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tv   Travis Mills Discusses Tough as They Come  CSPAN  February 5, 2017 6:20pm-7:11pm EST

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i ran a touchdown and then i'm like can i get it? then i gave a little link, what's up. and he was a good cheerleader. he led the team to help us get the power to win. i have the option to play football and baseball and i went to college and played football. when i go to college and played football i found out i wasn't the best on the team which was a hard pill to swallow. but after the season was over after the first semester i girlfriend said you should come home and go to school with me and i thought what a great idea. the baseball coach said we have a scout coming, you should play baseball and be the starter on the team. i said my girlfriend loves me so i'm going to move home. he looked at me and said your stupid. i said no, you're stupid. i went home and met her boyfriend so that got really
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weird for me so i went to the recruiting station to get the heck out of town and away from her and her new boyfriend that she had apparently for a long time. i look at my life and how this happened and i know who did it to me, her. [laughter] i can't tell you that her name is amanda. she would be upset about that. but what an awful person. if she fell down a well, whatever. [laughter] so i go to the recruiting station talking to the marines, sixth at four, you want to b ben anime con iamarine come in thate and i'm like maybe. he said you want to be one. i said maybe, i don't know. what can i do for a job? he said i can put you in the career field but i can't give you a certain job. if you want to be an electrician you can be a plumber. what kind of logic is that? in the army they said he would be in the army if you sign up
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with us you ge get get it $24,0g bonus. hold that thought. i went back to the marines instead what is your signing bonus i'm no dummy. he said honor, duty and respect. i said i get that. but what is the bonus. he said you don't get money, here you get honor, duty and respect. i said you see that picture on the wall over there, they have the same poster, different outfits that same words. and $24,000. so i joined the army. [laughter] do you know where that money is today? me neither, whatever. so i joined the army, jumped out of airplanes, guess what, you get to deploy. i said that's what i joined four. went overseas, started lifting weights on a regular basis. i was taking supplements from germany, so good.
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look at this guy. so i was with my medic and he's a good friend of mine, kind of a dainty, but i'm hanging out in the goes home september, 2007 and watches his first daughter be born which is great. then i get on myspace, follow me, friend request and it's this picture. no girl is interested in me like that but it turns out there was a little sister that was 18 in college and thought i was pretty good looking so i accepted. started chatting and by mid-november, i decided the should hang out. she said yeah. i'm 20, she's 18, it was a great plan. then i said i feel like i deserve a vacation. i get a teen days off before i go back. she said yes. let's go to mexico, she said sure.
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i didn't ask her brother or her parents, so that got beard. i flew to dallas, her mom and dad's house, met her dad on his knees are shaking and trembling. i said i'm not going to hurt you. that conversation never happened. [laughter] i would like to publicly thank my father-in-law. he didn't kill me and have every right. he's up in the box you won't be able to see him. small fellow, bald head. he's buying right-hand man. you know what i'm saying. [laughter] so we went to mexico, had a great time, i got a phone call at 3:00 in the morning and she said i need to talk to her. i said she's sleeping. we currently need to talk to her. she wanted to make sure i didn't cut her in the ocean because i'm a serial killer apparently. so i went back to michigan for a week and after overseas i get
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held up in atlanta and i called her up from atlanta. i'm held up through the night, do you want to hang out and she said yes. you want to know where my money went, right clicks she comes to atlanta, i'm getting on the plane and she's crying on the streaming down her face. she looks at me and says i love you. i'm no idiot. i said i love you too. [laughter] the next thing out of her mouth she said i want to marry you. without hesitation, i want to marry you to. got myself on the airplane, look at that. call me casanova. i get on the plane, 24 hours later i get to a phone so i can give her a call and you know what she says, the wedding is planned. [laughter] now we've got issues. so i buy her a writing and have
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her open it on a web cam. come back from afghanistan on april 13, 3 days later, a little inside information we got married at the courthouse. we had a big wedding in june and everything went great. moved to fort bragg, got an apartment and everything is awesome. two weeks go by and we said we should get a dog. the dog is awesome. mine listens the best. no offense to yours. mine is the number one. when i say said, eventually he will sit. [laughter] stop working when you feel like it! he's such a good dog he cost me $2,900 to put an electric fence around my property. he is the best.
