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tv   The Swamp  CSPAN  July 16, 2017 10:00pm-11:16pm EDT

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>> >> things to the of beautiful space at the performing arts center they were great partners and a big round of applause for them. [applause] we have six events in a row not one cellphone made a
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horrible bowies and booktv is your. thanks to our sponsor. [applause] i and the program director we have one more of these coming up in july. we have a few more we will announce after that but we appreciate everybody for being here so want to welcome to the stage eric bolling. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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>> how are you doing? thinks for that warm welcome. >> you literally left the set in new york and got on the train?. >> 6:00 she said we have to go right now there's a car waiting for us to take as of 48 dead sixth to penn station which is about 303rd street for cry again in the car the 635 trances and will be there as 6:37 p.m.. i get out of the car it is 90 degrees in this city right now and i am running
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holding this shirt in a bag running down seventh avenue looking like from her. day remember that? cars are coming and i am stopping and going i made it with four minutes to go and and so glad that i did the. [applause] >> what concerns me were running around of new york and there are a lot of liberal drivers. >> good thing nobody recognized me or i would be a flat frog and frog legs. [laughter] we have some of the best year tonight keeping the community safe thanks for your services and the second we ask of you could come here this by the way he chose us as his first official stop on his book to
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hour. [applause] >> one year ago we did this at the train station and you were so much fun we have to do it again. i know if you have seen this yet but you probably know by now a total coincidence but look get that intersection of swamp and liberty. [applause] >> how about that?. >> if ever there was more a poetic intersection that is where our nation is. c-span people are telling us to sit down.
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we are on tv. this is a crazy coincidence and one of the of their once how the book came about and i am thinking i need a really good cover. i want a cover that will catch you. slam literally grew billing the swamp and i would type in swamp and washington d.c. and 10 pages later the capitol building being built on a swamp. they said this is the right project at the right time is that picture right there the capitol building the dome is not even on yet they literally had to drain the swamp to build the capital
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but day dray day literal swamp. >> we have a lot to get to but first of all, weird on facebook live right now. i dunno if you follow me on facebook or twitter we have some of the most engaged vance but they go on line and they are amazing. >> and they are talk-radio listeners. [applause]
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>> i wake up yesterday one of the first tweets is from the most powerful man in the free world to say by a eric bolling new book. the non drudging there is a new book from eric bolling then i turned on the highest cable program right now and there you are talking about your book in the same day i have never seen a rollout like that because to get the president's endorsement is amazing. >> the way that happened, that was tuesday tuesday, you sleep about three hours when you launch a book. but on the book party the publisher said let's get some media so this is a good book and it will sell.
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so we had a few cocktails and then they take my close friends out to dinner for the party the publisher says great news i have an interview said of rio it was the one hour interview from 10 until 11:00. i get home about midnight and had to be a fox at 6:00 in the morning. >> please do not tell me were drunk on fox and friend. [laughter] >> no, no, no. [laughter] >> i and literally pushing the envelope we do this thing with the news of the
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day with the travel ban and the travel moratorium and getting into it pretty heavily but then i get off said and tweet it exactly that the president has a copy get my new book it is reach we did like one minute later he retreated back and the blows up. ddc that president reach we did your tweet? that is pretty cool. then drudge as a pitcher of the book and the cover with the link to barnes and noble and amazon. really? it was amazing. but the book was inspired by donald trump and a keen understand he does have a first copy of the book and to be very clear what the record stayed there were not many maybe ann coulter very
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early in the primary process [applause] i watched. this is true. i have known donald trump for a lot of longtime. >> said no one to a drop that story but can you talk about knowing him?. >> 12 years ago he was too willing apprentice before "celebrity apprentice" one friend said he would like trumpet i said i don't know him. so i go to a cocktail party on tv and a fund-raiser but long story short but i have
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gone to the events eventually started to work at fox and interviewed him in the morning he knew of my financial background so we had a connection so i developed with a french ship with him over the years first of all, was not sure he was going to run but he came down the escalator with millennia -- melania know they could pay attention to everybody else everybody stared at the television. you love him or hate him he has something that will get america's attention. here is the thing throughout the campaign john mckean was an issue the audio from
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billy bush but i stayed with him and i got my television teeth kicked in on a daily basis it was not easy to say his name for a very long time. it wasn't because i was liberal but because i was approached from the but he watched that after the election the phone rings and it is donald. eric. is donald. i put him on speaker. you were with me from the start and i say i know. i add confidence in you mr. president and when it
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didn't look so good you were there. so here's the point the reason why that was relevant is you never saw that on the campaign trail. he wanted to show of confidence i just knew he would win i dunno how to explain it other than he had that it factor. >> you know, the media business but i voted for donald trump never in a million years thought he could possibly whether the billy bush scandal i said it is over. you know the news media. >> i thought this is the moment if he survives this key will be president.
