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tv   Senate Democratic Leaders Brief Reporters  CSPAN  June 27, 2017 8:15pm-8:37pm EDT

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discussed over and over and over again. we are optimistic we will get to her result is better than the status quo. >> the present has informed you largely on this legislation. now that you have not accomplished its comments at up to the president to take it over? >> we always anticipated the president would be very important in getting us to a conclusion. after all under a system he is the man with the signature and in the early stages candidly it would have been a waste of his time. we need to get this far enough down the path to where there were a few issues that needed to be closed and we are delaying the process so that we can close those remaining issues and he is fully folding gauged and being helpful in every way that he can including the meeting this afternoon. thanks a lot.
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>> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> folks, folks. well, what happened in the last few hours is a metaphor for what is going on here about health care. democrats held pictures of working families who would be hurt by trumpcare. republicans were in their lunch with a multibillionaire who would have benefited with the tax cuts. we are talking about average american working people. they are talking about
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multibillionaires. that's why they are in such trouble. that is why they are in such trouble, because there bill is aimed at helping the very wealthy where will as we are trying to help american families. we know the fight is not over. that is for sure. we are not resting on any laurels nor do we feel any sense yet of accomplishment other than we are making progress because the american people are listening to our arguments. over the next couple of weeks we know that leader mcconnell will try to use a slush fund to buy off republicans cut backroom deals to try to get this thing done so we are going to watch this bill and all the machinations, closed door, behind closed doors that they might be like a hawk but the truth is that cbo made clear yesterday the republicans cannot
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excise the rotten core at the center of their health care bill no matter what tweets they may add in the next week and a half, no matter how the bill changes around the edges it is fundamentally flawed at the center. the american people don't want dedicated slashed. they don't want the help they need to fight opioid addictions, to help their parents in nursing homes, to help those with pre-existing conditions and just to help the average person who needs good health care. the american people don't want all that changed and eliminated. the republican bill is rotten at the core. the american people are not for dramatically cutting their health care. that's why the bill has about
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17% popularity in america and even trump voters don't like it. that is not going to change with any little tweak that went over the senator or that. no matter what last-minute amendments are offered, the bill will force americans to spend more of their paychecks on health care to receive fewer benefits so that the wealthiest americans pay less in taxes. until republicans demand it, that core, that rotten core they are not going to succeed winning the american people over and it makes it much less likely the bill succeeds in getting a bill done a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. ultimate reason this bill failed is because the american people just didn't like it. it's not what america stands for. now you say will you work with your republican colleagues? we want to and we have two suggestions. first, abandoned tax breaks for the wealthy, abandon cuts to
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medicaid, abandon repeal and we can sit down and talk about improving health care. we think the aca has done good. we have the first to say it needs further improvement. we want to sit down and talk to about it that we are not going to be in a position where we say okay, only 15 million people will be uncovered and we will support that bill. billionaires will only get a 40,000 tax break instead of a 57,000-dollar tax break or that's not the kind of compromise we are talking about. you really need structural revisions and we have a second suggestion for republican colleagues to work with us. abandoned the closed-door secret process they have use. go to regular order. our committee hearings allow amendments and go back to the idea that you need 60 votes at
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five hundred and the jordie to pass a bill and make them start over again and work together and try to get improvements in our health care system. if our republican colleagues stick with this bill it was so hurt working families and it would so benefits multimillionaires and them almost alone. we are going to fight the bill tooth and nail and we have a darn good chance of defeating it a week from now, a month from now and a year from now. senator durbin. >> you know for the last several months with the republicans majority in the senate and "the house" we have really seen the national debate on health care. i think it was long overdue. the net result of that today more americans support the affordable care act than in the beginning of debate as people were affected on what we set out to achieve with the affordable care at a they realized how fundamentally positive it was for them and their families.
