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tv   The Bureaucrat Kings  CSPAN  December 22, 2016 1:26am-1:40am EST

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constitutional history the underpinnings of america is a bureaucratic state the united states is ruled by the establishment this is the fourth branch of government and that is of constitutional problem.
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separation of powers and the 20th century with the epa or the fcc most of this starts with the new deal want so that is the problem that we face. >> so what happened with? >> congress does not have passed laws. before whether they vote or not who writes the rules. they give the vague aspiration to allow those
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experts but congress for the most part this setback and it is not fundamental. >> as that increase of the bureaucratic state then slow what? >> the way that scientists would call that a political scientist before he was president to give america a new style of it
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ministrations. and periodically a reaction to have separate thoughts but that was the great society and the obama administration with the affordable care act there was that monument the new step of the stake they don't need a bureaucrat in this affected by their rules in
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this increasingly dictated if you want to apply for a job and employers especially in that is growing exponentially and that is the of quintessential of the schoolhouses. so every aspect of life those people that they've '04. two the americans themselves.
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>> be radioactive? >> herbert hoover whiff of lazy fair 19th century and the power to issue licenses so to decide the commissioners with the outlet so the newspapers were unregulated so they were critical so though
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license renewal with the example given the describing not as much as you think because they have to do most of that so the federal government gives money to the states. so they have noticed so much to be carried out to the agency's through those
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officers but it did not start until 1935. one and congress passes the register that this tends the thousands of pages and 80,000 pages one year and it is one of a dozen pages of regulation but the federal
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regulators they are not understanding the soleil is -- such delays to deal with these regulations. >> with the growth of the state to make those are traces so that increases the delegation of congress giving back to power it is
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not they are more powerful that is the incumbency rate higher than the house of lords. and in the 19th century the concern was that congress was interfering too much. and also to micromanage too much. welcoming gail lumet
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buckley. [applause] [applause]


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