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tv   Adam Schiff Calls Devin Nunes Surveillance Revelations Concerning  CSPAN  March 22, 2017 7:41pm-8:02pm EDT

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reports. >> just to be clear was the people within the intelligence community greg. >> and then we don't know who did that or who was disseminated to. >> probably don't have to talk to them for a while. >> good evening want to make a few comments about the chairman's statement today. first one met the chairman would receive information pertinent to the scope of our investigation into share that information with the white house and that the
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german as referring to it is a possible to evaluate the merits the chairman has said but the can say the chairman will need to decide the independence of the investigation into conduct that includes allegations of coordination with the trump campaign and the russians because they cannot do both and unfortunately the actions of today throw great doubt into the ability of the chairman to conduct investigations the way it should be conducted by have expressed these concerns with the chairman and i only learned about this late when the chairman brief to the of press one and that is a deep problem. and underscores to establish
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independent commission with any considerations from the white house that would give me confidence so to what our committee dozen intelligence committee but second and those have not been provided for evaluation on the basis of what the chairman had said there was still no evidence the president was wiretapped by is predecessors. to remain as baseless today as he was yesterday ended a before with directors of the fbi and nsa to be made
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without any basis of fact. because of that implicating of british and then attempting to interfere with the effort to pride's of substance than the damage in the wrecking ball has claimed another victim of the committee. what i understand from the chairman he has reviewed the intercept of foreign intelligence in there is no indication it was anything but lawful with that for
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intelligence gathering but if we're listening to for foreign spy is one foreign soil or representatives of a foreign government and they mentioned u.s. person that does not necessarily mean there is a call from a fourth party that name would be mass.
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-- one with, so again if it is impossible been to evaluate without the committee to be able to pluck them. so this is deeply troubling among many levels. impede the ability to impede the investigation. to be conducted properly with the house intelligence committee and apart of investigations as part of the benghazi select committee i still hope this
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be conducted properly but unfortunately the actions clef that endowed and i am happy to respond to questions. >> are looking to pull out of this investigation? did chairman nunes reveal the new formation? and so we knew from the outset is essentially would be a political instrument to teardown to have to analyze this developments means is there any chance remaining to with this investigation we need to do a.
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to provide a report to the american people that has democrats and republicans on the same page if you have a chairman interacting with the white house and doing so with the committee with a profound out if that can be done. >> did he reveal any classified information? >> one -- it certainly is an appropriate for us to be discussing this subject to any degree that can divulge that target so i am not prepared yet to say but is
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classified or unclassified but it is beyond regular to receive any in the evidence beyond the scope of the investigation whether masking procedures are followed and i would say the most profound concern here is these actions raise enormous doubt and more than anything else is the formation of the independent commission. >> on monday we heard from several committee members about the proper unmasking of individuals what is the
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of fundamental difference of what the complaints were on monday? limit with respect to what we were discussing on monday we could discuss concrete things. if there were a specific instance we could ask questions about it but here we have no information and based on what the chairman told me the names were masked that was not necessarily any when connected to the trump organization. and those of were associated with the president. so again this is the precise problem with the information is not shared with the
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committee. we will be seeking this information and evaluating once we have a chance to review the statement here we're operating here say on hearsay. >> has the committee then briefed been in general or any facts or knowledge about the intercept? pdf so the members of the committee we don't know what intercepts the chairman is referring to. and a course these intercepts that they don't have but what relates to the investment -- russia investigation if they were lawfully conducted to have
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the mass part of the investigation at the request of the intelligence agencies about the procedures and that is within the scope of what we should be getting. of that is true and then it is significant this is within the information we have fast for the day will be delivering later this week. the web at -- why make the statement to the press? >> is there any reason to believe about these documents quick. >> everyone on the committee
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and we don't want to characterize what the chair said and publicly it is not very clear because how can we evaluate the strength of that information and that the committee has not seen to present that before they have a chance. >>. >> so i express my brave concerns of how this was
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handled and done not sure if this point of wreaking get those assurances but certainly we will have a lengthy discussion when we make -- meet as a committee but has the cloud over our ability to do our work. with that russian intervention of the elections the concern of the democrats and republicans. but this is not the way to do it. >> are you pursuing any more formal investigations of
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what happened greg spirit this is not a situation were you can pursue something like that. we still have a very important job of this investigation but they're counting on us because in-house we're the only investigation there is. if we don't do and nobody will. perhaps the white house would like it that way but with that incredible investigation if we cannot conducted then the commission needs to do it. if they will go to the white house rather than the committee then we cannot conduct the investigation. >> pdf we don't have a law of details but he can say he shared with him alone or with the of the republican
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members that makes with the chairman did today all extraordinary. >> where would this come from? >> obviously there are a law of questions of this came from within the intelligence committee then we are looking with the leak to the press with the category of concerns. bennett ought to be shared by the intelligence community. >> you have to ask the chairman.
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we don't know where the documents came from. and the underlying practices the same. with that extraordinary process made by the minority
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leader as well as the entire membership of the democratic membership of the house of representatives by my colleagues if we have certainly made it clear following the model after 9/11 for the intelligence community pdf pulse a ritually independent commission and there are two reasons why it is more essential than elephant -- ever. and this justifies the type of investment. and it is just so essentials.
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a commission like the 9/11 commission would go to the white house and we just cannot continue along that path. and the imperative of the independent commission. >> in before he comes with that information? >> especially that is not the way to conduct that investigation
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