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Mitch McConnell
  Senator Mc Connell on Environmental Executive Orders  CSPAN  March 29, 2017 1:11am-1:19am EDT

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[inaudible] i want to thank everybody. this is a great honor today. special people and see a lot of progress. thank you very much. appreciate it. [applause]
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i've worked hard to defend the jobs so many depend on. they dedicated their lives to providing an affordable and reliable power source for our homes, businesses and communities. they deserve our respect and c support. the same is true of the middle class more broadly. middle-class families have a hard time the last eight years without washington making things worse. t i think they deserve respect and support not unaffordable energyi bills. unfortunately, the previous administration did not see things in the same way. instead, the obama administration launched an energy attack after energy attack on kentucky and america's middle class, threatening critical jobs and making coal more costly. a couple years ago president
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obama finalized a massive regulatory scheme that claimed to be about helping the climate but actually would have done little to truly impact the global emissions. what it would have done is punished the families, shift the middle-class jobs overseas and t hurt the economy. it was also likely to be illegal so i sent a letter counseling te governors to wait for the courts to rule on the one reality before submitting a plan. not a popular move at the time it turns out it was the right one. i am glad nearly half of the nation agreed to take a wait ana see approach before needlessly putting their states in the and economic jeopardy. i'm proud to report we will launch a victory on this later today. i commend the president to sign the energy independence executive order & several
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anti-middle-class regulations back to the drawing board. from the outset i warned that regulations like these would hurt the coworkers and america's middle class. one report predicted more than 40 states could have seenlectriy double-digit hike as a result of the power plan regulatory plan. and we all know the low and fixed income families would have suffered the most and for what? the regulation would hardly havw moved the needle on the climate anyway. talk about that it's important to remember how we got here. president obama came into office with huge majorities in both houses of congress, huge vir majorities. could have done virtually poli tried. he pushed through one left-wing policy after another, even tried
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to push through the regressive adding middle-class energy his plans, one he couldn't even get the democratic control of congress to go along with, i'm detoured he went around congress and imposed a similarly regressive energy scheme anyway. it was evident that the obama mentio its authority. that's why i sent the letter i mentioned earlier to the nation's governors urging them not to comply with the demand,ah but instead to take a wait and see approach before putting the state in an economic jeopardy. because of the uncertainty ofsts the plan, 27 states joined the fight in federal court. in february of 2016, the supreme
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court issued an unprecedented nationwide halt of this regulation. a nationwide halt the supremehe court despite the court's order, the damage of the war on coal is already negatively impacting families across the country and communities in kentucky. one plant shutdown and they lose their job and the entire community feels the pain. less tax revenue local f governments are not able to pay the teachers and first responders and these often leada to a rise in crime and drug admi communities. moreover, the obamaed administration for massive regulatory burdens are imposed during the period when production and supply on natural gas had been high and its costop relatively low. a devastating punch to the families that were already struggling to make it.en to make matters worse, president
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obama didn't stop with this. he also sought to impose similaa limitations on any new plan in an attempt to prevent them from being built at all. it is an equally concerning woud regulation and one that would further devastate the communities and i'm glad the president trump will include it in his executive order today. the communities face enough challenges without washington piling on more with these unfortunate attacks. fortunately, we have a president i will work with us to provide much-needed relief today as executive order, good news for the coal communities. it's a victory for they middle-class families and another important step away from the over regulation of the obama years. we all want clean air and water, but that is not what president obama's energy regulatory polics
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is about. it was an ideological vanity project, an ideological vanity project that wouldn't have even solved the problem that it reported to address. fortunately, the epa will have the opportunity now to go back to the drawing board and get this right with balanced and wih serious policies. they should work with stakeholders across the countryc to develop sensible policies that balance the economic needs of the communities with the realities of our environment. this way we can protect america's middle class, america's miners and america's natural resources on what lines. >> senate democrats briefed reporters on their opposition to president trump's executive order on carbon emissions and