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tv   Senate Republicans Criticize Democrats Over Pace of Confirmation Process  CSPAN  February 7, 2017 1:51pm-2:04pm EST

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this is not an issue against being one, i think the republican party came out and said specifically it's about being qualified and i also wanted to agree with one of the previous colors that it's not about charter schools versus private schools or someone not going having experience with the public schools, you can have an outsider they have to have a clear plan and a clear understanding of what the laws are and she obviously did not. and there are a lot of cabinet members that have a lot of fuss over it. >> madeleine, hold there. the senate majority leader is approaching the podium to see. >> afternoon everyone, obviously we have a new secretary of education, we are all, senator sessions, the nomination for attorney general. after that, we pick up the managing nomination, also
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being confirmed this week. let me say again, we've done a little research and we found this is the slowest time for new cabinets up and running since george washington. this level of obstruction at the beginning of an administration is really record-setting in a very unfortunate way. it's really time for our friends on the other side to get over the election of this administration, get up and get running. to get through all of these nominations. it's taking longer than it should. but will get through all of them. the center later. >> just to put the numbers to it, the majority leader talked about how slow the confirmation is coming, at this point in the obama administration there were 21
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cabinet members confirmed to the seven that are currently confirmed to the new trump administration. >> what i find particularly egregious is the fact that the democrats have slowed down and slow walk and instructed the nations confirmation of one of the president's national security cabinet members and that would be senator jeff sessions, attorney general. since 9/11 it's been recognized that apartment not only serves an important law enforcement role but is an integral part of our national security team. and the fact that they are willing to confirm secretary mattis and mike pompeo and general kelly early on is due to the fact that they've drugged this out and made it impossible for the department of justice to work part of our national security team and made it about a leader is completely inexcusable. the last thing i would say is they know how the story ends.
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they know we're going to be successful. those stunts like staying up all night making speeches, not sure who they're trying to impress other than their base. by stopping and slowing down these confirmations which will be successful eventually. >> just one additional data point, we go back to the eisenhower administration at this point. every president had all or most of their cabinet level people through so it is for driving on a historic level. and again, for no apparent purpose since they are all going to be confirmed. >> just a quick comment on john for such. he is a terrific, great pick for the supreme court, somebody who is a mainstream tourist, who is well-qualified. exceptional on every level and as that has been pointed
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out by the editorial, all across the country, denver of course is a brilliant legal line, kansas city star. and so this is somebody who ought to be confirmed to the supreme court. and i hold that the democrats will not filibuster and continue with what's been a long tradition in the united states on the supreme court nominees before the senate. to get it off and on that boat. this is the judge who by all accounts is extraordinarily qualified for his position and is considered hopefully in a timely way. as we go through the process but the bidet received an up and down vote in the united states senate. >> the president has nominated an all-star cabinet. they will get confirmed. what we see is that the democrats basically dragging their feet and pandering to their base, the liberal base and that's what it's all about.
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they're obstructing, filibustering, they're not even showing up for committee meetings and markup sessions. the president deserves to have his cabinet in place. at this point, the president has had seven members confirmed. at this same time eight years ago, president obama had 21 members confirmed and you heard it, it's unbelievable that the last time it's been this far into an administration where fewer than half of the cabinet members have been confirmed was george washington. think about that. 1789. the democrats are clearly sore losers and they refused to listen to the american people who on election day said we're sick and tired of the delays we've been having in washington. we want to get things done. it's time for the democrats the message and confirm the members of the cabinet. >> we get a chance to confirm another cabinet member tomorrow with jeff sessions. and i got to the senate, senator tunesand i formed a law enforcement caucus .
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the sessions is very supportive of that. the three of us worked on extending the victims of child abuse law on issue after issue. senator sessions has stood up for people who couldn't stand up for themselves. i think you'll do the same at the justice department and judge gorsuch, favorite thing i heard him say is the day his announcement was made is that a good judge is often not happy with all of their decisions. because their job is to read the law and read the constitution and determine what it says, not determine what they think it should say. >> we've entered into another week of unprecedented obstruction by democrats but what we know is we're starting to see some fissures in their blockade. we see it in opinion pages across the country, newspapers as leaders in the legal field on the left, liberal leaders in legal thought continue to write things about gorsuch stating
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his positive outlook for the court and positive confirmation and that's why i believe we will continue working and making progress on the confirmation of george neil gorsuch to the united states supreme court. >>. [inaudible] you think it gets in the wayof his agenda ? >> i'm going to try to speak for the president, he can speak for himself. >>. [inaudible] >> well, all i can say is that the leader is in the minority in 2009 and we rapidly confirmed the president's cabinet appointments . we didn't like a lot of them.
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it was overwhelming support in almost every instance. so if there was upset conservatives, it certainly was not going to be taken out in such a counterproductive way. as to indeed the beginnings of the obama administration. we didn't do it and while i think it's astonishing that they are doing what they are doing. >> i know you don't like the democratic tactics on the nominations. [inaudible] described the atmospherics in the senate and what that means for nominations to come. >> idon't think there are any sour relationships among members of the senate.
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but we've had plenty of cordial interactions . some of them i think, i won't mention any names, i don't want them to get in trouble, they're embarrassed by the whole show but the show will go on for a while longer. at some point here, you've got to wonder about dysfunction, fatigue beginning to set in. and i predict that will happen sometime in the near future. and we will get back to a more normal kind of operating style. >>. [inaudible] >>
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when a nominee has gone forward. there is no clear pattern. let me just say for myself i think and is an outstanding choice. i'm enthusiastically in support of him. we're always looking for nominees who have never made a mistake. frequently it's impossible to find nominees who have never made a mistake. he realized the mistake. he fixed it and i think is eminently qualified for the job, and for myself i'm enthusiastically in his camp. [inaudible] >> you asking me about the 2018 election? i'm interested in february of 2017. in getting this administration up and running so they can
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deliver for the american people. 28 king as a long time in the future. right now we're in a governing mode. we are not filtering everything we do through some 2018 prism. and 28 dean will take care of itself at the appropriate time. i'll take one more if there is one. [inaudible] >> i'm not prepared to announce the order for next week but we will be on additional confirmations next week, and i let you know later in the week the order in which were going to take them up. thanks a lot. [inaudible conversations] >> republican speaking at the
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u.s. capitol and some of the nominations to come. earlier today voting for betsy devos to become the next education secretary, a historic vote that the tie was broken by a vice president mike pence who came to the senate. and one of the confirmations and votes to come will be one tomorrow. the hill tweeting about that. senate gop will be voting on the jeff sessions i will vote for two more. they did vote to advance it earlier today, and so of course we will bring you live coverage on c-span2 of all the action from the senate. let's take a look back at some of the 24 hour session that the senate was in starting yesterday at noon, and we will begin with the minority leader chuck schumer from new york. >> i rise this morning to speak directly to my friends on thew i other side of the aisle. now is the timeo


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