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  Nikki Haley on U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea  CSPAN  March 10, 2017 12:26am-12:49am EST

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responsibility. comparatively speaking, large countries have more resources and capability, so they should shoulder more responsibility and make a greater contribution. as a permanent member of the un security council, china will fulfill its obligations for international peace and security as the second-largest economy china will make it contribution to global growth as the largest developing country china will play an even bigger role in upholding the rights and interests of our fellow developing countries. thank you. >> on tuesday they launched ballistic missiles that landed 200 miles off the coast of japan. the un security council met behind closed doors to work on a response to the missile test. after the meeting, u.s. ambassador nikki haley and her counterpart from japan and south korea held a news briefing. we will hear first from the
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president of the security council. this is 20 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. in my capacity as president of the security council would like to brief you on what has been a productive meeting of the security council on the nonproliferation and the dprk based on a briefing with the secretariat. we underlined the unity of the security council on a number of issues. we strongly condemned the most recent ballistic missile launches by the dprk. these activities contribute to the dprk development of nuclear weapon developed in systems and decrease the tension in the region and beyond and increase the risk of regional arms race. members of the security council
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called upon all members to implement fully the mission imposed by the security council particularly the comprehensive sanctions regime. we all express our commitment to a peaceful diplomatic and political solution to the situation and we welcome efforts by members of the security council and other member states to facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue and finally, we agreed we would continue to monitor very closely the situation in the dprk and to take further significant measures in mind with the previously expressed determination and we had a discussion about the role for the secretary-general based on pursuing a united security council position including on the basis of the statements that we agreed yesterday. with that i would be happy to take some questions. >> do you have thoughts on the freeze proposal in china and did
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you discuss that? >> as president of the security council, we have a discussion about issues that relate to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and i believe that the individual member states to set up their view on the positions. >> in the national capacity, it's very important the first step comes from the dprk to demonstrate who they are committed in the denuclearization of the peninsula. ..
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[inaudible] [inaudible] >> thank you very much. it is unfortunate that we are having the press conference today. it was one very important to have in light of the recent events. we with my friends of japan called the skinny council meeting to discuss issue and bring it to the attention of the rest of the security council members on what we do, where we go, go, and how we handle this. we have been talking closely with her friends in south korea in terms of how we'll handle this as well. this is what i will tell you. first, to make things very clear, the military exercises
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that the u.s. has been conducting with south korea, we have been conducting for 40 years. annually, every year, and, we always notify north korea before they happen. we are very transparent, we are very open, and we have always been clear on that and we always thought that was important. , if you look at the situation in 2016, think about it. two nuclear test, 24 ballistic missiles by north korea. that is not normal on anybody's radar, that is concerning on everybody's radar, and it is something the world needs to be focused on. when you look at the actions now going into 2017, we saw we had a launch in february, we saw the assassination, from chemical weapons which malaysia has reported. and now, a multiple ballistic missile launch.
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this is someone who's tried to get attention. this is someone who is trying to cause a reaction. a reaction. but this is what bothers us. it hit less than 200 nautical miles of japan. they said their goal is to be able to reach u.s. bases in japan. this is not something we can take lightly. the global community needs to understand that every country is in danger from the actions of north korea. every country needs to respond to the actions of north korea. what the united states said during the scaredy council meeting as we think all of our counterparts need to impose the sanctions that have been put in place. we call on our member states to increase their strength and what they will do in terms of getting the attention of north korea as we go forward. in terms of south korea, tell me why we would not do the fat in light of 24 ballistic missiles?
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in light of two nuclear test? knowing that we'll will protect our allies, will not leave south korea standing there with the threat of north korea facing them. and not help. so that is the reason for thad is because of the actions of north korea. we have not seen any good will come from north korea. i appreciate my counterparts wanted to talk about talks and negotiations. we are not dealing with a rational person. if this was any other country, we would be talking about that and it would not be an issue. this is not a rational person who is not thinking clearly. what i can tell you the stance of the united states is that we are reevaluating how we will handle north korea going forward. we are making those decisions now and will act accordingly. i
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will turn it over to my friend from japan. >> thank you nikki. and thank you for joining us. first of all, i would like would like to thank nikki for her very strong leadership in joining with us to call for this meeting and i appreciate the presidency has called this meeting at an early date soon after the arrival back from an important mission. most of what needs to be said has already been said by nikki and the president, but i would add two things. one is that yes, this is certainly an important matter, a serious serious matter for the whole world. but for japan, it is something unacceptable. we have made it very clear that to the north koreans that we are not going to accept this.
