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tv   Oregon Governors Debate  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 7:02pm-8:01pm EST

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i think we want to see more rapid innovation. lower prices. i think what mr. trump is saying is that the way to the path to those objectives is less regulation, lower taxation. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. it has brought you it is brought you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> c-span has covered state races around the country. here's a debate in the kate brown, democrat and her republican challenger, bud pierce. this. this is just under one hour.
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>> your ballot just arrived. now, your are about to decide who will be oregon's next governor. democrat kate brown wants to continue the work she has been doing for 18 months. >> i'm the best prepared and best qualified candidate in the race to lead this work. >> republican bud pierce is new to politics but argues the state needs fresh leadership. >> we see a lot of problems. we see problems that the governor doesn't seem to want to take on. >> the race is framed by a corporate tax proposal, measure 97. >> i think it's time for out-of-state corporations to pay their fair share. >> what we really need to do is have government learn to live on less revenue. >> oregon's issues that run deeper than taxes. the next governor has to deal with a homeless crisis. >> we need to have -- allowing people to live. [inaudible]
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>> and find a way to fix crumbling roads and highways. >> oregon has a transportation issue. we have congestion, we see it every day in the streets around the portland, metropolitan area. >> tonight, both candidates meet at the key gw studios for the debate before election days. this is decision 2016. the debate for oregon's governor >> hello everyone and welcome to the debate for oregon's governor hosted by kgw, i am tracy barry. tonight i'm very pleased to have the top two candidates in the governor's race here in our portland studios. governor kate brown took over the office 18 months ago after
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john catawba resigned. the challenger is bud pierce, an oncologist from salem. we salem. we have several veteran political journalist honor panel tonight. dean is long-time columnist for the oregonian and authors ever books, overachiever steve. hillary is the state politics reporter for the oregonian and has extensively covered this race. i am so happy because chris carey is back as our timekeeper tonight. chris will be keeping the candidates honest and on time tonight. we will be starting tonight with an issue that has dominated the selection and the airwaves. we are talking about corporate tax measure 97. hoping you're up on it, but to give you a very brief a very brief reminder. it was taxol sales above 25 million for certain companies
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in oregon. we flip the coin to determine who goes first in the first question will go to governor brown and it will come from hillary from the oregonian. >> if measure 97 passes the state would have 6,000,000,000 dollars in additional revenue for the next state budget. how budget. how much of that would you put toward education and how will you ensure that money would be spent there? >> good evening everyone and thank you for being here tonight. i am supporting ballot measure 97 for a couple of reasons. number one, we need adequate and stable revenue for key basic services like education. number two, no other viable alternative available. number three, it's time for large, out-of-state corporations large, out-of-state corporations to pay their fair share. i would ask oregonians, do you think our school years long enough? do you think our class size is small enough? i don't.
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are you willing to cut off hundreds of thousands of oregonians from the oregon health plan? i am not. i. i want to make sure that struggling seniors have programs like project independent so they can stay in their own home. i will spend ballot measure $97 as intended. schools, healthcare, and services for seniors. >> are you willing to commit to a specific amount? >> at this point and time i will spend in time i will spend it as the voters intended, dedicated to education and making sure we can fund the quality education model. we are 2,000,000,000 dollars billion dollars short of funding that. where about $800 million short of funding oregon's health plan to ensure that all oregonians have access to health care for the next couple of years. as well as making sure we have adequate funding programs for seniors. vulnerable seniors. enabling them to stay in their own homes. also, very importantly we have made significant investments in early
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childhood education. i want to make sure that we continue to sustain those investments. 1300 preschoolers preschoolers now have access to the preschool promise. i want to make sure they show it to kindergarten ready to learn. >> doctor pierce, are you ready to commit how you would spend that money if it passes question what. >> the legislative revenue office has said that we will lose 38,000 private sector jobs and increased cost of living to the oregon family by 600 dollars. $600. i can go there for that reason. the budget is going to grow by $2 billion if we get the medicaid waiver we are seeking. i seek a revenue increase of 1,400,000,000 dollars for education. i would say this, if the measure passes i would go through full funding of it to optimize educational funding, we are about 2,000,000,000 dollars short. i would commit to that. then, i. then, i would like to mitigate the damage to oregon families and businesses by trying to get
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the money back in the hands of oregon families. low income that are going to pay $600 more per year. try to provide relief for businesses, pallet books, clinics who are going to be hit by this text. >> your first question goes to doctor pierce. >> let's continue to talk about measure 97. you are you are a posted measure 97 but you acknowledge of it failed the state is going to face a huge a budget gap of more than 1,000,000,000 dollars. in the balance budget that you would have to present to the legislature if you are governor, can you mean name to state programs that you would be willing to reduce or eliminate to help balance the budget? >> i presented and prepared a budget with an economist in portland that is published online. it assumes a six or 7% budget increase which will have, income tax brackets not being fully indexed in the growth in the economy. if. if we can get the $400 million waiver that increases spending by 10%.
