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tv   Vice President Breaks Senate Ties on Family Planning Funding Rule  CSPAN  March 30, 2017 1:29pm-3:30pm EDT

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the presiding officer: the senator from ohio. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i ask unanimous consent to dispense with the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: mr. president, i rise in opposition to the title 10 c.r.a. just a continued buse of power, something we've never seen in this body. one after another after another in party-line votes to overturn rules, to overturn decisions that this government has made. it is disgraceful that this body is debating yet another effort to threatens women's right to health care. title 10 ensures that women across the country have access to affordable health care including family planning at clinics that are convenient and affordable. these are a vital resource for
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preventive care for primary care. keep in mind, for preventive care and primary care. overturning this rule allows states to discriminate against providers, allowing states to pick and choose and potentially put thousands of health centers out of business. we though that because we've -- we in that because we've seen this type of activity in some state legislatures. these clinics are often the only place that women and men have to turn for health services. why the same week that the house, fortunately, failed to throw 20 million people off of health insurance, to throw 200,000 ohioans who were getting opioid addiction treatment who have insurance because of the affordable care act -- the house did not do that, but now the senate wants to do this. again, compromising people's health care, taking away their ability in some cases insurance, in other cases a clinic, and health services that they can't get elsewhere.
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six in ten women who turn to family planning health centers say it is their regular center for health care. many have no other place to turn. they either can't afford health care elsewhere or they live to far away from another health center to have access to basic health care. the federal government does not provide funding for abortion. say that again. the federal government does not provide funding for abortion,, period. i support a right to make a persopersonal-private health cae decision. now matter your personal feelings about abortion, whether you call yourself pro-choice or pro-life or something else, surely we can agree that cancer screenings and programs that have helped bring down ohio's teen pregnancy and s.t.d. rates are a good thing. cutting these services will have a real and serious impact on men
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and women across ohio. if these actions by men -- and it is over-wellcome whelmingly by men in waterboard of -- we'll see more undiagnosed cancers, more untreatability illnesses and more pregnancies. and i emphasize again, this is mostly men in this body voting down the hall in the other boat body, voting men with insurance paid for by taxpayers. their insurance is subsidized by tax dollars, voting to take away health care, mostly in this case for women, but mostly for people down the hall last week who are getting opioid treatment -- indication after case after case, privileged members of this body who get insurance paid for by taxpayers are taking health care services away from literally millions proliferate americans. it's shameful. it's morally questionable.
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it's something we simply shouldn't do. i ask unanimous consent that melissa rubenstein a fellow in my office, be granted floor privileges for the remainder of this congress. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. leahy: mr. president, i ask consent the call of the quorum be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. leahy: mr. president, what is the legislative situation? the presiding officer: the senate is considering h.j. res. 43. mr. leahy: i thank the distinguished presiding officer, and i am going to speak for just a few minutes about h.j. res. 43. i see this as a misguided, unfortunate attack on health care for women, and certainly that's what i'm hearing from women in the state of vermont. three months into the 115th
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congress the united states senate has yet to consider real legislation aimed at addressing the many challenges that we americans face today. instead they use simple majority votes permissible through the rarely used congressional review act as rolling back key protections for the american people which were put in place by the last administration. now, never mind the current administration has the power to address certain aspects of regulations that they wish to rewrite. no, they could address these. they could seek a rewriting of them. they could seek legislation. but instead, republicans in congress are intent on using this blunt procedure to unravel years of very careful and deliberative work. and these raw power plays are
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part of the trump republican no-nothing antiscience agenda in which the winners are not the american people. they are not the women of my state. they are not the average person you might might. instead they are the wealthy and powerful special interests and big polluters. they win. the losers are real americans. today we're considering the 12th such resolution, one that rolls back protections under the title 10 program. title 10 of the public health service act is the only federal grant program dedicated to providing those eligible with comprehensive family planning and preventive health services in rural areas -- and every single state has rural areas, but my state is especially rural. in vermont, we know that title 10 is crucial in making sure that the women of vermont have
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access to the basic health care they need. but unfortunately, in recent years some states have been exceptions about which providers may deliver services under title 10 and have excluded clinics that may have family planning. seeing the burden these rules have placed on women seeking health care, the obama administration finalized a regulation in december 2016 that protects these providers from this type of discrimination and women from these hardships. the resolution we are considering today would undo this regulation. once again, it would allow states to discriminate against providers. thereby, limiting access to health care services for millions. and that's not a hyperbole. it literally is millions of women and their families.
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it would prevent a similar rule or regulation being implemented in the future. in vermont, our sole title 10 provider is planned parenthood. even in a state as rural as vermont, no one has to drive longer than 45 minutes to reach a clinic. that's important to us. i mean, we consider four to five inches of snow a heavy dusting because we often have 10 to 15 inches of snow. and nobody should have to drive 45 minutes or farther than that to reach health care. this type of access is critical for those who need these services. it's especially important because for 40% of women their visit to a family planning health center is the only health care they receive during the
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year. vermonters are lucky that our state recognizes this issue isn't about abortion. it's about ensuring the best network of providers for the people of our state. there are a lot of health issues they face. but other states have already worked to undermine family planning clinics like planned parenthood. passage of this resolution will allow these discriminatory efforts to advance, especially discriminatory against women. there's no question about it. a vote for this is a vote against women. the resolution will affect the lives of millions of american women but also affect the lives of men and young people who trust and depend on family planning clinics for their basic health care needs, including for annual health exams, cervical and breast cancer screening, h.i.v. screenings.