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everything is going good, then i got an appointment. this will be a year-long deployment. so i get ready, overseas, not much different. this was the weight room in the bottom picture. boxes and a couple of barbells and weights. it was a lot of fun. i grew a lot as a leader and i took for showers and one dear, not by choice. but now i take for showers by choice. it's good for your skin. [laughter] look how radiating, it's amazing. so everything is going my way. i gave my wife a call and said i'm coming home, how is everything going. she said he will never guess what i did today. obviously i have no clue, i'm in afghanistan. she said i bought a house. technically, you bought a house. i said i don't get it.
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she said he signed over power of attorney. so those are real. anyone can operate in your name, so we bought a house. i was excited to. [laughter] we bought a house, four months out found out we were going to have a baby and i was getting yelled out for everything i did wrong. so we did that and my daughter was born september 11 -- september 27, 2011. funny thing is i had to name her chloe because my ex-girlfriend's name was chloe, not amanda. i should have told that joke earlier. just kidding. so i got orders to come overseas, that's fine. i get orders for fort hood tex
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texas. 18-year-old kids look up to me and i've got to take care of them and it's not fair if i go to afford it and they go overseas. so i went overseas. what an idiot. >> i went overseas a lot of firefights. i get anything i want. do you want to get promoted? sure, i guess. some of you got that, some of you didn't. i went overseas, got the phone call april 10, 2012. they said look we have some ied's in the city need you to take a look. so we went out, swept the ground back and forth. i took my bag off and sat it on
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the ground. when it hits the ground there was an explosive device. id ripped off my right arm, my left leg snapped to the bone hung on by a couple pieces of muscle, my left arm at the risk, my son, pinky index and middle finger was told they are both mangled up. it hit the left side of my face on the ground. i looked at the aftermath, what was working i said i need a medic. i said don't worry about it, you're not going to save me. it's okay. he said i'm going to do my job. i said no just go save my guys i know they are hurt. you're not going to solve this problem. i had been overseas and i had seen some go for less. i didn't want to die but i didn't think it was worth his
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time, i could have bled out and it would be done. he started putting turn the kids, -- tourniquet, stopped the bleeding. they had to work on me, put me on a helicopter, moved me out to the hospital. i didn't know the ratings. we had been at war while. there was a true testament of medical technologies and advancements in the traumatic injury. i needed to the hospital, i am in and trying to get back up. i'm like get off me, i'm fine and the doctor said what the heck. they jumped on me and said with, you need to go to sleep. at this point in time -- the
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only thing i could see in my head was saving private ryan. i didn't want to show any fear. last memories wouldn't be me crying out it would be yelling at the medic and calling down the other guy. i kept reassuring them if i die it's not your fault. i said my little girl in my ever going to see her again, six months old. they go to work on me, my leg, right off with the. 14 hours of surgery. for nine hours pumping air in and out of my lungs. they have blood to donate from them to me i had to do testing for all the diseases and all that stuff because they didn't have time to go through the proper procedures to keep me alive but i'm clean and it's all good.
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so they worked on me to get me going. that was april 10. april 12 they flew me to afghanistan. my brother-in-law was there as well. the blue book is basically what you write in if you die. who's going to bring your body home, music played, what kind of service. it's kind of morbid, who gets the money. well, josh flies over to kandahar, and on april 12 they took me to surgery and cut my left arm off because the skin had died. twdied. two days later my flight to germany and the wiki for the first time out of the medical station and the first thing out of my mouth is how are my soldiers. my brother-in-law said that they are okay. then i said am i paralyzed and he said you are not paralyzed. i said you don't have to lie to me i can't feel my fingers and toes. he said no you are not paralyzed, you don't have them anymore. i was angry, upset, questioning
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am i a bad person, is this karma, payback, why was this happening to me, i take care of my family, serve my country. and then he said you've got to call your wife. he said you have to call her and your parents. so she answered and said i love you and i hung up, goodbye. called my parents, love you, i'm fine, goodbye, hung up. april 17 rolls around and i get rolled into the hospital left walter reed. first thing my wife says, happy anniversary. we wait until june 21 and don't even bring the 17th up. the sutures on my leg opened and they had to rush me into surgery. they said you are in charge of his medical care now. if you don't take 2 inches off his leg he will bleed out and buy. she said to just pull the plug. i'm kidding she didn't. so she signed the papers, they took me to surgery.
