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tv   Chinese Presidents Remarks on 20th Anniversary of Hong Kongs Handover to...  CSPAN  July 5, 2017 8:00am-8:21am EDT

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by text or video and post to our facebook page, on twitter@booktv or email us at you are watching booktv on c-span2 with top nonfiction books and authors every weekend. booktv, television for serious readers. .. arriving in hong kong for first
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visit as president to the special region. he is welcomed by the people of hong kong all walks of life. the current chief executive, chief executive elect. our young hong kong these are quite enamored with this speaker. they all know the word, the nickname for president xi jinping, a very friendly name. also recognized widely in hong kong. while president xi will have a busy schedule and hong kong he will stay in hong kong for three days from today until july the first, the big day the 20th anniversary of hong kong's return to china and an
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inauguration ceremony will be held on that day for welcoming the next chief executive. president xi jinping one spec the people's liberation army in the coming days. you see the flags of hong kong. one is decorated by the golden stars and the other is the white flour. the airport is now engulfed with these red flags, very festive colors in chinese culture. our hong kong guest mentioned the importance of educating the next generation of the hong kong
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people about its identity, the principle of the one country two system policy. it's very important to educate youngsters because many of them, but many of those young kids standing at the airport welcoming president xi jinping were born after 1997, after the handover. so for them how to understand the connection between the mainland and hong kong, what would you suggest? >> first of all to understand hong kong is part of china is just like to understand that the earth will revolve around the sun. it's part of reality and to think everyone needs to understand that. >> let's listen in to what president xi jinping has to say. >> dear all friends from the press, today we have a good day at it is warm in hong kong.
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and you are waiting here has been for long, thank you all. please forward my greetings to the residence in hong kong, and best wishes as well. for nine years i have again arrived here in hong kong. i feel very delighted. hong kong has always been in my heart. just two days later will be the 20t20th anniversary of the retun of hong kong to the motherland. whether to the country or to hong kong, it is a very huge
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thing, and a thing to celebrate. me myself and the delegation from the central government, this visit to hong kong, and for three major purposes. to send our best wishes, and to celebrate the hong kong 20 anniversary of the establishment and achievement over the years. and to greet and to wish best wishes to achieve again for all results. and the second is to support. for 20 years the central
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government has been the firmest support for hong kong and the central government will be as always support the developments and to improve the likelihood of hong kong people. -- the livelihood here and the third is to plan the future. we would like to work with all sectors to review over 20 years the eventful and uneventful experience in hong kong and to summarize experience the lessons we've learned and to look forward to the future, and to ensure that the one country, two system a policy to be practiced for long. i look forward to experience in
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person the development and the progress achieved in hong kong and the new changes made. i believe over the events turned out in hong kong, we will definitely enhance our belief in developing hong kong. thank you, everyone. thank you. [applause] >> chinese president xi jinping at the international airport addressing the crowds welcoming. to be quite frank saying his purpose of visiting hong kong is to wish the special regime all the best and to show support. let's talk to her ga gaston couy understand the frank delivery of
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his purpose is to visiting hong kong? >> i think president xi jinping must be very happy to be here and the coming three days for the ceremony of the 20th anniversary. and i think his presidency -- will make most people in hong kong for happy because it's the first time to see xi jinping, the head of chinese government, and stay visiting in hong kong. as president xi said his last visit was eight years ago -- >> nine jessica. >> when you still the vice president of china. and you mentioned he wants to the people hong kong all the best wishes for all the great achievements that it made over the past 20 years after the return back to china. and also wishes the people in hong kong to make all the great glorious new successes in the coming years. and he also emphasized that hong kong for the last 20 years has always enjoyed the full support from the central government and the central government pledges to do the same and support hong
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kong even more in the coming years. and i think this will truly make the people in hong kong very joyous and also more confident about the future. and i'm sure if the center government provides more support in hong kong, the economic difficulties in hong kong which do exist in hong kong will have a better chance of being overcome and people in hong kong will enjoy greater prosperity and job security moving forward. >> president xi jinping leaving the hong kong international airport, heading for his busy three-day stay in hong kong. you mentioned this, what kind of support will that be economically, socially, culturally or politically? >> first of all we mentioned cpac, this means more and more services provided in hong kong can be provided to clients in
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mainland china, for example, hong kong-based lawyers, accountants, property appraisers, etc. they can all have their practices accepted in mainland china. further i will see if we use the prices, the financial crisis which broke out in 1997-98 as the second to the international financial crisis which broke out in 2008, for example, in both these financial crises hong kong stood the ground very firmly without succumbing to the pressure from abroad. this is partly because, most of because of the joint efforts of the hong kong government as well as the support from the central government. without the massive unconditional support from the center government, i would say hong kong probably would have succumbed to the pressure like other countries in this part of the world.