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i've committed a good deal of that money for k-12. other other areas have increased but the increase is less then the government agencies say they need to continue the current service level. what what we need to learn to do a government is to make the efficiency of government work better. if you look at the budget you will see the second-highest item in the office spending budget is 17% representing 12,000,000,000 dollars for administration. we don't need to cut and eliminate programs, we need to have much better internally patience he so the money that is spent on process can go to the programs themselves. >> you think that you can you can make up 1,300,000,000 dollars through the efficiency? >> i do believe that. >> you talk about on your website consolidating that some agencies possibly, would you name one of those? >> i look at the department of energy, i know it's a small savings savings but just as an example.
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115 employees, you have a director, one legislative analyst, five hr people, three people that deal with public affairs. i would just say take the actual function that you need to do out of that agency and put it into another agency. i'm just getting to the point that that's an example, thought a great a great example because the weights funded but that kind of efficiency and looking at where we can take things that government does that doesn't need to be done so we can take that revenue and put it into the actual purpose of the organization rather than the internal process. i think that's where we have to find money in savings government. if measure 97 passes were talking about a 40% increase in our general funds budget. >> as a rebuttal, is there anything specific that you would cut if the measure failed or something you would try to save? >> i would say that my opponent releases one page budget last week. i certainly seen recipes a longer than that. certainly recipes with more details than his budget provided. his budget denies basic reality.
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that is, oregon's population is increasing. several dollars for the health plan are decreasing and we are we are facing a $1.35 billion deficits. i am required by law to prepare legit to meet the revenues that we have and i will do that should ballot 97 fail. that. that means roughly right now about ten or 12% cut across state agencies. i will work to prioritize what i see are key investments that support working families across the state. including early childhood education, reducing class size, and healthcare for all. >> thank you. >> your first question. governor brown organized one of the worst graduation rates in the country yet we are middle of the pack when it comes to classroom funding. before you ask for more money for schools, how do you get better results with the money we
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are already spending? >> i appreciate the question. oregon. oregon high school graduation rate is absolutely unacceptable. this is a personal issue for me. my stepson dropped out of high school after two years. we were really fortunate as a family, we have the tools and the resources to make sure that he got his ged. but not every family does. that is why i have brought on my education innovation officer, colt gill. he is tasks with a making sure schools and students have the tools and resources they need to be successful. that means adequately providing career and technical education. it is working to make sure students seeds are in the classrooms. reducing absenteeism and making sure that students and families have the support they need to be in school. >> in the five months that he's been in office can you may name one innovation that the chief innovation officer has come up with?