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last year in vermont -- and keep in mind, vermont has a population of just over 600,000 people. planned parenthood centers provided vital primary and preventive services to more than 16,000 patients. so a small state like vermont, if you vote for this resolution, think what you're doing to hurt these people. now, those who support the resolution argue the states should be able to determine who receives title 10 grants, and the women under the program can simply find another clinic to go to. well, that's not the case. in fact, that argument is false. it's a lie. family planning clinics overwhelmingly serve populations of rural and medically
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underserved parts of the country where access to health care, especially for low-income individuals, is difficult. easy -- easy for senators to vote to cut off this health care for women and children, and people in rural areas because each one of us, if we need health care, can walk two minutes down this hall and walk into the capitol physician and say i'm a united states senator. i need health care. and you're going to get it. well, that may be the reality for 100 people in this body. it's not the reality for millions and millions of people in every single state we represent. what this partisan resolution would do is force women and families in states who depend on family planning clinics for health care to find another doctor -- and often very few are available -- or what's more likely, go without care at all.
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they don't get preventive care. they don't get the checkups. they don't find the first indication that they should, they may be facing melanoma or some other serious, serious health problem. and that undermines all of our efforts to strengthen our nation's health care system to try and make our health care system at least as good as many other countries, and to ensure access to care for everyone. but this republican resolution marks just the latest overreach and intrusion into women's health care. they even voted for a resolution that would allow people to spy on what you do in the network, on your internet and then sell that information for their own profit. destroying your privacy but making money doing it.
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now, until the house bill was taken up the senate was scheduled to take up a reconciliation bill that would spr defunded planned parenthood, would have allowed health insurance to deny coverage for maternity care, thus requiring women to pay more for health insurance. in the last congress, it was more of the same. deny coverage for maternity care, and then they'll go out and say we believe in a right to life. not so much for the mother. or to take care of her, what she needs in maternity care. should we really walk back from the remarkable progress we've made as a nation in women's health? of course not. but i am concerned that we still see the same irresponsible attacks surfacing again and again. look, it's 2017. it's not 1917. it is time for the mean-spirited
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and ideological assaults on women's health care to end. women are not second-class citizens. my wife is not. my daughter is not. my three granddaughters are not. they deserve the same access to care as men. and i urge senators to vote against this resolution to degrade the health care and access to health care of so many americans. mr. president, i suggest the absence of a quorum. i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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the presiding officer: the senator from new york. mrs. gillibrand: i ask unanimous consent to vitiate the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. gillibrand: mr. president, i rise to oppose the title 10 congressional review act of disapproval. this bill would permit discrimination against family planning health care providers who provide primary, preventative and reproductive health care services to millions of women around the country. it would allow states to take away federal funding from family planning clinics and make it much harder for millions of american women to meet with their health care providers and access basic care. i'm struggling to understand why, amid all these problems we are having to solve in this country and around the world,
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why this congress seems to have such a singular fixation on controlling women's access to basic health care. this legislation is so far out of touch with the actual needs of our constituents. if we have cut funding for women's health clinics, is that going to create more good-paying jobs? is it going to open more facts in our upstate rural towns? i don't believe it will. it's certainly not going to make anyone healthier. there are millions of american women, including thousands of women in my state of new york, who rely on title 10 health clinics for treatments, preventative care and for family planning services. they need these health clinics because they provide contraception counseling, cancer screenings, medical expertise right there in their communities. many of the women who use these services have nowhere else to go for access, because title 10 clinics are often the only affordable option for them and may even be the only place
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that's within driving distance to their communities. yet once again, my colleagues are pushing legislation to limit women's options for accessing health care and make it harder for thousands of new york women to get the care and treatments they need. i continue to be amazed by how little empathy there seems to be for millions of women in our country who don't have the resources to travel to a major hospital outside of their communities and desperately need these local clinics to stay healthy. and let's be very clear about who this legislation would hurt the most. this bill will hurt women in small towns and rural communities more than anyone else. it will cause lower income women to struggle even more. every single one of my colleagues has many women in their states who rely on title 10 clinics and would suffer if these clinics had their federal
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funding taken away. so i urge my colleagues in this chamber, when it's time to vote on this legislation, think about the women who live in your states. think about the women who live in small towns and rural communities who are just trying to access basic women's health care services that they can afford. think about the women who don't have big hospitals or big cities nearby. think about the women who don't have enough money to travel. the bill is going to hurt them. it will make their lives harder, not easier. we all have the responsibility to stand up for the women in our states, and that includes defending their access to health care and basic family planning services. so i urge my colleagues to vote against this very discriminatory bill. i yield the floor and i suggest the absence of a quorum -- no, i yield the floor.
