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  President Trump Addresses Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference  CSPAN  June 8, 2017 10:45pm-11:27pm EDT

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. >> our next speaker is no stranger to this event. it marks the fifth appearance at the conference said he has been the hit us a private citizen in is our great to honor to welcome him as a leader of the free world. he first came to our recognition is what america's most successful and respected business leaders he wrote to be part of a deal in to start with a successful franchises in the history of television. two years ago this very week
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he defended the escalator into the lobby of what bears his statement and set off the equivalent of a political earthquake. [laughter] and some are still feeling the travers. [laughter] [applause] last november when a historic victory in no small measure because to his credit he focused like a laser beam to win the support of the evangelical voters to give him 81 percent of the votes that is why he is president today. since he took office the economy has returned to strength the economy and the stock market is up the house
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has passed legislation and under his leadership that will be passed soon. [applause] as his first trip abroad to call the arab world to police the islamic extremism and pulled the raised the plight of christians to decry the persecution of believers. [applause] and by the way once isn't it great to have a president who did not apologize for his country but defended the united states of america. [cheers and applause] one year ago it this a minute conference and said
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if you elect me president i will choose one of these 21 to fill the vacancy on the supreme court of into this bill re-read because he kept that promise to dave justice gore said cassettes on the u.s. supreme court. [cheers and applause] he has proven to be a man of his word to honors his bond it keeps his trust with us. we'll love him because he is our friend and whether private citizen or a candidate for office were now as president, he has defended people of faith here in the united states and around the world the and it is my great pleasure to introduce to you my friend
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friend, our friend, the 45th president of the united states of america america, led donald trump. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he said we got 81 percent of the vote to. who are the heather 19%? where are they coming from? [laughter] banks for that kind introduction and for your great leadership. it is wonderful to be back here with my friends. who would have known this would happen? that we had a feeling. didn't we? [applause]
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and rolf and want to congratulate you and your wife and each and every person in the audience today in just a few years you hope to turn a small organization into a nationwide beautiful movement. [applause] and what you have achieved achieved, i have spoken to this group so much and so often. most recently one year ago this week to ask for your support and it did you deliver. [cheers and applause] you really did you knock down more than 1.2 million dollars with the key battleground states as you remember we were supposed to be focusing on those states
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you said 22 million pieces of mail and made it 10 million phone calls. that is something and i am honored for your commitment to our shared cause. thank you for all that you do. [applause] you did not let me down i will not let you down. [cheers and applause] we will always support the evangelical community to defend your right to end of all americans to live by the teachings of their faith and as you know we are under
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siege. you understand that. we will come of bigger and better and stronger than ever. watch. [cheers and applause] you fought hard for me now i am fighting hard for all of you. i have one goal as president to fight for the american people and to fight for america and america first. [applause] we are going to battle for every american who has lost a job for a family who was lost a loved one because lost their rights and freedoms the forgotten men and women will never ever be forgotten again. [applause] remember they cibber did all
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these people come from? and they're still trying to figure it out. they don't get it. your voices will resound against hall's of our capital and across the world as we recite the words of isaiah chapter one for 17 learn to do right anc justice defend the oppressed and take up the cause of the followers and plead the case . with data entrenched interest with those voices in washington to do everything in their power to stop us from the righteous cause to stop all of you they will buy, obstruct, a spread their hatred and prejudice. but we will not back down from doing what is right.
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because as the bible tells us. [applause] we know the truth will prevail that god's glory is wisdom will shine through in that the good and decent people of this country will get the change they voted for that they so richly deserved. [cheers and applause] nothing worth doing ever came easy but we know how to fight better than anybody and would never ever give up we will fight and win to have an unbelievable future and it will be to gather. [applause] we're keeping the of solemn
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promises we made to the great citizens of our country with job killing regulations with government overreach to return power back to every day americans. in just a short period of time we have added 1 million new jobs and approved historic increases of military spending. to achieve a record reduction of illegal immigration and 75%. if they did 1% in the past then general kelly is doing a great job. protecting families and schools and cities by removing a gang members.
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ms-13 and the drug dealers and criminals and to cracking down on the sanctuary cities that protect them. [cheers and applause] and we believe people that come to our country and should embrace our values. our values. [applause] in my first 100 days, i don't think anyone has ever done more or certainly not much more, i appointed and confirmed a supreme court justice in the mold of the late great justice scalia. [applause] and to now just to score such justice courses each
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has a seat on united states supreme court we have also proposed a historic tax cut the biggest in the history of our country by the way we're fighting for fair trade with a level playing field for all american companies and american workers but it's fair by the day to bring back our jobs and to protect the sovereignty of freedom of the united states to follow through overpromise to withdraw from the of paris climate accord. [cheers and applause]
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you understand. you'll understand how bad that was for our country to strip us of our jobs involve the company's and to keep saying it is not binding like that is so innocent between that deal and the iran deal and a nafta. [laughter] you'll see some good ones coming about. very soon. you will see some great ones coming about very soon. america will continue to lead the world on environmental protection
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with clean water crystal clean and clean air but what we want to was the other countries take a vintage of the united states anymore to dictate what we are doing or our future. [cheers and applause] from now what we will follow a simple rule, every day i am president we will make america first. not somebody else, not another country, we will make america first. [applause] . .