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>> he has been working to meet with school districts around the state. he he has met with over 1000 oregonians. were looking at replicating best practices. so for example woodburn high school has seen an increase in high school graduation rate. they have four small schools within the high school. number two, they have a very high bilingual population. they have bilingual programs and working on having a trilingual program to meet the needs of the russian community there as well. these are the kind of best practices that we need to make sure that all schools have to ensure every high school student graduates from high school with a plan for their future. >> so the governor and the party has been in charge for roughly 20 years and this is the result. in her tenure we have small fall from 47 to 48th in graduation rates. we need to make sure people show up at school. people who shopped on to graduate at a higher rates. second, we have to support
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teachers in the classroom. chalkboard projects, teacher training, longer school day in school year with the funds week really have available. i think bringing in measure 98 will help key people in the classroom that will leave will be leaving. we need to focus that students are in the class. i believe that schools are funded for attendance if the students attend one out of 11 days of instruction. that is to be changed. >> the next question goes to doctor pierce. >> you want to be governor during the next legislative session and are likely to take up a transportation funding package at that time. what is the top project that you would want to see funded and do we need to increase the gas tax to pay for? >> we have a legislative grouping groups working working on projects. i think what you hear right off
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is no bill projects are likely to go forth. these are projects the department of transportation has brought and is bringing forward to improve the efficiencies of interchanges and health how traffic flows. that's an easy thing we can do. it's actually so hard to build things it's actually tough to build that. i'm willing to wait we get no bills looking at efficiency. i'm interested in the low carbon fuel that program it would not lower carbon in the world, we would be spreading more gasoline. we'd have a different approach to lower carbon. >> is there any specific project you feel would benefit your
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area? >> we have like two lanes of freeway five going to the garden that would be an area where we could get improvements on. >> okay. governor brown. >> we have a transportation panel that has been throughout the entire state, hearing from communities and what oregonians want need in a transportation package. number one number one i won't be a surprise. it's investment to reduce congestion. portland's portland's are spending about 50 tours per year in mindnumbing traffic. i find that intolerable. i'm sure you didn't. secondly, mass transit, and third, we must continue to invest in retrofitting our roads and bridges so they can withstand an earthquake event. yes, i believe we need additional revenue on the table. you cannot make these investments without new money.
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if i were going to choose one i would choose mass transit throughout the state. >> your question goes to the governor. >> up in her bra, recent governors have been afraid to exert their leadership and used their veto to kill legislation they felt was on wise. you have not vetoed a single bill since taking office. some say this means your rubber stamp for the legislature, how do you respond? >> i'm really proud of the work we been able to do, collaborating with a legislative leadership and committees legislative leadership in committees to make sure they know exactly where i stand and where i want bills to go before they come to my desk. in the last legislative session, every bill except for one had broad bipartisan support. i think that's a good thing. i've worked very hard to reach across the aisle and bring in republicans, work with them on bills and i look forward to doing that is governor of the next two years.
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>> doctor pierce comes there anything you would veto coming from a democratically controlled legislator in the next session? >> overseen as a result of one party rule and that has let us doing creasing homelessness, the mentally old not treated, and transportation gridlock and k-12 failing. what i would say's is that i am very sure that the democratic legislature would be very interested in raising revenue. i'm on record i say is 6 - 10% increase in state revenue needs to be enough revenue to fund the program the projects we. i'm willing to exchange the low carbon fuel program for gas tax so that we can build the transportation infrastructure. but i will be resistant to charging the citizens and more money for government when six or 10% increases enough. >> i like an opportunity to respond. my opponent said in the past that he also would've the toad paid sick leaves in the minimum wage.
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i was proud to have worked with the legislature to bring forward a minimum wage bill that reflects the different economically -- of oregon and allows over 100,000 oregonians to get a pay increase as of juld sick leave. i think it's leave. i think it's critically important that employees don't have to choose between pain their renter going to's work sick. i was please to sign a bill into law because i think it supports working families, struggling working families across the state. >> what i said as i would work very hard with the legislature to get more money in the pockets of low-income people in different way. i would do it by reducing their state income tax burden. i would look to better support the earned income tax credit and i would look to have a childcare program they could afford. that we were all contributing to the support of low-income people. the problem with bills such as
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mandatory minimum wage as you make people lose their job and the dignity of work is so important. i would negotiate in that direction. depending on what showed up on my desk would determine whether it veto something. i think sickly should be rolled into a benefits package and give the small businesses more flexibility. when he put burdens on small business you cause people to lose jobs. it's a different approach, different solution to the same problem. the governor has her view. >> moving on,. >> this is a glorious segway and i appreciate both of you bringing it up. doctor pierce. walmart, the nation's largest private employer has concluded it can improve productivity, service, and the company's profitability by raising the company's profitability by raising the minimum wage. you opposed oregon's recently approved increase. if wall mart has seen the light on this issue, what the the heck are you waiting for?
