are going to put him in prison, perhaps for five years. [booing] >> the closest person in the world to hillary and bill's this person. they gave more than $6,675,000 to the campaign of the wife of the top official in the fbi who oversaw the investigation into crooked hillary's e-mail servers. think of this. you cannot do a movie like this, nobody would believe it. so the fbi -- and i have so much
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respect for the people of the fbi. they must be going crazy and will what is happening at the top. these are great people. so think of this, so the head of the fbi was investigating her has a wife who wants to run for office. they give her not 1000, 2000, but $675,000, that is big money. that is big money. that is a big a big percentage of the money she raised. 675,000 dollars to run for office. this is a man that is leading the investigation into her. his wife get 675,000 dollars essentially from hillary get $675,000 essentially from hillary clinton. what is going on here? our country is rigged, it's crooked, and it's broken, i'm telling, i'm telling you. what is going on?
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the criminal conduct of hillary clinton threatens the foundations of our democracy, and it really does. but we are going to turn it around. we're going to turn it around a new day begins for america and it starts on november 8. get out of votes. [applause] i proposed a contract with the american voter that will give government back to the people. the way it is supposed to be. by contract begins with the player to end the rampant government corruption that is all over the place. when everyone in washington to listen closely to the message i'm delivering on your behalf. i want all of the special interests who are used to getting there with, i fully understand that, to pay very close attention.
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i want the entire corrupt establishment to hear and heed the words we are all about to say. if we win on november 8, we are going to washington d.c. and we are going to do what? drain the swamp. it is so corrupt. so corrupt. but have we we ever seen corruption like 675,000? i kept saying, how did she get away with this, she, she got a subpoena from the united states congress and after, not before, that would've been bad, but after getting the subpoena she deleted 33,000 emails. so she gets a subpoena from this tremendously high authority and she says this is bad news get rid of all the e-mails. by the way, boxes of information and emails two weeks ago were also just found to be missing,
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you heard that right. >> how is she entitled to run for the office of president, and by the way, this is this is part of the rigged system. the system is rigged. under my contract with the american voter we are proposing the series of ethic reforms on day one to end government corruption. to end government corruption. those who violate the law will be brought to justice, there will no longer be two sets of rules in america, look at general -- and general petronius, his life was just destroyed from doing nothing compared to what this crooked person did at the very core of my contract is a plan to bring back american jobs. we are bringing them back. we are going to stop the jobs from leaving our country. we are going to start making things again in america, apple
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will start building factories and plants in this country and we will make their products in the united states instead of china, vietnam, and all sorts of other countries. [applause] right now we are living through the single greatest job theft in the history of the world. that's what's happening. they're moving to mexico, it's a highway, one, one lane right into mexico. they get our jobs, our factories, our plants, they get our people, they get everything. they get they get the cash, i was say they get the cash we get the drugs in the unemployment, not to happen. or we will build a wall don't worry about that. we will build the wall. [applause]
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[applause] who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> that's not even close. and by the way i met with the president of mexico to my two months ago. he is a wonderful guy. we will have no trouble. they cannot understand -- we have a massive trade deficit, massive with mexico and when people say they'll never pay for the wall, of course they will because they're making so much money, they, they make it at the border, everywhere. because their politicians are sharper and shrewd are then our politicians. i went to an ivy league school, i was a good student and you know what, there's no better word to describe, it's a horrible were to use, it's not terrible but i hate to use it,
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but there's no better word, our leaders are stupid, they're stupid people, and telling you. obama, all this guy does his campaign for hillary who he can't stand. if you read what happened today with the server back and forth and he ended up knowing about even though he said he didn't, just came out on wikileaks, he he knew about it. if you see now why he's backing her over biden did you see where biden wants to take me to the back of the barn, me. i love that, i love that mr. tough guy you know, he's mrn he's mr. tough guy when he's standing behind a microphone by himself. he wants to bring me to the back of the bar, oh. some things in life you could really love doing. our nation has lost -- and by the way if i said that they