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to make sure that everybody had access to quality insurance to provide medicaid for those people who have low income jobs and no benefits. for the first time in their lives they now have medical insurance coverage to provide a subsidy a helping hand to middle income families to pay for their insurance premiums. all these things were taken for granted. now i think people appreciate those fundamental values and principles really are important for the future of our health care. the republicans just didn't get it from the start. they thought if they said say we are against obamacare that's all they need to do better americans have a better idea and the republicans failed to come up with a better idea. they asked me my reaction to this news from senator o'connell it's not jubilation, it's frankly relief, relief for the 22 million americans who will not lose their health insurance because of republican plan
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putting -- including 1 million my state of illinois and people who face dramatic increases in the premiums for health insurance relief from my rural hospitals in downstate illinois the heart of the red section of her state that voted strongly for donald trump. these were the hospitals that were in danger according to the hospital hospital association of cutting back their services and their employees and maybe some of them even closing. i feel some relief. i don't think this party is over. think we are going to address this issue and should from this point forward. as summer -- it isn't based as senator schumer said on the bill that was introduced. this is not some fine wine that turns better with age. turn sour and the reason is people come to understand what's included in this republican package. they're not going to buy into this idea that we will give a tax break to the wealthiest people in america and cut the guts out of the health system across this country. they want to make sure.
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that's why we have the support as we look around of the medical advocacy groups and groups like heart and lung in cancer, groups like the congressional budget office which that analysis did more to strike a dagger to the heart of the republican repeal than anything else. i listened to some of my republican colleagues who came before this microphone a few minutes ago preaching flexibility, flexibility. flexibility is not the same thing as funding. that's why republican governors in nevada and ohio and even illinois came out against the repeal plan. they know better. you can't use flexibility to make up the difference for basic health care for thousands of people you are presented your stay. i want to reiterate what chuck said in closing. we are ready to sit down and work with republicans to make the health care system stronger. take this tax cut for the rich of the table take these cuts for medicaid of the table make a commitment to make sure americans are going to have more health insurance and affordable health insurance.
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>> senator murray. >> is no surprise that senate republicans dated another week or two to try to jam their trumpcare bill through given everything it would mean for families health for their financial security and their own lives. we don't know what kind of backroom deals senate republican leaders are going to be talking about cutting over the next few weeks or which republicans will decide they care him more about toeing the party line to protecting patients and families in their states but here's what we do know. senator mcconnell is not going to give up. he wants to get to yes and so does president trump even though their bill will mean the families health care costs will go up. you look at medicaid. they will undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions and throw tens of millions of people off coverage. why? because they are laser focused
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on giving the very wealthy and big corporations and massive tax break. here is my message to every patient and family, every mom, dad, caregiver, doctor, nurse, teacher anyone who believes the trumpcare would be devastating to their community. do not let up the pressure. we saw what happened in "the house". we need to keep fighting and we fighting and we are going to and democrats will be right there fighting along with all of you. c i'm very proud to stand here with a group of people and a caucus that understands that this is personal for people. it's not political. mitch mcconnell and his caucus view this as a political exercise. they started it the day after we were sworn in, doing it away immediately at bars and a bipartisan effort to work together.