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this time again we have made direct statements to them that this is unacceptable and we have condemned them strongly on it. second point is that this is actually very dangerous. the three missiles which landed, landed where fishermen do fishing for squids. they could be ordinary civilians doing ordinary things. planes could be flying, ships could be navigated. they did not let anyone know about their intentions and they just did it. so the simultaneous launch which they said was done by a part of the military which is responsible according to the
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first striking u.s. bases in japan when necessary, that is a game, something that showed us they are serious in this aggressive action. we really need to pull up a track call on our collects of the national community to take a very clear message. i'm glad that this council has come up with a strong statement. and yesterday and very helpful in their discussion today as well. i will turn the floor over. >> first of all i would like to think best are haley and -- for their leadership in moving this counsel to take actions and we made a very strong statement yesterday and in response to
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north korea's ballistic missile launch last sunday evening which was conducted only 22 days after the first launch of this year on the 12th of february following the 24 missile launches that were conducted last year. as you know the international community has been responding to this repeated nuclear provocations very strictly in the past. this time, once again it was united in condemning north korea's increasingly reckless behavior. in the strongest strongest terms. north korea's provocation is politically alarming in that it was made in the midst of shock and anger to the assassination of kim john using a tank weapon
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ban by the cwc chemical weapons convention. perhaps the leaders may have believed that these continue provocations they help advance by gaining leverage as a whole, but he was wrong. it will only further deepen north korea's isolation in the path of self destruction. i'm quite certain that the leader will painfully realize how great is serious miscalculation he has made and he will soon pay the price for what he did. we will continue to work closely with the united states and japan, china, russia, and other members of the community to step up our sanctions and pressure north korea so they will feel
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the real pains of the sanctions. and thereby change their outlook and it eventually abandoned the nuclear weapons and missile programs. thank you. >> again, as i've said before, i will respect if you respect us. we will keep this because of the sensitivity on the issue just of the north korean issue. so any of us will take questions. >> i'm with the canada free press. given the consultations and the strong press statement that came out yesterday, do you think security council is reaching its limit and what it can practically do other than eliminate loopholes and tighten
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the sanctions and put out for their statements? i asked that given what you said about who we are dealing with, and a rational person who doesn't seem to care with the international community thinks. >> i think it is very telling that the tire security council came together for the press statement condemning north korea. they wanted to make a strong position in terms of letting north korea know this is enough. there is genuine concern in the room as to where to go from here. there was a reminder by me that we are not dealing with a rational person. this is not a normal situation. what you will see us all of them will go back and talk to their leaderships about making sure sanctions were in pay place we need to make sure sanctions from resolutions in the previous are being put in place and look to see what else can be done. were in a a situation where you will see every member state back and say what else can we do to get the attention of north korea. >> i from cbs. what is your message to china
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about their negative reactions it to the missile system warnings that they had not even been notified before it began to be deployed into the ambassadors about the freeze for freeze proposal. >> with their friends in china we have made it clear that that is not in any way directed toward china. it is specifically for north korea, that's reason my were trying to have that in the way that we are. we have made it very clear to china and they understand that we need them and we need china, we appreciate the strong statement that made recently. we appreciate them getting together with the security council to join in that. we know the importance of china and the situation and how they can make a difference. difference. we will continue to force that with them. >> you also think that north korea has to go first in terms of suspending a nuclear program?
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>> we have to see some sort of positive action taken by north korea before we can ever take them seriously. we've given them enough reason to ever try to think that were dealing with a rational person on the. >> on the point against freeze for freeze, what we're looking for is the nuclear's age and of d prk. that needs to be made very clear. that's the ultimate goal. and as nikki said, even at the starting point we needed assurances they are serious about denuclearization. so japan's position is is not three for three it's denuclearization. i will defer to my friends but as for as japan is concerned, there is no reason why china i meet worry about japan on this. dear k has no reason to shoot
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missiles in our direction because of whatever its problem. we are very peaceful nation. we have have maintained the calm and self-restraint throughout this but we feel enough is enough. >> one thing i would make clear is on freeze for freeze the annual joint military by korea and the united states is offensive in nature. this is an annual offensive exercise defensive exercise. thinking it's it's anything else which is illegal missile provocation by north korea is inappropriate. i think this is just trying -- and for freezing, this is not the time for us to talk about
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freezing or dialogue with north korea. all options have been exhausted so far. the only available means to change the behavior fundamentally is to continue to keep the pressure. this is not the time to talk about a freeze. >> i question to you, you mentioned the u.s. review and reevaluating its approach to north korea, can you tell some of the options that we are now considering. >> i think all all options on the table now? >> is the u.s. planning on taking unilateral action? >> the united states has a very firm and strong on the fact that we absolutely see no place for chemical weapons in any situation whatsoever. it's incredibly disturbing, not only how this was done, the manner the manner it was done and the intense and which it was
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trying to carry out. it is one more factor to consider and we know it's an issue with having to possibly move forward with north korea. >> according to this u.s. officials have been considering a range of options and it might include military strikes on north korea. what they call actions that will help neutralize north korea before they go through an actual attack. can you talk about that possibility and what it will intent and how the united states is thinking or preparing for something like that? >> it does not look like north korea has any intent to stop this. we what to do that north korea
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stops conducting these tests were ending its nuclear program? >> the questions you have about north korea is the questions we all have. what we are going to say is that we see what the response in the press statement. we see what the responses been to member states having conversations with north korea asking them to back down. it's an unbelievable irresponsible arrogance coming out of north korea at this time. i think the member states recognize that and are sitting back trying to figure out how to move forward. >> ambassador? could you clarify what you said about all options on the table. could you please explain what you think the option of dialogue which is what the chinese ambassador has called for. is it now the time for dialogue? >> were not ruling anything out. since these multiple launches will reevaluate what our approach will be. we are considering every option on the table.
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thank you very much. [inaudible] >> on friday and c-span two, house house hearing on marine corps military readiness and modernization. franco or deputy will testify, live coverage at 9:00 a.m. eastern. later, native american groups will gather outside to protest for indigenous rights. that is live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2 and us and live the c-span radio app. >> sunday night on afterwards, the the council on foreign relations president examines present challenges to form president c. he's interviewed by paula,
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former under secretary of state for global affairs and the the bush administration and senior fellow at harvard university's future of diplomacy project. >> the thesis you put forward as you say there is considerable continuity and how the world work during this time. described that. >> a lot of the structures of the world as it was was based on the idea of sovereignty. the idea that borders were significant, that they defined countries and there is a deal out there that we will not try to change your borders by force if you don't try to change ours. >> sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on afterwards. >> chair of the federal communications commission into fcc commissioners testified at a senate hearing about wireless internet access and net neutrality. this is the first congressional hearing since being named fcc chair by