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people were just waiting for me to show up so they could be via. the guy is not the politician he says things that politicians would not say however think about this if not donald trump will it be hillary clinton? that is the one thing nobody could ever argue that he would keep the supreme court center-right now look at what he is doing now. kneale or such -- justice course itch is a rock star. maybe justice kennedy will stick around now and other conservative and then maybe
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ruth cater ginsburg which i think she should. [applause] but think about that that is a truly conservative supreme court. >> undoubtedly that will be his legacy. >> have you been to the white house?. >> i have. >> like a private visit?. >>. >> boy to the change. >> going through the change i also have fox questions. >> the date we launched the special on may 1st i called them up by avenue show it would be cool if the first day flight the launch with an interview of the president no problem just like that. it went from we will do it on friday and monday was the first day of the show but it
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coincided with the 100th day of his presidency ended it wanted to lose value so i went to d.c. on sunday night interview the president with a great 50 minutes with him got on a train rushing to union station and made the 5:00 show but the interesting thing about the whole event the way it is set up they have cameras everywhere and it is a whole production going on for a couple of hours we baying of 50 minutes 30 people in their room watching, this is
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the west wing something that no one expected. he said you want to go into the oval -- oval office? i said yes. he said all of you can rip people do want to go into the oval office? they said yes. [laughter] that is donald trump. right there. >> everyone in the room come to the oval office than you can tell your kids you were in the oval office. [applause] >> the american association of sheriff's met early on and i talked about their meeting and told a similar
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story there in the roosevelt room and said you want to go to the oval? even the staff is flummoxed the one just to clean off the desk? he said no. i said that is what i take away from him that he really believes it is the people's house. he truly believes that. >> one step further, one derivative of that, he believes he is one of the people. what billionaire do you know, who is so friendly with a regular person? the matter who you are he will tell you you are pretty. i think it happened yesterday now the news media went crazy but is that bad to say? is the most powerful man on the
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president and a billionaire if you did not know you would think he was one of your friends. >> i would still take that hare. [laughter] so i have to ask you do you believe that is directly correlated to opposition of the president that it is all hands on deck? anything helping this man to succeed in the white house?. >>. >> so fox was a very different place. >> i cannot even count on one hand those posts that are not even at fox.
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but it was a time i will be perfectly honest i was shocked to understand what was going on with the boss. i never even heard rumors of it but once it started to unravel they did the right thing. >> was there merit to it?. >> i don't know the details of. i don't know any of that leading up to that i had no indication. now my personal opinion, do i think there are satellite lawsuits that popped up that probably have no merit but they were interested to make it through this bad time and make this happen?.
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>> you can always ask. >> first the ratings are not doing so well. [laughter] >> i will qualify that. >> only because let's be really honest meighen kelly is a wildly talented. she is smart, she is a lawyer, i have seen her take apart a guest she ambushes' them they don't know it is coming. >> including the president. >> very enough. -- fair enough. he said down with her that i
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have seen her. >> she has done it to people on the left even lou dobbs she does not discriminate the ideology but she is extremely talented but she is in the wrong place right now. a she is at nbc the making her soft and really there taking her edge off. >> that she was the biggest rising star that were on a trajectory. >> 25 years there are rarely and she sings rodgers praises. and now roger is a dirt bag
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she goes to nbc. >> i don't know. i do think the accusations is what took her down she probably did have some evidence but when making kelly got involved that was the end of roger ailes. >>. >> what is the moment that literally the entire network was built on is not coming back to work? what happens? >> but probably did two or 300 o'reilly factor i spend a lot of time with ecru rand and staff so i spent a lot
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of time without a crew. i got a call that day at 12 '05 p.m.. i am in jeans and a polo shirt and mr. murdoch wants to see you now. and he said here's the deal the attorneys have said we have to part ways with bill o'reilly and the five will go to prime time. i said okay but you will stay at 5:00 i really need to maintain the audience in prime time.