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on the national day of prayer, i signed a new executive action to protect religious liberty in america including the rights of groups
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like yours, the little sisters of the poor. thank you. stand up, the little sisters of the poor. [applause] they thought hard for so many years and finally they heard we won. they were taught. you don't want to little. they hung in. they had a lot of losses. all of a sudden one day, a few weeks ago, it was all over so congratulations. great toughness. great people. that also follow through on one of my campaign promises too so many of you. to stop the johnson amendment from interfering with your
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first amendment rights. [applause] [applause] that was my promise. the order directed the irs not to target churches and religious organizations for political speech so the people you must respect can now feel free to speak to you like my friend sitting right over here and you can now hear them and they are unimpeded. will i want to congratulate everyone in this room because that was a big deal and a very important thing for me to do and were not finished yet. grandma.
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no federal workers in the country and were targeting pastors. we don't want to hear from the people we hear from every night on television. i don't think so. no word we want to hear from the people we want to hear from you. as long as i am president, no one is going to stop you from practicing your faith or from preaching what is in your heart. and from teaching and from the bottom my heart, from preaching from the people you most want to hear and you respect. we have taken a strong position and, you pick the winner. [applause]
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we want our pastors speaking out. we want their voices in our public discourse and we want our children to know the blessings of god. [applause] will should not be placed that drive out faith, religion, but that should welcome faith and religion with wide open beautiful arms. [applause] faith inspires us to be better and stronger, to be more caring and more determined to act in selfless and courageous defense of what is good and what is right. it is time to put a stop to the attacks on religion. [applause]
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[applause] our government will once again celebrate and protect religious freedom. [applause] restoring human opportunity also means replacing the disaster known as obamacare. that was usually. you see how it's been failing? yesterday, 204% increase in will. it is in a death spiral.
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it is dead. some of the states are losing their insurance company. ohio has problems now, they all have problems. kentucky, tennessee, every place i go, but we are dealing with obstructionists. it would be great to get along with them, but it seems impossible. they are obstructionist and they have a health care plan that the disaster called obamacare. insurance companies are fleeing, the premiums are through the roof. unless you die along horrible slow death, those deductibles are so high, you will never get to use them. it is a disaster what's going on. nobody wants to talk about it. you take a look at premiums,
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you take a look at those deductibles, you have nothing. we pay to get out of not paying. obamacare is dead and don't let them pin it on republicans. we've only been here for a short time. a good bill passed in the house, something that i hope will come out through and we are working very hard. if we had the best plan in the history of the world, we wouldn't get one democrat vote. just remember that. if we had a plan that gave you the greatest health care ever in history, you wouldn't get
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one democrat vote because they are obstructionist. they are bad for the country. they've gone so far left that i don't know if they can ever come back. as a politician, i would never call myself a politician, but i guess that's what i am. i became president. i guess i'm a politician. selfishly i love what they've gone because they've gone so far left to appeal to a certain group that i think they've made a horrible mistake but they have tried to obstruct and when it comes to the elections in 18, we have to get more because we're only up by two in the senate and a pretty small number in the house. we have to build those numbers up. maybe times will change, and that could happen. i remember when republicans and democrats would fight like hell and go have lunch
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together or dinner together and get a lot of things done. now those dinners don't take place in the level of hatred is beyond anything i have seen. they are obstructionist but we are going to get healthcare done and the tax cuts. we had the biggest tax cut. we'll get it done, but sadly we have to do it is republican because we won't get any democrat vote and that's a very sad thing. i filled my administration and cabinet with people who share our priorities and want to deliver the american people. even that is so hard to process. they say resist but they really should say obstruct. it's so hard because when
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there are vacancies, it's true, take a look at what's going on. getting the simplest appointment is a big deal that takes forever. our wonderful vice president will be here, what a great guy he is. doctor james dobson, standup james. [applause] man. great guy. thank you james. when he receives a lifetime achievement award, but today i also want to congratulate him and his wife shirley who was with me at the beginning of the campaign, right at the beginning and she was substituting. she was good.