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the presiding officer: the senator from new hampshire. ms. hassan: thank you, mr. president. i rise today in opposition to the congressional review act measure which would allow discrimination against title 10 family planning providers, which in turn could roll back access to family planning and preventative health services for women and their families in new hampshire and across our country. mr. president, throughout my time in public service, i have always fought to ensure that women have meaningful access to the health care that they need. i have fought to ensure that they can make their own health care decisions, and in doing so control their own destinies. to compete economically on a level playing field, women must be able to make their own decisions about if or when to start a family. they should not have to pay more than men do for health care. and they should be able to visit providers of their own choice
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who understand their health care needs. and to fully participate not only in our economy but also in our democracy, women must be recognized for their capacity to make their own health care decisions just as men are, and they must also have the full independence to make their own health decisions just as men do. during my time as the governor of new hampshire, i restored family planning funds and pushed to restore state funding for planned parenthood, and i am going to continue fighting to ensure that women have the care that they need while standing firm against efforts here in congress to roll back the progress that has been made. unfortunately, mr. president, the vote we are taking today is a continuation of a partisan agenda that has been focused on
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restricting the care that women and their families can receive, and the fact that vice president mike pence was called in to cast the deciding vote to advance this measure shows just how far republican leadership will go in order to undermine women's access to critical health care. for more than 40 years, title 10 has provided women and their families with comprehensive family planning and preventative health services. when the legislation was originally passed in 1970, it was a part of a bipartisan effort with the support of prominent republicans. in the years that have followed, title 10 has been essential in delivering important services to some of our nation's most underserved communities. that's why in new hampshire, title 10 and planned parenthood still have broad support in our communities, even if they have been the subject of political
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gamesmanship here in washington. title 10 has support from granite staters because they have seen the real difference it has made in their lives and in the lives of their neighbors. they know that in some parts of the state, there are no other options, or if other options do exist, that they don't provide women with the same expertise and commitment to reproductive health that title 10 providers do. for those in rural communities, for low-income women and men, and for members of the lgbtq community, title 10-supported health centers have been a major source of preventative care and reproductive health services, including cancer screenings, birth control, h.i.v. and s.d.i. tests and counseling services. and title 10's important public health services translate into savings for taxpayers. in 2010, title 10 investments
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resulted in net savings for federal and state governments of $7 billion. the measure we are voting on today would undermine this progress and a safety net for countless citizens. this measure would allow states to discriminate against providers and take away investments in family planning clinics, ultimately taking away these key services for those who need them most. last year, more than four million women and men at over 4,000 health centers across our nation received care through title 10. this includes around 20,000 patients in new hampshire, including roughly 11,000 patients receiving care through title 10-supported planned parenthood centers. those services can't just be replaced by other providers, even community health centers,
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which do great work. but two counties in new hampshire don't have a community health center at all. others don't have the capacity to replace this work or the specialized experience that can make a critical difference to a woman's health. in new hampshire and others states, planned parenthood and the community health centers are often partners working in tandem to get patients the reproductive help that they need. when i hear from community health centers earnd new hampshire, they tell me they wouldn't be able to pick up the slack in planned parenthood is defunded. mr. president, make no mistake about it, this c.r.a. which would let states discriminate against providers in the title 10 program, combined with the consistent attempt to defund planned parenthood would be a disaster for women in new
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hampshire and all across the nation. that's why a number of leading advocates have come out against the effort to overturn title 10, including the american academy of pediatrics, the national family planning and reproductive health station, the human rights campaign, and dozens more. i share their concerns and oppose the measure we will consider today. and i am going to continue to fight against these attempts to roll back access to reproductive health and preventive services. mr. president, it is critical that we have a health care system that ensures that all women and their families can get the care that they need. what we cannot do is eliminate services and discriminate against providers who have been providing critical, cost-effective health care for millions of americans for decades. i strongly oppose this effort to
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undermined the title 10 program andry -- and i will vote against this measure today. we need just one more vote, and i urge my colleagues to listen to the voices of their constituents and vote no today. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from oregon. mr. merkley: mr. president, last week the senate watched the house, the american people watched the house because the house was on the verge of taking away access to health care for 24 million americans, and then last thursday, a week ago from today, the house said, well, we're going to postpone that vote. we're not sure we have the votes to take away health care from 24 million americans, but maybe we'll vote tomorrow, on friday,
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six days ago. friday came, and the house said, nope, we're not going to do that vote today because we don't have the votes. why didn't they have the votes? because across the country millions of americans said taking away health care is the wrong thing to do. to take away health care from medicaid expansion and the oregon health plan, to take away health care by restricting standard medicaid as it existed before a.c.a., to take away the health care bill of rights that people so much appreciated, to undermined the ability of low-income working families to buy policies with significant subsidies on the exchange -- all of that, the house set it aside. i thought that is tremendous because this week we are not going to have a diabolical bill
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destroying health care here on the floor of the senate, but the majority party decided, no, we can't go a week without destroying health care, so we're going to put this congressional review act up that would take away health care from five million, mostly low-income women who gain access to health care through planned parenthood. we went bring up on the floor the bill that failed in the house for 24 million americans. no, we'll focus on five million, mostly low-income women, and take away their health care. that's what this vote is about right now later today. so, clearly, this attack on health care for women across america is wrong just as it was wrong to try to destroy health care for 24 million americans. it's an attack on a woman's
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right to choose what to do with their own bodies. it's an attack on the basic decency and compassion of the american people. since 1970, the title 10 family planning provider network has been dedicated to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and critical health services, such as screenings for breast and prostate cancers and sexually transmitted diseases. in 2015 alone, title 10 provided basic and primary health care services including pap tests and birth control to low-income women and men at nearly 4,000 health centers across the country. that's a huge impact on the health of these individuals served through title 10. in 2010, title 10 services
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prevented 87,000 preterm or low-berth weight -- low-birth weight births. when mary was carrying each of our two children, i so much hoped that we would not have a complication that would result in a low birth weight or prebirth in which the child would not survive. so failing to provide that care is really setting back not just the health of thousands of babies, but maybe affecting whether they live or die. and title 10 services prevented 2,000 cases of cervical cancer. that's a big deal, cervical cancer, and it's a good deed to have title 10 services preventing it. for 40% of women in america,
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their visit to a title 10 health care center is the only health care they receive annually. let's be honest about what repealing this rule means. it means family planning providers can be -- can be discriminated by states who want to withhold money from family planning providers, it means less access to quality care, less access to affordable care. by overriding this regulation republicans can pick and choose who provides services on the criteria on the quality of care patients receive. states have done this in the past and it resulted in dramatically fewer women accessing critical family planning and health care services. so we know what this is about. it is about ending federal
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funding for planned parenthood, an organization that provides care and resources to five million women every year. they've been doing it for 100 years, and they are the target. what has been their mission? their mission has been to provide easy and affordable access to address reproductive health and enable women to make decisions about their health care, but now, thanks to this congressional review act proposal before us, that principle is under attack, that principle of using affordable access to women's health care and women's control over health care choices, to keep the politicians out of their choices. this bill is about putting the politician in charge of the individual health care decisions of women in america, and that is justro.
