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tv   In Depth with Dennis Prager  CSPAN  December 25, 2016 2:10pm-2:16pm EST

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booktv, television for serious readers. >> this booktv on c-span2. television for serious readers. here's the christmas night lineup:
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it was the ten greatest compose composers. i wanted to know who wi he would choose. they were mostly similar to my choices but didn't include handle, and the father of the string quare tet, and he said i know readers will and why didn't we include x, y, z, and not hiden. didn't want to take too many german composers. and this is how they think. it's not a list of the ten best come forces. it's diversity and not quality. that what you get at universities. you don't gault quality.
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there are diversity. any number of ropes but those are two exam. >> host: does that good the issue of political correctness? entirely. as i point out to my radio listeners, even political protectness is a politically correct term it? means not offensive to the left. >> host: what is the difference between the left and liberals? >> guest: john f. kennedy was a liberal, not a leftist. i was a little boy at the time the was inaugurated, hero of me. he is a little less heroic today but i can't get rid of that sense of exitment when i see videos of him or read about him in any event he -- truman was a
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liberal. the great senator from washington state, henry jackson, from new york, daniel patrickman moynihan. he was the first to say we have a -- a major intellectual. he was the first to point out, we have a serious crisis in black life because of the birth rate. he was called a racist and shut down. that's when it started. but a liberal would say that. a leftist says you're racist for pointing that out. that is the difference between a liberal -- has to do with truth. liberals love truth. leftists love leftism and not true and the truth is there's a cries, the out of wedlock birthrate, much more than racist police but if you say that
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you're not a liberal, you're called a racist. i have this acronym, -- that is all a leftist needs to know. they don't need to debate you, and the don't. what they do is the label you one of those thing. people are afraid of being labeled those things. i am not, as it happens and, therefore, it shuts down. that is what political correctness means and that is a contraction november another liberals but of leftist. >> you, watch this and other programs online out >> starting now on c-span 2, booktv's? depth program, a discussion of the 1941 attack on pearl harbor, with steve well toy, eri hotta and craig nelson. december 7th is the 75th 75th anniversary of the japanese attack on u.s. soil that left over 2,000 dead, 1,000
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wounded and crip 8ed the united states navy. this is "in depth" on booktv. >> december 7, not 41, a day of infamy. a japans diplomas were -- japanese planes were swooping down or pearl harbor. they dropped bombs on naval bases, civilian homes and schools. submarines took part in the attack. in an our the battleship arizona was destroyed.


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