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Charles Schumer
  Senator Schumer on Russia and Health Care  CSPAN  March 27, 2017 6:37pm-6:51pm EDT

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prevent the country from moving forward. appellate court was so noncontroversial not then senator obama or kennedy or the democratic leader there is no reason he should not we steve that overwhelming bipartisan support.gues to i would urge each of the colleagues to rise to the moment in together move forward through the confirmation the supremesu court justice neil gorsuch to give the at and down vote that he deserves. nsent the quore
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dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. schumer: mr. president, i mr. schumer: mr. president, i . >> mr. president i rise on a few topics on the investigation into the trumpf campaign potential ties to russia this is a matter of gravity we need to get right. there should be no doubt that the integrity and impartiality of the investigation with the executive branch or in a congress intelligence committee of both chambers to conduct an investigation com was unfortunately the house intelligence committee has come under cloud of suspicion and partisanship
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and a few months ago nunes talk to reporters about what the committee may now investigate. this past week chairman nunes broke with the process in tradition to brief the president on information he learned not yet shared with the canadian now we learn what that the german was at the white house the day before that event. doing what? we don't know. mr. president, it could very well be the case that the chairman was briefing members of the administration about the investigation of which they are the subject falling down on the job in seems to be more interested in protecting the president and in seeking the truth.
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you cannot have the person in charge of the impartial investigation be partial to one-sided is a contradiction and it undermines decades of bipartisan cooperation on the intelligence committee which handles such sensitive intermission paramount to national security and undermines congress as a coequal branch of government to corrode the people's confidence in our government if speaker wright was the house to have incredible investigation he needs to replace chairman nunes. congress was meant to be separate but equal and i sincerely wonder under his direction if mr. nunes pushes the committee not
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into their that asks theti hard questions to get the important the answers. there has always been a grand tradition of bipartisanship on the intelligence committee when members go into the room they check their partisanship at the door and chairman nunes is right on the edge of doing permanent damage in the grand tradition of bipartisanship. prt chairman nunes seems to more part of the present anyng impartial actor and has not been cooperating like someone who was interested getting to the unvarnished truth his actions are those of someone who's interested in protecting the president and his party and that does not work with the goal is to investigate russia with connection to the president
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and his campaign speaker brian should replace chairman nunes. so now on another matter ) t asked friday was a good day for american people we can put to bed with a disaster of the bill that was trumpcare resulting in spotty coverage fewer americans of health coverage des and high-cost premiums and deductibles for the middle-class for the working poor in older americans. tax close to $600 billion of tax breaks for the wealthy americans nation breathe a sigh of relief that trump care will not become law and now we can finally move on and as i have said many times we democrats provided
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republican colleagues are willing to work with the republican friends nobody ever said the affordable care act was perfect we have ideas to improve it hopefully our colleagues in the republican side do as well and i hope when it is no longer a undermined by did ministry should reconsider down and talk about it but unfortunately the administration has undermined the water entering the final weeks the trump administration discontinued public advertising campaign that encourages people to sign not for insurance industry shin is working behind-the-scenes to give flexibility to offer lessth coverage for the health care they need in the executive
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order that president trump issued directing agencies to facilitate entry peel and replace has destabilized the marketplace now that trump care is off the table the president should resend the executive order. today i am urging the president in the entire administration to immediately cease all efforts to undermine the california the president should not help the health care system explodes he should not want premiums to go upon his watch he should not hope that americans lose treatment for opioid addiction on his watch this approach is wrong in today's the first and foremost, one the president must be a leader in this not leadership for the president
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to hurt people actively work to undermine the nation's health care system simply because he is angry he did not get his way to repeal the hca that is not presidential but petulant and second this approach will not work politically he is a longer an outsider hesi is president.'t american people are looking to him to solve theirng problems that will hurt him and the party pointing the finger of blame not sign elf - - solvent ones problems it will backfire politically.o he is in charge people want him to make their livesec better and not make them worse because of political anchor or vendetta.isle many of my colleagues on the
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other side do care deeply in we are ready to do that in a bipartisan way but of course, repeal must be taken off the table and must under stop undermining the citizens. now that than jake is up our republican friends had signaled that i hope they have learned the lessons of trump care one of the reasons it failed so spectacularly because republicans tried to rush it through with the reconciliation process even though it was deeply unpopular with the public showed showing only 17 percent of americans supported trump care said even supporters s were opposed. why? w
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probably because it would give the wealthiest a tax cut with higher cost for f less care. if you tried to pass the republican tax plan with the same reconciliation method to get a huge tax break for the wealthy that is already profitable and powerful, it will fail the american people are not crying out for the tax breaks they're doing just fine but this seems our colleagues are headed in the direction his administration has been hard right and special interest against the working people
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of those in congress continue proposing policies that shift the burden of the wealthy and the powerful and not aimed to help the middle-class their efforts will continue to fail in turn tax reform into a partisan issue only if they have massive tax cuts and my prediction if republicans go down that road that they will meet the same fate as trump care. i hope they don't i hope they won't. mr. president. i yield the floor and did note the absence of a quorum.
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>> the description the technology is so low challenging and government has notorious but to protect that reality. and it will. i don't think have been through this democracy and survived and thrived as we go into the industrial society and we have the same inflection point today with the industrial economy that creates an amazing opportunity not just to survive but to create a more perfect union so it is a
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super important agenda and that cybersecurity is not the problem the cybersecurity is a problem that is here tuesday. -- to stay . >> [inaudible conversations]