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tv   House Committee Marks Up Homeland Security Spending Bill  CSPAN  July 18, 2017 11:19pm-2:08am EDT

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1:30 p.m., doctor willie parker, a christian and abortion provider talks about his book life's work, a moral argument for choice. >> we have pushed back on the morbidity of abortion. we pushed back on the claim that it's dangerous. we haven't made the case that women have, and people were making decisions about reproduction, a process that occurs in their body that it's within their agency as human beings to make those decisions. >> for more of the schedule go to >> the house appropriations committee met to work on a 44 billion-dollar homeland security spending bill. it includes measures for preventing drug smuggling and human trafficking. it also includes 1.6 billion for building a barrier along the mexican border. this is two hours 40 minutes.
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[inaudible conversations] >> of morning. [inaudible] >> we meet to consider homeland security appropriations bill. we've made some wonderful progress and continue to today. i now turn at the charming carter to present the homeland security bill. >> thank you, mr. chairman. before i start it's tradition to have some snack from your home district. the most famous thing in my home district are round rock doughnuts. the national magazine have
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declared the best donut in the world, however there so good they don't travel well so as a substitute we have a large check community in my town and everyone is welcome to eat this clutch he. it's very good. i wanted to let you know about that. >> we have them here last year. they are good. >> the question is what are they, and then we will move on. >> they are a roll with fruit on top of them and they're very good. >> okay. >> judge carter is recognized. >> thank you. now that i've gotten the important stuff out of the way. i'm glad to be here to present the fiscal year 2018 department of homeland security appropriations bill to the community. the recommendation is 42.5 billion in nondefense discretionary spending.
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1.9billion in defense spending, 6.8 billion for disaster relief. the total is $51.1 billion. that is $327 million above the president's request and $1.8 billion above 5 50 -- fiscal year 2017 based line. it stands in sharp contrast to prior years because the budget request is a major policy change in how dhs secures the border and enforces the law. i respect everyone's rate to assert reasonable dissent. moreover i have no doubt that everyone shares the same
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objectives for dhs, to ensure our homeland is safe, secure and resilient against terrorism and other hazards. mr. chairman and members of the committee, i realize we're going to spend a lot of time debating the pros and cons of spending nearly 1.6 billion on border wall construction, three-point to billion or 44000 among other items. these are increases in spending and worthy of debate. all too often the discussion veers off to heartbreaking stories of illegal migration. that is only part of the story. if illegal migrants can exploit vulnerabilities, so can terrorists, drug smugglers and human trafficking organizations. this is unacceptable. the recommendation in this bill, the bill is dynamic, and
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they want to secure fencing where border patrol agents have convinced me and the committee is needed. they are invested in smart 21st century technology that assist those who work on the border. they're not building solid walls stretching from texas to san diego california. they are not targeted areas like the big bend national park and arizona desert or mother nature in ways man cannot enhance. they complained that putting physical orders won't work and are unnecessary. with respect, i disagree. in the early 1990s over 50000 people were apprehended as they attempted to illegally cross the border into the san diego section. they installed security
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infrastructure improvements. by 2016, the number of apprehensions in that sector have plummeted to 25000 from 500,000 to 25000. similar success stories occurred across yuma, tucson and el paso. i am committed to bringing the same success to texas. colleagues, this bill is focused on national security and law enforcement. it sends a powerful message that if you break our nations laws, cross the border illegally, you will suffer the consequences. with that, here are the highlights of the bill. for cbp, in addition to the wal wall, it supports border control by 500 agents.
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in addition to the funds for 44000 detention beds which is an increase of 4676 over 2017, 18 million above the request is provided to expand visa security program to two additional high threat overseas locations. 186million to increase investigative support staff by 1600 people who have requested it. fema, 3 billion for fema grants exercise programs, an increase of 939.7 million above the request which includes 25 million increase for nonprofits 30 grant program. 7.3billion requested for the disaster relief fund. for secret service,
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1.9 billion to ensure they are paid for the work they do. for tsa, full funding for transportation to support aviation security. they will continue program management activities and design the work required to award a production contract in fiscal year 2019. 500million for reduction of the first offshore patrol cutter and long lead materials and 95 million for a fully commissioned. [inaudible] to enhance long-range surveillance activities. for cyber security, infrastructure and
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infrastructure protection, 950 million provided to secure government network and prevent cyber attacks and 380 million for infrastructure protection programs including electrical grid and emergency committee case and systems. finally, the e-verify system which enables businesses to check whether their employees are eligible to work in the united states is fully funded out 135 million. colleagues, this is a good bill. i ask you to support it. i'm happy to answer any questions about this but before i do, the ranking member is recognized and our full committee chairman ranking members for any comments they would like to make. >> thank you german carter. please recognize the ranking member.
