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tv   Bill Clinton Addresses Health Summit  CSPAN  May 12, 2017 1:14am-1:58am EDT

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thank you thank you very much. i did not get the memo where i could stand. so i really admire that i could have learned something i am very grateful for all of you for the work you do i also want to say since i have them working on this to think the private sector companies i have been to the middle east and to asia to participate with the efforts
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of the emerging public health problems and i am very grateful the companies where possible are trying to give our children a healthier future. what to think the foundation for working with us and i will say more than with my good friend and very glad all of you are here. this is bin the unusual time.
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derecognized there is no place for alternatives? and i don't mean to be funny. with the lives of millions of young people and your commitment to help people live the healthiest and best life and i'm also going to say that tomorrow you know that you will hear from michelle obama and it is one to think her to be in that position in the white house.
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[applause] so when we started the alliance after my heart surgery there were not that many groups working. there were not all that many people saying that those epidemic levels and those unintended consequences. and also while waiting for other things even human heartbreak would be
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staggering. and i was amazed to generate more interest for that. and to speak to a whole generation but then so you could just see whole landscape opened up and to educate people about that. so we're leaving the white house and i know the
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american heart association after i had my quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and wanted to do it because i felt i had been given an incredible gift by dodging a massive blow it to bob and weave around to be 1 percent of the people but then to go away on its own that is like peeling an orange then i
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lost the vein which happens to a lot of people that have quadruple bypass of it when becky in and took one of my arteries to put into a stent . that wasn't a real hoot to. but the point is i was saved by modern medicine but if i had had the right lifestyle and diet over the course of my lifetime i would not have been there. not everybody can be as lucky as i was.
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but everybody should have access with did die in the exercise program so i would be happy to help but i don't just want to do public service announcements. and then to have terrible problems. and those heartbreaking stories are coming out to win the white working-class people with that life expectancy to go down and then we learn even then under that economic circumstances that were
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objectively better than hispanic americans or native americans or african-americans with the emotional and psychological component to what was going on with those initiatives to deal with that opioid crisis. but there is no question and those with type two diabetes and all of consequences. so to try to get them that there is something to be said and then it is about giving people second chances.
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so march of this year seven months -- seven years and six months and one day old the oldest person in my family were the men don't live long and then you back to my maternal great grandparents who live to their '70's with a look straight american gothic. [laughter] they lived in the country went to bed and got up with the sun. there is a little later on that. and then they got to do better so grateful for the opportunity to do this work and we tried very hard to
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stop and reverse childhood obesity. there were two groups of people those who did not realize it was a problem in those unrevealing public health crisis in america. thank you could stop and reverse it. this is easy to say and hard to do. oh with the society is
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organized with lots of other things. and then before it hits the i.c.e. berg every person you do with is a potential titanic over and over and over again. so we started with the schools to help the school program seems like a lifetime ago with 230 schools and 13 states to become the largest to redress a childhood obesity but now to build a better school environment over wore
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them 35,000 schools in every state in the district of columbia and puerto rico for girl in before the guidelines came into place and that unhealthy food bought by contractors and we do this work that is now fairly well known with the american beverage association like coke and pepsi and dr pepper now whenever 28 of the nation's leading technology companies
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with us in some form and fashion so what you're doing here is important to me. is never is interesting but the truth is with the war that we live-in with diverse partnerships to live different lives is the back -- best mechanism now people are starting to laugh. because i believe this and i realized good old-fashioned
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name calling is so much more emotionally satisfying. look, i am from the zero white working wrote last time the first person to go to college. i get it. but that is a dumb way to run the railroad. that is the same maya to eat bad food kyushu the hive in the shoe hungry afterwards. but would gino the exhibit?
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to know what my staff before christmas last year? two and forms. one on my desk in the presidential library and one in my office in harlem. because i always tell them dead the most important political bloc over the last 10 years as citizens then to be the double pulitzer prize-winning with the combined weight that is quite a number of dance -- and. why am i telling you this? [laughter] because i will save you the
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purchase price for:of all the species that inhabit the earth there are hundreds of thousands, they're sadly disappearing now the most successful species that ever lived but we have repeated chances to be wiped out but here we are. with a hands and termites and be some people. not the strongest what do they have in common? with the greatest cooperators they found ways to work
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together for the common future. people are the greatest cooperators the great strength is the great curse we have a conscience and consciousness so that makes us arrogant that we slice and dice ourselves and then threatened the ability when we face a more threatening challenge. no one is out. to be verifiable to say this is a threat to the planet.
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so to say it might be wrong i'm just saying. the was pleading for global warming to come back. i get it. for every parent in this audience rose to take seriously to be better than those odds. there is a 100 percent chance unless the car completely collapses. 5% say it is crazy.
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others say get them in the back seat and run around and nobody would do that. but that is what i want to say then that is because of the cooperation with those complex groups of people will be different and then to work for the alliance and with that soda pop agreement and is like i am public health you expect dr pepper and all the fruit juice to
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cut all the of sugar that they drink in school? this was the and sanitized version. i know you don't want to give them diabetes as they sit in wheelchairs' with deputations -- amputations i know you don't want that. as they get 50 percent of their calories from the sugar drinks we cut the price of aids drugs around the world. can you find money to make money in a different way?
