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  Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  October 28, 2016 8:00pm-8:42pm EDT

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at a campaign rally in manchester new hampshire donald trump spoke about a variety of domestic and foreign-policy issues. he also commented on the fbi's announcement that they would continue the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. this is 40 minutes. ♪ >> donald j. trump. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> thank you.
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>> thank you very much. we love new hampshire. [applause] i need to open with a very critical breaking news announcement. [applause] the fbi has just sent a letter to congress and forming them that they have discovered new e-mails pertaining to the former secretary of state, hillary clinton's investigation. [applause]
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[chanting] and they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. [applause] hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal theme into the oval office. [applause] i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the
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department of justice are now willing to have the courage to write the horrible mistakes that they made. [applause] this was a grave mischaracterized of justice that the american people fully understood and it is everybody's hope that it is about to be correct did. [applause] so that is a big announcement that i heard 10 minutes ago. and i guess obviously most of you folks have heard about it and in all fairness for all the people that have suffered
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enduring so much less including recently four-star general james cartwright, general petraeus and many others, perhaps finally justice will be done. [applause] with that being said, the rest of my speech is going to be so boring. should i even make the speech? we will talk about voters, right? we will talk about trade. we will bring back our jobs, we will strengthen our military and let's get going, okay? [applause]
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i want to thank general flynt, great general. thank you very much. just before general flynt was going up we heard this news and i said general get up there and keep them busy. we want to digest what just happened here. thank you, general. in 11 days we are going to win new hampshire. [applause] the state of my first victory and we are going to win back the white house. [applause] 75% of the american people think our country is on the wrong track and we are going to fix fx it. we are going to get our country back on the right track and very very quickly. real change begin with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare.
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[applause] we can't forget how big bad news is. we can't lose track. it's a disaster just like everything else in this administration. it has just been announced that americans are going to experience another massive double-digit hike and obamacare premiums including a 116% premium hike to our very good friends in the great state of arizona. even bill clinton admitted obamacare is the craziest thing in the world where people wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. in minnesota where the premium increase will be almost 60%, democratic governors said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. jonathan gruber, the architect
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of obamacare admitted it was all a fraud and he said it was because of the stupidity of the american voter. we are doing a lot of good work, aren't we? we are catching all of these people. we are doing a good job. jonathan gruber. we didn't forget. i never forgot jonathan gruber. i said if i do this we are going to run and his name came up and people forget after a week or two. i said i'm never going to forget jonathan gruber the architect of obamacare. so we didn't forget. can you imagine a little more than a week before the election? we didn't forget the name jonathan gruber that the only real stupidity is that shown by our politicians who pass this monstrosity over furious objection.
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job-killing obamacare is one more way the system is rigged. but with what i have just announced, previously it might not be as rigged as i thought. what? what? the fbi. i think they are going to right the ship, folks. i think they are going to right the ship. they are going to save their great reputation by doing so. hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, destroying american health care for forever. she wants to expand obamacare and make it even more expensive. i will repeal and replace obamacare and we will replace it with a much less expensive plan and that plan that is much, much better.
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just this year hillary clinton declared obamacare is one of the rightist accomplishments of president obama, the democratic party and our country. that has turned out to be wrong. do they do anything right? we don't win anymore. i mean, we are going to have such a good time starting in 17. we are going to start winning. [applause] because it has turned out, and i've been saying this, obamacare is a catastrophe beyond imagination. insurers are leaving, doctors are quitting, companies are fleeing, workers hours are being cut, part-time jobs are all over the place. the beautiful full-time jobs that you used to have don't exist and a dud the bulls are through the roof.
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if we don't get rid of obamacare we have no choice. our health care system is gone forever. we will never have another chance and by the way if we don't win this election we are never going to have another chance either. that i can tell you, it's never going to happen again. repealing obamacare is one of the most single most important reasons we must win on november 8. but real change also means getting rid of the corruption in washington and again maybe that has happened, wow. we had a big day. think of it. i won my first primary in new hampshire and i'm getting here and the news this morning, this is bigger than watergate. this is bigger. in my opinion.