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thank you very much and very positive and i called my wife i will still do the 5:00 show i am not sure if i am on the five anymore than it was going to be aided clock. -- at 8:00 then the press release came now that i am looking for my name on the five. [laughter] >> they are doing great by the way. [laughter] [applause] rachel got some new wind in her sales given her strong audience they're doing great at 9:00. so they are hitting fox that we not the fox that we used
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to be but we just ran the numbers but in june this year versus last year is up 19%. [applause] >> i think the whole network is up. >> i looked at the numbers on monday and every show. and it kept getting bigger. [applause] the tucker edition? [applause] >> i cannot wait to talk with him about this but i cannot imagine who in the hell will take bill o'reilly share did everybody say about zero? are everybody is thought they would get it?.
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>> do you think that?. >> no but you saw at tucker doing something very unique at 7:00. i had never seen that before he is bringing on liberals no name, a college professor on that a block that is brilliant and aggressive but then the other question he was named at 7:00 the comes on the five so why did they come back on your show you destroy them he said i don't know but i will keep doing it until they stop the they have not stopped. [laughter] it is amazing they all think they will take him down. like any sports fans going into the other team stadium the other teams relatives
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for the referees year of stage and cameras and lighting and by the way he is wildly talented anyway but it is fun to watch. >> so here is a backdoor secret the fighting was going to go to the 8:00 spot but they couldn't you cannot do the ensemble's show at 8:00 you need a single host. he probably thought about putting that idea with sean but they had to be live sean is a very close friend of mine but he is hard core
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opinion so you could take at 6:00 or 7:00 and that will go until 10:00 i will tape at 6:00 but he did something interesting because he also came under attack and he took some time off but shawn did come back and his numbers are strong as they have ever been. >> did any bbc the special today at 5:00?. >> so my assistant says this young kid who was like 17 years old has opposed congratulations on the book
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she said high to the kid on the way to the studio and i said absolutely so i go out and shake his hand and he is so nice. he said i read "the swamp" and i love it. i said stand by that window with you have time i will put you on television. he was beaming. just been shawn kennedy walks in and and smacks the kid in the back he thinks he is having a great date he said what about eric bolling what about my show? he is such a nice guy he was so nice and he got a pitcher with him might assistant said he is just like the
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regular guy. the most successful cable loose hose on air right now. he is a philanthropic, and then we will go celebrate somebody's birthday but sean will pickup pull tab and leave like a one else in dollar tip and walkout. >> the last fox question the death of roger ailes. you really seemed to be the of four that were profoundly impact it. >> yes. >> but with politics you
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don't think shepard would be in mind with the media he is not right wing by any means. >> not even close. >> roger saw something in him. >> shep is not your typical conservative right wing human being person and shep had a great relationship. i was sad day for the july barbecue but he is gay and talks about it and brought his partner and roger put his arm around both of them thanks for being here and goes on his way. then there is rachel the issue was very complimentary of roger ailes solve these bad things all generates media yes he did have issues
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that and know what happened he was very religious the vast majority everything and go for a fact about roger is very positive and very nice and very good. >> they say o'reilly is gone there goes fox. people are very pessimistic now they say there is a new direction people made a big deal about that. where is fox going? are you concerned? the ratings indicate it is fine and it is it the same product?. >> is an interesting question because i don't know. that is something beyond my pay grade. that is where mr. murdoch
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presides i don't know if they will live to this center i don't feel they will i have never ever been toned -- told to tone it down now i am more vocal than i ever was. but contrary to what you'll hear or read nobody says this is where we have to be or highlight this this is the talking points it hasn't happened and it certainly won't happen. >> so you don't work at cnn? [laughter] >> i cannot confirm that. >> come on. what a mess they are in. >> they have so many. trump fleeces.