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>> history has demonstrated itself, the success. looking into the future when beijing has envisioned for hong kong is the part of the greater bay area strategy, very ambitious, all nine chinese mainland six plus hong kong, and that the combined gdp of 1.25 trillion u.s. dollars. that's roughly the size of the gdp of russia. so very ambitious plan, but did you think it's competitive enough compared to the bay area of san francisco and new york? >> i have been to that region recently and i met quite a few number of government leaders as well as later from the region here in beijing. and my personal impression is that with the completion of the major bridge network involving hong kong macau and with more
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and more completion of other major infrastructure projects in other major cities, the pearl harbor delta region bay area is truly becoming one of the most important economic delta areas in the whole world. whether it will match that they carry are other major bay areas i do not know, but i am sure that the integration in the closer met of all the major cities in that part of the pearl river delta region will create more economic opportunities and will bring in greater efficiency, and will make manufacturing and industrialization much more efficient way. and hong kong should not lose out from this megatrend. and if hong kong really tracks integrate tightly to this major transformation of the river delta region, hong kong will benefit and hong kong will also
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help other major cities over there to benefit from this great transformation. >> if you look at hong kong now, some of the major issues including, for instance, the asian society, the rising housing prices come the gap between the old, sorry, the poor and the rich, these challenges cannot result on its own pick something has to be done to solve these problems, not just from the hong kong local governments but from beijing as well. how can beijing help in terms of these very local, very residential problems? >> if we use the housing problem in hong kong, indeed prices skyrocketing and it is way beyond the average people in hong kong especially the younger generation. however, if we look at hong kong itself, the amazing . is that not only in your territory for
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example, but other parts of hong kong, there are still lots of undeveloped land. traditionally under the british rule, and i think under the first 20 years of hong kong return back to mainland china, the traditional paradigm is to keep the property land in a very measured and controlled way so that property price will go up. and this is because property itself is a major pill industry in hong kong however, i think hong kong has a lot to learn from examples of let's say singapore, where the governments and major corporations would combine their efforts together to combine and develop affordable housing for many people in singapore. now, in hong kong, for example, if the younger people qualify, for example, for how many years they reside in hong kong, et cetera, within the hong kong government may actually choose and procure the development of
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certain housing projects so that the younger generation can either rent or own these properties at much cheaper price without major damage to the property market itself. i think it requires new way of looking at development paradigm on hong kong, and also encourage a more inclusive and more equitable society in hong kong. i think the single-mindedness in propping up with the property market so the property price will keep going up may actually not be the only solution from the property development in hong kong. and i think in other sectors that are other examples that hong kong actually can pick up other pieces of development experiences from other economies, from other countries, and absorb them into the hong kong development. >> when i was working in hong kong, i commute to hong kong
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every single day. that's probably a good example of the benefits of integrating a mainland chinese cities and hong kong and macau. the hong kong to macau bridges greatly shorten the commute time between all of the cities, another demonstration of what beijing has envisioned for hong kong. one last question. many say hong kong is the gate or the exit for written -- what is your take? >> definitely. i think it is very much popular in hong kong, and i think hong kong probably has the largest amount of rain in the available in its market than other cities of markets in the world. other than in mainland china of course and i think for hong kong to become a major settlement center and to encourage more and more trade to be using renminbi
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as currency and allow more and more payments to be settled in the united states is the future of the culprit and i think united states can be an example for other cities. you will forget there are other major cities in the world, cities like london, frankfort, paris, singapore, even luxenberg, for example, they all want to set up renminbi settlement, even in ne new york, the has been agreement to encourage renminbi settlements and it to be set up in some major cities in new york. i think hong kong -- >> thank you very much. he used to be interpretable interpreter. that will do for this special life coach of hong kong's 20 20 editors of its return to china. coming up next is global watch.
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stay with us. ♪ ♪ >> president trump is leaving washington for a series of meetings with world leaders in poland and germany. he will begin his trip in warsaw for what is being called that 3c summit which includes a leaders from central europe, the baltic states and the balkans. the president will give remarks and meet with leaders of poland and croatia pick after that president trump travels to homburg for the g20 summit where he's expected to have his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. putin. other leaders attending the summit include german chancellor merkel, chinese president xi, japanese prime minister abbé. >> thursday at 7 p.m. eastern joint american history tv for a
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live tour of the museum of the american revolution in philadelphia. the museums president and ceo michael quinn and collections and exhibitions vic vice presidt scott stevenson will introduce artifacts and exhibits including george washington's war can't and a piece of the old bridge from the battle of concord. hear stories about the american revolution and you can participate in the life program with your phone calls and tweets. >> c-span where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by america's cable-television companies and is brought to you today by a cable or satellite provider. >> next come remark some arkansas senator tom totten on
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the future of missile defense. he talked about ways to strengthen missile-defense while also discussing the inf treaty preservation act which he sponsored with the goal of bringing russia into compliance with conditions set by the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty of 1987. held by the center for national interest, this is two hours. >> why don't we get started? time short for good afternoon, everyone. my name is trying to peer welcome to our friends here with us in the flesh as well as those are join us on facebook life and as well as c-span3. today we present you a real


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