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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2017 1:25pm-1:30pm EDT

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american dream. we'll also be in raleigh north carolina at quail ridge book for edward allison'sdiscussion on the history of business fraud in america. on thursday were at politics and prose in washington dc where historian lynn olsen will talk about how london became a safe haven for the government a six occupied countries during world war ii. will also be a green light big store in new york city where lisa peterson will share experiences teaching incarcerated youth at rikers island. on friday were back in washington dc where venture capitalists, scott hartley will talk about the cultural divide in the tech industry. and on saturday will be at hedberg public library in janesville wisconsin for a talk with pulitzer prize-winning reporter amy goldstein. her book looks at the devastation caused by the closing of the gm plant during the great recession.
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that's a look at some of the events of book tv will be covering this week and many of these events are open to the public. look for them to air in the new theater on book tv on c-span two. >> i wrote this book in the haze of depression. not that occupy was depression, i found it invigorating but this was written after that and at that time in 2011 me and some folks created a show living in form and looking at socially engaged art or politically engaged art from around the world. particularly, the artist artist blurring the space between art and life. while working on that show i was very aware of a different show that i wasn't doing in the show i was doing was people trying to make the world a better place. i knew there was another show of people just trying to get their own in the world using culture.
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it's a bigger show and when i grew up with and i thought of it as the b side in the sense of the exhibition. the exhibition was about artists, and activists using culture to get things done in the world. but of course, some some would say, aren't you aware of the tea parties and it's the same thing. aren't you aware that in fact, marketers marketers like read both are basically doing used art in the city all the time? my answer to all of that is yeah, i am aware and it's very interesting. maybe that's something we should dig into and that's kind of this book in a sense. i was really interested in a few things. one was on a art level and it's not just for art but i want to put art into conversation with larger cultural phenomenon. certainly, the art art world in many respects likes to talk about itself as though we are still in 1922 or something that
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modernism is just taking off in our language of the arts is still in a sense removed from the other world. but i would say most of the avant-garde has been radically incorporated into marketing, public relations, branding strategies and the way cities are shaped and just to say, the production of how we feel is a very powerful force in the way that power expresses itself. which we know. which we know. what was interesting as i worked on this book, the difference between art and the larger cultural forces is scale. profound shifts in scale. mega shifts in scale. money that we don't talk about a mustard rich artist and then you talk about it but in general the one off idea about the one individual painting or one
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expression the way the artist think of themselves indistrict act is not the way power expresses itself often. they think of it in terms of multiple images, impressions, optics. so, one of the tasks in this book is to put art into language with it. right ? so how do we talk about the one in person first the image that makes thousands of impressions. >> you can watch this and other programs online at the tv .org. >> welcome to day two of the 22nd annual los angeles times festival of books held on the campus of the university of southern california. another full day of author events and call ins. some of the authors you'll hear from and have the chance to talk to include msnbc's chris chris hayes, tim hernandez, annie jacobsen, david horowitz and many more.


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