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>> from the insider it is like the arrival talk-show host struggling professionally because they were caught up in what they were caught red he ended so now you feel like the truth has set us free. >> i did a monologue exactly that. is this a wake-up call that this trump derangement syndrome trying to give him every story without homework or sources or backing it up for checking your sources in just writing with it people are getting fired. i do think the tide will change. >> rush said this morning he really feels there is a tide
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turning off for the first time there is a momentum shift. but the power, that is between you to. [laughter] i think that is why he reach we did my book. [laughter] i did meet to rush. >> but the momentum shift the public has seen the is a party offering nothing the republicans are killers it is russia trump and russia trump and now the american people have had it it isn't even so transparent anymore is not even funny. [cheers and applause] >> that is what that story did to expose their willingness or desire to take that picture of the
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pollution -- collusion but my monologue today is i put the sound bite of when obama and romney were debating romney said in russia is a problem he said the '80s when their foreign policy back. that was four years ago surely he changed his mind. so i put up the sound bite in october and he said nobody in their right mind would think that the elections would have an effect. why are they talking about that? even the head of their party saying russia is not an issue because they don't even care about the facts anymore. they did nazi him winning in they despise him so much they're just out of their minds.
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so with a sporting event once schuster wanted to win so badly then you know, you have lost. [applause] msnbc at least is honest. >> i think they are changing cnn seems to be anti-trump a worse interest for a long time so now let's pick apart everything he does it bring of that negative stuff the numbers are very well but msnbc has now hired greta
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and nicole the conservatives but republicans. ice still think they're figuring out where they are. >> every now and again he says something that surprises me. >> every now and again on one tuesday they may be onto something. >> like trumpet the cave president tonight but there was something for chris matthews. [laughter] ab was reprimanded the next day. >> so let's get to some questions from the audience.
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>> diaz grey of the five?. >> i definitely miss the five. [laughter] >> taken aback six years:back said i am leaving to go do my own thing at the end of december antes said no a the end of the week so roger was sitting trying to figure out if he takes a piece of paper and says the 15 people. he used to be a broadway producer he will tell you he put together a broadway
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production of what that guy in the middle and the girl next door i need somebody attractive and smart and somebody study. and then the liberal so it was supposed to be until the end of the summer then they would launch the big boys show but then in one week we were beating the numbers so this is a true story it was in his old studio if remember he had chalkboards was a while he may bring some stuff out it was an old
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table and huckabee had a studio audience they had those chairs and that was going to be beset the rest of the summer it is still beset. and never went away. now we've moved into a new chevy studio they duplicated it. but it is the exact same thing. [laughter] >> but bob went away for a while. >> and then came back. day you miss him personally? you talk about the way roger put that together it was like a cast of political friends so if you extract
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somebody like bad. >> don't forget you travel the elections there in the primaries you spend a lot of time so you could feel the full weight or geraldo. [laughter] so bob went away but when he came back i will be on this and felt like two years we had gone years of heavy political storms and so he is joking and played around. >> so wasn't quite that tone >> i have contacted him a
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couple times and never heard back. he is no longer with the network he got a complete and they let him go. >> i did not know that. but problem is pretty to throw a punch at you if you basically said you have one. go ahead. do your best. >> by the way i don't care how pleased off by m i will never threaten you you would take me in a hot second. >> explaining what happened it was really heated the conversation going back and forth with the wall and immigration in he was so bad he said trump is trying to sensationalize everything coming as out of a guide who
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made a career sensationalizing everything? and he got so mad. it really was a low blow but if you weren't my friend i would put into the mouth. whenever. >> he is the perfect example of a liberal who is having a very difficult time being committed to the movement when he knows the guy is a good guy. >> do think he is a good political adversary. >> but i do think he has flip flopped on trump a couple of times.
