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tv   Washington Journal Robert Murray Discusses the Future of the Coal...  CSPAN  May 31, 2017 7:33pm-8:01pm EDT

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do these things. we can tackle the problem. if we were not so wasteful with energy we went have a national energy problem. >> if you want to read more about his work go to the thoughtful thank you for taking time with us. >> thank you. >> we also heard from the head of an energy company in ohio on the future of the industry.oi >> now to the murray corporation headquarters in ohio. we are joined by the ceo, robert murray. thank you for joining us. >> guest: thank you for having me. >> host: where the transfer center, takes the coal from the century my, how many minds does murray energy operate and how many employees do you have? >> guest: wey have 17 minds, may
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first of 15 we had 8400 employees but because of the actions of a barack obama and the democrats we got down to 5000 employees. were back up to about 6500 employees now under president trump. he has done a wonderful job so far for reliable, low-cost electricity and for our coal bao miners. we hope to get back to where we were eventually. >> what kinds of minds does murray energy operate. i they energy minds, open pitin. mines, surface mines? >> i have all underground mines.
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that is environmentally the most acceptable way to my cold. were typically underground 1000 feet. people don't even know where it down there mining the coal. murray energy corporation is exclusively in underground mining company in the united states with 17 minds. we do surface mining in columbia south america, but we underground mine is his most environmentally acceptable way to do it. the public don't even know that i have thousands of employees right under the mining the school. >> host: when did you start in the mining business? have you ever worked in the mining business? >> guest: i work 16 years underground everyday until i contracted a problem i was underground every week until last july. that's why i put my headquarters here just 15 miles from where you are right now people just want dignity.famili coal miners and families livesob
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were destroyed and people losteo their jobs for every job we have in the minds, there are up to 11 jobs in the communities for school teachers, county employees state employees, doctors, lawyers, store clerks that spinoff from every coal mining job. size proud of the fact that in early 15 i had 8400 employees and accounted for 100,000 jobs in the united states of america. the soy six years ago i moved my headquarters back to the coalfields to be among our people. they just want to work in honor and dignity. day had a 52-year-old coalminer that i hired 30 years ago and i was forced to lay him off by the democrats. he was crying in my office and i cannot get them out of my office.
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that is something obama, clinton, the democrats never thm saw. these are wonderful people that just want to work in honor and dignity. >> recent headline, bob has president donald trump's ear. can you talk about your relationship with the president? >> i have a close relationship hith president trump. he has done wonderful things for the coal industry. i met with him three times at his request in the last three months. we been very engaged in the transition and identifying those regulations of the obama administration that need to be eliminated and in helping him get the right people, not the political hacks that mr. obama and the democrats had for eight years. a but people understand the call at industry. our customers had uncertainty for eight years because of these
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mixed signals that they have gone from illegal regulations of the obama administration. we need to get that settled down because reliable, low-cost-f electricity is at stake. windmil coal-fired electricity is 4 cents per kilowatt. electricity from a windmill and solar panel those mentioned earlier is 26 cents per kilowatt hour. it gets worse cents from the taxpayer, you as a subsidy it would not even exist without ito natural gas has historically been 15 cents per kilowatt hour. coal is one for the cost of natural gas, one seventh the cost of a windmill or solar panel. we need to keep it in the mix so proble have reliable, low-cost electricity. we have an energy poverty problem in this country. we worry about the women trying to raise children with one income with a customer who
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worked all their lives to save a nest steak. their pain at 22% of what they make or what income they have for energy. that manufacture of a product is also paying out 22%. we have to worry about the cost of electricity and reliability. it is the staple of life today. >> robert is taking your calls, questions and comments. special line for coal miners for family members otherwise we split up our lines by time zone. you can start calling it now. before we get to the call torset mention 63000 jobs lost over the course of the obamafr the latest jobs number, there's
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only 72600 jobs in the coal industry now. do you expect the 63000 jobs to come back? doubling the coal employment. >> guest: john, president trump i killing the ill-fated so-called clean power plant has already saved 25000 coal mining jobs. yes, we have lost 63000 coal mining jobs times 11. that's about 40000 jobs in america under the democrats and obama the last eight years. the killing of the clean power plant already done by mr. trump saved the closing of 56000 more coal units on top of 411 coal-fired units that obama closed illegally most of them. that saved 25000 coal mining
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jobs. we would have gone down with 63000 plus another 25. we can collated that he's already saved 25000. he will bring the economy back as he brings manufacturing to the united states. coal will grow because our cool energy is one for the cost of electricity from natural gas. >> host: what specific regulations are you referring to? >> guest: eyes referring to the clean power plan alone brought back 25000 jobs. the first regulation that was illegal was the street protection role. it would've stopped mining under any dry ditch on the surface. that was the first regulation he killed. was simply an attempt. to eliminate underground mining. the most environmentally
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acceptable way to mine put coal. he is now called a timeout to study the resiliency of the electric power grid. says left a very unreliable power grid. that is the margin and the grids are dangerously low. all of the experts are saying that. coal needs to be there. see only solid hydrocarbons stored at the plant. to keep reliability we need about 30% coal-fired electrici electricity.are ve that's where we are at now.he the margins are thin. he has ordered studies of the electric power grid. is that the things that's closing the plants right now's the scrubbers were ordered on the plants but the obama administration passed regulations where they couldn't use them. they were on the water
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discharges from the scrubbers. that has been killed. he is now in the process, mr. trump of killing the coal combustion residual regulations on solid, done he has addressed about six or seven items on the list that were illegal done by executive by the past president, the greatest destroyer america has ever had, barack obama and his democrat friends. i don't know of a democrat that doesn't support. >> munro is up first in maryland. you are on. >> caller: good morning. there is an article last month that talked about how brute it is almost a cold free nation and are down to nine plants. i do more research and see an article from the washington post and there showing how natural gas usage is above coal and even
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solar, wind and others comingch up. the thing is, look industries change. i'm sure when the car came to horse and buggy industry also complained. we have to change as a nation. climate change is real. i notice we're talking about the kilowatt hours you didn't mention how much it was for nuclear. >> host: mr. murray, i will let you take on this topics. >> guest: well, he is misinformed and much of what he just stated. number one, we need nuclear power as well as coal-fired energy to have reliability of the electric power grid. we need those two. wind is only available if the wind blows. solar is only available of the sunshine's.