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>> again, let business decide. in my practice, the average wage in our practice which is primarily high school graduates and two-year nurses $38 per hour. that's not dollars per hour. that's not based on a minimum wage, that's what we paid to get a motivated workforce. i'm just saying the big companies can do this. they can do it by the way they work and train with workers, i, i am most worried about the very small businesses. the moms and pops that are starting. when he burden them with the regulatory environment that is hard for them to get started and grow, that's where where you get into trouble. some very much into supporting low-wage workers by the means that i discussed. and working with business to help business be profitable and have a competitive labor market so they do need to pay their workers more. >> i think that's private market network. >> governor brown, to follow up on that, i'm wondering if you haven't declared victory a little early on the minimum wage. walmart's average wage for a
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non- managerial position is $13.69 per hour. we will not see that in portland until july july 2021. what's taking us so long, you so long to get oregon up to the standard that walmart is setting? >> as you know, the legislative process as a compromise. we worked hard. i brought in business and labor to the table to see if we could work reach consensus around a proposal that we could get through the legislature. we worked hard to do that. i won't say it was a consensus product but we had broad support from democratic legislators and working family coalition to pass a particular measure.
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as you know we are facing a ballot measure that would increase the minimum wage to $13.50 as of january 2017. we felt this proposal gave businesses rout the state of oregon time to plan and prepare for the increases as well as immediately put money into the pockets of working oregonians. >> your question goes to governor brown. >> turning to the state's public pension deficit. governor brown, investment officials say that oregon public pension system is beyond crisis. over talking about is a 22,000,000,000 dollar funding gap. yet oregon is the only large public pension system that requires no employee contributions. so so do you think it's time to require employees to contribute to their own pension. >> yes. and over 50% of state and local employees already do. if we are to move forward with the rest of the state employees, number one we would have to
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tackle a 6% pay cut. i think that would be challenging. secondly, you will not see the significant financial savings because over 50% of state local employees are ready pick up their 6%. when i'm proposing based on my discussions with the oregon investment council is to provide the oregon investment counsel with additional tools and flexibility that they can use to stabilize the system over the long-term. we're working on a proposal and will be submitting it to the 2017 legislative session. >> and a follow-up to let people know how much it would save the state. 22,000,000,000 dollars as the deficit. how much would your proposal save? >> i don't know the numbers. some pieces are being implemented it administratively. the last numbers we have administratively. the last numbers we have to are close to $1 billion. >> so this governor has never been able to support a reform package in her career probably because she is so close to public employees and their support. there's a number of good options on the table. you have the betsy johnson project which will smooth some
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final salaries that are going to be paid out. yet the idea that public employee -- you don't have to do an immediate 6% exchange. you can say some of the wages going for could be contributed. we need to come up with a defined contribution plan for future employees so that the future doesn't have to deal with this. those are the realistic ways we can address the problem, hoping for higher investment yields is a foolish chase. you can get market return to may be better that's 3% going forward over the next five or ten years per that's not enough. >> and to follow up doctor pierce, what you're talking about is reducing the benefit for future state employees. do you think that would perhaps affect employee's wanting to work for the state? >> what i would say is we have a very generous medical plan. we have a very generous
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retirement plan and we have our salaries which are good. i'm saying unfortunately because of the deficit in the system the current employees who are working some of the future increases are going to have to instead of going to them will go to the system rather than asking to pay 6% right now to the average employee in this country public employee, 22% of the bill is paid by them. a lot of our workers at zero. we all have to contribute, we have to get this under control and except the bill is due and promises made in the past have to be honored nothing accrued is going to be lost we just have to do it. >> next question. >> doctor pierce, recent reports show that half of organ women and girls reported experiencing some form of sexual assault or domestic abuse. in a campaign debate you said women with a good education and job are not
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susceptible to domestic abuse. yet sense apologize for those remarks and said you learned a lot since making that statement. what have you learned that will help you as governor chains the culture of violence around this type of abuse? >> i think it's instructive to look at the past weeks of events where you have ex-president clinton and donald trump accusing them of sexual misconduct, at worst it's sexual misconduct or sexual crimes. it's interesting it's interesting to note how the heads women art are hesitant to come forward because they don't feel like they're listen to. and the culture is terrible. so we have to change the culture. people who are making the accusation are protected, they feel safe, it's kept safe, it's kept anonymous if they need shelter they get the heck out of there.