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i had four days to think of how much of a burden i was going to be. why would i want to be in anybody's way. so my wife came into me to talk. i was stable and fine. woke up after my surgery i said you don't have to do this. take chloe and go. you can have the house, the cars, financially i will do whatever i can for you. the money i get from the government, everything is yours. but don't let me drag you down. she said i thought about that, but handicap parking, i want that front row. [laughter] so she stayed. no, she said that's not how this works. we are going to do this together. i'm going to be here for you. she is amazing. well, then i decided i hav had o get better. so after this, and about 20 minutes i will need everybody that wants to meet me then i have to go to phoenix to speak. so i talk about these things, motivation, goals, health and technology than i talk about
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perspective and how this isn't a façade. i explai explained that and hav0 minutes. motivation, how did you get motivated to get better. it's not just it's going to be great. how, while my wife is going to stay with me, my amazing wife is going to be there for me. it's time to get better because i don't want to be a burden on anybody. my little girl comes into my room. she's going to think that her dad is the biggest monster. well it turns out short arms, short legs, i'm a teddy bear. she's squeezing my nose and i'm like get her off my nose. my mom's a look at her play with daddy. get her off my nose! is my little girl will still be my little girl. i want to get better for her. when i was at walter reed, i'm not the first or the last,
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there's five total and i'm the fourth. the second came walking in on his two legs and feet arm, the first thing was welcome to the club. i said i don't want to be in your club and he said kind of late, don't you think? she got me there. matter of fact if you are healed up enough i will work out with you at 1:00. so i' i am at the point i can't roll over to my left or right, 150 pounds, lost weight in that amount of time and i said i will work out with you tomorrow. my doctors make the rounds and i said i'm going to work out today. he said you can't. why? he said really, you can't. you're not ready. i said i don't know what you
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don't get about the conversation we are having but i'm going to work out. he said i will think about it. finally he said you can go work out and i was like yes, i've got this. i didn't realize he called ahead and decided to let him do anything. so i went down there and lai lan my stomach and stretched out and fell asleep in 20 minutes, the best workout i've ever done. [laughter] i keep to that regimen everyday. just kidding, i do cross fit. [laughter] ♪ we have to get you some goals. you have realistic goals.
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i said i'm tired of people putting food in my mouth and feeding me. i wani want to do it myself. five weeks into the recovery process, i went over to where my mom and dad were staying and i ate lasagna. the video i put online i said this is so good. when the video cut out i said give me the milk this is burning my throat. but i was able to accuse th usem within five weeks. i said i want to be able to walk again. if you sit in a wheelchair and someone is talking to q. you want to get up because they have a cliffhanger like the bloggers are falling out [laughter] garneau, where did it go. [laughter]
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it's probably double the size of this room and they said i walked three laps when they. so i tripped and fell and she said that's what you get. i was able to get walking again. when they came to my room in germany, i have one more phone call. i called my guys back overseas and my demeanor was completely different. i was upbeat, happy, making sure they were positively motivated and i told them i will be there to meet you when you get back from afghanistan. at the top picture is the documentary into the bottom picture is me putting my medic. i will explain these later. i got them that morning.
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they almost didn't give them to me. i drove six and a half hours and met my guys and was able to welcome them home. thanks for what you did. i appreciate you and i am thankful to be here. i have a long-term goals. when they came into my room, ro, they brought for firefighters and were from new york city and they put on a five k.. he said i have some friends that want to meet you. they said we would love to have to come out. i said no, i will just walk. they said you haven't even worked out yet. i said that's okay i'm going to walk. i went to my house in september and strapped my legs on in the picture and i walked a five k.. i go walking and it's painful. i'm in the tunnel. i'm walking around like i've got to sit down. when i get in the timeline going to sit down.
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i got out of the tunnel and as you can see in the picture in the video, with 334 firefighters i thought no matter how much pain i'm in or how bad my back hurts or how much i'm bleeding i'm going to keep walking because those ladies and gentlemen can go up for flights of stairs and save so many lives of 9/11 i can finish this 1.2 miles. after the walk, i'm like lieutenant dan. but there's a great foundation to build my house, wonderful, wonderful guy. but i go up onstage, 20,000 people strong, having a great time. i get onstage, me and a couple guys. there's a chord across the stage, taking down some lawyers, gravity is the real thing. mmy toe catches and 20,000
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people. but have no fear, the mayor rudy giuliani bodyguard swoops in, picks me up. my legs don't walk out. she is determined. swoops in, picks me up a second time, a little bit more vigorously. the third time he does it i said to buy me dinner first, this is getting awkward in front of people. [laughter] >> so the next long-term goal i set, i'm walking, not feeding myself, i want to be able to drive again. if you've ever visited central maine you will see this white
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truck, the f2 50 behind me. fresh clean diesel. it's lifted up a little bit from the bigger tires and it screams compensator. that's what i call it. so come if you see on the road e road be very careful. i am an awful driver. [laughter] let me tell you what happened. you have to pay $430 for a license, ridiculous. $30, i failed the test. 400, paid them off. [laughter] know, anyway i got my license and got the hand controls. when i pull back on the throttle on this picture it comes here to the center console. i'm zero to 60. push forward and i am 620, go to hard and it's an automatic emergency brake. that's sketchy.
