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tv   President Trump Touts Made in America Agenda  CSPAN  July 18, 2017 1:29am-1:54am EDT

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.... [inaudible conversations] [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] good afternoon members of the cabinet, distinguished members of congress and all these incredible representatives of
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american businesses of all 50 states and/or honored guests on behalf of the president and first family welcomed to the white house. [applause] thanks to the leadership of the president that believes in american manufacturing, welcome to made in america week here in the nation's capital. the greatest privilege of my life to serve for a president that puts america first in american manufacturing first. we know that america is a nation of dreamers and doers, producers and makers and it's since the first day of the administration we've taken action to promote and protect what he calls the three beautiful words, made in america. [applause]
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in fact, this president has signed more laws sloshing through federal red tape more than anyone in american history. [applause] >> under president trump's leadership we've been fighting for trade so that american business and american workers can compete and win with companies anywhere in the world. in fact as we were just talking down the hallway last month thanks to the president's leadership, american beef is now being shipped to china for the first time in 13 years. [applause] we've been unleashing american-made energy and clean up our plan according to the keystone dakota pipelines and when he did so it's to be built by american workers using american steel they shouldn't be
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this optimistic in more than two decades and the confidence of american farmers is soaring the near record levels and we will continue to fight every single day to ensure the country continues to make the best machines, grow the best food and design the best technology in the world because president donald trump knows that made in america will make america great again. in the boundless capacity of the american people it is now my high honor and a distinct privilege to introduce to all of you the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause]
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>> it's true as i walk through the halls with so many great companies the gentleman that was in charge, he said our business as a whole different business because the other administrations couldn't even come close and i told them you know how long it took. we love to sell beef back in china again. you can do that. that was the end of that. [applause] to showcase the amazing products of all 50 states made in the usa. made in america is made in the usa.
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what is that doing yet again, we are going to put that brand on the product. in just a few months and moments i will say that what we have done over a short pier co. of time and what we are going to be doing over the next six month's will be incredible. we've signed more bills and i'm talking about the legislature more than any president for a while harry truman had us like pinocchio. in just a few minutes i will be signing a presidential proclamation and to make today made in america today. we are thrilled to be joined by so many incredible members of my cabinet. every member of my administration shares the same goals to provide a level playing field for american workers and american industry. [applause]
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and we are providing as much faster than other countries would like. so it's been a pleasure. we want to build creative products in our country using american good and american credit. the profits they hear, the revenue stays here and the jobs may be most important of all stay right here in the usa. [applause] in the audience today we have skilled workers, business leaders, american-made goods that we are proudly displaying all over the white house and outside. i saw fire engines and tractors from caterpillar, incredible
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machinery. we thank you for being here and we are honored to showcase your creations and i will say they've really taken off and some of you have d-delta names i know of for so long and it's congratulatio congratulations, you've in particular. what a great job you have done. i saw you on television, you were fantastic. i don't know what you're doing exactly that you could always have a second career. you did a great job. thank you. american workers, farmers and innovators of the best in the world. we know that and what we are doing is we are displaying those talents. you harvest the products that fill the homes and defend the nation and enrich our lives.
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[applause] we are going to see a lot of things happening over the next six months. through a lot of different legal processes so that you are a loud to do that but we now fulfill all of that over the next pier co. of time. things that are great for american jobs we will be seeing them happening quickly because we are totally set up, and the hard part now is done. it is a long horrible process. we are going to stand up for our companies and maybe most importantly for our workers. washington has allowed other nations to wipe out millions of american jobs through unfair
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trade practices. wait until you see what is up for you. you are going to be so happy. it was marked by a period of sluggish growth, searching welfare and shrinking participation. it's clear for a new policy by two simple rules we will. right, governor backs my administration is reducing the burdens and regulations on the company so that you can compete, thrive and grow. how many of you have noticed it this far because it is a big difference. that's a big difference to the people coming up to me they
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can't even believe it. we take the farmer farmer's lany and take the home builders land away. they are farming their farms and it's a beautiful thing to see and so thankful. by the way we will have better protection than we've ever had but we will also have something where you don't have to wait 15 years for a permit and then when you go to the boards you will lose a. for our nation to prosper, we must lower the tax on businesses. one of the highest in the world and we must repeal job killing obamacare. [applause] i can tell you we hope john mccain gets better soon because we miss him.
