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tv   House Speaker Invites President Trump to Address Congress February 28  CSPAN  January 24, 2017 12:34pm-12:51pm EST

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sacrifice on behalf of the people of north dakota. may god bless you and welcome you and may he bless your family. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. mr. hoeven: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota. mr. hoeven: on behalf of myself and senator heitkamp, we ask that god bless colt allery and his entire family. with that, mr. president, i have 10 requests for committees to meet during today's session of the senate. they have the approval of the majority and the minority leaders. the presiding officer: duly noted. mr. hoeven: with that, mr. president, we yield the floor. the presiding officer: under the previous order, the senate previous order, the senate
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.. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. i am amy walters and i'm honored to represent the congressional district. last friday, a bright young
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seventh grader from my district came to washington d.c. to attend the presidential amount duration and to witness a peaceful transition of power. isabella and i had a great time discussing a number of issues and i was impressed by her drive and her desire especially at a very young age. she is very aware of the challenges facing our nation and how these challenges will impact her and her peers as they grow up. it is our responsibility to represent all americans, including younger generation. if we do not alter our current paths, we will face in a certain feature. the american people elected a majority of republican in both the houses of republican presidents and vice presidents and they did this because they wanted to put our country back on the right path. now, we have a tremendous opportunity to implement real
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solution for the american people. but it is more than an opportunity. it is our duty. as the unified republican government, we will produce for the american people appear to stimulate the economy, create jobs, reform the tax code, protect national security and rescue and rebuild our health care. we will continue to work hard for the american people end quote for the real result because their constituents like isabella deserve safer, stronger and more prosperous america than the one they have today. thank you. >> good morning, everybody. as you know, i met with president trump and vice president trump yesterday. we have a very good discussion about her agenda including health care, tax reform, rebuilding military come is securing the border. the president is eager to get moving on the agenda and so are we.
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already we've hit the ground running, taking the first steps to keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare. as i've mentioned before, this is going to be a step-by-step approach and one of those that that is necessary is getting tom price confirmed as hhs secretary. not only is dr. price extremely qualified, but with so many americans struggling in obamacare, with the current collapse of obamacare, we need dr. price in place to help deliver relief and ability. it would be irresponsible or senate democrats to needlessly delay his confirmation. with this unified republican government, we have unique opportunity to deliver results to the american people. in the days and weeks, we look forward to laying out more of her agenda. today i'm inviting president trump to address a joint session of congress on february 28. this will be an opportunity for the people and representatives to hear directly from our new
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president about his vision in our shared agenda. this is an ambitious agenda and rightly so. for too long, washington has been too timid about addressing the big challenges facing our country. we want this to be a bold government appeared to want this to be a government of action. we want this to be a government of solution and a government unify notches by party, and a commitment to restore itself government and get our country back on track. as we look forward to welcoming the president to the capital next week. [inaudible] >> next month, thank you. next month. [laughter] >> this is only the second time since world war ii. only two other time since world war ii have republicans at the house-senate majority in the presidency. we understand what the american
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people have entrusted in nice and i believe yesterday was the right start for the president invited the house and senate, republicans and democrats together. it was the start to build the relationship he has attacked about the failing system of obamacare. people talk about they don't know because the american people rescue. you have to have growth for tax reform and we also talked about infrastructure. i think is a very good start on the first day. we weren't the only individuals down at the white house. he had business leaders, union leaders. i think that specialty from this administration. bring in others and all across america. to have different days, collaborating together to find a solution at the end of the day. it's a very good first start. they are beginning to work for
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the past administration. a lot of people have not read about it, but since the day of the election, the obama administration had added issues of 38 major roles that includes over $41 million in regulatory costs. come january 30 at, congressional review act so the privilege. you will see starting january 30th, 2 weeks on a number of those continuing to know to bring relief to the american public and business when it comes to regulatory reform. >> it was encouraging to see president trump get to work on day one rolling up his sleeves to fulfill the promises made to the american people when he was elected to protect american jobs, to focus on getting people back to work in this country and focus on protecting life, one of our most fundamental trademarks of archons to tuition and founding our nation.
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it is encouraging to see the president start restoring our national security and drink in the world. so when you look at what authority done just here as we start a five of the president trump administration, he's already got to go fight for the american people and it's refreshing to see somebody actually fulfilling the promises that they made. when you look at what we are doing on the housework today, making permanent the hyde amendment, a bill by chris smith , something that so many of us have fought for. but if you go back and look for the 40 years was that the hyde amendment has been in place, peer-reviewed studies have shown that 2 million american lives have been saved by the hyde amendment. and so, making a permanent is not just important for the moral fabric of our country, but you'll see millions more lives saved by just taking this important action. i want to apply for reinstating.