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this is bigger than watergate. hillary deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. that alone to me. there are more serious things done but that was so obvious. she gets the subpoena and she bleaches and delete 33,000 e-mails. it's so simple. it's not about the sale of uranium that nobody knows what it means. i know what it means. she talks to me about russia. 20% of the uranium in our country to russia but you know that deletion of 33,000 e-mails, boy that is so out there. after receiving a subpoena from the united states congress. she lied to congress. she lied to the fbi. she made 13 phones disappear,
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some with a hammer. the clinton crew gave more than $675,000 to the wife of the deputy director of the fbi and the man who was overseeing the investigation into hillary's illegal servers but maybe now that takes care of itself. right now that takes care of itself. very proud that the fbi was willing to do this, really. [applause] just yesterday we learned that bill clinton's right-hand man fish were clinton donors to funnel as much a $66 million in personal profits to bill and hillary. this man explained that the cozy
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relationship between his consulting firm, the foundation and clinton's personal income had helped to bill and hillary and rich themselves and obtain in-kind services including personal travel, hospitality vacations and the like. the same people paying for bill clinton's speeches were lobbing hillary clinton at the same time , the same time. these people are seriously corrupt. terrible conflict. hillary's pay-for-play including defense contractors. when the contractor wants to seek foreign arms deals they hired lobbyists to make hundreds of thousands of dollars are hillary's last campaign and are raising money for her current campaign and by the way 50--1 in
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ads, 50-1 and if you look at florida we are winning, ohio we are winning, iowa we are winning. [applause] doing great in new hampshire. i think we are going to have a tremendous victory in pennsylvania. [applause] we better have a great victory in new hampshire, okay? in fact when the news that the fbi investigation just happened a little while ago they said mr. trump we could skip your speech in new hampshire this is so big. i said, i don't have the courage to skip the speech in new hampshire. believe me, i don't have the courage. i am not skipping new hampshire. i never will. when i won and you've remember
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because we went around we have the big rallies and they said that the rallies will never work in new hampshire. i said that's a lot of dinners. but you remember and i have a lot of -- people talking in new hampshire more than anyplace is talking drugs going into this country and the police department. the police department is so great. i never knew honestly, i never knew was so bad and i said to the people in new hampshire because more than any other place you look at the beautiful little roadways and lakes and streams and everything is so beautiful, the trees. and you say how can they have a drug problem here? but i sit down with groups and i say what's your biggest problem and they say maybe the veterans of which are suffering greatly.
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but it was always, it was always heroin. what do you mean? i learned so much and i said to the people of new hampshire that if i win, if i win new hampshire and i also said if i go all the way we are going to stop the inflow of drugs into new hampshire and into our country. 100%. [applause] and i gave the people of new hampshire my pledge. more than anybody else in this campaign because they really taught me about what's happening with the world of drugs pouring in. it's hard to believe, it's just so strange when you look and you see the beauty of this place and you see the heroin and drugs are your number one problem by far. anyway the lobbyists took over 26 million dollars in foreign
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arms bills including $19 billion in qatar which happens to be with bill clinton. $1 million as the birthday gift for a few minutes of face time. the lobbyists one of whom was the sister not to hillary clinton's campaign chairman received hundreds of thousands of dollars. the contractor got millions of dollars in contracts and hillary clinton that her campaign cash and money for her foundation. i am putting up tremendous amounts of money. today i wrote another check for $10 million. i'm spending money like crazy. i will probably have over, close to or over $100 million of my money spent on the campaign but there is nothing nice about that. unless i lose in which case i say what was that all about?
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but we are going to do what's right for you, not what's right for some couldn't -- contributor. hillary put the office of the secretary of state up for sale and if she ever got the chance, believe me she would put the office and you know what office i'm talking about, the oval office, up for sale. i propose a contract with the american voter which will end the corruption and give government back to our great people. [applause] i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and heed the words i'm about to say and i never loved this expression but now i love it except it's become the honest expression. if we win in november, we are going to washington d.c., went
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away when, okay, when. and we are going to drain the swamp. [applause] my plan to bring back our jobs. you have been suffering with the jobs. the jobs have gone like mike candy being taken from a baby. new growth numbers just released with the average growth rate for this year at a disastrous 1.5%. if china goes down to seven or 8% gdp it's like a national catastrophe. last month, last quarter we were at 4%. our job numbers last quarter were horrible. they like to to say in they make, that was the word they use. obama is the first president in
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modern history not to have a single year of 3% growth. and they say, it's hard because we are a large country. india is a much larger country and they are at 8%. china is at 7% and china is not happy. we are at about 1% and we just keep going along. we keep going along losing our jobs to mexico and every other place. 47 million americans and 45 million people, think of it, this is our country, are living in poverty. meanwhile our trade deficit around the world is $800 million a year. we are living through obama, obama. it's true. instead of campaigning for hillary clinton to yet to be in
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the white house and the oval office negotiating trade deals. [applause] beating isis, taking care of our veterans which he does not do. we are living through the greatest job famine in the history of the world, the greatest in the history of the world. new hampshire has lost one and three and a fracturing jobs through nafta a deal signed by bill clinton and supported strongly by hillary. we have lost 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization, another bill and hillary disaster. the trump administration will immediately begin negotiating and we will start this negotiation so fast. we will start a negotiation on nafta and if we don't get the deal we want we will terminate
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nafta and get a much, much better trade here. [applause] i won't go into the details but because they are under their system and we are under our system but because of the fact that they are under much different system the day the deal was signed it wasn't defective deal with us having a mass of at least 17%. i'm not going to bother you or bore you with it but we have been working with this defective deal for years and no politician ever went back to renegotiating. we are going to get it done so easily. [applause] if a company wants to fire their workers to go to mexico or other countries and they think they are going to ship their products back into the united states we will charge them a tax of 35%.