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so i encourage my colleagues -- take a close look at this. you were spared hing to vote on eliminating health care for 24 million americans, but now you're required today to vote on eliminating health care for five million women -- mostly low-income women in america -- are you going to attack the health care of those women? are you going to injure the babies that they are carrying who will have more low birth weight and preterm babies. the wrong thing to do. vote no. ms. stabenow: mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from michigan.
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ms. stabenow: thank you, mr. president. mr. president, just yesterday the white house held a forum on empowering women. sean spicer said, quote, the present made women's empowerment a priority throughout the campaign, but earlier today vice president pence traveled to the capitol to cast a tie-breaking vote to move ahead on a bill to undermined women's access to preventive health care. that doesn't sound like women's empowerment to me. title 10 was enacted in 1970. it passed the senate unanimously at that time and was signed into law by a republican predent. title 10 is the only federal health care program dedicated solely to providing comprehensive family planning and other related preventive health care services so important to women as well
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preventive services for men. last year alone four million women and men at 4,000 health centers all across our country got basic care because of title 10 funding. critical pap tests to head off cases of cervical cancer, counseling to help women plan for a healthy pregnancy, contraception, breast examses, hiv testing, vaccinationings, these services provided 78,000 preterm or low-birth weight babies and 2,000 cases of cervical cancer. these health services also saves money. the taxpayer saves $7 for every $1 invested in preventive health care. and for more than two million people, the title 10 funded
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clinic is their own source of health care -- only source of health care. this matters for small towns and rural communities all across michigan as well as all across the country. title 10 funds clinics in three-quarters of all the counties in the united states. in michigan, you can benefit from these services in the beautiful upper peninsula of michigan where i will be this weekend where funds support the health department in iron county or the planned parenthood clinic in marquette to the opposite e of the state to the southeast corner where funds support the health department in monroe county. so what are we voting on today? plain and simple -- this is an effort to take away women's family planning and other health care services. right now title 10 funds are awarded solely based on the
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provider's ability to serve the patient, as it should be. republicans want to discriminate against certain family planning services, certain providers, and reduce access to this care, frankly, based on politics or their own personal beliefs. the vote this afternoon is very simple. it's about basic health care for women. a vote yes is a vote against women in michigan and all across our country. a "yes" vote will -- a yes vote will take away health care for millions of americans. i strongly urge my colleagues to vote no. thank you, mr. president.
