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tv   Senator Tim Kaine Calls for Debate and Vote in ISIS Strategy in First...  CSPAN  November 30, 2016 9:02pm-9:19pm EST

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lethal as any other possible attack and we have to have the jurisdiction and the focus right now to get ahead of gore even with the problem if we can't get ahead of its. >> with that, i want to thank the panelists and the bipartisan policy center. i know you are rushing off immediately with a stop at 11, so thank you very much. [applause] the leadership for the 115 congress wrapped up this week. the republican lineup looks pretty familiar but the nomination of speaker ryan and the reelection of senators mccarthy, steve and cathy mcmorris rogers. on the democratic side, minority leader land he could nancy pelosi, congressman joe crowley will take over as the chair. watch live gavel to gavel coverage of the 115th congress on the c-span networks.
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earlier today senator tim kane spoke for the first time since conceding the election three. k: weeks ago. >> i rise today to honor the naval petty chief officer who became america's first combat casualty in this -- in syria. he enlisted in the military inid the navy. he had a distinguished career finishing his time as one of the most dangerous in the military as the bomb disposal expert.f
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it is one of the two main headquarters of isis. he was a decorated sailor and won every award there was including the bronze star in 19 different awards and differe accommodations. it was for the american service member in the operation in harwich resolve. i wish we were paying more attention to this and that is where i want to devote the rest of my comments. we began the operation againstet isis on august 7, 2014 and he announced that the time we were engaging in targeting airstrikes because of their advanced order. order. there was a u.s. consulate in
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the deal so that was part of the president's inherent power to defend the nation to protect the consulate but within a few weeks we completely protected the american interest and president obama said now is the time to go on offense against isis. he appeared before the american public the evening of september 10, 2014, and said we have taken care to degrade the state and that is what has been broadened. since the war against isisav began, more than 5,000 members in the military served in the operation inherent result in iraq or syria and right now as
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an example in my home state ifhe it's in the gulf right now as part of the resolve. they launched over 12,600 airstrikes and were carrying out special operations assisting the iraqi military fighting against the islamic state as well as the kurdish passion murder in the t northern part of iraq. it is dramatically shrunk in and we've made major gains in shrinking the territory in northern syria and that is to bt credited for folks like scott dated but the threat posed continuous and increasingly as their battle space shrinks and real estate they take the efforts off that battleground to try to destabilize around the
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world. so this fight but as the national priority involving the combat operations in iraq will likely continue for the long foreseeable future even after the complete liberation which i'm confident will occur. there is 100 days of operations, as i began by honoring scottmern dayton then a total 28 servicere members lost their lives supporting the operation inal harwich resolve. there's more than 300 special forces now fighting a very complex battle where turkish, see her young, russian, iranian, lebanese, hezbollah and kurdish
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forces are operating as recent developments in the growing ca humanitarian. they can see congress is behind the mission. they are risking and losing their lives far from home. something i've raised on the agreement to avoid this in one plactheone place about to be den the hallsal of congress. war the president maintains he can conduct without the new authorization in congress that was passed on september 14, eary 2001. when they are sworn in in january, i think 80%.