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whether americans are pro-life-ish, independent study show about 80% of americans think it's wrong to use tax money to promote abortion around the world. i thought that was an important step that president trump took again on in his first few days to protect the life, to protect jobs and fulfill the promises that the american people elected him to carry through. the >> mimi walters just said mimi walters just said it. nni duration of time as new beginning from a time to cherish the peaceful transfer of power in the first start that comes with it comes with a appeared with the unified republican government, we have a chance, a moment to rethink way things are done in these key, to be hopeful, optimistic and look forward. republicans are about hitting the ground running. whether it's the aggressive schedule we have over the next
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few weeks and months or even the aggressors casually have further retreat later on this week in philadelphia. very proud republicans are coming together, houston senate in the third consecutive year in a row that we are having a joint retreat. we are doing the hard work of collaborating, coordinating, putting our ideas into motion whether on health care, tax reform for reining in top-down government. i believe it is important that we hold these retreats because at the end of the day, it comes down to teamwork and few people know this better than former army major scotty :-). he's a hometown hero from eastern washington and i'm proud to say he'll be joining us at the retreat this year. he was landed by a suicide bomber in iraq. when i learned about his story, i thought we need to have him come to the retreat and help inspire us as we head to philadelphia. even through his tragedy and
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life-changing story, he's making a huge impact on this world. i think about his determination, his vision of service before self and something we all need to hear and we need to get to work on restoring the people in this government. >> anybody have any questions? >> i want to ask you about the president's infrastructure priorities and what you would be comfortable and also when you met with them last night, he again asserted he would have won the popular vote if it weren't for 35 million illegal votes. do you feel the need to correct him and does it trouble you that he continues to hold a belief like this that isn't based in fact. >> a party commented on that. i see no evidence to that effect. i've made that very clear. on the infrastructure question, this is something we will figure out in our spring budget. we'll carve a fiscal space necessary for the infrastructure
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package. we discussed that in many other things about her agenda for the first 200 days in the infrastructure clearly a part of that. the package will be determined by the fiscal space we create in our spring budget which means we don't know the are to that question at the goal is to leverage as much as hospital and not just rosen bridges, the pipe line and faa reauthorization in so many other things. infrastructure involves many different aspects that will create jobs in this country and so they want to be as expansive as we possibly can with respect to infrastructure. >> reword it will be hard to work with a president who believes -- >> of a policy guy. i will sit here and focus on policy. >> mr. speaker, yesterday the president told business leaders that it may have either send jobs overseas or will send jobs over his, it isn't very clear it seems. so what would be the defining line that they would face a 35%
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border tags as you called it for importing goods into the united states. what is your feeling about that? >> is the difference between a tariff of border tags. i'm not sure if you're getting the first correct. we believe comprehensive tax reform is going to solve this problem in many ways. as the former chairman i can tell you the current tax system we have incentivized his businesses to go overseas. it encourages businesses to leave america and outsourced. we don't want to keep encouraging that. we want to have a tax essential for growth. we want to have a tax system that makes it clearly more preferable for a business to locate their business and manufacturing in america. right now the tax system says move overseas than we import back into america. that's what our current tax system incentivizes. we want to get away from that. we believe the border attacks on the border, which is what our competitors -- most of the other countries in the industrialized
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nation remove experts in place attacks and tax rx for us and rx for .-center-dot tax on imports. we get a more level competitive field for american businesses and jobs can compete. if we as american workers and american businesses are putting ourselves on the level competitive playing field, we are going to do great. that is not what our current tax system is today. tariffs are different than border taxes via tariffs or something the administration as you may know as unilateral authority to do. fiscal he has run by congress in the tax code is tax reform. we want tax reform that works for american businesses, american jobs. i can tell you how many hearings we've had where we see all these business leaving the country. we lost our biggest employer, biggest company in wisconsin.
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they're belgian acting. we are losing our seed corn. so we've got to fix the tax system, which is pushing jobs and businesses overseas. this is something we think it's clearly going to get her system reset so that american jobs in american businesses and american companies in this country and produce more economic growth and jobs. >> following up on tax reform, the agenda is revenue natural. it's not for you guys are going? >> that's been our blueprint. we are working off the blueprint here in the house and that blueprint is revenue natural and designed to be revenue natural enough overworked nine. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> great job.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i don't know if i want to do that. as my debut. this is really our debut. linda sanchez at night and congressman joe crowley, chair of the democratic caucus, the vice chair of the democratic congress linda sanchez. this is really our debut, her inauguration in many. i want to say what a massive crowd at the price we have here today. it is enormous. it is probably in all likelihood i think the largt


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