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he is a crusty voice in washington plus we need his vote. he will be back sooner than somebody else will be back. we need does and we need a number of votes because we have to repeal obamacare and we will end up replacing it with something that is going to be outstanding, far better than failing to obamacare where premiums have gone up in some cases over 200% this year where every single element of it is bad and insurance companies by the way are fleeing. it's a hard time they are having with the obamacare situation so we are willing to get that done and we will surprise a lot of people but they are pushing very hard. the republican senators are
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great peoplsenators aregreat pet of different states. some states need is some need that but we are getting it together and it's going to happen. [applause] when that does happen it will be a big day in america but we must also fight the unfair trade practices that have gutted the industry and that includes cracking down on the predatory sales of foreign goods which is killing the shoppers and shopping centers if you look at what is going on in the shopping centers and stores and jobs it's been very tough for them, they had a tough time closing the numbers and records that have never been seen before. so we have to stop that undermining predatory practice.
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we have brand-new manufacturing jobs and we are just getting started. we will lift our citizens from welfare to work. we will turn boarded-up communities into new outposts of american congress and we will once again rediscover our heritage as a manufacturing nation. not so much anymore but if you look at michigan and some states that have really moved, in pennsylvania two weeks ago they opened up the first mine that was opened in decades and you know all the people that were saying the jobs were picked up 45,000 mining jobs in the short period (-left-paren and everybody was saying he won't get any of them coming and picked up 40,000 mining jobs and the miners are very happy with trauma and mike pence and we are
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proud of that but that's just the beginning. we have jobs coming from all over restoring american manufacturing will not only restore our wealth, it will restore our pride and pride in ourselves. it will revitalize our independence, and it will rebuild the kinship between our communities and our citizens which has been lagging. for much of the nation's history, we see this american presidents have understood that in order to protect their economy and security, we must protect our industry. and much of that comes at the border. george washington encouraged americans to produce their own goods so that our young nation could become truly independent. president james garfield said of our nation's manufacturers that
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to them, the country owes the splendor of the position it holds before the world meaning protect us. theodore roosevelt declared to congress that reciprocity, my favorite word, reciprocity because we have countries that charge 100% tax on a product and when it is sold by them to us, we charge them nothing. people say that it's free trade. no, that is stupid trade. [applause] you actually have people know, we can't do that, that's free-trade. [applause] in washington you just wouldn't believe some things that reciprocity must be treated as the main protection.
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william mckinley proclaimed that we ought to take care of our own nation and her industry's first. we have to look at our nation first. we've been looking the other way for a long time. if you look at what is going on with the success of other nations even in europe, you look at some of the countries one in particular it's not fair to the united states. and that's why i'm here and i believe it is one of the primary reasons you elected me and mike. that's why we are here and i think you're going to see a big, i don't think, i know you're going to see one of the great differences and you are already seeing it but it's going to get more so and more so if we are going to end up having a level playing field. i don't want to say any more than the bible but it's the playing field we are slanted to the tour bus i would say that also. [applause]
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once again we will celebrate the craftsman, producers, innovators like the incredible men and women in this room today. we will protect our workers, promote the industry and be proud of our history because we will put america first. america will be first again. we will make america great again. remember that and we will meet in the same room in a year and in two years and you will see what happens. thank you all for being here. god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much. [applause] in honor of may in america today
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and it made in america week and decade [inaudible] you see it with the job numbers and the stock market which hit an all-time high every day for quite a while now. you see it with so many other things. most importantly perhaps, you see it with the manufacturing. it's greater now than any time since they've been taking this type of poll and i believe it is 28-years-old. are you all enthused? [applause]
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when we look at president obama's domestic legacy, i think there are two things that are very important that will have long-lasting consequences for the united states at can be summarized in four words, his nominees to the supreme court. the second of the two part interview with biographer david gero talks about the book's rising star of the making of barack obama which covers president obama's life up to his winning the presidency. >> i think the point to emphasize is over the course of the presidency, there were
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scores and scores of people in illinois would know him in the years earlier who were deeply disappointed with the trajectory of the obama presidency in two ways. number one, disappointed that he forgot the people, many of the people, most of the people who were essential to his political rise. >> a senate panel looks at a proposal to reorganize the state department. department. we will hear from the deputy secretary of state johnof state sullivan, tom to the kebab corker chairs the senate foreign relations committee. >> [inaudible conversations] >> senator cardin wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to hear everyone's questions. so in order to accommodate that


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