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tv   Washington Journal Andy Slavitt Discusses the Future of Medicare and...  CSPAN  March 14, 2017 1:09am-1:55am EDT

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understand and one been one so that is why we don't like to think it is jammed down our throats of us as we talk about the republican efforts to bring a new health before the congress. let's focus on medicare and medicaid. a piece in the wall street journal over the weekend said medicare would become a block grant tied to the size of each state's medicaid population
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beginning in 2020. a big shift from th the former acting directorha for centers of medicare/medicaid services he who headed that organization through the end of the obama presidency. thinks for joining us is to talk about republicans efforts to bring a new health care bill before congress. let's focus on medicare/medicaid first on this segment. there was of a piece in the wall street journal that said under the republican bill medicaid is a block grant and a big shift from the current approach. what is the current approach and have reduced the the changes republicans are proposing? >> that is probably the mostingd
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as it works today your recently. >> if you have needs hmm but it is funded by the federal government and states and to have parameters many of those are financed by medicaid with long-term care for seniors. we spend 40% taking care of people with other disabilities. it is that many americans depend on low and moderate in tom. with their proposing to do instead of funding those need say plant a but then
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there is will it amazes me berger before medicare o medicated one who lived in poverty. those but the fact that the
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republicans plan on a mitt care mujahideen fee. >> medicare or medicaid or how you get health insurance so point this out whom so a
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healthy medicaid is what families are dependent upon. >> & b because indifferent
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walks wounded 11 important doc would do while but you can all ignore the adolescents of medicare for this date in rural phenomenon believe his attention to the success ofos one telephone has written
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the will be important point that you make that evidence bribes about medicaid for over 10 over days when you plane to words over 65 you will see how hobby is read the rain one but it is of the dozen years to the medicare trust fund oh leer looking shortens the medicare to and if in one
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fax wife be extended but the ec implantation when it was going further blur cad then tel said - - setter to say believe the private sector rather i don't know ho' shrews boardwalk los to have
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the strategy to reduce cost. >> did you hear his questions? >> i did it is a great question for go medicare is of program there is two sets of individuals. sixty-five and older and those who live with disabilities. medicaid is for several groups of individuals, and children, families, low income adults in certain states and those who arees
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blinded disabled and there is some cart -- crossover. they tended to work just like private insurance and medicaid three-quarters to dave tells me i am covered by private insurance company so that the difference is a relief felt by the individual. second click is really really important twitches how do you manage long termst cost of health care?or what it is one of the greatest obligations but they are growing it as did the trick rates. under the bush of ministration the cost grew with medicare at 6% per capita with the embalming t
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years with lower growth now is starts to tick up of little bit but what keeps the cost down by a lucky a prescription drug costs, and in how do we make sure we get value what we pay for it to country? p in this important we begin to pay for outcome that we don't just paid for more and more services. that is one of the bigig change is that people are restructuring how they get paid and don't get paid. also that is the mindset shift is a the we are beginning to have . this say long journey endedtatin
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takes a while for people to change because it is geographically dispersed. >> playing l. the case for the american health care a plan last week. flooded reaction to have what he had to see. >> obamacare isn't just the individual market but the subsidies that find it is a program washington controlled and is such an entity felons. of mesa harder for states to customize for their particular state and as a result more doctors just don't take medicaid. vat is a huge growing
1:27 am also growing at the and sustainable rate so they're threatening the very viability of the program and our future. so what we have been talking about for years but the governor said states should take over control in their budget we have had, everyone said let's get medicaid control back to the states. >> give them the freedom and flexibility to create -- our problems are in wisconsin new york so we propose more sufficient spending.
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each person? thatunder the belief medicaid and is that an amount that will come down and to do kovach run the amount of money that if miss miss then for recipients. off so be related to the amount of people floret is that an increased amount of
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spending for each person? the second question is i am under the belief that medicaid and medicare had standard amounts they pay for items.rnment w did raise prices or to ask consumers to pay the extra cost? >> speaker wright and i was before him but he has spokenen many times by his vision. he would describe as
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fiscally response of bulbs with entitlements that there is a day capped amount per person paid and he would like to see premium assistance and individuals will pay the rest.
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the ugly would have had it over several alterations to give as the acting director and is also holon twitter thinks for joining us from minneapolis
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. >> anyone working at any hedge fund involved with short-term trading all of those people wanted to this the common term in the industry. this day white eggs and the gravestone and blackett clearly inside information. . >> the two central characters at the heart of the story are the former portfolio managers.


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