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i suggest the absence of a quorum, mr. president. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: mrs. murray: mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from washington. mrs. murray: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent the quorum call be lifted. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. murray: mr. president, i have to say is this a sad day for the united states senate. i know many of us here today, certainly my democratic colleagues, are truly appalled. once again instead of working on the many pressing issues at hand, republicans are continuing their tired, dangerous obsession with attacking women's health. once again women's health is being used as a political football with republicans
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attempting to cut off access to vital health care services. and once again millions of families across the country are watching congress wdering why there isn't just one more republican who will stand up for them. mr. president, republicans just held a vote open for nearly an hour to force a vote that would allow politicians to discriminate against family planning providers. of course whenever they can't make a vote when women's health is being attacked, who do senate republicans call to break that tie in the senate? -- that tie in the senate? vice president mike pence. we've actually seen this before. we remember what happened in the nomination of secretary devos and we all know enough is enough. this is shameful. this is wrong. it cannot stand. mr. president, families have
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spoken time and time again, and they have made it absolutely clear that when it comes to women's rights and health care, they do not want to go backwards. but today thanks to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, thanks to vice president pence, the senate will hold a vote on whether critical health care services should be taken away from millions of women across the country. let's not forget it hasn't even been a week after people nationwide completely rejected trumpcare, that disastrous bill that would have undermined women's rights and health care in so many ways. and now here in the senate today, we are about to vote on whether a young woman should be able to go to the provider that she trusts to get birth control. whether it's pap tests or breast exams or birth control, h.i.v. testing, that should be more or less available to women across the country whether health care providers are evaluated for
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federal funding based on their ability to provide the services or ideology, whether women are able to exercise their constitutionally protected rights to reproductive health care. and whether the united states senate is going to turn back the clock today on women's health. for me and democrats, and i know for even some republicans, this is disappointing, deeply disappointing that we are even having this vote today, a vote that was jammed through, 48 democrats and 2 republicans voted no. vice president pence coming down to break the tie. put simply, mr. president, rolling back this rule today will put at risk women's lives, like a constituent of mine from tacoma, washington. she wrote me a letter recently and told me the many reasons why this is so important to her. when she was 20 she was
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uninsured. she had no other options. a family planning center was there for her. during a routine pap test, her doctor discovered a precancerous condition in her cervix. that led to surgery which saved her life and saved her fertility. without access to that provider, she would not have been able to get a regular pap smear and checkup and most likely would have developed cervical cancer. she would not have been able to get pregnant, go on to have a daughter, become a community college counselor, and today at the age of 65 be cancer free. mr. president, i hope that some of my republican colleagues are listening and that they think of women just like that whose lives are healthier and have been saved because of the services of so many family planning centers provide. that's who i'm thinking about. that's what's always kept me going. so i urge people across the
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country right now to let senators know this vote today, this rule is not okay. it is not acceptable. make phone calls. go on facebook. tweet about it. everything helps. tell your senator today in about an hour with their vote to stand up for you, for your family, and for women across the country. we only need one more republican, one more to join us. this vote that we are about to have in about an hour is dead even, on the razor edge. 50 senator, 48 democrats and two republicans will vote to reject this harmful, disgusting resolution. we just need one more republican to join us, to stand on the side of women and men and families and put an end to this damaging political attack on women. i'm sure people will hear and know about this.
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i'm going to be here on the floor. many of my colleagues are out here talking about it. people nationwide will have the opportunity to know exactly where every republican stands on this. so, mr. president, i urge our republican colleagues stop and think about what you are doing. taking away the ability for women in communities across our country to go to the provider they trust for the care that is most important to them, their families, and our country's future. i urge them to make the right choice. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. mr. durbin: i ask consent -- we're not in a quorum call? the presiding officer: we're not. mr. durbin: ask consent to proceed. most americans agree, i think last week's vote in the house indicated it, that there's something special about health care. this just isn't the right of every american to own an s.u.v.
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it's the right of every american to have access to health care. that's really at the heart of our debate. there are some that believe that health care, health insurance ought to be another product on the shelf and if you have enough money, you can buy it. there are others like myself who believe it's more fundamental, health care in america as far as i'm concerned should be a right, not a privilege, a right. so it just doesn't go to wealthy people. everyone should have that peace of mind. i told the story many times on the floor of the senate many of us are products of our own life experience. when my wife and i got married when i was a student in law school at georgetown here in washington. god sent us a beautiful little girl right away but she had some medical problem, serious ones. i didn't have any health insurance. a law student, no real income, a wife and a baby with a medical problem. i ended up sitting in the charity ward of the local children's hospital with a number in my hand waiting to see who would come through the door
2:52 pm
and provide me with health care for my little girl. i never felt worse in my life as a father, as a husband to think that i reached this point where i didn't have health insurance and i wasn't sure that i was bringing the very best medical care to my little girl. well, i never forgot that experience in the many years since, and i never will. and i don't believe anybody should be sitting in that chair worried because they don't have health insurance, whether they have the kind of health care that their family needs. i think that's at the heart of this debate on our health care system in america and its future. what we're talking about today is part of it as well, because we decided what? 40 years ago? maybe more that we were going to make sure if you were poor in america as a woman, you would still have access to basic health care. poverty would not exclude you from that health care. and so we created this title 10 program to provide health care primarily for low-income families but for women and
2:53 pm
children. the services that are provided are basic life and death services. everything from breast and cervical care screening, high blood pressure screening, aanemia, diabetes testing and on. there's not much debate as to whether or not we should provide those services, but you know what this is all about. it's not about what i just read. it's about family planning and it's about abortion. that's what this is really all about. and the republicans who are voting to deny women access to health care are saying we're doing this to reduce the incidence of abortion. there's something that they should admit to you. you cannot spend one penny of federal money for abortion services, not here in the united states, not overseas. so what they say instead is, well, we don't want to provide any money to any place which might use their own funds for abortion services, like planned
2:54 pm
