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tv   A Torch Kept Lit  CSPAN  December 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am EST

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i didn't want to think he was a monster but i just wanted them to know that this is real and you need to take a look into his behavior. if he went down he would onlynt have himself to blame and i believe that is where things ground up. conversation that, i think, has been long overdue, like you 90% of the women have gone through in their lives. >> right. >> blaming the victim has to stop. ..
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>> it was just a whim. she said please write and if you have had instances of sexual harassment in the course of your life. tens of thousands of women vote
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into her. that was the conversation that needed to be had. >> so my story had a lot of attention to just read a book. but, the unsung heroes of that episode are the women a fox news who don't have a primetime show, who at great risk to themselves because no one thought he was going to get fired, found the nerve to walk into paulweiss when murdoch started that investigation and told their story, believing that he would continue being there boss. and those women want their and an i would never out them, but those are the courageous ones. >> it's much harder than it sounds. we can just carry on gabbing. settle for more, everyone knows you're in the process and that
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in a contract year new britain a book that is the number one new york times the best seller, congratulations. >> thank you. [applause] >> what does megan kelley want more of? >> for me it's pretty clear, i'm doing a job i love, but there's something i love more. three little people in a big person named doug. doug and i are good, we see each other because he's a writer, he writes he writes books for a living, he actually is a writer. then he is a flexible work schedule and we can see each other. and a pretty open about this, i am missing too much of my children's childhood. when i first started this job they were
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just barely four and basically three, two, newborn. and i had the whole day with them and that i would go to work at 330 or 44 and get home at midnight. and now their aging, their seven, five, three. >> so are we. [laughter] >> and now to out of my three go to school at 8:15 a.m. and don't get home until 330 when i'm walking out the door. honestly, that's not acceptable to me. that's not more. they mean to much to me. i refuse to miss their childhood. just so i can do a job that i love. so i'm not breaking news here, i've set all of this to my employers, they know this too, and that is my challenge now decided what i'm going to do. can i find a way to work with my
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schedule at fox and continue to do the kelley file and see my children and if the answer to that is no then i will have to make a different decision, because they are most important. >> settle for more as the book, thinking very much. >> thank you. >> think you also much. [applause] thank you for coming. [applause]
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