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tv   Senate Democratic Agenda  CSPAN  March 22, 2017 1:33am-1:51am EDT

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co-optation. >> remarks by chuck schumer speaking about the legislative agenda in the senate. i am pleased by my colleagues, believe masako and -- i want to
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say one thing based on what we have seen so far, it looks like it's playing ball with the committee and he's bent over backward to avoid his philosophy or the concerns of the american people. there is no rationale for not answering the question he was asked. he wants to hide his view from the american people. if the house and the senate are successful and looking like they are, the american people will remember who crippled the health care system.
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when premiums go up, when health insurance doesn't cover what the use to, when seniors are charged more they will know trump did it and when 24 million americans try to save the bill but it amounts to an old coat of paint. the car won't help or help the american people. seniors are charged more than they can afford for coverage. once again the only people helped by what the house is proposing or the wealthy. they get the brakes a little sooner now.
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despite this, we want the american people to pay more than the house. they should drop repeal. the house bill represents a dangerous precedent in the policy. it didn't address the issue of trying to cast medicaid. for the first time, you will be putting medicaid under a formula that will reduce the amount of people in the united states and 14 million according to the cbo at a loss of medicaid coverage. this is not a small policy and
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there will pick up for the money the federal government is no longer covering. i wish i could get a famous rapper from seattle here. the medicaid coverage and hiding in the repeal to cut americans off of medicaid. a lot of whom have government paid health insurance from the working fans in the country. i agree with the ohio governor and the plan is reckless and irresponsible. in my state, 200,000 people at
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this moment over getting affordable care insurance and others are getting overjoyed addiction treatment, most of them like this. we are flooded with letters from constituents stories about what they gave in the act. her daughter died three years ago leaving her to care for two children who have a brain condition because the coverage they are able to get the surgery they need. she goes to school, made the honor roll, walks, talks, is now doing karate and that's because
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of medicaid from affordable care act. more people die from opioid overdose and 200,000 could lose their coverage in this vote in the house and what woul house an in the senate. >> it continues to be one of the worst pieces of legislation. it permits people to be charged five times as much and it's not just an issue with senior citizens you get subject to the age tax after you are 25-years-old so this will impact people between 50 and 65 and afterwards not exactly young but not medicaid eligible. the approach i think reflects a
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basic understanding because it didn't cut medicaid enough and cut taxes so in order to entice republicans for more votes they are making it worse making it more severe and accelerating the tax cuts in this will cause the support that is gaining in its unpopularity. we urged members to slow down, have hearings, wait for the cbo score, wait for medicaid and thinkers to plan to reduce taxes for those who need a tax cut.
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>> you might have seen a lot of folks advocating. i said if you wait i will finish this meeting and talk to the n new. we had a simple conversatio civd one thing they agreed with is this bill is a disaster. we are so glad to hear you say that. these are people who appear to do to support the president, they were here the same day president mike pence plus doing the bill. this isn't a stick in the eye of this is a two by four in their
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face. the senator talked about it if you are a senior in virginia, and you will see this go and you will pay more in premiums and see the assistance you get go down dramatically. premiums are up, assistance is down. it works if you're a 64-year-old your premium would increase by $3,200. they are trying to find a way to say they will do something about it in the house without saying what and put it on the shoulders of the senate. it is dramatic with the seniors and for whatever reason it's one of the most important ones
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>> we are the first to say it needs some changes and we would be happy if republicans said they are not going to try to complete it we would sit down and improve it. it is better than trump care [inaudible] >> i don't think a single one of the senators has endorsed him. everyone is being careful
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waiting for the hearings. i think that he has made a bad impression on his refusal to answer questions. there's no legal basis other than hiding and by the way, he talked about a previous case and mentiomentioned that judge jackt he can't talk about citizens united or other earlier cases. what gives if you can talk about one but not another >> we are totally united on that
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proposition. >> [inaudible] obviously it would have to go through a rigorous birdbath but we don't know what the answer is which means they wouldn't get reconciliation. [laughter]
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>> [inaudible] >> it rearranges the chairs on the titanic. it doesn't alleviate the problem seniors will have more hospitals will have. it doesn't alleviate the problems of those that have families and nursing homes it just says county pay docs they pay. we want to help people. >> my view is there a simple and that is there is a cloud now hanging over the president and while that is happening it seems unseemly and there ought to be a delay. thank you everybody.
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the house opens up its proceedings for televised coverage. i wish to congratulate you for making this possible and the committee that worked under the leadership to make this a reality. it will change jusit'll change d the executive branch of the good will outweigh the bad. every member must ask him or herself how many americans are listening. when the house becomes comfortable with the changes brought, the news media will be allowed to bring their own cameras in and in the meantime there is no censorship and journalists will be able to choose and edit as they see fit.
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the solution for the lack of confidence in government is to have more open government. i hope the leadership will see this as a challenge to open. >> it has the potential to revitalize democracy. >> the cable industry launched c-span2 to carry the senate >> house intelligence committee member adam schiff spoke about the role of congress and to the


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