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[applause] so when you think these companies which right now are out there negotiating to leave here, they will leave new hampshire they will leave pennsylvania. they're going to leave ohio and all of our great places, great states. right now as we are talking they are negotiating deals. mexico is the eighth wonder of the world in terms of new plans. though clinton said the eighth eighth -- wonder of the world. how about us? is going to be the other way around that there will be consequences and you know when they realize they have got to now pay a tax on all of that it that comes to a very strong partner. there will be a strong border. you know what they're going to say? it's very simple. the politicians don't want to do
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that because they control, they are controlled by the people who give them their campaign contributions and probably other things. does anybody know what i mean by that? who will also stand up to chinese currency manipulation and we will stop the transpacific partnership. [applause] we will become a rich nation again. but to be a rich nation we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton unleashed isis onto the world and it has now spread into our country. there are right now 1000 open isis investigations across the united states, more than at any time that we have ever had. now hillary wants to increase by 550% the massive number of syrian refugees flowing into our country. that's over the obama numbers
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and those are thousands and thousands of papers. a trump administration will suspend the syrian refugee focus and we will help them with safe havens and get other countries over there like the gulf states who have nothing but money. we are $20 trillion in debt. we will get them to pay their share. they will pay and you know what, we can't let people into this country that we don't know about let me state this as clearly as i can. if i'm elected president i am going to keep -- [applause] [applause] we love new hampshire. i love this place.
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by the way, you know we are leading in florida and reading about these places. with two down in new hampshire. do you know what i said? i don't think so. i don't think so. these polls, these polls, these are false. she comes up here and she has four people in psych oh we have a wonderful -- i don't think so. when i'm elected president. [applause] i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [applause] a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. boy you people have energy.
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you are great. let's face it, it's been a long time, right? it's been a long time. you have been waiting a long time for the right person but you do have energy. you know what's happening, a lot of these places -- [chanting] trump, trump, trump. a lot of the different places reports are coming out. they hate the writers to be honest with you but people, by the way great people. they are so dishonest. they are so dishonest but a lot of these reports coming out in the early voting phase, people are coming out that it never voted. these are great americans that they have never seen anybody that they -- they have never
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heard people say we are going to bring back the jobs. we are not going to let companies leave us in fire prevention move and let the products pour into our country with no tax. fire all of our people move to mexico and carrier as an example. they are leaving. they are probably all about ready to change their minds. let the new products come in, and no taxes, no nothing. how is this? and i'm back free trader and a fair trader but we have to have all people represented. what is happening these lines in florida are four blocks long. they have never seen anything like it and in tennessee a great congressman who's been there for 25 years that timmy we have never seen anything like it. people are coming out that haven't voted in years. people are coming out and literally they haven't voted in
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years. unless you voted in the last election they don't want to pull you. people are coming out that hadn't voted in years. happening in texas. they haven't voted in years and people that have never even voted and they are great americans but they never saw anyone that they wanted to vote for. they are coming out and they have a trump shirts and they have the hat and buttons all over the place. [applause] now who knows, who knows? they may have all that trump stuff and you never know, maybe they are voting for crooked hillary clinton but i don't excel. i don't think so. history has taught us that we don't think so so i think we are doing great. and on the border we have no choice, we will build a wall and mexico will pay for the wall. that will stop the drugs. [applause]
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remember my pledge to everybody but in particular to new hampshire because i know what you are going through at the drugs. i know what your incredible law enforcement, your place in your fire department. they are helping so much. believe me they are not spoken about and how about where there are shootings? there is the shooting of a fireman. this is a new phenomena. they are shooting bullets at fireman going to fires and fighting fires that we have a divided country and we are going to make our country love again. we are going to bring it like this room. countless americans who have died in recent years at the alive today if not for the open border policy of this administration. this includes incredible americans like 21-year-old -- you have heard the story and read about it. the man who killed her entered federal court and was released
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into the united states community under the policies of this white house. he was released again and again after crime after crime and now is that large. sarah graduated from college just the day before with a 4.0 grade average, top in her class. she was violently, violently killed. an outstanding young woman. i know their parents. they are incredible. also among the open border policy victims a 21-year-old convenience store clerk in mesa arizona. he was murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member previously convicted of burglary who had also been released from federal prison in so many people said please, please don't release him. he is violent and he shot him through the head.
