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Mitch McConnell
  Senate Republicans Speak to Reporters at the Capitol  CSPAN  February 28, 2017 2:07pm-2:16pm EST

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fair unfortunately, i'm not convinced congressman sankey will be able to moderate the trump administration extreme views on exporting our public land. and eventually be to stand up tb the president and protect the public interest that is required on our public land and manage for the benefit of all americans, not just the oil and gas and mining companies and their commercial interests. t as i sit at the outset, the secretary rentable job is to be a guardian, a steward of thehe public land. to me, stewardship is so important. some of my colleagues come to the floor and act like they're managing this resource for the lifetime and their generation. stewardship is about managingese these resources for future generations as well. had if our past ancestors had been so callous with these federal resources, where would we be today? so i
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>> we will leave this to go live now to capitol hill to hear from senate leaders as they head back into the chamber this afternoon. >> hello. we've had a chance to talk to the president and vice president at others about the address tonight. what i'm anticipating is an optimistic and upbeat portrayal of what america could be with the kind of changes that were in the process of implement thing. as you on regulatory reform, on repealing a replacement obamacare, comprehensive tax reform and, of course, the supreme court, uniquely with them province of the senate. the president has made an outstanding appointment. we expect him to be confirmed before the april resource. i also want to commend the president for executive order he signed today, too as i i understand basically stop the
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implementation of waters of the u.s., one of the most absurd regulations of the previous administration which would a given the authority basically to supervise every puddle in america. that's a big step in the right direction, particularly for the farmers that i represent and many of the rest of us represent all across the central part of the united states. with that, senator cornyn. >> well, i, too, am looking for to the presidents address tonight. he is obviously in the promise keeping business. the promises he made during the course of the campaign he has steadily and surely begun to intimate those. the biggest problem of administration having is because the democratic foot dragging what comes to confirming his cabinet members. it obviously will continue to process this week into windy too, but there's an entire subcabinet level that's necessary to get the administration moving again, which is not yet in place.
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so we would encourage the democratic leader and his colleagues to quit kowtowing to the most extreme elements in their own political party and to work together with republicans to do what every congress has done after a tough election. that is, come together and give the president the opportunity to put his team in place. it's not a winning recipe for resisting, the decision of the voters in giving this presidency to this president, and trying to do everything you can to stop anything from happening. democrats and republicans want congress to work together to try to move the country forward, and that's what we're asking our democratic colleagues to do. >> i think we expect the president to talk a lot tonight about policies that will impact the economy, get the growth rate back to a higher level, restore wage levels to where they are
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actually going up and staying flat, which is what most american femmes have experienced for the past eight years. and that means talking about lessening the regulatory burden on our job creators. it means reforming the tax code that i expect he will talk about rebuilding the military as well. bubut i also think he will talk about what he intends to do and to work with us to do to replace obamacare with something that works better and is affordable for people in this country. the obamacare statistics continued to demonstrate that it's been just a complete failure, and the 2017 exchange premiums are on average 25% increased. there are seven states where those increases are 50%. you have 4.7 million have 4.7 million americans have lost their coverage. you have $1 trillion in new tax, $53 billion $3 billion in new regulations and all of this is impacting the american people. the status quo is unsustainable and its unacceptable and it's
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something we tend to do something about and we are looking forward to working with the president to make that happen and we hope that the democrats here in congress will work with us on something that will create a health care coverage system this country that is personalized, patient centered and affordable to every american. >> i think this past week i had the chance speaking with hundreds of coloradans about the concern that unprecedented levels of obstruction continues as has been said many times with the see the souls by subcabinet confirmations since george washington. the american people, people in colorado symphony want the work to be done. i usually as a graduate of the harvard the west usually don't quote the harvard of the east but i will today in a harris poll that was performed by mark penn, where talked about 73% of americans want democrats to work with president trump. i think that's important that we actually enter into a stage where the vast majority of
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americans, nearly three quarters of americans want people to work with the present instead of a struct him at all costs and yet that's will continue to see. cannot i believe you'll see the president continues the knee laid out november 9 at the election, the day after the election we talked about how to make sure the forgotten men and women of this country feel like they have new opportunity they didn't have over the last eight years. [inaudible] >> was that address in your meeting with vice president pence? >> no, we haven't. but we are all interested in what the president has to say on immigration. if he has an idea we would be happy to take a look at it. spin on this budget you think the senate could approve the budget that slashes state park funding? >> probably not. when we get to funding, the government obviously will be done on a bipartisan basis. it could be an opportunity for democratic friends to participate. we have chosen to not so far,
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and i for one, just speaking for myself, think the diplomatic portion of the federal budget is very important. and you get results a lot cheaper frequently than you do on the defense side. so speaking for myself, i'm not in favor of reducing what we call the 150 account to that extent. but we will sort all that out and, of course, decide how much were going to spend and how we're going to spend it. >> did you share that with the present? >> we haven't discussed that yet. [inaudible] >> i'm not going to give the attorney general any advice about that. what i will tell you is the investigation will occur in a set up in the intelligence committee on a bipartisan basis. [inaudible] >> obviously chairman burr is not anyway copper.
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he enjoys my full support i believe as they have announced both chairman burr and senator warner, the intent to pursue whatever the facts take them. [inaudible] >> say that again. [inaudible] >> and we will leave the senate leadership to go back to the senate floor senators returning from the party lunches.