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we had a good time. i'll tell you what, the audience, they loved her. to keep the focus on the family, i just want to congratulate you. it's just so amazing. great people. great people, thank you. thank you. family is the foundation of the american life and we are proud to stand together with all of you to promote and protect family values. we are here today to celebrate two values that have always been linked together and he
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has done such a great job in linking them, faith and freedom. they are linked together because liberty comes from our creator. our rights are given to us by divine authority and no force can take those rights away. [applause] that is when my administration is taking part out of washington and giving it back to the people, where it belongs. too long, politicians have tried to centralize authority among the hands of a small few in our nation's capital. people are getting very rich. bureaucrats think they can run over your lives, overrun your values, and tell you how to
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live. we know that families and churches, not government officials know best will how to create a strong and loving community. [applause] we know that parents, not bureaucrats know best how to raise children and create a thriving society. [applause] above all else, we know this, in america, we don't worship government. we worship god. [applause] thinking. religious liberty isn't trying
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to in the very first amendment and the bill of rights. the american founders invoked our creator four times in the declaration of independence. don't worry. we won't let them change it. from what goes on nowadays. benjamin franklin reminded his colleagues at the constitutional convention to begin by bowing their heads in prayer. inscribed in our currency on the word, in god we trust. we probably proclaim that we are one nation under god. every time we say the pledge of allegiance. we just heard a brave six-year-old patron i met him
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after the ceremony last year at arlington national cemetery. will. without hesitation he asked if i would like to come see his daddy is resting. next he led me over to where christopher jenkins will within section 660 and showed me pictures of his fallen father who is so great and so
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important to him. not only does christians show those photos but he carries his father's love in his heart and his courage in his beautiful, beaming young face. with his mom britney by his side, i said is your mother good or great. he said she's great. i said you better say that. he looked me square in the eyes and gave me a firm handshake. that six-year-old stood strong and tall and proud in front of the commander-in-chief, just as i am sure his dad would have wanted him to be. he is extraordinary.
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christians father gave his life to defend our freedom. her father was an american hero and we are so proud of what you were doing everyday to carry on his legacy. christian, we hope to prove worthy of the sacrifices your family has made, and leaving, we will work very hard to live up to your standards. christian, standup. [applause] thank you christian, good job. every day our brave men and women in uniform are risking their lives to keep this
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country safe. from murderous groups like isis, al qaeda and so many more. we must confront this evil and eradicated from our planet. [applause] the vicious slaughters in manchester in the streets of london -underscore the depths of depravity that we face these only hardened our resolve. we are getting better and better and tougher and tougher and smarter and smarter. we cannot allow radical islamic terrorism to spread in our country or allow extremist to find sanctuary on our shores. we will protect our country,
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we will protect our families, and our ways of life will always be protected. we will crush this enemy that is waging war on all of civilization. last month i traveled to saudi arabia to speak to leaders of more than 50 muslim and arab countries and to rally them in the common fight against terrorism which is a menace to people of all religions. there can be no coexistence with this violence. i told these leaders they must drive out this enemy from the face of the earth. every child of god, no matter where they live or what language they speak, or what book they live by should be able to grow up in harmony, dignity and peace, and that is to the likes of which there
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has never been any summit like it. you've seen it, you've watched it. we reached historic agreements to fight terrorism and the week ideology that drives it. and to starve this enemy of the funds, the billions and billions and billions of dollars that is being poured out into the enemy. i think it was one of the great summits and i think it will have a profound effect on terrorism. [applause] finally, he covers my administration is deeply committed to the right of religious believers everywhere to be free, i called on these leaders to protect muslims and christians and jews and people of all faiths, because you know what's going on there and it's horrible.
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terrorism is a big threat to religious liberty around the world and all responsible nations must protect the right of people to live in worship according to their conscience. here in america, my administration is determined to work with you to protect your religious liberty, not just for some, but for everyone. together we can crush the horrors of terrorism. we can usher in a new era of faith, family and freedom. we understand that a nation is more than just a geography, a nation is the sum of its citizens heard their hopes, their dreams, their values and their prayers.
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america is a land rich with history and filled with people of courage, kindness and strength in the we have many storms, we all share hope and one thing we can share is one beautiful destiny. whether we are black or brown or white we all bleed the same red blood. we also lose the same great american flag, and we are all made by the same almighty god. we face many challenges. there are many hills in the client, but one by one we will skill those summits and we
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will get the job done and get the job done correctly. we will prove worthy of this very important moment in history as long as we have pride in our beliefs, courage in our convictions, and faith in our god, then we will not fail. as long as our country remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens, and devoted to its creator, then our best days are yet to come because we will make america great again. thank you, god bless you. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tomorrow on c-span2, a discussion about tax cuts and changing the tax code with members of the house freedom caucus, live at 9:30 a.m. eastern here on c-span2. and the c-span radio app. >> this weekend, but tv is live from the 33rd annual chicago tribune best in chicago. our coverage starts at 11:00 a.m. eastern with author
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mary dearborn and her book ernest hemingway, a biography and then the 2016 national book award in his book stamped from the beginning, the definitive history of racist ideas in america, followed by two years we cannot stop, a sermon to white america. and then sidney blumenthal with his book a self-made man, the political life of abraham lincoln, in 1849 to 1809. our coverage continues at 11:00 a.m. eastern with her book blood and water, the prison uprising in 1971 and its legacy. also jeffrey stone with his sex in the constitution. sex, religion and law the 21st century. also at 4:00 p.m., the book
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churchill and orwell, the freight fight for freedom. watch our coverage of the lit fest starting saturday at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2 book tv. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television company and is brought to today by your cable or satellite provider. >> the white house requested $1.1 trillion for the department of health and human services. the budget request includes cuts in public health and biomedical research. tom price talks about his department's budget adhering at the senate finance committee. the two-hour hearing begins with opening remarks by the chair of the committeein