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Charles Schumer
  Senator Schumer on Repealing the Affordable Care Act  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 8:08pm-8:20pm EST

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diseases on the authority to the current president and the next one and i hope we will see similar cooperation on many issues to come. the american people are hurting, they are calling for a change in with direction and now our united responsibilities to move forward with their needs and their priorities as our guide. let me again welcome every new member of the senate. i want to again congratulate the democratic leader in the mehgan acknowledged president-elect trump for an impressive victory. he heard the voices of americans of every part of the country in ways others had not. he now carries a heavy burden. we will work with him to help the american people feel confident again, confident in themselves and confident in their futures. we look forward to the inauguration in just over two weeks.s. there is now much serious work to be done.
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i look forward to working with each of you to achieve it. apolog >> thank you and i apologize to my good friend the republicanic. leader, couldn't be here for his remarks that i intended to be so i was but i was meeting with the vice president so i would so little late and i apologize, vice president-elect so i apologize for that.ed majority now i also do want to recognize the distinguished majority leader and reiterate what i said yesterday. s i sincerely hope just as i heard he hopes that we can find common ground here in the senate. while we have all times inevitably disagree on the right way forward for our country i know he's a patriot who cares deeply about this institution. that matters a lot to me. i learned after meeting set up by my friend from tennessee. we had dinner and i walked away convinced that leader mcconnell cares a lot aboutan making the institution function and that batters and that can
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help us maybe through some of the rougher times. and we know it has grand principles, grant practices in the grand tradition in our national life, some thing we both want to preserve.y yesterday in my opening remarks as senate leader i did remind a republican majority and the president-elect that there would indeed be places where we can work together and i named a few of them but let me be for perfectly clear. taking millions of americans ofa their health care and throwing the entire health care system into chaos is not one of them. i am deeply troubled that the republican majority agrees with the president-elect plotting what are their first campaigns in the first congress a full scale assault on american health care system. not just the affordable care at that medicare and medicaid as well because they are inextricably bound. those are the pillars that support the american health care
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system, but as is the first order of legislative business the republican majority decided to put forward a budget resolution to repeal health care reform. though he promised not to cut medicare on the campaign to president-elect has nominated a man who has spent his career strategizing health care demise and he chose him as secretary of hhs. i don't think that's something that a vast majority of americans are even republicans believe in. it's too clear that president-elect trump and the republican congress are intent on making america sick again. republicans seem determined to create chaos, not affordable care for the american people. today mr. president i would like to focus on the budget resolution on the affordable care act. i understand why the majority thinks they have to do it. they promised every group,
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conservative group and in the country over the past eight r years they would repeal the law quote ruthven branch. for a long time it's only been c conservative issue. republicans knew they could make extreme promises about replacing it with something better without ever having to consider the consequences or even come up with a reasonable plan to replace it because they knew t that democrats and president obama would ultimately block their attempts to roll it back but now things are different. the consequences of repealing the affordable care act are real and i urge my colleagues sincerely to deeply consider the consequences. l no longer just a game or a political line that they repeal because now you have to replace it and so far five years of
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repeal, repeal, repeal not one replacement plan has garnered a lot of support even on the republican side of the aisle let alone in america. what would it mean for average americans if he repeal the law without any viable replacement? not just the 30 million who might lose coverage right away. that's a staggering number many of them and poorer states in rural areas. what would happen to the overall marketplace if you rip away the aca and put nothing in its place? it doesn't matter if he repeal and delay some of my friends on the other side of the aisle calo it one year or two years, however long. folks will lose benefits. a the insurance marketplace could fall apart long before repeal ir built into place and its insurers raise their prices, because they have to with repeal , cost to the average american who has employer insurance will go up as well. my colleagues will own that just
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as we and everything that happened previous to this election so let me tell youn mr. president, if republicans pull the plug on health reform, on medicaid and privatize medicare it could mean absolute chaos, not affordable care.emiua it would likely increase prescription drug costs, premiums and out-of-pocket costs to american families not just the families that had coverage on exchanges but all american families even if you get insurance for through your employer. i repeat that to america.r-base everyone who has employer-based insurance who is not part of the aca should worry about thisce repeal was no replace because their costs will go up. sure is we are here together,ld and it would put insurance companies back in charge.
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it would allow them to discriminate against individuals with pre-existing conditions. we all know of people, parents who have cancer and they would look for an insurance company. your son has cancer or your daughter has cancer, you can't e get it. what are our colleagues going to do about that one? no answers yet. i doubt they have good ones. what causes premiums to skyrocket and would unravel the insurance market and i would ask my colleagues before they jump into this repeal talk to your local rural hospitals. in my state rural hospitals are a mainstay of the economy. they are the largest employer in many of our towns and villagesr, and remember new york is new york city but the third-largest rural state in the nation only behind pennsylvania and north carolina and in those areas
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do merely repealing the aca in nott doing anything else is going tot hurt those hospitals dramatically. in fact today in 11 state state capitol's rural hospitals many of them in red states protested a repeal of the aca. so, it could also by the way to exacerbate and i don't want to forget the opioid epidemic by ripping like coverage to 1.6 million newly insuredbstance individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders.t we have worked so hard in the cure to cover people. far more would be undone by this act of repeal in terms of fighting opioid abuse and for all my -- france your proposal causes a trillion dollar hole in
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my colleague from washington thinks it might be even higher and i rarely doubt her.defici what are you going to do deficit hawks once he repeal and that hole in the budget becomes enormous. so mr. president this is not conjecture. my republican colleagues would be wise to remember how the american health care system operated before health care reform. health care costs were growingg at a much faster rate than they are today leading to workers paychecks and dissuading them tm into taking risks and changing jobs lest they lose a good coverage plan. debilitating and was could wipe out a lifetime of hard-earned savings because there was no in a health care women were charged more than men for the same health coverage, outrageous. we would go back to those days with repeal. many couldn't get insurance if they had a pre-existing
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condition and some insurance companies would simply delete you from their roles if you got sick. do you want to go back to those quote good old days? today because of health care reform those things are no longer health care costs are rising much more slowly than before and the insured rate is the lowest it has ever been. i don't think any american would want to go back to the health care world of yesteryear where insurance companies wrote the rules, but republicans seem all too eager to dial back the clock to make america's sick again. mr. president democrats unite in opposition to cutting medicare, to cutting medicaid and to repealing health care reform and we will hold the republican majority and the president-elect
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accountable, accountable for the consequences of repealing health care reform. mr. president i yield the floor. the senate went on to begin the process of repealing the affordable care act voting to move forward in the 51-48 vote. the bill also sets the budget limit at $3.3 trillion for fiscal 2017. here is the debate on the bill beginning with budget committee chair mike nc. con >> today we have a new congress. soon we will have a new president and for the first time in years hard-working americans will have their voices heard as we take the first steps to repair the nation's broken health care system. the steps to remove washington from the equation and putting back control where it belongs with the patients, their families and their dog