parenthood. and so we have this amendment before us. and for thousands of women and families in my state of illinois as senator murray has explained, it means the republicans who are all for choice in health care don't want women of limited means to have their ultimate choice of planned parenthood for their services. and so the republicans have brought in the vice president of the united states to vote in the senate chamber. for those who are following the senate, that doesn't happen very often. it has to be a big deal. and it must be a big deal to the vice president and to the republican party to bring back one of our colleagues who's been on the mend from medical care and to bring in the vice president to make that difference. their argument is, well, we're just trying to reduce the number of abortions. well, if you've taken anything beyond birds and bees 101, there's some things that you might know. and we had a study in st. louis that was reported in 2012 which tells many people who are at least aware of the basics of how
2:55 pm
children are born something which we knew already and knew intuitively. here's what it found. the abortion rate in the st. louis area declined by more than 20% between 2008 and 2010 coinciding with a research study that gave free birth control to thousands of area women. although the drop in abortions in st. louis cannot be attributed solely to the project, the abortion rate for the rest of missouri not in the study remained constant. contra accepts is the key -- contraception is the key to reducing unintended pregnancies and abortions. we need to remove cost barriers. i think all women should have equal access. teenage participants in this study experienced a birth rate of 6.3 babies for every thousand girls. the national right 34.3. according to a study published in the journal of obstetrics and
2:56 pm
gynecologists. there were an average of six abortions every year for every 1,000 women in the project compared with the national rate of 20. coincidence? i don't think so. when you make family planning accessible to mothers, potential mothers and to the families, people are educated and make informed choices. there are fewer unplanned pregnancies. there are fewer teenage pregnancies. there are fewer abortions. so the republicans by reducing the access of women to clinics and agencies that are providing family planning, reduce the likelihood they'll get the information they need and the likelihood that abortions will increase. exactly the opposite of what they say they're trying to do. common sense dictates that if we -- whatever your position is on abortion or choice, if you believe that an uninformed and
2:57 pm
uneducated young mother is the right person to make this decision as to whether they're going to have a family, i think you understand what all of us do. information, assistance, quality health care is critically important for women to make the right choice for themselves and their families and to avoid unplanned pregnancies. in the last 30 years -- let me say it a different way. we are now experiencing the lowest rates of unplanned pregnancies in the united states in the last 30 years and the lowest incidence of teenage pregnancies in the last 30 years, and the abortion rate is going down. it works. it's connected. and this vote that the republicans are forcing us to take which the president i'm afraid would sign if it were sent to his desk really gets to the heart of the issue. if you want to reduce the number of aboreses in -- of abortions in america, if you want to make them safe, legal and rare as they say, for goodness sakes,
2:58 pm
provide basic family planning information and services to women who otherwise might not have it. this is a war against planned parenthood and a few other agencies, which is mindless. it really is stopping information from people who desperately need it. and without that information, bad results and bad results that often lead to abortions. so i would just say it flat out. we don't talk a lot about the a word, abortion on the floor but that is really what's driving this debate. that's what's really behind it. i hope that my colleagues, one more republican colleague will decide if you're truly against abortion, you should be in favor of family planning and giving basic information, counseling to young women who need it. that was proven in st. louis. it's proven by our human experience. i thank the senator from washington for leading this debate on the floor. i hope my colleagues will join me in opposing this effort. madamr. president, i yield the floor.
2:59 pm
the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
3:00 pm
quorum call:
3:01 pm
3:02 pm
mr. schumer: mr. president? the presiding officer: the democratic leader. mr. schumer: i ask unanimous consent the quorum be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. schumer: mr. president, i rise this afternoon on the pending business, the c.r.a. that would allow states to discriminate against women's health care providers. before i begin, i want to recognize the members of the health committee -- help committee: senator murray, who understands this issue, as well as anyone in our caucus and speaks powerfully about it. she's been just a great leader on these issues, even if these difficult times when we're in the minority, and i think our entire caucus is grateful to her and all of the members of that help committee. it is an outstanding group of people. now, mr. president, as my colleagues have explained, this c.r.a. would empower states to discriminate against health care providers, specifically title 10 family planning providers.
3:03 pm
the practical result of this measure is that state legislatures would pass laws to deny certain providers the funding they need to operate, preventing access to family planning and preventive care to millions of american women. mr. president, this c.r.a. is just another example of the republican war on women. it would let states treat women as second-class citizens who don't deserve the same access to health care as men. some states say this is about abortion, but let me be clear. this is not about abortions. in fact, title 10 funding cannot be used to pay for abortion simplifyings. so some of -- abortion services. so some of our republican friends tying themselves in a knot about abortions, say they're for contraception and other things like that. but this would take that away, take that away.
3:04 pm
so, our republican friends couldn't get trumpcare through, which sought to shut down planned parenthood for a year, so now they've moved on to this measure. it's just bad policy. title 10 clinic clinics are a cl resource for women, especially in rural areas. this bill would hurt those areas most. many of my republican friends represent rural areas. i'd like to remind them that in many of these places -- and i have several in upstate new york -- these clinics are the only family planning and preventive care fee-for-services available. sometimes they are the only health care services available. i'm sure that's why two of my colleagues with a great deal of courage, republican colleagues, the senators from maine and alaska, voted against moving to debate on this measure. they know it would hurt women. it would hurt families in their states. particularly in the rural areas and of course maine and alaska are both rural states.
3:05 pm
so for the second time in year, the republicans had to beckon vice president pence down from the white house to break a tie here in the senate on a measure that has bipartisan opposition. president trump, who once said that nobody has more respect for women than i do, sent his vice president, vice president pence, down here to the senate to break a tie on a bill that would allow states to discriminate against women's health providers. the next time the president says no one has more respect for women than i do, i would ask the women of america to not lack at his words but his -- to not look at his words but his actions, because this is just another example where the president has said one thing but his policies do exactly another. i would urge my republican friends, particularly those in rural states where this could really hurt, please think about it. vote against this c.r.a. we only need one more vote to
3:06 pm
stop this bill, which would allow states to dramatically reduce the access for women to essential health care services. i urge each of my republican friends to consult their conscience before they vote in the next hour. thank you, and i yield -- i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. mr. peters: thank you, mr. president. today i rise to express my opposition to the resolution of disapproval currently before the senate which would decimate federal title 10 funding for our health care providers across our nation and provide vital preventive care and family planning services. let me put it the in simpler terms: republicans in congress are, once again, rushing to advance legislation that will make it harder -- it will make it harder for michiganders to get the health care that they need.