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the pressure has to be put on the perpetrators rather than the victim. we have to do everything we can in that way. is thinking about my life and the importance of growing up in a stable family albeit poor. one of my experiences the only type i was six years old playing with my sister who is eight and i punched her in the stomach. i don't don't remember what it was about. she went to my dad crying. there's a big guy looking at me and i'm sitting there and he says william, you will never touch a woman or girl again. and that changed me fundamentally. after that, i mean my whole life i've never heard anybody, never struck anyone, never harassed anyone. i think that culture, is in a good strong family, got that correction early in life, we need to do that our families, our social institutions, or sports teams, churches and that needs to be brought sports teams, and churches and that needs to be brought to the forefront. >> we need to move on.
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we need to give the governor little extra time on her. >> what action would you take for governor to make sure your culture of abuse and violence changes. >> i think it's really important that as women we share our stories. i found the report compelling that one out of every two women, girls in the state have been impacted by domestic and sexual assault. i shared my story that i had been the victim of domestic violence because i wanted the women and girls on the people of the states no that i am there in solidarity with them. that is what informed my work early on as a legislator. working to increase penalties for domestic violence, particularly when children were present. working present. working to get the first general fund dollars to build more domestic violence shelters because we're still turning away four out of five women from our domestics violence shelters.
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you want someone to be a leader on these issues are due on someone who just learned about these issues two weekends ago? i will tell you that i will be a champion, champion, continue to fight to make sure that we have the services available for domestic violence survivors and sexual assault victims and that we provide a safety net for everyone. >> steve, your next question goes to the governor. >> governor, whether it's the springwater corridor or terminal one, the city of portland continues to struggle with a complex problem of homelessness. as governor, how directly will you be involved in that struggle? how we make a difference? >> i will continue to be involved because i believe every oregon family deserves us to safe and stable place to call home. last year we had 20,000 children who didn't have a roof of their heads at least one night. no food to eat, a safe, warm,
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dry place to do the homework. that is why i worked very closely with the oregon legislature to put together a 70 million-dollar package to build affordable unit, to prevent homelessness, provide foreclosure assistance. secondly, we work the last session in february to make sure that local jurisdictions had additional tools to build affordable units. moving forward, think we need to do more of the same. we need to continue to build more affordable units and make sure local communities and look forward to working. >> so stable transitional housing tends to be the answer for individuals that are homeless. it's not permanent lifestyle to bring wraparound services around ten untreated mental illness, or
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lack of job training. and then it would be a sequence of life and work. that's a real answer. it cost 3030 or $50000 per person and we need to invest that money and get them to be contributed members of society. we need to be a leader, motivator and coordinator get the federal and state government and the cities to work on this and away and not accept people living in the streets anymore. . . >>
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>> so now when i start madison to say that you would be go before a judge. i think law-enforcement and people that our concerned of the mental state with access to weapons go before a judge with a legal process items see any trouble with that spirit guess i would certainly signed a bill into law and that tragedy from court community college resaw the pain in the family size that suffered horribly as a result of the shooting. but i do think in addition to citing that legislation there is more that we can do as community activist to draft legislation that will close the charleston loophole from getting access
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to guns with domestic violence lippold and with access to high capacity magazines we cannot just sit by and do nothing. >> health care costs continue to increase to raise rates and some are leading the market's what would you do to improve access to health care while driving down the cost for that average oregon family quick. >> there is a couple of cases in terms of the cost of health care the top priority is to make sure that every citizen has access to health care. as a lawyer i represented a young woman in the foster care system for children were removed from her and she would not leave her home to meet with me and she
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could not get her children back but i figured out because she had no teeth issue was in paris to go out in public at about the same time me or again health care was including dental coverage so she could get dentures and it was the beginning of success for her and her family. i am committed to making sure that fet oregon citizen has access. but we need to move that 100 percent. in terms of reducing cost of the social determinant of health that the outcomes are better if everybody has the safe and stable house to live in. >> i am all for people having health insurance with that moral imperative and it
