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  Senate Majority Leader Says Health Care Bill Will Be Open to Amendment  CSPAN  March 14, 2017 11:20pm-11:32pm EDT

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is a disaster. >> this is someone who is trying to get attention cause a reaction but this is what bothers us it hit less than 200 nautical miles of japan. they said the goal is to reach the u.s. bases this is not something we can take lightly the global community needs to understand every country is in danger from the actions of north korea. >> one of the most important things we will vote on we don't like this to be jammed down our throats
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for. [inaudible conversations] and good afternoon for a go reid will be wrapped up three items here in the senate we will do another congressional review act to confirm and croats and deal with general mcmaster promotion with regard to the
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cbo report yesterday that a ready is talking about the first point i would make a guess as a pathway to lower premiums we think it will be a lot lower than that but we have the broad discretion of secretary of health and human services and as relearned during the obama years secretary has a lot of latitude overtaxes and lower deficits the most of an african reform in history with the projection of fewer people purchasing this inevitable result of the government not making you purchase something you may not want we are hoping to have a more vibrant market that can buy at the affordable cost the
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insurance that makes sense for them rather than prescribed by the government >> if the government will not penalize you for not buying a policy that you don't want given the freedom to make ed decision consistent with their own economic interest you may decide not to buy it did that is in large part what the cbo score reflects. sa with say to our friends that obamacare is in milton obote know that as well as private -- premiums are skyrocketing so the question is if you don't like this proposal that would assure suggestion? because what i obsessing they are sitting back on their hands to take great
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joy a to see the market place of their creation melting down we are the rescue team that has come on the scene to salvage the mass the they created we genuinely interested to make sure every american has access to quality health care if they don't like what has been proposed and invite them to join us this piece of the problem. >> as republicans we are a party of choice democrats are mandates but people prefer options over the last seven years democrats continue to tell us of fairy tale that coverage = care
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there were people at the old lighthouse that were insured under obamacare go with deductible so high but could not get the care they wanted were needed for good there's a difference between coverage and care as a doctor i am focused on coverage to see the fundamental shift its rid of the mandates and taxes and with regard to the cbo from the beginning we have said we want to repeal obamacare to do a step by step we're focused on providing the american people with the care they need with the doctor that they choose several lower-cost.
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>> the cbo is notoriously bad at anticipating was happening in the marketplace. sometimes not even good at adding or subtracting put what they almost never get right is what will happen once the market place occurs . in this case with the market place that they cannot score that reflects what the hhs secretary can do to create more opportunities in the marketplace. with medicare party this cbo thought it would cost 40% more they thought they would have twice as many people and injured through the individual exchange that
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number is now 10 million people so this is something the cbo does not do very well as we must come up with a plan to create more options -- not just average back says it doesn't matter if there is a ticket if you can get off on what is the point if you're to paid for $6,000? vat with a bronze plaque and that was offered this year? twenty to have opportunity to have coverage and health care because it has not been right. >> talked-about of markup.
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>> added time and to many judicial nominations are from the ideological rancor it is hard to see a nominee that is suitable for both parties said they can agree to. in addition to professional xx odds and i believe mr. t6 meets that heidi s. this is from salazar 2006. this week we will begin the committee hearings on the confirmation of justice gorsuch is time we have another voice west of the mississippi. >> [inaudible]
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>> get will be open my call reconciliation bills. we are anxious to get past the status quo. >> will it go to the fore. >> no. >> this sounds like these say that parts of the cbo are an accurate spirit that is not what was saying that is an accurate reflection of the likelihood of a premium going down medicaid reform but as the senator pointed
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out it is hard to predict coverage with the government stops telling new the desired to predict eliminating me mandate working hard to create a marketplace that is more attractive to people than buying insurance that they'll need. >> in trying to encourage to raise the debt ceiling how soon do you anticipate that? >> we will talk to the secretary of uh treasury about timing. >> [inaudible] >> senator graham is
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involved in the investigation of this effort i would not try to direct him how to do that progress the core of the investigation it is then by the intelligence committee providing they will pursue whatever ingles' they need to get to that conclusion. >> [inaudible] >> if i am been used by the democrats warming up to the adl threatening to shut down the government is a good idea. it seems that everybody has memory loss of either side there will be players when it comes to that


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