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would say he is violent, how could he have said that, did you see what happened the other day? it came out that our rallies, we have the greatest rallies, the greatest people, is there ever a better place to be. but we had rallies that were rough and we had bad people, and the dishonest media would never say that, it came out that they paid thugs to go to our rallies and beat people up. and they gave them $1500 per day and an iphone. here's the good news, not so easy to beat our people up, you can can count that out. it's actually painful experience but they paid $1500 in and the media does not report that. they did not apologize to me. they're saying donald trump's rallies are out of control. they were putting people in our
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rallies to beat people up. policeman with bad gashes on their head walking out. he sought in chicago. walking out with blood pouring out of their head. these people were paid to do that. they should be in prison. these people and the people that organize this, that is organized violence, that is real violence and you know what nothing would happen, can you imagine if we did it and one other thing, cricket hillary was given the questions to a debate right? you saw that. that. donna brazil got the questions and gave them to hillary clinton. now what donna brazil did is very dishonest and she should resign as the head of the dnc. should she should resign. what she did was very dishonest, but
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did anybody here hillary said listen, i got the questions for the debate, with bernie the debate, with bernie sanders, i got the questions for the debate, i feel very uncomfortable, i know it's wrong , maybe i would like not to have that particular question. would that have been nice, but she's cricket hillary so the chances of that happening are zero folks. zero. and you don't. and you don't hear about that. did anybody here, i wonder if she got the answers and the questions to the debate i just had because we beat her very easily. >> i tell you what, did you see her after the debate? she was exhausted. you talk about low energy, i know some low-energy people but she's right in there. our nation has lost one third of its manufacturing, a deal signed by bill clinton and supported strongly by hillary clinton, we have lost, listen to this and i have said for two weeks when i saw this number is a typo, it has to be a typo, we have lost as a country 70000 factories
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since china entered the wto, a bill and hillary back disaster. listen folks 70000 factories. you would not think that's even possible. i thought it was 7000 or 700, 700, i said you made a mistake. under my contract we will immediately begin renegotiating nafta. if we don't get the deal we want we will terminate nafta and get a better deal for our workers and our company. it is going be america first. the next disaster on the horizon is the trans- pacific partnership, a nearly 6000 page document that will drain our jobs and freedom. it will be another disaster, you cannot let it happen. if i am
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president it is not happening folks. we are going to have a lot to say but we are not going to make these many multi nation. we're going to have one come on one, on one. we are going to have straight lines going into different countries. if they misbehave, if they do something bad it's called a 30 day notice of cancellation. and during that 30 days they will come back and will make a better deal. a trump administration will stop the trans- pacific partnership. hillary clinton called the tpp the gold standard and would approve 100% of it. during the debate she said she never called it the gold standard, but she lied. she lied, and during the debates when i said lying in the sand, the redlined redlined our great president said java line in the sand, will she said she was not secretary of state. she lied. she was. she was. that came came up in
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the next debate, by the way you lied about this, i'm sorry, i did made it. we low won't let it happen because we will win on november 8 and we will protect every last american and every last american job. if we don't stop the tpp we will lose our economic independence for good, it is a big, big problem. that is what is at stake in the selection. this election has so many things going. number one, lower taxes, less, less regulation, and we get rid of obama care and we come up with a plan that is so much less expensive. [applause] so what we're going to do are a few things, the tax reduction will give a middle-class family with two children a basic break
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of 35 percent. families will be able to fully deduct the cost of childcare for their taxes. we will lower taxes on our businesses from 35% all the way down to 15%. we will become a job generating machine. we will be so proud of our country again. we are not going to lose our businesses. if they decide to go and they want to make their air-conditioning units, they want to make their card, they want to send it through the border which now will become strong border, guess what, 35% tax, they're never going to leave. we will be a rich nation again but to be a rich country we must also be a safe country. that is why my contract includes major investments in federal law-enforcement efforts to dismantle criminal networks