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he is a show perhaps i don't even have to do anymore. and 16:00 p.m. he tweets and off we go. [laughter] amazing. >> you don't think that he knows that? [laughter] watch this i will tweed this. 40,000 talk-show host. [laughter] i love the fox and friends watches the corner of the white house waiting for the light to come on he knows there watching him so they are doing the show for him sometimes it is very funny. >> but he does what it is a
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disparaging. >> he is watching right now? >> i am kidding. [laughter] i am sorry mr. president. >> when i write a book to also get the tweet? [laughter] >> i have to send kids to school. >> are you running for the senate in new jersey? [applause] >> yes and though it started a month ago about the new show and the relationship with trump and toward the end they said what will you do cater? less than i will run for the senate and ended it right there and printed it but "politico" cop that and ask for the interview
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and fox said no because they would rip that up because our puerto rico will department watches out for us but somehow they got by and she is doing the interview and it went from this show to bill whole interview on the senate run. and then running for elected office and she said where? and said it is and where i don't know when. but i did say i would almost rather non conservative republican i cannot stand a couple of those senators who get there on the backs of
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conservatives and then turned into one of these. is the swamp and you cannot get them out. >> name names?. >> no. it is not hard to figure out . south of new jersey. >> i wouldn't mind replacing >> and i wouldn't imagine that a republican. >> did a you use to get excited? wasn't there a time? it is in sight he
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cannot get it invite to a teapartier in the white house lawn. and is well-regarded but then to turn that down to say give me more money for sandy relief. so if you run for president in when they started to vet cruz christie -- chris christie. >> but he said i love you but you are the albatross.
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>> but that doesn't tell. -- paul. >> that makes for awkward dinner conversation. when will they start to investigate a real obstruction of crime like the red a lynch? [applause] >> i don't know if they ever will. >> so we get a special counsel who hires more clinton democrats landowners in his office but i don't know. >> and don't mean to make to the president's spokesman but you seem to know him well enough is he thinking
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to himself so attorney lewis for cry will fire them all in people are restraining him?. >> probably but if i do that so this london being a positive for trump and then spent $200 million but then they leak everything about this guy. but not one shred of evidence? to spend a lot of money and a lot of time and with the all clear in a positive form. >> he said i hope there are not tapes. [laughter] we all knew that.
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that was just hilarious to me. that is like one by ridding another guy. we now. we know what he was doing. why? is dead even a new story? is that even real? the is so good at messing with people. >> that is the best part of the media doesn't know what to do with him even the fbi director cannot figure it out. [laughter] >> you are in the business jim costa's will have a stroke. >> i just adore benefit was the president you can run the audio but no video.
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>> now they toyed with them and figured out to do that the right way so we will go to those briefings with that thousand questions so with that economic indicator nobody asks a question and then they go 45 minutes on russia to complete the game. note pitchers you can do the sketches. [laughter] that is amazing it is 2017 we're doing sketches. cnn will be whittled down to wolf pulitzer soon. >> and now they have a fake
10:55 pm
spicer in the press briefing room was a classy way to slap them around anybody that is worth a damn collop the white house get the information you need he did not say it that way but the press briefing are making the social media stars other than the white house of those white house correspondent steve you know, them?. >> no. so of course, they are louder and more vocal so we
10:56 pm
will hold these back for a while when you're on tv that is will receive did well watched it is like oxygen in air some people need to be on and then for those press briefings and other hair and makeup done before in your hand goes up you were called a much you are sean spacer -- john spicer so the people the air time out of their time and it drives them nuts [laughter] >> how did the viewers know
10:57 pm
if it is a live or recorded program?. >> sometimes sean hannity does is show from home and you cannot tell he has a studio is on the is identical. if every single guest is on remote he is taping from home. [laughter] >> we're actually a hologram right now. [laughter] >> i am a college student studying political science at temple university's a kid you explain where you see the difference between trump draining the swamp with power hungry republicans they are not both riddled with corruption and backroom deals?. >> i have been promoting the
10:58 pm
book for a few days and a common question trump promised to drain the swamp but brings the people for tax reform say that is not the swamp as an investor in the company do with the successful most capable or someone who is better around for a long time and just their getting a paycheck? tromped brought in the most successful he brought in racks diller said the ceo of excellent i want him there i don't want hillary clinton i want recs there. we have a very best of the best loved him or hate him a very bright guy so trump
10:59 pm
bring sinn rex tillerson he makes all these deals deals that our better for america the economy turns around almost every indicator looks great he will never tell you is the key is building a political currency with people who matter so as some point he says now it is time to really drain the swamp for those small patrollers if you are part of that crony peace thicket's bigger every year you are moving out. . .
