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tv   Senate Democrats Call on Republicans to Drop Health Care Repeal Effort  CSPAN  March 14, 2017 11:31pm-11:55pm EDT

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investigation of this effort i would not try to direct him how to do that progress the core of the investigation it is then by the intelligence committee providing they will pursue whatever ingles' they need to get to that conclusion. >> [inaudible] >> if i am been used by the democrats warming up to the adl threatening to shut down the government is a good idea. it seems that everybody has memory loss of either side there will be players when it comes to that appropriation process to
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follow up once again like they did last year to refuse us to even get of the bill but i hope the fever will break and we can get into an operational mode that involves cooperation of both sides but i remain hopeful and optimistic. [inaudible conversations] >> hello everybody we will be started right away because a few members have mothering agents want to thank my colleagues to be here with me and ask just one question, trump care has been public for one week is anyone left in the country
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to like six trump wants to call it all right in care in he was to call it trump care how good can it be if neither one their name on it corrects doctors don't like it. patients to like and hospitals to like it when then, millenials, seniors don't like it. more and more republicans don't like it and democrats are united against it. president trump has slapped his name on buildings, it ties to mistakes, hotels mistakes, hotels, golf clubs but not on the bill that he says he supports the answer is simple that every single day we learn more and more about this bill and more and more americans turned against it that is why he doesn't want his name on the bill he calls it ryan care.
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they want universal access to every single american and right now has universal access to a million-dollar home and a fancy sports credit is cannot afford the but they have access they could go to the real-estate broker justice under their plan could go to an insurance company to say show me the plan but then they cannot afford it. so what is the real effect of trump care? the cbo made clear that 24 million americans will have health-insurance or will lose their health insurance one of the biggest broken promises to say we will have insurance for everybody much less expensive and much better insurance for everybody the cbo report confirms that
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trump care does not even remotely come close. the president was off by 24 million americans more than the population of my entire state seniors will be crushed with higher premiums and rather than going back to the drawing board to solve those problems republicans are attacking cbo but the director is uh person that was handpicked funded in part by the'' brothers and republicans are attacking the referee because they're losing the game plain and simple we will stay strong and united and fight to stand to nail until the republicans stop the repeal effort for good.
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the senators have other engagements then be will stay and answer questions. >> president trump promised insurance for everybody but trump care breaks that promise to put millions of people risk to force millions to pay more for less care. on sunday paul ryan would that say how many people would lose their health care coverage with his plan. now we know. the nonpartisan cbo report confirms that millions of people would boost their health care coverage with trump care. in fact, speaker ryans repeal plan would lead to 14 million more people to be uninsured next year.
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the cbo also estimates the increase of disproportionately would be among the older and middle aged individuals with low income i held a town hall meeting in milwaukee wisconsin and i got the chance to hear from citizens who asked me if i would be one of the people who might lose their care. did with that treatment better keeping them alive. they did not send me to washington to take people's health care away and i will not support repealing those protections and the care that people have today i will not support a higher cost, fewer people with health care coverage or more
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is security for these families. >> for the last years i have been here i have been the numbers guy so i have been waiting to see the president's promised that everybody will have health care, cost less, in be of higher quality but now we have the results from the cbo that trump care cost more, lower quality and even their claim somebody that is an advocate that this reduces uh deficit is suspect. as a former governor all this does is to zekauskas medicaid from the federal government to the states. is said that the hundred billion dollars to costs the transfer to the state will
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get what your budgets would be next year if trump care is replaced their armies will ways to fix the affordable care act of what has composed does not even fit in the realm of reality then to see so many of the administration to rely on the alternative fax the has been the bipartisan refereed at the losing end of some scores the we did as a kick out the referee in the middle of the game that is republicans are trying to do and we stand united against this trump care is not a step in that direction. >> food does president trump a fight for? the cutis said he would fight for working people but
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talk is cheap so the question now is look at their actions and what president trump wanted and is doing is fighting for millionaires and billionaires enough for working people so under trump care a millionaire would see his cost of down by $57,000 on average the someone who is 64 years old would pay additional premiums of more than $13,000. in other words, trump care is one more way to help their rich and powerful get more rich empower fall to kick dirt in the face of working people the insurance would be worse in the cost would be higher i cannot find anyone that says the way to make health care better is to deny 24 million
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people a chance that coverage people still can second have parted tax and strokes children will be born with complex medical needs dealing with opioid addictions and what is the response? shoved the cost of farm someone else and you will bear the cost by the state tax payers by community health centers by local hospitals and families who will be bankrupted by trump care. and ultimately the cost will be borne by those who cannot get the care that they need. it is not an improvement for working families in this country is trying once again to help the rich empower fall at the expense of
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everyone else democrats are united to fight trumpcare. >> i m here as a voice from the heartland as the state fifth in the country for agriculture and i can tell you there were zero parts of my stay with is very concerning to them with the medicaid cuts would decimate roll hospitals across the country and another thing is he opioid epidemic we have lost hundreds of people to that they finally thought we had their backs of was one of the four authors of the bill at the end of the year at justice people were finishing their campaign tv ads now they will take the coverage away from the people that were promised.