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these gas wells that are eliminating coal last ten years. what are we going to do after that? there virtually depleted after that. he is wrong in saying that gases replace coal. they're about even right now. they're both at about 30 or 32% of the electricity generation. coal was 52% before the election of barack obama. global warming does not exist.ol . . tarctic i shield is larger than has been. down everyose coal-fired plant in the united states and it would have an immeasurable effect on global climate temperatures. 0.02 degrees fahrenheit. your listeners comments are virtually all let's hear from some more colors. this is tom in south carolina.
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go ahead. >> i'm glad to see you on the show telling the american people the truth. once and for all. the previous callers comments are misguided because they listen to the democratic propaganda. they not only destroy your industry but they destroyed everything they get their hands into. the first part of the show when you had sally yates and comments and maxine waters, those are political hacks that destroy other areas of the country. we have distrust rating out. you being on the show to straighten it out in your industry and tell the american people the truth is where we have to start. >> alright let's go to joanna and indiana.good morning. >> good morning. i have a question for you sir. you are so very concerned about your people that you know, it seems awful odd to me that you take your power plant upgrading and throwback into our pockets. the ones that paid. the 16 percent during the middle of the worst winters
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that we had two years ago. 60 percent is an awful lot for electricity in the middle of the winter. you said that you are so about the coal industry being bad for you. how come they had to get on to you since you note to the desert this is been a bad business, and dirty business and do something? >> mr. murray. >> i think her comments are misguided and wrong. her thoughts, i don't know how to respond to it. the coal industry is very environmentally conscious. i have children and grandchildren just like she does. and i'm concerned about the environment as she does. that is why i underground coal. it can be burned as cleanly as natural gas.
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we need to make a commitment to high-energy low emission technology. it is all there. the emissions from the generation using those technologies actually are lower than from natural gas. we cannot rely on a windmill and a solar panel in ma'am, i do not run any coal-fired power plants. i don't run any powerplants. so you'll have to ask someone else the question but your electric bill. but i continue our coal is keeping your electric bill down.apparently did not hear me say that it is 1/6 of the cost of windmills and solar panels, it is one fourth the cost of natural gas. there are no other ways to produce electricity today other than with nuclear power plants and with coal-fired plants which we absolutely need.
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>> nancy is next. >> good morning thank you for having me. i really feel like i have a lot to say. there have been other industries over history that have had to go away because they were not sustainable environmentally. whaling for instance. people you know i am sure were just as attached to those jobs. and forcing old forests. as we learn about the effects of these things. we move on to other more sustainable things.i watched a lot of documentaries. i read a lot and when i am hearing is that there really is no such thing as clean coal. you may be able to burn it more effectively. with less pollution at this point.
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which is the very act of getting it out of the ground and shipping it and now that donald trump has rolled back the law or the rule that they cannot put the transport in streams and rivers. i find that very upsetting. and i do not think these people are political hacks. i have also been listening to documentaries and really think about how the price of wind and solar is coming down drastically. it's actually in many cases less expensive. >> mr. murray, i will let you jump in. >> well, again - she has been reading the raw materials. a windmill and a solar panel are $0.26 a kilowatt hour. it gets four cents subsidy from her. and her taxes that she pays. coal is four cents a kilowatt hour. 1/6 the cost. electricity from natural gas is
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four times more expensive. and again i guess will only last 10 years. we need solid hydrocarbons to keep the reliability of the electric power grid. this technology that we have today must sustain coal purely must have to maintain the reliability and the low cost in the electric power grid. low-cost electricity is a staple of life today. >> we talk about clean coal any talk about clean coal as well. for the advancement and claim: the country, what could washington do to help with that? >> well, first of all carbon capturing and sequestration as a technology does not work. it is neither practical nor economic. indeed, carbon dioxide isn't even a pollution. it is a gas that makes matters
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grow and it was never covered under the clean air act. we need to have other technologies besides these. there called high emissions for high energy, low emission technologies. supercritical combustion and combined cycle coal-fired generation. with those technologies coal can be burn cleanly then with natural gas. we made a commitment to it in this country. because we need all of the above. in our energy mix. we need coal, nuclear, we need gas, we need windmills, we need solar panels. we needed all. it is a staple of life. and we all want to protect the environment. and there no discharges from any of the powerplants that i supply more from the coal mines right now.