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there's a system on the door for the blinkers, windshield wipers, cruise control, everything. my truck, i drive my truck, walked my legs with a bluetooth remote, press down. then we have the good time with it. they did some awesome things for the men and women and families. i want to start a foundation i'm going to get back so we started a fifo c. 13. my wife and i thought we can probably do three or $5,000 a year personally, no funds, just us and send care packages overseas. so we did that for one year. we would send peppered beef jerky, tenet eminem's, gummy bears and gun -- peanut m&m's,
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gummy bears and. they strapped me into this four-wheel bike, duct tape with my hands on the handlebars and they said good luck. what do you mean. then i realized i could do things. i went kayaking and canoeing and i did some other activities. i thought i cannot wait to go to maine to do this stuff. we could bring some friends. we raised all this money. [inaudible] he's nice enough but anyway, so raised a bunch of money and the
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nonprofit said this is too big i've been all over what are you talking about. we bought the friends and family and you've got chattanooga tennessee. then my buddy from iowa. i don't know how he got here -- no, just kidding he's from ohio so i don't respect him. [laughter] so we have raised enough money and we go out shopping and found
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one built in 1929 and it was in bad condition. we sold it and there were three bids on the place. one was double the price and one was way below price and we were below price for a nonprofit. he said i believe in the mission, he sold it to us. the foundation will be passed and wonderful. you have to replace the whole foundation. so he jacked it up, put a full basement, the length of the building and added another third of the property. with my foundation is going to do is be able to host eight families a week, this week we will show them a great time, bring them to the facility. right now it is in the final stages and we are still raising money.
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we are not where we need to be. this is about four weeks ago the outside. we bring them up. in 1929 she started the first and hacker force jet pilot stayed out there. we want to restore it to that and offer it to families no charge of them. i don't take the time. we take people out and raise funds for its. when it's all said and done we offer a quick form of credit, we have cross the offer kayaking, canoeing. they build the network.
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the one running the show here is phenomenal. get out there with your families, the active and be be e comfortable in your own skin because some people are not that way. they can cope with this and reach out. so thank you for the progress that we are having. okay. healthcare technology. it's getting to it. i can build my quarter and tor torso. after it's all about gravity. these are ex- tory, top of the line. every time i move over 300 bits
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keeping you standing upright. at the airport someone cuts me off and i can't stop. [laughter] sorry, didn't mean to do that. there's bluetooth capability and when i am on my boat there's anchors. i hope they get donated to someone very nice because this hand on the screen i don't use it very much yet. when she starts dating and he's like what's up and i say i'm going to hit you, come over
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here, what's up and i squeeze his hand and then i break his hand [laughter] when i'm ready to let him go, no fingerprints. [laughter] don't mess with me. anyway, i've got 13 minutes so i will have to have a volunteer. in the yellow shirt, come up here. i can read, top to bottom, left to right. come on up. have you seen me present before? come over to this side. have you ever rode a motorcycle, dirtbike? don't lie. make a fist for me like you are revving the engine. see that motion.
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you are tall. put your guard down. there is a muscle in my forearm. when you do that it opens. put your finger out, right there. this muscle -- now show them the other motion, flex your hand, see that muscle, down slow and fast, check this out. walter reed is great, new technology every day. it's voice-activated. check this out. open, close.
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turn. stop. the problem is i match my daughter's birthday party with ice cream and it's delicious. my brother walks in and says can you open the fridge. i just dropped my moose tracks. it's my party and i will cry if i want to. my father-in-law my coffe put me in my hand and he's like can you close the fridge. it's styrofoam, doesn't matter but i'm wearing shorts and this is hot coffee. show them how this works. talked to my hand.