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and with the fruit flavored water in smaller portions of milk and juice and the to independent surveys have concluded the last few years that this broker agreement getting calories from drinks in schools by 90 percent. why? because it turns out to if you really want people working in good faith we would like our children to live as long as possible if you're totally cynical impressive that they have more money. and not let them die or be maimed. so that larger point i want
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to make is we can do this in a big way to reduce that total consumption of beverage calories' nationally from people everywhere by 20 percent or by 2025. we negotiated an agreement with food manufacturers, organizations manufacturers, organizations , with these products to increase by $130,000,000.70 percent from where we started. in those who offered no extra cost the coverage of
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the trips to the doctor and a dietitian by children of covered workers. there almost 3 million kids now covered by more than 50,000 networks better actually able to go to the doctor a and say dietician as part of the insurance model we made an agreement with mcdonald's to serve healthier food 21 million low-fat but the most important thing is people start to improve the health
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care. this work that for a healthier america again i will say both of them to be undertaken in good faith to share the same goals and it will work in most places. if you have to regulate the new is still figure out the most efficient way to be faster and better. coming up into its tenth year we have to analyze that over 10 years when
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two-thirds of them follow partnerships the by the end that on average met their goals to give you two examples president obama gave a speech that was obvious then he would not get a federal appropriation. and then to have two dozen partners that was well
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arrived in 2011. but last week in new york now there are 290 partners to have more than 100,000 some teachers and it did not cost taxpayers anything. [applause] but when the ebola epidemic broke out to get adequate medical supplies so to kickoff we had one dozen partners with 100 times the of medical equipment and
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then it is 500 tons with 24 or 30 partners and all committed to the same goal but they should not have to have a calamity to do the right thing. those of you who are trying to avoid calamity to of opportunity for success. and then to get more partners to do more positive things. knowing full well the better job they do and then would they did not achieve what they said they would. and then to do the right thing anyway.
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but this is important. this is a major economic issue for america to make more progress to have lower health care costs. into have the productivity. that would generate more profit set more new to have it arguably the economic point of view and then they have a long way to go to catch up.
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but this is the oh the public health problem that affects the largest number of people and impairs that learning capacity and growth capacity for the largest number of children. so i came here to say thanks and that i believe more strongly than i did 10 years ago of partnerships between the rich partners are still the best problem solvers. several years ago a distinguished journalist wrote and said i could fill the room with social science studies proving diverse
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groups in the fight could snap my fingers and then to take that person off to do whatever they wanted for two days. and then you have the same 10 questions but that is proved over and over and then encouraged to continue. and to develop more examples of corporate and agent and with the partnership for about the america.
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with those organizations make some sort of commitment and want to thank the foundation that has supported our work so we come up with this education business fund with every company the chance to provide all children in families as employees and the chance to make choices leading to a healthier and possible life.
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under this business fund and then to be quite generously these two organizations with those innovative solutions intervolved as non-governmental organizations across the field one of the things i learned for example, with communities across america is that there is a lot of things to go against childhood obesity. ... deal from jacksonville's florida but the problem is a
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walk downtown one minute and you're in the country. but if everybody knows that so this idea of community basis to be really important. so that is what we will do and then to you do it in this ceo the partnership for a healthier america to be a much younger brother and
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said you are too young to be the brother of anybody. [laughter] he said they had a prolific family the would like to ask them to come here and we will start with 1.$5 million to see what we can do and put it toward the foundation . thank you for the companies that will work with us and then did not like what they do. people of type 2 diabetes. and then trying to save their lives.
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to be to middle east into shanghai. so we will do this together and then to come up with more projects and then to bring in more businesses through the foundation that without them we would not have done any of this. let's give them a hand. [applause]
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>> get levels in one final thing and in washington d.c. with that impact of the type two diabetes so don't get discouraged the bigness nobody wants to see any child died.
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over the long very lifeblood of the greatest one of the images burned into my brain still give it with them productive don't leave without renewed synergies. when michelle obama has a foundation to help with what she was doing that they called the campaign smoothes -- is called move. and not move away.
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and then to do something i could make 50 jokes out of this. [laughter] but this is a big deal. don't devalue your potential don't ever assume somebody will not help you. and don't ever forgets with those inclusions of diversity and accretive corporation lead to better results. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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former congresswoman serving 12 terms convicted today in florida a former u.s. representative from convicted of federal fraud charges that the former representative motto used
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digby that she delivers that could not do when it came time to defend herself were fraudulent conduct. fred took federal grand jury convicted her on 89 of 22 counts from mail fraud from filing a false return for covert chief of staff previously pleaded guilty last year in the 24 count federal indictment led by the former congresswoman she would help to solicit a hundred thousand dollars in contributions for a sham education charity one door for education and you can read more about that on "politico".com. so around the country and around the world the democratic leader of the house nancy policy -- it's
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the policy the delegation visits in the spirit to be inspired to demonstrate our commitment to the tibetan people and then to be pleased to meet with the prime minister to discuss the importance of our shared values and also an honor for the delegation for a wonderful school for the next generation this is from nancy pelosi of that congressional delegation so back home town hall meetings about what democrats are up to talking health care they write to one house democrat was an enemy territory and
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on the mission the new york lawmaker told the crowd at the industrial space in a neighboring empire state district. talking about the republican congressmen who was not'' -- was out holding town hall meetings this week. you can see one of the photos there at the "huffington post". in one town hall meeting you may have heard quite a bit about was a key republican in the passage of the american health care act suggesting that compromise to get the bill through last week of passage had a town hall meeting lasting five hours he was slammed at a town hall meeting for reviving the obamacare


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