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preying on her citizens. and that's what they're doing. i will also keep us safe from radical islamic terrorists. radical islamic terrorists. hillary clinton clinton unleashed isis and on lease death and suffering across the middle east. it's spreading into our country. we are taken thousands and thousands of people from syria. we have no idea where they come from, we have no idea who they are, they're not properly vetted, you will see over the years what a mistake that is. you will see. she wants to know increase the high number already. were taken in thousands. tens of thousands. she wants to increase that number by 550%. you put her in as president, you're crazy. now she wants in her word,
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totally open borders, there goes your country, there goes your country which includes an open border with the middle east. she she wants to allow people to pour in. the hillary plan with transformer country and leave us with generations of terrorism inside our shores. a trump administration administration is going to suspend immigration from their prone regions and will suspend the syrian refugee program immediately. [applause] we have no choice. we have no choice. let me state this as clearly as i can. if i'm elected president i'm going to keep radical islamic terrorist the -- out of our country. i will also defend the borders of the united states and yes we
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will build a wall. it is so necessary. we will cancel all funding for sanctuary cities. [applause] thousands of americans have been killed by illegal immigrants, in january of last year grants, 21 years old was working at a convenience store, a wonderful young guy. in mesa, arizona when he was shot point-blank in the head by an illegal immigrant. the killer was out on bond roaming free despite a massive arrest record and everybody saying please do not let him go free. and he killed grants. in another incident, 25-year-old spencer was sitting in his car at a stoplight after dropping off his girlfriend. an illegal immigrant in a pickup
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truck pulled up without notice, took took out a gun, did not say anything, looked at him and shot him in the head and killed him immediately. the killer had been deported four times, had a lengthy criminal record, and people that knew him begged, please do not let him in our country. i've spent time with spencer's mom julie. i've traveled the nation and met grieving parents whose children are dead because of our policies headed by obama and clinton. the government failed these american families. hillary clinton betrayed these american families. they have been alone in suffering, and suffering, abandoned by our nation's failed leaders. that's what they are. failed leaders.
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look at our country. we don't win anymore. we cannot beat isis. we cannot win entrée. we cannot win on healthcare. we don't win anymore. we are going to start winning in january. believe me. we in january. believe me. we are going to start winning again. tonight we stand with these american victims and pledge an end to this longtime nightmare of violence. i have i have a message for the cartels, the drug dealers on the gang members. when i win, your, your long reign of crime and terror over this country will come crashing to an end very quickly. [applause] everything will change in november. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. to sum up, we are going to have the biggest tax cut in history and probably even greater we can go back to ronald reagan but i think it is probably going to be even bigger than that. we are going to have the biggest tax cut. and we remember this with the highest tax nation anywhere in the world and we are going to
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have a big tax cut and jobs are going to come pouring back. we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. we are going to provide school choice and put an end to common core, we are bring in education local. [applause] we will rebuild our military, take care of our veterans, our veterans will finally be taken care of. how many. how many vets do we have here? a lot. i love the vets. we are going to support the great men and women of law-enforcement. we will save our second amendment which is under siege. it is under siege. and she's looking to do just the opposite. and i will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united
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states. i am going to fight for every american in every part of this nation. i'm going to fight to liberate our citizens from violence, poverty, fear, and, fear, and the pain of having your voice ignored your government for so long. i'm going to fight for every person in this country who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors and not the special interests. i'm going to fight to bring us all together as americans. we are a a divided nation. we are divided into many different ways. we are a divided nation. we are going to come together finally will come together again. i love you too. he is a rough sounding guy. so whoever that guy is, i love him. he's a rough looking, he's a rough looking, sounding guy. who is that guy? he's a rough guy. but i do love love them.
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i love everybody out here actually. just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god saluting one american flag. [applause] once again, we will have a government of, by, and for the people. together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. [applause] thank you very much. god god bless you. get out and vote. get out and vote everybody. thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