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opium. >> it's already open, what are we doing. >> close. >> more masculine like a manly sound. turn. stop. >> manlier. [laughter] it's not voice activated at all. that was a lie. [laughter] open and close doesn't matter. thanks for playing though. [laughter] [applause] every time i speak i pull someone off to stage but i did have take peyton manning yell ay hand one time. i'm like you idiot. he said your arm doesn't work right now.
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[laughter] i said your adorable. i can do some pretty cool thin things. i speak at other conferences and it's i don't think how happy i am. if you didn't like me, i would cry so i'm trying really hard -- no. i do this because i know the price that has been paid for this country and could have been paid by me and i'm thankful to still be around. see on the screen right now, i put a lot of jokes out there so you see me for me if not for my injuries. you think you have problems look at me, know that isn't my message. here is my buddy and that is his tombstone, he's a great guy. on his third deployment to afghanistan he was at fort bliss.
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he was in a humvee with four other guys and they had a bomb and everybody died. it's horrible. i don't try to make you sad, angry, i just want to make you know i have the ability to see my family. that is his daughter, she's mine now but there she is 4-years-old and his wife christine who would give anything to see him again but they won't see him ever again. his mom would give anything to talk to her son again. i know, i talke talk to her. my mom and dad seimei. my daughter, i can't wait to see her tuesday night because i don't get back on until tuesday. my wife and i are going on a date. i'm excited. my daughter called me a couple nights ago. i've been on the road for about nine days now and she asked if i gwould go to the father daughter dance on february 10 and i said yes. she said she would check my schedule and i said i don't care if there's anything on there,
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cancel it because i'm going. i didn't pay the ultimate sacrifice. another, 17-years-old coming off a girl pregnant in high school, got emancipated from his parents to take care of his girlfriend and his daughter. he gets deployed, he was in my unit. after i go got hit, he steps one bomb, automatic triple amputee. they get him stable, run him off and the guy on the front right steps on another bomb. he doesn't make it home and his daughter is seven months old. she will only know pictures and stories that her family tell her, so my situation isn't as bad as you might think it is. i am thankful to be here. there were doctors and nurses working on me. i went for a documentary screening and there were six to nine doctors or e-mailing my team is he upset, angry, i had
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to break down and tell them no, thank you for this. i appreciate your hard work because they could have loosened one tourniquet and i would have played out in bled out in a minf or two minutes into that would have killed him but they worked hard diligently. the doctors and germany and bogra man to the united states, i'm thankful to be here, i really am. it would be a selfish slap in the face for those that lost their lives and their families sacrifice so much and working across the nation to get me where i am. ..
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>> we had to go check out the area. we went out there is normal, it was supposed to be a quick mission. just a couple of hours in the village next to us. we are setting the gun in place, -- went first and swept the bank. up-and-down cleared it he got about 20 feet away from me and i said okay. i took my bag off and i set it down. and when i said i down., honestly the first thing that kicked into my mind as this is not real. this is fake.
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i remember thinking i just want to be able to hold my little girl. >> i'm getting outta here in ten months and i caps on why, they said doc look behind you. i had pictures of me, my wife and my daughter. i have a family. i'm in hospital bed. get me out of here. give me to my daughter. she she doesn't care if i have arms or legs, it's all she knows. to her nothing is lost. >> i could feel so much joy from him that was a turning point for us. >> i do not understand how he does it. i think he is meant to lead. we faced obstacles --
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>> i believe god has a plan for all of us. after seeing travis in action, the word bravery has more meaning to me than it ever has. [applause] >> thank you. i appreciate that. thank you. so, that is available on the website and on itunes. it's called the travis soldier story. from the documentary being done and for being advocates to let people know that life goes on, i was able to write a book. that is why why i'm here at the writers festival. the book is called "tough as they come". i'm not going to tell you that is going to be the name of the movie, but you know. [laughter] may be, i don't know. but there's two things about the
7:03 pm
book i find important to tell you. the first. the first thing in the authors note states that i didn't serve any more than anybody else. i had a rough day at the office, case of the mondays. so if you did serve, thank you for your service braid if service. if you have looked onto sir, thank them for me for their service. i appreciate the fact that i was able to serve. the next thing i tell people is that i don't think my problem is any more than anyone else's. i don't know what you're going through, but hopefully my story can help inspire help someone get through something. if you please on social media pass my story long. i still have a few minutes and i want to tell the people who put it on, the angels who have us, thank you for sponsoring this. i appreciate it. to the people who to people who came to support us and watch the speakers and watch anything, thank you for that. i appreciate that.
