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tv   After Words  CSPAN  November 20, 2016 11:54pm-12:01am EST

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based on evidence and facts, a reaction to that that is part of the reaction that says now, when we talk in public to each other, there's the identity and solidarity in the community what happens is my relationship to you that quickly becomes the key to this with authentic language with the nation and national community.
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people that want to leverage our exploit the idea of office and authenticity of course the fascists across germany and italy, alternative system becomes central and they tried very hard to distinguish themselves in the way they speak from traditional rational politicians and so they focus much more on stories. we are together, i'm like you, i speak thank you, i understand what you're going through and together we can ward off the threat from whoever they might be, today they might be the elite, but -- [inaudible]
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[laughter] but today it might be the elite technocrats, anagrams and in the context of this we are the middle classes have been left behind by globalization whose contribution to the country isn't properly reworded or accepted or understood and whose values are being undermined by multiculturalism or political correctness. you don't have to mention the phrase political correctness there is a sense of the culture and values being broken so in that context, what matters to the audience is the story rang
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true and the speaker that is saying does it feel emotionally true, and if it feels emotionally true, it's kind of a textuality that it may not matter so much and i think that debunking the individual statements by donald trump may well absolutely convinced the readers of the newspapers were the viewers of c-span but they never believed in the first place probably where they think it's the elite media trying to shut him u up or damage him because he's telling the truth. >> you can watch this and other programs on linux
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i will say it was based in the counting of the economy and
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creating the aggregate data that we now see that hasn't existed so that creation and understanding of how you generated the best quality data was having gotten its start and then the building of the mathematical connections between those planes
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