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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 16, 2017 12:53pm-1:07pm EDT

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he wasn't briefed on the source or method of the information. i'm sorry this has to be the last question because we do have the president of turkey coming momentarily. thank you very much. [inaudible conversations] >> if you missed any of that briefing you can see it again on our website type hr mcmaster in the search box. in a few moments we expect remarks from president trump and the turkish president. we showed you the his arrival at the white house just a few moments ago. the to our meeting and discussing u.s. turkey relations and shortly they will read statements to the media. we will have live coverage just after 1:00 p.m. here on c-span2.
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while we wait for that to take place, comments from this morning's "washington journal" about president trump and stories he shared secrets with russian officials recently. >> host: it's open phones on the "washington journal" until 10:00 o'clock when our program and spread we want to hear from you.ding most of course, one of the big stories yesterday, a story that's leading most newspapershe today, first reported by the washington post, trump reveals secret intelligence toly russians is the headline.. highly classified information on isis disclosure in a
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meeting with russia officials. that is from sources who talk to the rushing ten post. we want to hear your reaction if that's what you want to talk about. president trump giving his reaction in a series of tweets this morning saying, as president i wanted to share with russia at an openly scheduled meeting which i have the right to do. facts pertaining to terrorismig and airline flight safety, humanitarian reasons and i wanted russia to step up theird fight against isis and some further reporting and tweets have come out already today. one of the reporters that nbc news rates mitch mcconnell on bloomberg weighing in on thewi latest saying i think we can do with a little less drama from the white house. jesse is up first.orning, good morning. >> i wanted to, on whatg mr. trump said.
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i don't think there's anything he should be keeping from the americans, but anyway, you are talking about the guy who take creates big news. [inaudible] fake news was created by donald trump. calli >> host: jesse, i assume you didn't vote for donald trump? we lost jesse. fran from jacksonville, florida. good morning. >> caller: yes, i was calling concerning the colors that ares always calling in and saying the news media is against the president and they need to give him a chance untrue, fake news and this
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uncorroborated, the president himself corroborates most of the articles that are out there up to the one about what he said to the russians and house.ite i just wonder what it is that defend him people and go against their best interests or the interests of country, including congress because theme thing president gives us all the need.ce that we he's, you know, i want to say about what he has done that i don't know whether of or what they expect him to do for them. but i recall that as soon as he the white house and seemed like the first executive turn back that quarter of percentage interest rates that age president obama had given to the
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people. he reduced the interest rate for a e mortgages for fha, by quarter of percent, donald trump ame into the white house, signed executive order to put it back. -- : why does that concern why does that concern you, fran? because that had to affect his base. un aid that he loved the uneducat uneducated. will havecated people a difficult time getting a mortgage. host: pat, republican, good morning. good morning. what upsets me most is what is trying to bloody beats up percentage of states.ted -- [indiscernible] change how think and everything whatever -- call,
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host: all right. carolina,ington, north independent, go ahead. caller: good morning. on last commentator you had that wrote the book "black and is stressing from what i understand, understanding nd cooperation between there was an understanding and cooperation between communities in identifying where there are issues, and president obama had said, especially with the street strikes, nonviolence, drugs, to go easy, give people a second chance, and here comes jeff sessions. it was just a couple of days
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ago that he said, with all due speed, law. i just find it so ironic that there could be such a divide. most importantly, the people who are pulling the strings are so, i don't know a nice word to say, just mean-spirited. >> host: do you think the police community divide was getting better and now getting worse? where do you think that stands. >> caller: i go back 40 years when i was an emt in boston working side-by-side with the police force. domestic violence cases, shootings, stabbings, hangings , we were all there together.
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you are asking somebody who is jaded because i've watched it. i'm also an american african-american female and i've experienced ugliness from police from for no reason at all. it's not just the police on the streets, it's who supervises them and who runs the department. it goes up the chain right to jeff sessions. you set a mindset. it's like the hazing that happens. nobody speaks up when there's ugliness. everyone is in the culture of, i'm not going to go across the establishment. i need my job, i've got kidsho to feed.line f >> host: pat is on our line for republicans.john.
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>> caller: hello. i would like to talk about what "washington journal" has been doing for the last month or so and that is that i think you spend way too much time on minor issues for instance this morning, an hour on an unattributed story in the washington post when you are giving us a lot less time with guests that you have on that could actually answer questions because with these half-hour segments, the host, not necessarily you but thee ce host dominate the conversation and we don't get a chance to get our questions answered. people who aren't online at the moment it starts can't really join in. i wish you would spend more time on substantive issues and less on what looks like gossip in the first hour this morning. >> host: you think the story that came out is gossip.ding wit
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was on the front pages of newspapers around the country and all of them lead with the story.rning, the providence journal, the orlando sentinel, the houston chronicle, some of the headlines on this washington post story yesterday. yorkink we lost the caller. david from new york, democrat, good morning. >> caller: good morning. i just wanted to comment on the last guest. i just wanted to say, i wanted to give a defending opinion. i'm not black, i am not white. i just want to tell you everything comes down to personal responsibility and family values. i live in a black neighborhood and i think everything comesal down to personal responsibility and family values. commu
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>> host: before you go, does that mean there's more of a responsibility on the community here to do better and reach out to the police? is that where the responsibility lies? do you think there's responsibility on the police to see communities of color and meet them where they are? >> caller: what i think when it comes to personal responsibility is behavior. personal responsibility on the part of the community. >> host: dante is in florida, line for independence. the morning. >> caller: i want to talk about james comey. he was going to prosecute clinton but he met, lorettassio lynch met bill clinton on that
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plane and the discussion was does james comey want to be the first fbi director to charge hillary clinton. for the first time and maybe a hundred years they tried to charge the defense secretary and it fell. he did not want to be the one to charge hillary clinton for the e-mail scandals because in the e-mail scandals, obama's name is inside. he would've been put to prosecute hillary clinton and then he would've had tochch investigate the e-mails which obama's name is in there and he did not want to prosecute because they would've ripped him to pieces and he would've been a racist for the rest of history. what they are trying to do, they are going to prosecute hillary clinton. she is going to get charged, but right before she goes in, donald will pardon her. you've got my words.future. inside information.
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>> host: that is dante's prediction on the future. speaking of the james comey firing, the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will brief lawmakers behind closedan doors giving lawmakers a chance to discuss with the man in charge of the campaign. mitch mcconnell agreed too issue that invitation and did so on monday. he said monday that mr. rosenstein accepted the invitation. also reporting from the wall street journal on this topic, one of the candidates for fbi director, trey gaudi, the congressman from south carolina took himself out of the running on monday. he said the fbi needs director within impeccable credentials and one who can unite the country. >> live to the white house for h statements from presidenteade trump


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