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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  December 23, 2016 12:31am-12:42am EST

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being reminded to vote and others are not. in terms of a place that the algorithm exists is probably not the best interest for society there should not be a private company that owns the data on voters to lend that out to campaigns? who is behind that quite. >> agree question i do have a chapter on politics and data the subtitle is halifax democracy. actually i think that's some point some people have different lives that they
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don't have time to being gauged but that threat to democracy that ic and is not one even now have time to go into a lot but targeting older or special people that cannot be counted on for money or the swing voters or the spring states and with this weird feedback they definitely think that they will not vote. but having said that the
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then that's is corrected the next time around but then they're continually ignored so it is very socio-economic but politics and data would is insufficient for campaigns is insufficient for democracy to know that everybody here to send you the message what the campaign wants you to hear that is not what is good for us as a group what is good is broad public discussion on the various issues but that is not what is happening so a friend paul targeted me about breaking
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up the big banks than to good as with page he would follow me with a cookie to say show her that so they control the information that i have about them to once we want candidates to be open and to have more information about them than they have about us and that is not happening. >> let me free queue out some more laugh laugh in the last election we had 97 percent accuracy in the last election it said here is all the friends who have voted.
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>> so they could get half a percent of more people to vote if they showed that they and if they didn't so the people they think will vote for donald trump and but they don't show that to somebody who will vote for somebody else so they are having a significant impact on the election itself they won't have any aspirations fax with these sorts of things but now calling l. facebook specifically but the country will ashley company who by understanding that it is a real
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possibility rather the technology today whether those concerning things politically today. >> because there are already more democratic voters provided that has more impact on that democratic election. >> one more question. >> so while look for that bill, advertiser of lot of advertisers have gotten skittish with the american political rights who have
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noble and patient -- and tensions that we don't sell t-shirts but whenever we pull out the of the market realities he replaces it. everybody replaces assesses our own online advertisers and if they are elected of that segregation with those mainstream advertisers so that is steadily increasing. pdf and that is better then
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selling them cards for really big knives. there are hundreds of thousands discovered to those algorithms so can you comment on this phenomenon? >> i think it is larger than the book and i don't know how to address it the growing partisan divide, i agree the way they talk to each other with the echo chambers is part of it also i don't know.
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>> 8q so much for joining us and for coming out it is the degree talk with great conversation and she will also be here signing books. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> military force is an did believe day have the trump card in great military that can defeat anyone but it can only women in certain situations cannot build a new order in its place. >> in agenda challenges on and terrorism. >>'' we don't want to do is respond in such a way to create more organizations they want us to overreact and occupied the muslim countries and they can build recruitment and torture people to do things that will allow them to make the case against s


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