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is better for them to have insurance. and with the basket -- the basic to health care. sue have that monopolistic delivery health care system to make sure the competition of delivery so pharmaceuticals to have cheap generics available but that does not have been. this continues to allow the icco the to under $40 million to innovate and that is how we will do that. >> the past week the 10 women have accused donald trump as sexual assault. he denies the claims that he was caught on tape does the
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"access hollywood" take them that validation from the president? with people stepping forward accuse of the charges so few can not sexually harass or abuse people but i am greatly disturbed by that behavior as i pointed out. >> >> en did make somebody
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believe it could be true. and we have up process and people do things for other reasons. and it is compelling. >> i believe anita hill and adding to it is appalling is running for president. he should be disqualified. my opponent up and tell three weeks ago endorsed donald trump despite the fact that he has made very sexist comments, the way he is treated women in the past , he has made and the way he has treated particularly and then he just disavowed his supporters and that smacks of political opportunism. >> all these questions were
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sent in by a facebook wheel give you 45 seconds. >> coming from randall to know what this is about what are your plans to ensure that all children in foster care can stay in a home environment instead of the d.h. us office quick. >> >> we cannot have children in the office. but we just have to find the shelter. and find families available. that is the focus from recruiting families to take foster children and take
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care of them. they deserve that we cannot accept failure. to find these caring families with the support that they need to take in the foster children that, because from the difficult backgrounds. >> i represent both the parents and the children in the foster care system and every member struggling to make sure a handful of mitchell of its clients clients, five kids in one family i wanted to major all of his children to stay with one foster parents and was critically important. i ended up bringing over because there were not then send a foster home for all of the children to major to have the safe cushion place to sleep. >> i understand that.
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>> to do extensive work to make sure we have the right system in place. so much that is a resources issued by case workers have to many cases. we have the are resources predicate tweet training for foster parents. i know from experience that lawyers have to many cases. so if we really want to provide the care and wraparound services that the children in foster care need we need to put our money blair our mouths are. >> but the pga graphics lines all parts of the state
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should be split this up? >> for this entire state to travel extensively we all want the same thing. we wanna all of oregon to be a place where everybody can thrive. and how every single corner of the state. not just for our children but for the children's children. to pass that legislation or infrastructure support working hard to bring in republican it - - republican legislators. >> delink greg.
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>> is one state but if you look at the record what we really find our people that are frustrated with the economy did not let them develop products with the use of the grassland that does not allow them to have that local project. so they are incredibly easy frustrated they are dictated to to let the people be free. >> this question from the facebook page if you are elected where the right answer for or again goes against your political party
7:45 pm
values, can you do what is right to with the personal views aside by. >> and not the political. if you ask me how to fill that division because it hasn't been a republican in government 30 years, can you do the job question of hartford public service? i am running as a citizen as an audience member to improve the government and the lives to bring in talent and vision and do ideas. >> moderator: could you go against the governor? >> over the next couple of years to create campaign finance reform. and reduce -- introduce legislation to make sher that one person could not
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buy at megaphone big enough to drown out all the other voices. it is important to work together that we level of playing field that more voices could be heard stemming people ask about this donation from michael bloomberg so when you talk about reform how do you justify that? >> certainly i played by the current rules but i have worked to change them. i work very hard with one of my bipartisan groups together to see that campaign finance reform because of the work they can now follow the of politics to see how they are receiving from so to introduce legislation to amend the constitution for
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the people or the legislature for campaign limits and wash - - and i would favor that the lives of proud of the support i have received from those across the united states to support to move or again for words. >> this is from your oregonian reader mayor tried to give all communities so little airtime. what about the recent rainfall? it is that groundwater depleted. >> i working on the budget for the resources department for those dollars. to outline the crisis they are facing. and those water resources department they need