11:00 pm
from now on you are the reason why the book was written. people like bernie sanders are the reason telling us how we should live and give more to the government and other people.
11:01 pm
and he's under federal investigation. >> to give her wife's bankrupt college a loan. the poetry of that is just -- baseball to wall street to fox news, quite a transition. transition. who were the major influences along the way? >> we were broke growing up and my father worked so hard just to put clothes on our back. my mom who is aggressive wanted to see me do better. the last two words never quit, and then she passed. so you get knocked down and
11:02 pm
remember these things. i don't know what this is. i never met her in my life. i don't know them and it's a new format. do. i gi go to church every single y of the week and i go to mass every sunday. how can we best help trump gets more help from republican legislators?
11:03 pm
>> that is a good question. do you believe in the primary republicans? >> yes, there are two that i would love to right now. >> can you give us a region in the south close-up here? hell do you think we can solve the victimization on college campuses and what you even dare walk onto a college campus and talk about your book? >> i have an 18-year-old, he will be 19 next month.
11:04 pm
he sends it to me holding up signs. i'm voting on election day. i go to visit him and people come off i am one of the only conservatives are found. they are shy, embarrassed but what you have to stand up and say is supposedly one of the liberal colleges in the country dot no pushback at all.
11:05 pm
the faculty is very liberal but i'm conservative. the heat was ugly and she didn't want it to be about that. that is what dan does. i'm at work every day top to bottom and there is literally no
11:06 pm
time to do that. that is the goal of the show so it comes up and that night they said call us and we will talk about what the show is going to be. here in the center seat we will keep the audience. okay. and we've launched the show at one. let's try this and see if we can do this. the first day we come up on the show and mind you it feels like
11:07 pm
come and talk to us at dinner. so and so let's get into it. it didn't feel right to me. it's never going to work. for a week they pushed back. you come up on the show the next day.
11:08 pm
we have this thing and we talked about it for four or five minutes and then we said specialists here and here and then we have a discussion. we had to make the show about us. we go from here to here at chemistry developed. that takes time but we are on the right track. [applause] interacting privately and
11:09 pm
personally it does my heart fall to know then a decent kind of guy. [applause] thank you for coming out. [applause]
11:10 pm
i will come back and say hi. >> a couple of hands over here. >> up to you. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] i love reading history and the library of congress has a series where every so often. last week i was at hippy dippy on and we had lbj and andrew jackson that one of the books i want to read now is one called the geography of genius by eric wiener. for an example you have the
11:12 pm
century celebrated by thousands of miles and also thousands of years apart so we have this innovation creativity many years ago and now we look at silicon valley also inhabit this innovation and creativity so what is the catalyst in certain areas. because different places in different cities and different continents and that is what is interesting to me. >> do you focus on reading the history books or do you have any other interest when you read a.
11:13 pm
>> from reading the princess of mars to the princess of mars and john carter, star trac and of tf course some of the other science fiction i love history. back in high school to me it was most important. it's a matter of rearranging things. it's all a matter of rearranging things. if you look at history there is a lot of ideas that you can look now, create a new niche and come up with a new idea therefore you spark and innovation and creativity.
11:14 pm
it will give you the summaries of books and you can pick the option of reading or do it by audio. it will give you the message of the take away from this book. the other is where you get an e-mail from humanities to music to science, whatever the area might be in so those are the ways you have to keep your mind active and especially somebody like myself when i have to go
11:15 pm
from foreign affairs to appropriations and then when you get on the airplane from laredo to houston to washington you spending a lot of time on the plane, so this is where you use some of those ab stat keep your mind active but at the same time you are constantly learning. >> this is her body and impact on life in her memoir under. this program contains language some may find offensive. [applause]


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