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it's never had a meaningful debate or this war against isis. i've been critical of this president. i'm a friend of the president pt and i respect the office i'veve been critical of the president for not vigorously attempting to get an authorization done. that is the way the system is to work the president delivers the proposed authorization. regardless of whether or not the president properly delivers anan authorization or not it is under article one of the constitution that has the obligation to initiate the war and as my of
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president knows. they are making of the initiation rather than the executive function. the other drafters an of the constitution knew the history of the war was making it about the executives got the monarch and the emperor that we decided that we would be different and the war would only be initiated by a devotthe vote of the legislativy and at that point would beer conducted by only one commander in chiecommander-in-chief and nb this has been ironic because i have been in a congress that was very quick to criticize the president for using executive hd action. this is in the legislative house and has been an executive action making this as a high partisan
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and bicameral comment they've t been willing to allow the president to make. i introduced a resolution to get the congress to debate and to do this job in september 2014 after the president spoke to the nation about the need to take action against isis and that authorization led to the kennedy hearing and a vote in december the 2014 to authorize military vote resolution never received any debate on the, in 2015 working together with the senate colleague from to arizona, we decided that we really needed a show that the s opposition and topposition intot the military force should be used against them was bipartisan. we introduced a bipartisan authorize nation in 2015 and an attempt to move forward on thiss most important issue.lations
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aside from the foreign relations committee there's never been a market for discussion or committee does and no floor vote either. so, two and a half years of war against the islamic state and 1o years now after the passage of the authorization in september, 2014, we see that authorization has been stretched way beyond what it was intended to do. getting the tools to go after the perpetrators of 9/11. isis didn't exist in 2011. it was formed in 2003.zation president obama recently announced the authorization is going to be expanded to allow the use of military action against the terrorist group to t be sure they didn't begin until 2007. so the original authorization
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that was very specific to allow action against the perpetrators of the attacks are now being used all over the globe against the organizations that didn't occurr occurred. the 2001 authorization has been cited by president bush andn obama in at least 37 instances to justify sending the forces to the 14 nations and attacking to send the militar a military for4 nations. the nations where we've currently justified military action pursuant to the authorization to the perpetrators of the attack we've authorized action in the bush and obama administrations and turkey, georgia, iraq, afghanistan, yemen, ethiopia,thn djibouti and the philippines as well as the military activity in cuba at guantánamo to maintain
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detainees. just in the last week the times reported president obama is expanding the scope against al qaeda. six years after the attack. i will just conclude by saying having been very vocal about this issue for a number of years we are all used to not gettingll our way at all times it's been disappointing to me that we haven't been willing to take upa this matter. i do think a transition to the new administration to the transition to the new congress that could be sworn in in january always gives you the opportunity to review the status of. it's too review the progress in al qaeda, isis, al-shabaab, but
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it's time to review the action against a nonstate terrorist organizations and trying to redraft the 2001 authorization that has been stretched far beyond its original intent. it is time to recognize this as a threat that is not going awayt anytime soon. that's what i will say most importantly, it is time to reassert its place in this most important set of decisions. of all of the powers that we thk would have, i can't think of any that are more important than the power to declare war. i viewed that a view that as tht important, the most challenging. the power that we should approach with the most said some gravity and that is the most important thing we should do. it should always be a hard road. the inability or the unwillingness to grapple with
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this sends a message that is unfortunate. they are giving their lives doing it without the knowledge congress supports in the mission that they are on, the article one and article two allocation of responsibility is not just about what's constitutional. i think it reflects the value and that is we shouldn't order people into harms way to risk their lives unless there is a political consensus that the mission is worth it. anyone that volunteers for the service knows it is good to be difficult and will not be able to change that but if we are going to order people into the war zone it is a combat and order them to risk their lives they may see things happen to colleagues that could affect
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them for the rest of their lives. there should at least be a national political consensus that the mission is worth it and where the constitution sets that up is the president makes a proposal but then th the peoples body booths and says the mission is worth it and soak now that we have that vote and we've educated the public about what is at stake and said the mission is worth it, it is fair to ask the 2 million active-duty guard and reserve folks like the chief petty officer and folks like -- it is fair to ask them to risk their lives in a mission like this but if we are no not willig to have the debate and have the vote it seems to me to be sortto of almost the height of a publif immorality to force people to give their lives in support of a mission that we are not willing to discuss and so again i offer these words in honor of a brave virginian who lost his life on thanksgiving day november 24 and
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i hope this growing number of people losing their lives in the operation inherent result makes this responsibility taken more gravity and with that i'v i will yield the floor. the nations second foreign-born first lady since louisa catherine adams. learn more about the influence of the presidential spouses from c-span book first ladies come a look into the personal lives and influence of every presidential spouse in american history. it's a companion to the well regarded biographwell-regarded v series and features in use with 54 of the nation's leading historians. biographies of the


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