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additional research and they need additional tools to monitor. but not just for this generation. and then raising his grandchild. we want to make sure that grandchild can enjoy as successful ranching and farming life. >> so we very frugal. to put the water in california has done very well. also there are places that recharging and then once in its clean day pomps that like the columbia basin. but before to charge that and we will again. >> i swear this is not from
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me. p.s. what would you do to address the financial situation of the middle-class? white college cost to not earn enough to pay for those college cost. >> the first answer n terms of better and tom with effect sharing or the germans are the manufacturing with their paid $36 an hour. natural resource based economy and then that if fisher bill. i have to move doctors and a bachelor's and that i had heard of two that they
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figure out to be innovative ways of teaching that our lower cost to support the education and. >> but we can create an environment allow jobs to grow. to invest in infrastructure of the mass transit to get people to work and school safely and other infrastructure is like which we have done it is just finding the workforce. so i mentioned investing from the water resources department but after meeting with the ranchers and farmers that will take water out of the columbia river by
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growing crops the technical education undermine leadership redoubled that funding with the ongoing experience to awaken them to the power of their own potential. >> oregon democrats have a plan to cap and taxi emission sodium think they really scarred been into the air to confront climate change? one of the tools on the table to make sure we are tackling global climate change. this is the biggest challenge facing the globe. this is part of the problem but a large part to of the national leadership handley will do that. but that's not all viable
7:52 pm
youse my tools as executive to reduce energy consumption they consume over 40 percent . third, we can make sure we invest on vehicle infrastructure and particularly the underserved communities. >> generally i am not to favor of that approach as it to be harmful to business but i.m. interested in lowering business but to have then the great efficiency but then to demand more efficiency faddist is fair gas electric hybrids are a great way to do that. other then the tax the makes that harder for them to be
7:53 pm
successful end of coulee economy. >> moderator: from james on the facebook page he thinks the of lottery is a regressive tax that preys on the vulnerable. how can you support the continuation? or how kenya's support the continuation of the lottery that they voted over 30 years ago. >> the like to gamble if it shuts down the they will find other means. the citizens voted and i think we need very aggressive to help identify problem gamblers. i don't know another way we have of free society. people want to gamble. and i feel it in my heart but.
7:54 pm
>> i am generally agreeing that the path for this day is to make sure that we have access those that have problems have access to needed treatment. i want to go back because they cannot address the concern of accessing community colleges for the way that doesn't break of bank and now was pleased to last year's to add 16,000 students and from the door again promised to allow students to attend community college. i was helped to see all of the students have the least a two-year high school degree to make that as accessible as possible. >> moderator: it is a lightning round. one word answers. [laughter]
7:55 pm
>> failing with that project now to bring yet back. >> >> actually to be the first mass-transit. >> if elected bill you run for a full term in 2018. >> let's get through the 2016 election cycle first. >> moderator: how many or again counties have you visited this year? >> more than a dozen. somewhere between 12 and 18? >> i'm guessing between 18 and 20. i have had extraordinary experiences. >> short answer. [laughter] >> moderator: will lead
7:56 pm
you pass a law to allow them to pump their own guest? >> no. >> another sign for your closing statements. >> actually elected to the last surreal star with governor. >> with the campaign cycle looking at the last decade i am surprised that he did not play before the eruption of mount st. helens. i am proud of the work of the last 25 years to make gorgon a better place. some the moment i walked into the capital so that parents could stay home with there six children to pass legislation to enable women to access mammograms to make
7:57 pm
shirts that we don't discriminate. with the sexual orientation or gender identity. i am so pleased of everything we have done to make organ better. i believe if we work together we can shape the tank time in the place and and i work with you to make organ a place for everybody can thrive. >> what an honor to run for governor. for those that were homeless now 37% with our streets and prisons to be affordable higher education as that continues to deteriorate. but my opponent and her party has been in charge two decades they own the problems they cannot solve the problem we have traveled
7:58 pm
the state excessively over the last 18 months. oregonians are cable will to solve these problems if the government is to work with them. but in the end it is always about unity. all races engenders working together. thinking very much. >> moderator: congratulations through your final debate. and also to our viewers that home. do not forget to vote. november 8. goodnight.
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