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Mitch McConnell
  Majority Leader Mc Connell on Supreme Court Nominee  CSPAN  March 28, 2017 9:52am-10:01am EDT

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99% had been in the majority. as he continued that according to the congressional research service, my opinions have attracted the fewest numbers of defense for my colleagues of anyone i've served with that they studied over the last 10 years. so let's are paid back. judge gorsuch has wrote more than 2700 cases. in the majority 99% of the time and 97% have been unanimousciat, decisions. it is no wonder the american bac association, american is a schmidt democratic leader in the former democratic judiciary are called the gold standard gave judge gorsuch his highest rating unanimous well-qualified. in the aba rating, it noted based on the writing, interviews
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we scrutinize our rating. we believe strongly in the dependent to the government and we predict that we will be aed strong respect will and protecting it. the aba is enough of in keeping judge saad six. in fact, people across the political spectrum have sung his praises, and putting many on the left that you might not expect. people like professor laurence tribe, arm or president obama's h, legal mentor who called gorsuchl would do the coursework with oba distinction. and neil, former president obama's top supreme court lawyer who called him one of the most thoughtful and brilliant judges who have served our nation over the last century. this is the obama solicitor. j
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say in one of the most thoughtful and brilliant judges who have served our nation over the last century. liberal law professors including alan dershowitz who said gorsuc would be hard to oppose on the merit and called him a brilliant mind who tries very hard to get the lawn right and follows the law as best he can rather wherever it may lead. at his confirmation hearing last week on the leader from former and current colleagues on the federal bench who a nomination. these are all federal judges who know him well. judge john king has appointed to the district by carter wroteuch that judge gorsuch had voted to affirm and reverse his decision. in each instance, he remarked, i thought it clearly and properly informed. he goes on to say it ain't judge gorsuch listens well, besides chess league rather than
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venturing out like and i think he's an excellent judicial craftsman. former colleagues on the 10th circuit testified last week on his behalf as well. two former chief judges of that circuit, one appointed by president reagan, another by president clinton had writ thats judge gorsuch was like most good judges assiduously attentive to the facts and law in each case. judge tacha and handbrake both went on to say his other port in trades are not likely change either. is that fair consideration of opposing views from his remarkable intelligence,pe wonderful judicial temperamentoc expressed in that against them is collegiality towards colleagues. they conclude by saying if they confirmed to the supreme court noted in the lead a colleague
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and a gifted and outlook client writer as well as a person of exhibit a judicial temperament, gorsuch this bill. he represents the best of the judicial tradition in our country. perhaps david friedrich, board member of the left-leaning american constitution society best summed up by the senate should confirm judge gorsuch. in a recent "washington post" op-ed, he praised her reverence for her country's values and legal system. mr. frederick says facts batters ahead. the legal rules established by legislators and through precedent deserves deep respect and the importance of treating litigants, counsel and colleagues of stability is deeply ingrained in him. therefore, the long supported democratic candidates and progressive causes said the senate should confirm because
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there is no principled reason to vote now. let me repeat that. the senate should confirm him he said because there is no no. principled reason to vote no. unfortunately, some of our democratic colleagues are trying desperately to find any excuse to block the nomination. although this is unfortunate, it is not surprising. the democratic leader said it before judge gorsuch was even nominated, he would oppose any person on the president's long list of qualified candidates, even if it meant keeping the seat open for years. en love, we know that our democratic friends are under an enormous amount of pressure from some on the far left who want them to quote, resist, end quote.sp it is clear that many radical special interest groups simply r refuse to accept the results ofr the election and would like nothing more than to obstruct the serious work before thethe
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senate. we saw the impact that had on that cabinet confirmation sam process, which represented an historic level of instruction. we see the same calls to his obstruction now. this much is clear that my democratic colleagues choose to hold that this nominee, then they are acknowledging that you will go to any length to block any supreme court nominee of a republican president. if neil gorsuch can't be confirmed, there is no nominee of any republican president that our friends on the other side would argue deserve 16 to. his this isn't about the nominee at all. it isn't about his background.n it isn't about his temperament or his reputation as a judge. it is about as on the far left to want to prevent our country from moving forward.
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judge gorsuch suitability forno the appellate court was so oppos noncontroversial and not a single senate democrat opposed his nomination. senator obama, not that senator biden, clinton or kennedy, not even the democratic leader. then there's the recent judge gorsuch shouldn't receive overwhelming a partisan supportn now. this is an important moment for our country. i would urge each of our colleagues to rise to the moment moment -- rested a moment and move forward with the court justice, judge neil gorsuch and gave him the up or down vote that he deserves. >> the u.s. senate about to gavel and to start the day. a measure allowing the balkan nation of montenegro to join nato. among the strongest supporters are arizona republican john mccain with opposition from kentucky republican rand paul.
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it's possible the senate will recess for party caucus lunches around 12:30 eastern time. right now to the fuller the senate senate here on c-span2. the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. o god our shield, look with favor upon senators today. guide them around the obstacles that