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that are violating any laws or that create any pollution for the country. it is all in the information that is put out there. you know, the margins in the coal industry have a very tight. we don't have a large public relations program. the obama administration spent $1.2 billion against me personally. to silence me over the last eight years. that is taxpayer money. they spend $158 million in public relations. that was taxpayer money. so the information that people get in connecticut is often very skewed. because we can't get the information out there is that they cannot afford it. we are fortunate to keep our people working.and to keep the coal at 32 percent of the energy mix where it is right now. from the 52 percent were
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started under president obama. >> we want to give me a chance to talk to as many callers as possible. we have a special line for the rest of the program today for coal miners and family members of coal miners, june is on that line in brooksville florida. good morning. >> good morning. sarah, i would like to say thank you for what you have done for my family. i am 74 years old. my grandfather and great-grandfather came over and had their own little coal mines. we had been coal miners all of our lives without it, we would not have survived. i can remember when i was in, first or second grade that my family lived in a home that the coal mines owned. without that roof over our heads we would not have had anything. we had to go next door to the
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church and they would give us soup and sandwiches when things were bad. the coal mine has been our life. i am just - some of these people that's never lived what we have lived, doesn't know what coal does for our lives. it keeps things going in west virginia. look at the steel mills, everything. there is nothing there now. we used to be the most beautiful state down around blair where i was born. we lived down in powhatan, i don't know what to say to these people. you have to live this life to know what it does for you. my brothers are called minors. i have one that just retired after putting his, he was 17 when he went into the coal mine. now he is 56 years old. that should tell people. we need the jobs for the people
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around there. so please, just keep what you are doing and let the people know how important this is. and it is not as bad as what the democrats are saying. even some republicans say this. without this coal mine there would be no west virginia, there will be no ohio. >> thank you for the call. and sharing your murray let's give you a chance to respond to june.>> june is absolutely correct.these people in these areas, the miners have thought the worst for this country. our very dedicated hard-working people that just want to work in honor and dignity. i respect them so much. that is why i built my headquarters right where you are. in the coalfields among these people.
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but more importantly, where the industry that is holding down electric rates for all americans. we cost 1/6 of the cost of a windmill and a solar panel. in one fourth the cost of electricity from natural gas. we need to keep these electric utilities from certainty now. under mr. obama, away from mr. obama's regulations and under mr. trump. so they can go ahead and stop the destruction of the coal-fired electricity. because we have a very unreliable electric power grid right now. people are going to freeze in the dark. people are going to die on the operating table. if we get another polar vortex that we had in this area two years ago. there is not enough margin in electric power grid to keep the lights on if we get a very bad cold snap or very hot weather in the summer. that is what people need to be worrying about. we have an energy poverty problem in this country. we have an energy poverty
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problem in the world. half of the homes and if you don't have a lightbulb for heat as well as light. england came up, great britain in your discussion a few minutes ago. i have an office in london. their electric bills have doubled. they're hurting for electricity. they have shut down all of their coal-fired electricity. so has europe, there in the same position. let's not put the united states in that position. for no environmental benefit at all. again, you can close down every coal-fired plant in the united. by the obama administration itself, the effect on the environment are immeasurable. 0.0 degrees fahrenheit.>> mr. murray have to end here. we appreciate your time and chatting with our colors this morning on the washington journal.>> thank you john having me.i appreciate it very much.
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>> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, bloomberg sina climate reporter deems that we have to discuss reports of the trump administration attempting to withdraw from the parents climate. also "the new york times" will be talking about how the pharmaceutical industry is responding to pressure by congress and the white house to lower prescription drug prices. also it wasn't center william -- will talk about russia and the 2015 elections beauty and bloomberg's lindsay ruffled talk about challenges us retailers. be sure to arch washington journal live in seven eastern on thursday morning. join the discussion. sunday on q&a. >> there's a political structure that was correct in the 1927 radio act. the primary actor herbert hoover secretary of commerce. those rules, 90 years ago still
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governed the way we actually allow resources to be used in our economy today. >> clemson university professor and former chief economist at the fcc thomas hazlitt. >> only went to this political system for allocating spectrum rights in 1927, within a couple of years, the regulators at the commission are renewing licenses but very carefully noting that propaganda stations will not be allowed. in fact early on in 1929, in that. you had left-wing stations. if i can use that political term. by the labor union and w -- for


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