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tv   Senate Republican Leadership Reacts to Michael Flynns Resignation  CSPAN  February 14, 2017 6:55pm-7:04pm EST

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mentally ill. tomorrow the senate begins consideration of the president's nominee to to serve as head of the white house budget office. the nominee is south carolina congressman nick mulvaney. when the senate is in session*morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern, life a.m. eastern, life coverage on c-span2. right now senate leaders briefed reporters earlier today area first will hear from republicans, then the democrats. >> good afternoon everyone. we are making our way through these cabinet appointments. our democratic friends are burning all the time they possibly can to keep the president from getting his outstanding cabinet selections and places of the government can function. we will soldier on here.
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we'll get as many threats we can. the order i set up last night i think you're familiar with, we'll go with mulvaney first. pruitt first. pruitt second and will do one congressional review resolution of disapproval in the context of the week. that will take us through the end of the week unless there is agreement by the democratic friends to allow us to confirm some of the nominations for cabinet that they feel i have said were not controversial. as you may not may have noticed the noncontroversial ones are being held hostage while the more contentious ones are chewing up a lot of time. so we'll be back at it.
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>> we are very excited about his prospects. we think that the american people have recognized what a quality judge he is. there is a gallup poll out that says he is a and approval approval raining rating of 50 - 30. this is a judge was very well-qualified in the mainstream, has a temperament to be on the supreme court and will judge impartially. just with respect to the issue of temperament, he wrote 800 opinions on the tenth circuit. 90% of those were unanimous. less than two percent, and this is on a divided court where you have seven democrat appointments and five republican. with respect to him being in the mainstream, those cases that were appeal to the supreme court, all but one were upheld. that one was vacated many of
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those upheld were upheld unanimously. this is someone who deserves an up-and-down vote in the united states and appeared there has been a number of colleagues on the democratic side of the aisle who have indicated they believe he deserves an up and down vote and we want to hold them to that. we help the american people will as well. this is a judge who should not be filibustered. this is someone who needs to get an up-and-down vote in the united states senate. needs to on behalf of the american people ultimately, i hope be you confirmed as the ninth justice supreme court. >> this week will be voting to confirm scott pruett as head of the epa. when you take a look at the resources that we are blessed within this country, you want to do several things. you want to make sure we use them in a way that protects our environment. you want to mixer you use them in a way to strengthen and provide for a healthy economy. we need people committed to public service who are committed to those goals.
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at epa over the last eight years with its regulatory rampage has lost sight of the balance that we need between environmental protection and a strong and healthy economy. the epa has been working in a way way that i believe has been irresponsible and reckless. it's time to fundamentally change the direction of the epa. scott pruitt is the right person to do that. as attorney general of oklahoma he is someone who protected the environment. work to strengthen the economy and protect state rights. he knows the importance as to all of us clean where clean air, clean water, clean lamb. it's not either/or. it's not just. it's not just a healthy economy or a healthy impairment. we can, and must have both. scott pruitt is the right person to be the administrator of the epa. >> as a member of the intelligence committee looking at what the white house in general flynn decided yesterday i think was the right decision. general flynn service to the country over decades has been
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admirable. his service as the director of defense and intelligence was come in in my view admirable and the relationship we had with our committee and him at the time. it is going to be the national security adviser, your credibility has to be absolute. so i think that was the right decision. certainly decision. certainly i wish general flynn well. the intel committee is looking at what the obama administration left on the table about russia in our elections. chair member and senator warren will decide who comes before the committee. but, i believe it's likely that general flynn will be at some point asked to come and talk to the committee about postelection activities and any other activities he would be aware of. [inaudible]
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[inaudible question] >> with regard to our involvement. i think senator just gave the answer i would get. the intelligence intelligence committee is already looking at russian involvement in our election. they have broad jurisdiction over the intel community at large. they can look at whatever they choose to. in regard to white house personnel decision, i do i do not, as the president's call. everyone -- he can speak to himself. i think it's out is why he decided to make the decision he did. [inaudible question] [inaudible question]
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>> but, it is hard to tell who is controversial and who is in. there are throwing out opposition to everyone, including holding hostage those that they have claims are not controversial. i'm a strong supporter and i think it's uniquely qualified for this job. we hope will be able to get this hearing this week and deal with him when we get back. i'm a strong supporter, i think it's a great choice. [inaudible question] >> you'll have to ask at the white house those kinds of questions. i think the fundamental question for us is what is our involvement in who ought to look at it. the intelligence community is looking at russian involvement in our election. a senator has indicated it's highly unlikely they will want
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to take a look at this as well, they have a broad jurisdiction to do it and any questions why the president to what he did should be directed to the white house. [inaudible] [inaudible question] >> i think there are number of unanswered questions that need to be answered about the order. there are things that i assure you that intelligence community members will be looking at. i think we'll be talking about that later today later this week.


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