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Mitch McConnell
  Senator Mc Connell on Affordable Care Act Replacement  CSPAN  March 7, 2017 6:17pm-6:22pm EST

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senate stands adjourned until senate stands adjourned until will a final vote on teacher preparation is expected tomorrow on the floor today we heard senator speak about the healthcare law replacement offered by house republicans. right now here are mitch mcconnell followed by chuck schumer.repeal
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>> the committees released and r proposal to repeal obamacare and replace it with commonsense t reform for better access and lower cost. it builds upon the 2015 repeal bill that was vetoed by president obama. i'm happy to hear the committees will begin consideration this week. i encourage every member to review it because i hope to call it up when we receive it on house. it's clear to just about everyone that obamacare is failing. costs are soaring, choices are e diminishing, insurance markets are teetering. it would be easy to sit back and watch this partisan walk collapse under its own weight. pass the buck to the next guy. that seems to be the democrat strategy. republicans think the middle class actually deserve better. in election after election,
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americans have called for relief in election after election, americans have called for an end to this partisan law. we promised to do both things. we are. the legislation in the house introduced last night represents the next step along that path. it is a result of a long conversation, with many voices, and is supported by the one person who can actually sign a bill into law, the president ofd the united states. i want to recognize everyone for their contributions and hard work. given last night's announcement, i especially want to commend our colleagues in the house.
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the policy conversation that led to what we saw last night continues. the policy process moves forward we have come a long way. we have a lot further to go, but we are making significant progress. working arm in arm in the house and the new administration, we will keep our promise to the american people. obamacare is a direct attack on the middle class. we all know it. we all get letters and and phone calls.early we hear the heartbreak and frustration nearly everyday. consider this letter from one oo my constituents who wrote about the obamacare plans available to his family. i am extremely displeased with the limited choices available. while 16 plans are listed for me at the website
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they are inferior to my 2016 plan. neither our primary care physician nor my rheumatologist is in the network of any offered 2017 plan. pla the cost, he continued, is another problem. the 2017 plan that i will probably probably choose will have a 20% higher premium than my 2016 plan, with a lower level of benefits. paying more for less. that's obamacare for you, right there. look. in so many different ways we have seen the evidence for years that obamacare simply isn't working. this isn't a law that can be fixed. this isn't a law that can be saved. it has to be repealed and replaced. we promised the american people we wouldth