3:07 pm
just last week, we saw speaker ryan and president trump in their efforts to take away health care to 24 million americans and defund planned parenthood. but this is a new week, and we're seeing a new assault on health care. today's resolution is just the latest in a long series of attacks against planned parenthood. a vote for this legislation is a vote to make it harder for millions of americans to access birth control, cancer screenings, and testing for sexually trans-militaried infections. -- transmitted infections. title 10 is fund something pretty straight forward. it is a bipartisan program established more than 40 years ago that provides individuals with family planning and preventive health services. not one penny covers abortion. let me say that again.
3:08 pm
not one penny covers abortion. not one. this is established federal law, and anyone who says otherwise is simply lying to you or has no idea of what they are talking about. we should take a step back and ask, what can we agree on here? and i think that, you know, every senator would agree that we want to reduce unintended pregnancies and teen pregnancies and save money and prevent cancer. well, today, unfortunately, we are voting to do the opposite. right now we have the lowest rate of teen pregnancies in our nation's history, and we are getting ready to heavily restrict a successful program that saves $7 for every public dollar invested. preventive screenings are quick. they're affordable and save lives. cancer devastates families, ends lives, and is expensive to
3:09 pm
treat. historically low teen pregnancy rates did not happen in a vacuum. it happened because of concerted efforts to promote education and prevention and give women a say in their own health. the pain inflicted today will not be felt uniformly. it will disproportionately hurt people in rural and underserved areas where these clinics are, more often than not, the primary source of health care. michigan has 19 planned parenthood clinics and half are located in areas federally designated as rural and medically underserved. michigan family planning clinics, as a direct result of title 10 fund, prevent over 18,000 unintended pregnancies and over 1,000 cases of sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer each and every year. every woman has a fundamental right to make her decisions
3:10 pm
about her reproductive health. the government has absolutely no right to stand in her way. i strongly oppose this resolution and implore just one more of my republican colleagues to join me in stopping this misguided effort. a senator: mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from minnesota. ms. klobuchar: mr. president, i rise today to join my colleagues in speaking about the harmful effects of this resolution of disapproval, and i want to thank the senator from michigan for his words and for his very important point that we are at the lowest number of teen pregnancies for a long, long time. why would you want to mess with something that is finally reducing the number of teen pregnancies? and i want to thank senator murray, who has been here diligently, leading in this
3:11 pm
effort, because rolling this rule back will result in something very simple. it will result in less access to care for women and families. title 10 funding supports vital family planning and related preventive care for low-income, uninsured, and young people across this country. every year more than 4 million people, including many living in rural and medically underserved areas, go to the over 4,000 health centers that rely on this funding. this includes 41 service sites in minnesota that provide access to cancer screenings and birth control and testing for sexually transmitted infections. in fact, 40% of women who receive care at title 10 clinics consider it to be their only source of health care. 40%. incredibly important in rural areas.
3:12 pm
you think of just recently in the last few years with the zika scare people that wanted to go and get birth control wanted to know what they could do to prevent themselves from getting zika to save the lives of their babies. this is true. this is what's happening. if they make these cuts. the regulation we're voting on today should be common sense. funds will be awarded solely based on a provider's ability to serve a patient, and it guarantees that women have access to the care entitled to them under federal law. we should be strengthening our efforts to provide better and more affordable care that best serves patients. instead, repealing this rule will take away essential services from women when they need it most. by overriding this regulation, states will now pick and choose who provides these services based on arbitrary criteria that have nothing to do with the quality of services patients
3:13 pm
will receive. that should be our benchmark. the quality of services. when states have done this in the past, it blocked access to critical family planning and health care services for many women, including those in rural areas that rely on health centers that need these funds. as senator murray said this morning, women cross the country have made it clear that restricting women' women's aacco the full range of reproductive care is unacceptable. so we have a situation, mr. president, where this existing rule has yield the lowest number of teen pregnancies in years. we have a situation where two of our republican colleagues joined us -- joined us -- in opposition to this repeal. we have a situation where the vice president of the united states has to come in and break a tie. you know what i would say? i would say that this resolution should be disaapproved of, that rolling this rule back will
3:14 pm
result in less access to care for women and families and this rule should stay in place. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. mr. menendez: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from new jersey. mr. menendez: mr. president, i come to the floor today just as i have many times before to stop another right-wing attack on title 10 funding and to defend access to health care for millions of women. not even a week has passed since the american people successfully beat back republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act and give insurance companies permission to charge women higher premiums simply because of their gender. yet apparently less than a week is not too soon for republicans to launch yet another attack on women's access to health care. this morning my republican
3:15 pm
colleagues needed the vice president of the united states to come to capitol hill and cast a vote to overturn protections for 4 million patients served by title 10-funded health centers every year. for many low-income women, title 10 funding is the lifeline that ensures their access to birth control, sexually transmitted infections, cancer screenings and other basic health services. in fact, 85% of the people served by family planning centers like planned parenthood have incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level. approximately 20% of these patients identify as latino and approximately 14% identify as black. in 2015 alone, title 10 funded nearly 800,000 pap tests, breast exams to a million
3:16 pm