7:04 pm
for the staff here, it has been a wonderful time. the staff at the library and at the writers conference, thank you. i'm a humble guy from a very small town and i appreciate the opportunity i have to tell my story give back. my wife and i work hard at it every day. if you want to find out if you want to find out more check out travis i'll be out here for 20 minutes. today's a perfect day. this year, no actually lasher came back from oklahoma city on april thirteenth. a day before my birthday. i get home, my wife and daughter waiting for me. she may mistake dinner with asparagus and potatoes, my favorite. she said, my favorite. she said this is your birthday dinner because tomorrow i have -- and you have chloe. and i looked at my little girl and i set i have dinner tonight were to want to go, because when dad cooks we go out to dinner. and she said said i want to go to texas roadhouse. she likes the cinnamon butter. put her in my truck to drive there, walk-in holding hands with my four-year-old at the time. walk-in holding hands, walk-in holding hands, sit down, we have a wonderful meal. have apple pie and ice cream to finish up. i give her go back home and give
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her a bath and put her to bed. sounds simple. but how lucky am i to be able to do that. let us and gentlemen, thank you free, thank you for your time today. never give up, never quit. ,. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> book tv is on twitter and facebook. we want to hear from you. tweet us, a tv, or post a comment tv, or post a comment on our facebook page. tv.
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>> the primary reason i wrote the book was to honor the marines i served within vietnam. more people should know their stories. their incredible dedication, courage, and the sacrifices they made in a war that few supported and even fewer thanked. in vietnam as draftees they served with honor and did everything their country asked of them and more. i also wanted to describe a realistic picture of life as an infantry rifleman in combat. you are going through fire zones it for weeks or months at a time. you're seeking an elusive and lethal enemy. never knowing if someone is an enemy are friendly. they didn't wear uniforms. it's a war without front line. we were cold, wet, hungry and tired. our supply. our supply would never arrive on time. we had irrational food, ammo and water we never had any dry
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socks. i had to say, but every day was pretty much the same. up at the crack of dawn, charge for miles to our nighttime positions with about 85 pounds of gear on our backs. clear areas in route, areas in route, set up ambushes and step half the night on watch and there's many a firefight in between. that is the the life of a rifleman in combat. one of those was corporal hammons of third platoon company. i would like to read a passage for my book. >> a shot rang out. the men crouched seeking cover. at signal five or six enemy a case opened up on the jaw. the rapid billing to a metallic roar as a hail of bullets came in from the right ahead. our m-16s opened up and reply. within screen -- i'm hit, i'm
7:08 pm
hit. take cover i yell. i i triggered off about half a magazine from the incoming fire. i look downhill and i saw a body between two bushes, sprawled in the string so so bullets swept through the bush and crashed into trees, showering bark. the fire team claps next to me. lieutenant they got the dock. i managed to the motionless medic whom impacts were mud and water. sixteen mortars get fire on top
7:09 pm
of that ridgeline. my radio man handed me the handset. put the arterial on top of the hill and cover me. i dodged on the bank. the wounded man lay prone in the middle of the stream. bullets were around mimicking men around the smaller impact of the raindrops. when i reached him they were hacking and coughing. face smeared with mud. i turned him over, his chest was torn open. air bubble deep in the pulpy red mass and blood ran from his mouth. he tried to say something but i cannot make it out. he needed he needed that chest wall sealed quick. a bullets backed into the creek spring us with cold water. that was a sniper. punching my shoulders to stay low i pressed a gauze rubber pad
7:10 pm
over the gaping wound trying to heal that with my left and wrapped a bandage around his torso, half lifting him between his shoulders. as soon as the bandage was tied off i started i started to pull him out of the line of fire. at that moment, it felt like a bulldozer hit my back knocking me down in the stream, terry my helmet off, my, my m-16 rifle cartwheel the way through the rain. i lay stunned gazing after thinking, i'll be doing a lot of paperwork for losing that rifle. when i realized i could still move, my days sharpened into an urgent need to scribble for cover. bullets were whacking all around. my back felt as if someone had willed at it with a sledge hammer. blood was dripping from a utilities at my brain seem to be functioning with perfect clarity. it was a v-shaped ambush i yell back i shouted out, new coordinates from the laminated map now smeared with my blood. re


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