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Mitch McConnell
  Senator Mc Connell on 115th Congress Goals  CSPAN  January 5, 2017 12:51am-1:00am EST

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nobody had looked at the bureau scandal before and it was a big scandal in the early 1920s. at the time it was equally important and yet this man had come down in history as a crook to what he had actually done. >> today in the senate the majority leader mitch mcconnell talked about republicans priority is for the 115th congress including a repeal of the affordable care act. we will also hear from the senate majority leader.el
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this is 20 minutes. a >> they call for a change in direction and the senate to get. to work. we put the senate back to work again and back on the side of the american people. we do it to get important things done of a different party. we put an end to the number oftr clips and help make your he infrastructure stronger. we give more opportunities to succeed in school album help to ensure abuse other veterans were the victims of human trafficking can no more of the justice and
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hope and care they deserve. i'm proud of what you are able to achieve any kind ofout government just as i'm excited about the possibilities ahead. we now stand on the horizon of a new era and see the congress yesterday we inaugurate a new president later this month. the challenges ahead are great but just as we heard the voice of the american people in 2014, we heard the message this last election as well. the call for change and hope at long last in each of us regardless of party mandate to help and play a role. it's too removed the things hurting families right now and the president-elect will have an important role to play especially addressing the
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ideologically driven regulatio regulations. congress will have its role and in terms of what we can do immediately with obamacare it is at the top of the list. it's the first item we will conserve the session and people devote significant time to it as well. some of our friends prefer we a didn't act but we just sit on our hands as the premiums jump higher as more americans lose plans and as others continue to struggle with insurance. that is the message the outgoinh president came here this morning to deliver. the incoming vice president came anpresidentscame and delivered y different message.l take but repeal is just the first step. we know that it will take time to undo the damage of this partisan law. same
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we need for lasting durable preformed. the same is true of the economy. we know the economy the lastor eight years hasn't lived up to its potential. not for working people, small businesses and certainly not for the next generation. we will have disagreements about the best way forward. that is entirely natural. but we will continue to findoo areas of agreement. there's important contributions for each of us to make. that is the lesson of the 114thg congress. a more open senate is a more empowering than it delete the senatsenate before demanding tht gives each of us a say in the development of legislation just as it requires more responsibility and cooperating. in short i short this gives they party is taken governing and the obligations that come along witn it.
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i welcome our colleague from new york and the role as democratic leader and leading a party. he has a tough job ahead of him and i respect him for that. why am i know we will often disagree i'm reminded of his words just before. we have a moral obligation to democratic leaders said, just before the election even beyond the politics to avoid gridlock and get the country to work again. we have to get things done. if that is our guiding principle, then i know we can make this session a success. it's what will allow us to get the process moving our example we can set the pace they moving towards a smooth nominationde process and i ask your friends to remember the consideration w. showed. seven - we approved seven members of the
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cabinet unanimously. within hours of his inaugurati inauguration, seven nominees from the cabinet approvedd now s inauguration. some will be more contentious.he i'm sure that will be true and others in the supreme court. i maintain that position when many thought of the different party that would be taking the oath this month. now the president that one dot e. election will make the nomination and the senate and the american people just nee reelected will consider the nomination but not everything needs to become so contentious. we will have many opportunitiese to cooperate. i have mentioned several
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already. we will see many more in the committee. we hope to see an example of that in the intelligencemprehe committee to lead a responsible reviemeet a responsiblereview on involvement in our elections. leader schumer will join and be able to review the reports of the intelligence community. and the armed services committee will review how to tie the capabilities to the doctrine. it is just this type of issue parties say is too important where we often see the hard work of legislating and oversight cor transcend party. examp we saw members of both parties came together and held together on highways and efforts to secure the diseases on providing both to the current president and the next one and i hope that
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we will see similar cooperation on many issues to come. the american people are hurting and calling for a change in direction. it's now a responsibility to move forward in their needs and their priority is as our guide. but we welcome every member of the senate and i want to congratulate the democratic leader wit of the again acknowle president elect trumped for his victory he heard the voices of americans in every part of thehe country in ways others had not now carries a heavy we will work to help the american people feel confident again, confident in themselveson and confident in their future. we look forward to the weeks there is serious work to o be done. i look forward to working with each of you to achieve it.