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another victim who we have all read about and known about kate finally gunned down in the sanctuary city of san francisco by an illegal immigrant. and this person was deported five different times. now he is at good lawyer in the case will go on and on and on. i see them in court all the time. case will go on and on. shot in the back while standing with her father, great parents, great brother and then there's the case of 90-year-old earl olander was brutally beaten and left to bleed to death in his home. the perpetrators were illegal immigrants with criminal records a mile-long but he did not make the obama administration's removal. people beg that he be incarcerated or be moved out of the country but are geniuses
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wouldn't listen. in california a 64-year-old air force veteran was sexually assaulted and beaten to death with a hammer. your killer had been arrested on multiple occasions but was never deported people. people asked to please deport him and this is what happened. this is a crime wave that never ends. it is thousands of cases like this. when i am president believe me it will end. [applause] not only will the wall keep out the dangerous cartel and criminals but it will also keep out the drugs in new hampshire and the heroin poisoning our youth. our youth is being poisoned. and by the way i have met plenty of people in new hampshire that
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have a tremendous problem and i tell you we are going to work with people. we are going to set up programs. we are going to try everything we can. [applause] so as i said when i went to the new hampshire primary are promised the people of new hampshire that we would stop drugs from going into your community and i guarantee you we will. you'll be so proud of your president and you will be so proud of your community. [applause] you will be so proud. i just want to say in closing, i just want to say in closing that we have an amazing movement going on, a movement like they have never seen before, a movement that hopefully won't be stopped. we have a movement that's the biggest people in the world, the biggest have said they have
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never seen anything like it before. every crowd, every auditorium. the other night we had a situation. we have thousands and thousands of people i said to the fire marshal is it possible to let more and? we had thousands of people and we had many thousands outside that they would not let him. i said could we let the men and they said we can't. we are worried about a stampede mr. trump and it's a stampede of love. it's a stampede of love. there were so many people they said we have strong security guards but mr. trump they are not as strong as 45,000 people charging so i fully understood it. we have something going on that is very special. so special. we are going to reduce your taxes. we are going to simplify your taxes.
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we are going to make your businesses welcome in our country. [chanting] >> thank you. trump, trump, that trump. >> we are going to reduce the taxes for middle-income people. we call them the forgotten men and women. greatly simplify your return. the only company that i can think of that won't like us is h&r block. they are not going to like trump too much. but we will greatly simplify your taxes and your businesses from 35% which is one of the highest in the world down to one of the lowest in the world, 15%. we are getting. up a lot of the regulations that are stopping growth. tremendous amounts of regulations that are killing
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small businesses and big businesses so we are going to have a tax friendly country again and it's going to need jobs and it's going to mean expansion in new companies growing. we are going to create a border. we are going to stop the drugs. we are going to have people come into our country. allow people to come into our country but they have to come in legally. they have to come in through a legal process. they want a lot of people to come in and they are going to come in but they will come in legally and we are going to streamline the process. people are waiting in line now for 10 years. we want people to come and that we want them to come in legally and we want to take wonderful people that love our country and want to get out and they want to do a great job. we want to have them also come in based on merit, a word you don't hear any more, i work you don't hear anymore. it's too bad. we are also going to very importantly appoint justices to
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the supreme court. [applause] who you can be proud of and who will respect the constitution of the united states. [applause] we are going to save our 2nd amendment which is unbelievable. [applause] we are going to help on education. we are going to go with choice, so important we are going to terminate common core and bring education local. [applause] our military is depleted. we are going to rebuild our military. we are going to lead through strength. hopefully we are not going to have two user military but i will say this, i still, we are
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getting rid of isis. we are getting rid of isis. we have no choice. by the way not since evil times have we seen people chopping off heads, drowning in steel cages. not since the medieval times. it all grew during the tenure of obama and hillary clinton. and she stands up and she was there. we should have never gone to iraq but once we did we should have gone out the right way, not the wrong way and the way they went out was so bad, so bad including giving back mosul which they are now fighting to take back and it would have would have been nice, the element of surprise. the element of surprise. we don't use the element of surprise. we use the elements of tell them
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everything we can possibly tell them, give them plenty of time to get ready and then attack. it turns out to be a lot tougher than they ever thought but we are going to have a country that you are going to be proud of again. we are going to have a president that hopefully you will be proud of. i will work so hard for every community. [applause] i will be working very hard for the african-american community, for the hispanic community. i will be working hard for every community and we are going to have this divided nation come together. i just want to say, we are going to make america strong again. we are going to make america, doesn't sound nice but we have no choice, wealthy again. but we are going to make america great again and i want to thank everybody. get out and vote.
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you are very special people. you are very very special people. god bless you. get out and vote. thank you new hampshire. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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