women, nearly five million tests for s.t.i.'s and one million h.i.v. tests. title 10 did not pay for a single abortion. indeed, no federal funding goes to abortion-related care. and indeed, for every $1 that title 10 funding spends, we saved about $4 and prevented nearly two million unintended pregnancies per year. family planning services in new jersey title 10 funded health centers helped prevent 20,500 unintended pregnancies in 2014 which would have likely resulted in 10,000 unintended births and 7,400 abortions. without public funded family planning, the number of unintended pregnancies in new jersey would be 25% higher. title 10 funding services produced significant cost
3:17 pm
savings to the federal and state governments, services provided at title 10 supported sites in new jersey accounted for nearly $232.9 million in such savings in 2010 alone. so i hope that president trump knows that when my republican colleagues vote to defund planned parenthood, they aren't voting to stop a single abortion. they're voting to defund the family planning care that helps avoid unwanted pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion. a vote to defund title 10 is a vote to defund breast cancer exams. a vote to defund title 10 is a vote to defund cervical cancer screenings. a vote to defund title 10 is a vote to defund testing for sexually transmitted diseases. the american people, those who voted for president trump, voted for more affordable health care, certainly not less. not one of my republican
3:18 pm
colleagues has come to the floor to make the case in favor of repealing title 10. not one. not one. but if my republican colleagues prevail on this cynical vote they'll jeopardize access to be affordable family planning services. they'll force many health centers to stop providing care to title 10 patients. they'll leave doctors, nurses and other health providers working on the front lines to abandon those who need them the most. i, for one, refuse to allow the g.o.p. to pander to the extreme elements of their party and in doing so eliminate women's access to affordable accessible health care. this vote is about every one of our sisters, our daughters, our grandchildren. this vote is about women across this country. and i don't understand how we can take away their access to the health care they so
3:19 pm
critically need. with that, mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from washington. mrs. murray: mr. president, i notice that my colleague from illinois is here. while she's setting up, i just want to have everybody realize what is happening here. we're debating a rule that should the republicans with the vice president voting to break the tie this afternoon put in place, will allow the discrimination of health care providers for women across the country. i have many democratic colleagues out here making the case for those women, mostly low-income, who have no other access particularly in our rural and urban regions. i want to note there's no republicans out here saying why this rule needs to be passed. they want it done, over with, the vice president signed it, it's out of here. we're noticing. women are noticing. people are noticing. and interto thank all of my -- i want to thank all of my democratic colleagues and a few brave republicans out of here for their support in getting
3:20 pm
this done. we need one more republican to help to beat this. thank you, mr. president. i yield to my colleague. the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. ms. duckworth: thank you, mr. president. this vote to allow states to defund planned parenthood and other title 10-funded public health programs is simply shameful, dangerous and millions of americans across this country, including tens of thousands of women and men in illinois, are going to suffer as a result. this vote is particularly devastated to the 2.7 million americans who depend on planned parenthood for their basic health care each year. i personally understand what's at stake for this vote because i've been here. when i was working may way through college as a waitress with the help of pell grants, student loans and student work study, i relied on planned parenthood for my basic health care. for services that are just as simple as a simple physical that i needed to get that waitressing
3:21 pm
job. i went to planned parenthood because that's all i could afford on a student's budget, and i needed to get that second job. and while i can relate to the obvious good that planned parenthood does, many of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle unfortunately simply cannot. they don't understand what is at stake. let's take a look at my home state of illinois. in illinois alone, planned parenthood serves 64,000 patients annually. of those, 34,000 seek testing for sexually transmitted diseases and nearly 7,000 are seeking out cancer screenings. so by defunding this organization, what you are really doing is stripping thousands of illinoisans and americans all across this country from access to essential health care. that's simply unacceptable. we can't play politics with women's health care. planned parenthood should be able to do their jobs and continue providing quality care and services without fear of
3:22 pm
partisan or discriminatory attacks. the bottom line is that planned parenthood is one of the nation's largest women's health care providers, and this is essential to the health of our families and our country. this vote makes taking away not just planned parenthood's funding but funding from any organization that receives title 10 funding easier. turning women around the country into second-class citizens and harming millions of americans in the process. why would we make it easier to take away a health center that helps our women's public health system and serves as a lifeline for affordable, preventive services like physicals, disease testing and cancer screenings? women and men all over the country need these services. our states and our local communities need these services because they take -- they meet a need that could otherwise not be met. and i want the men and women across this country to know that i am not going to give up.
3:23 pm
we democrats are not going to give up. i will continue to fight to protect title 10ing funding and the patients that p depend on it. it's just too important. thank you, and i yield back to senator murray. mrs. murray: mr. president, i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk should call the roll. quorum call:
3:24 pm
3:25 pm
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3:27 pm
3:28 pm
3:29 pm
a senator: mr. president, i ask the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection,so ordered. ms. cantwell: i rise to join my colleagues on the senate floor and i thank the senator from washington for her leadership on this issue and to join my colleagues in voicing strong opposition and deep concern to religious 43 -- to h.j. res. 43, a resolution of disapproval. this resolution would threaten access to health care for thousands of women and families in the state of washington and millions of people across the nation. h.j. res. 43 would make it easier for states to discriminate against health care providers who serve low-income and vulnerable patients under tl


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