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first parish church where the democracy nohost amy goodman. the latest book. we will also be in raleigh north carolina at creal -- quail ridge books. on thursday politics and prose bookstore in washington dc where lynn olsen will talk about how london became a safe haven for the governments of six occupied countries during world war ii. we will also be a green light bookstore in new york city where lisa peterson will share experiences teaching incarcerated youth at rikers island. venture capitalist most talk about the cultural divide in the tech industry. and on saturday will be ahead of the public library who are taught by the prize winner.
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her book janesville looks at the devastation caused by the closing of a gm plant in the town during the great recession. it is a look at some of the events book tv will be covering this week and many of these events are open to the public. look for them to air in the near future on book tv on c-span two. this weekend book tv is life from the 22nd annual los angeles times festival of books. our two-day coverage starts today at 1:30 p.m. eastern with a conversation about biographies . at 3:00 p.m. a look at the republican party. it is a discussion on the environment with steve early.
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another day in the death of america a chronicle of ten short lives. and at 7:00 p.m. david horwitz on his book big agenda present trumps plan to save america. watch the 26 annual festival of books. like live today starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern. so the third major character in this text william lloyd garrison. went on to become one of the most famous if not the most famous white male abolitionists in history. he was also involved in the founding of many of the
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principles with the anti- slavery societies that really challenge slavery. in some it begins with a speech that he gave on independence day in 1829. and he gave the speech for the american society in the 1820s the most prominent and powerful and racial reform organization became the american colonization society. it was geared towards sending free black people back to africa. and thereby encouraging the gradual abolition of slavery and then getting rid of this newly freed people. it was quite interesting for black folk at the time.
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and now the nation was talking about sending them back to africa. this very prominent sort of organization invited garrison to speak at their annual fundraising event in boston on independence day in 1829. and in the speech garrison who is a young editor he have started this. he said in the speech that i'm sick of our hypocritical camp about the rights of man. we should be demanding gradual abolition of slavery not promoting colonization. and then ten days later garrison went to a black church in boston and went to a celebration of england's abolition of the slave trade. they would celebrate england's
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abolition of the slave trade. a white clergyman addressed the crowd and during his lecture he advocated the emancipation right now was not wise or printed. and black people needed along time qualified them for freedom. they were not ready for freedom. and so garrison when the speaker said this he heard the murmur go through the crowd. he heard this murmur and it caused him to think back about what he said in his feet ten days earlier when he advocated this gradual abolition of slavery. and he thought about that as he walked home that night. he thought about my immediate emancipation a while vision. he described as the wild vision in the speech where was it wilder to stand on some sort of middle ground between
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what he was calling sinful slavery and righteous freedom. and so he said i have nothing left to stand on. and by august of 1829 garrison have moved to baltimore on became the coeditor of this prominent periodical. and then he wrote no valid excuse can be given for the continuance of the evil of slavery a single hour. and then he would become the principal advocate of what became known as the immediate emancipation. and i say this to part very briefly about over the next 30 years they became a three-way debate about slavery and race in america with three positions. others took the position of a gradual emancipation and then a third group took the
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position of permanent slavery. and these three positions were indicative of a larger racial debate over the course of american history. on notions of a quality or racial equity. and i'm referring to their chronicled throughout the history a debate that continues with the end of slavery had these three positions. one was permanent inequality. and this position stated that yes there all of these racial inequalities and they are caused by black inferiority. there's no way i can have anything other than racial inequalities in our society. that has been one position over a course of american history. it has been gradual equality. he has stated that more people
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are inferior right now and so even if we were to create equal opportunities. because black people right now are inferior. we have the capacity to civilize in develop black people such that one day we will be able to create equality. this is a second position on race, historically in america. the third position has been immediate equality. and it's this position that suggests that the racial groups are equal. they would be able to create racialquality. that's what they spent the next 30 years promoting. we need said to end slavery right now.
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you can watch this and other programs online. book here is a list of authors most recently featured. the weekly author interview program. they provided his thoughts on how the united states can outpace global competitors in information age. the former chief described his work investigating corruption. in rhode island senator offered his thoughts on how legislative decisions are influenced by private businesses and special interest groups. in the coming weeks ohio governor john kasich will reflect on his 2016 presidential campaign. the new york times correspondent will explore the life of ellen johnson's early.
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msnbc host chris hayes will look at racial inequality in the united states. and this weekend colorado representative ken buck talks about corruption in washington and his plans for reform. >> and i think it's wrong to expect members of the house to raise money for the party to try to win the majority. it is just part of the reality of politics. it is part of politics. what i find offensive is the linkage between raising money and the committee. raising money and being in leadership. i think there has to be a merit-based system in place to decide who gets on what committee. if you been a dr. for 30 years and you show up to congress you have an expertise. an expertise is needed on another committee.
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is not whether we could pay more money with the dr.. after where -- afterwards airs on book tv at 10:00 p.m. and sunday at 9:00 a.m. eastern. in february 1945 winston churchill lamented to his daughter sarah tonight the sun goes down on more suffering than ever before in the world. the glow by then had been there by several blood years of war and tens of millions had been killed. if you had written about the victims of that violent era especially those caught between the tierney of nazi germany in the soviet union.


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