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they said they would have it done by january 27 and its long after january 27 and they are still looking to put together the votes. first i want to thank, and i know my colleagues do as welcome every single person who has gotten engaged and told their story, who has marched, who has spoken up, who have been part of prayer vigils who have sat in offices to tell their story. this is real. when they speak about states having flexibility, well if the flexibility they are to cut. grandma in a nursing home, someone with cancer, child who can't go to the doctor. when they say they want to cut these awful rules and regulations, well does guarantee that when you buy insurance you actually get coverage for something. prior to help reform you could buy a very cheap policy and if
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you got sick you found that it covered nothing, not even one day in the hospital. we are committed to making sure that people have access to affordable health care. we are happy to negotiate. we want to sit down and make the system better. the private exchanges need some work. prescription drug prices are too high, out of pocket costs in some areas are too high but medicaid works. it's saving money. it's saving lives and we are not going to trade cutting seniors and children and families are medicaid for another tax cut for the wealthiest americans. that is the bottom line for us. [inaudible]
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>> we have sent them a letter which listed five or six. one thing to get the cost of drugs lower. put that in there. second toughen things up with the regulation of insurance companies. sometimes they raise prices way beyond what they have to is an important thing. third many of us think the public option is a good idea and some of our colleagues have certainly will react to do first and foremost to stop them from sabotaging the bill by making permanent cost-sharing and we are going to move to do that quickly. if our public and colleagues want to see the systems system stabilize the king keeps sabotaging the insurgents and history itself. you would stabilize the market and reduce premiums. those are some of the ideas we have. we are willing to listen to their ideas but it is not going
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to be a negotiation of how they give a tax cut do we give to the rich how much do we cut medicaid? they have change medicaid into a very popular program. their dramatic attempt to cut it has actually made it far more popular with the american people were 60 or 70% support medicaid. one of the few good things that have come out of their proposal. we are going to be working, we are so grateful from so many in the groups that normally didn't take such pointed position to help us. groups like aarp, groups like the american cancer society, groups like the ama. these are not very political and they're usually reluctant to take a strong position but this bill was so bad from their constituency that they fought it complacency is not something that we can countenance. we have to continue letting
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people know how bad this is and despite the fact that they have an amazing message machine and so many people in america through some of their messaging devices think russia didn't try to influence our elections. on this issue it has sunk through. when only 17 or 16% of americans support trumpcare they are really getting the message. we are going to keep doing that. we will work with anyone on health care. the message to the president as we are willing to work with you on a bipartisan way but not if the bill's core is tax cuts for the very wealthy and cuts in medicaid that herd average working families. make it better, absolutely. to simply cut nursing home care, opioid treatment, fighting cancer disease so you can give a
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tax cut to the rich. that's not what we are i'll about and we won't be able to negotiate if they keep that at the core of their health care bill. we don't believe, we do not believe that the wealthy people in america need a tax break. we did not believe people making over $1 million make more help than a family that has a child with cancer or a 50-year-old couple that has a mom and a nursing home. we don't believe that. i don't know why our republican colleagues do because so are away from what america believes. we hope to have the same. this weekend over at think everyone of us had rallies and activities in our state and we
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are going to be doing that constantly from the time we go home to the time we come back. [inaudible] i think the activity of the groups out there have been terrific and i'm so gratified that my caucus from joe manchin to bernie sanders was active in their state and throughout the country in showing how bad this proposal plus and i think it made a difference. [inaudible] >> it just says the republicans on this issue from day one democrats have been united and republicans have been divided and on defense. that's because again the core of their bill is so, so out of
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touch with what the average american even the average american with republican wants and don't forget one thing the idea of negotiations, democrats negotiate with us. what was the first thing that the senate it? on january for the day after we were sworn in the past reconciliation and said we don't need democrats, take a hike. the first day back before anything even started. that was their game plan. it's not working. thank you everybody. [inaudible conversations]
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>> ladies and gentlemen the president and the vice president of the united states. [inaudible conversations] please, sit down. please. >> i thought i would ask you folks to come so low to discuss health care. we have really no choice but to solve this situation. obamacare is a total disaster. it is melting down as we speak. rates are going up. in fact it's very interesting we say you are sitting next to me
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because in alaska was a 206% increase in alaska. they used to use verizon as the standard that was 116% so it's really a meltdown and we are going to try to solve the problem. i invited all of you and i think we have either 52 out of 52 or 50 out of 52 and john either one is pretty good at think as a percentage. we are going to talk and see what we can do. we are getting very close but for the country we have to have health care and it can't be obamacare which is melting down. the other side is saying all sorts of things before they even knew what the bill was. this will be great if we get it done and if we don't get it done it's just going to be something that we are not going to like and that's okay and i understand that very well. i think we have a chance to do something very very important for the public, very important to the people of our country that we love.


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