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that is wrong last thing is in the rural area if you look at what this bill does it is literally a transfer of wealth takes years off the trust fund at the family recently retired he is on medicare vichy is not yet been'' me until 2018 and talks about how i know you're doing all you can to prevent the bill from passing but please try to work with other sympathetic republican senators to vote in this bill down. we are looking for the. the second person from republican areas that i am concerned about the g.o.p. slam dunk attempt to check off a box of the to do list
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of my expense. this is not about politics but people's lives we have received thousands of females just like this one since the plan was announced >> questions. >> the debt ceiling. >> we will do trumpcare first fed. >> [inaudible] >> we have offered it is on the books and is working we have told the senators and the others is senator mcconnell or speaker wright and imprisoned in trump say tomorrow they give up on repeal we will work with them to improve the affordable care act but we put a health care bill in place but what they would do would be much much worse.
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i said to john this morning back off what repeal is a loser for the american people and we will work with you to improve the affordable care act. >> [inaudible] >> this bill digs them so deep in the hole that deregulations will get them out of that ad with the changes they need 60 votes. and until they repealed we think this bill is so bad there is no way to make a better especially compared to the job they are doing. >> with 24 million people booted off coverage of 14 million people?
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that is something that would just happen in two years. >> he always likes the off topic right off the bat. >> if the republicans do nothing hca will collapse he's not saying he will do that. >> is cbo report said the affair -- affordable care act has stabilized. second, if they really care about people they will help us make it better ones they back off repeal what they are trying to do is to trash and it hurt people for ideological reasons. republicans have backed themselves and the ideological corner and that is the biggest problem there is no way they can get out of it. one other point that i would make is the cost of health
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care the premiums will go down. but the out-of-pocket expenses will go up. if you look at the report the cost goes down it is a bare bones plan with the deductibles to go up with coverage in is less so people have to take much more money out of their pocket even if they pay are of lower premium. >> and the cbo's or puts the backs of the state taxpayers to say we could reduce the deficit as well if he would switch over the entire cost of the army and navy and the air force said the coast guard to the state taxpayer and that is what this is essentially with medicaid. >> what are some of the suggestions quick. >> we have been talking about those for the longest
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time when president obama was president there is a long line. for instance i would put in day public option to allow more competition or more weight to give more clout to the states and i am scheerer also prescription drugs even with republican colleagues we don't have any republicans on the bill right now. that is one example that we could do with the exchange. >> weekend do lots of things but they are all based on an improving be affordable cactus not on repeal.
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>> and try to shove them down the american people's throats of course, they might be responsible but the last time they heeded our reporting, negative hour warning to send a warning for them to shut the government down. >> [inaudible] >> we have not supported a wall and if they want to debate a wall that is fine i have a lot of questions. first by president trump does that make mexico before it others are against it because these are questions that should be answered in the regular appropriations
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process i personally cannot see myself supporting bill ball but the problem is that would be a huge mistake and they would be irresponsible for shutting the government down i am hopeful that leader mcconnell and speaker ryan knowing it is on their backs with no one to blame but wanted to lay out some clear guideposts because he pushes them to include the wall in the continuing resolution. that's it everybody.
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the. >> mr. speaker on this historic day the house of representatives opens the proceedings for the first time to televised coverage anywhere shooting gradually you for your courage to make this possible and the committee to buzzword so hard under the of leadership to make this a reality television will change this institution just as it does change the second if branch but the good will outweigh the bad from this day forward every member must ask himself, the mayor can start listening to the
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debates? when the house becomes comfortable with the changes brought by television coverage the news media can bring in their own cameras into the chamber in the meantime there is no censorship every word is available for broadcast coverage and journalist and can use and at it as they see fit this solution for lack of confidence is more open and government of all levels i hope the leadership of the united states senate will see this as a friendly challenge. >> carat is expired. >> this time has the potential to revitalize representative democracy speaking 1986 watching c-span to to carry the senate all is webcast live
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archived and searchable for free. provided as a public service of powerful affiliate's across the nation. >> anyone working at any hedge fund involved did short-term trading the all want eds it is a common term in the industry there is the white edge that is useless for their purpose there is the gravestone that the blockage that is clearly inside information. >> the two cen


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