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>> mr. chairman, as i said in our subcommittee, i greatly appreciate how you and your staff have been collegiate, colorad collaborative and receptive in developing this bill. we have a good partnership and working to address the needs of homeland security and its dedicated personnel. we understand they are the ones doing the critical work of keeping our country safe. the positive aspects include fema preparedness and increases of the nonprofit security grant program from 25 up to 50 million. :
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primarily on interior enforcement. there is certainly no disagreement. we should be removing dangerous individuals. the interior enforcement is targeting the parents of other company children seeking asylum and people who have lived, worked and paid taxes in the country for years and decades
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with no criminal infraction. as a result, the arrest of non- criminals are up 157% over last year. these are not required in the national security for the public safety and they are having tragic consequences for individuals, families and communities all over the nation. teachers tell me emigrant and united states children alike are afraid to go to school or are out to play for fear their parents will be gone when the return. on the communities throughout this country should not be overstated. the only solution to this problem is comprehensive
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immigration reform. another area of concern is a $1.6 billion for new border infrastructure. the fy 17 bill requires the secretary to submit a risk-based plan where imposing security along the border. we have yet to receive the plan. how can we support such an enormous cost without a comprehensive plan backed by clear justification for why it should take priority over other critical investments? for these reasons i cannot support the bill in its current form. instead of wasting money on an unnecessary war in the enforcement of discriminatory policies, we should be investing the limited resources to address the real threats posed by dangerous criminal alien and those who seek to do our country
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harm. this includes more resources into cybersecurity, human trafficking investigations and coast guard vessels and aircraft to address the vulnerabilities allow the alaskan coast to the limited drug interdiction efforts. we should be investing more in the customs, research and technology and restore funding for the law enforcement and officer reimbursement program. beating in this country illegally is a civil violation. we shouldn't be spending excessive amounts of money for several immigration enforcement. most of you in this room have family history of immigrants that came with little more than the clothing on their back so
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they can eventually afford a place of their own. if administration policies were in place most american families came to this land few would have been allowed to enter the united states and many of us wouldn't be here today. my family history is a little different. my father served in this house for 30 years born in 1960 with traces back through this country a generation that never came to the united states. when the part of mexico they settled and became a u.s. territory and 1912 the state of new mexico. no matter how we became
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americans, the fact is most came here from somewhere else. the contributions help make the country the greatest nation in the world and today's immigrants help keep america great. it was recognized by the government in the 1920s. even after establishing the border patrol setting up the first consul for control system requiring visas to be obtained a broad before admission to the u.s. and putting in place the caps and quotas based on recent nationality discretion was given to the visuals to suspend deportation in the meritorious cases and creative policies allowing many european immigrants in the u.s. without proper authorization to legalize
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the status. these rules made it possible for millions of people including many of our ancestors and have the opportunity to realize the american dream. it's how best to enforce the immigration laws and unfortunately the immigration rhetoric has poisoned the waters. it's made it difficult for this congress to bridge the differences in the homeland while still reflecting our american values. the administration said the law is the law and we must enforce it. mr. chairman, just as was true nearly a century ago, our
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immigration policies just as law enforcement agencies have discretion, so do agencies like a the department of homeland security. just as former members of congress emphasized discussion regarding policies impacting european immigrants, members of this committee have discretion in how to vote on policies impacting immigrants of today. i'm not making an argument for the open borders or the illumination of our immigration law. it's my hope that as we worked k together to find the right balance between legal and moral aspects.
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many of whom are escaping the same tragic circumstances as those being welcomed in the pa past. it could be you or me. let me reiterate how much i appreciate the way the subcommittee does its business even when we disagree we do it with respect for one another and the institution for which we are honored to serve. i hope we will continue working together so by the end of this appropriations process we have a final bill both sides can fully support. in closing i would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge and thank my outstanding staff and the
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majority of staff including leonardo rinaldi and the staff director valery baldwin. >> i want to thank the ranking member as well as chairman carper for their remarks. we live in the greatest country of the earth. it's good to know the ties that bind us are strong. this bill demonstrates the commitment to safeguard the homeland and protect the citizens and protects discretionary funding from the department of homeland security to secure the nation from many threats we face. whether that's fair for some, criminals and illegal goods crossing the borders or attacks on the cyber networks.
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the bill that was recently passed as a strong investment, families, neighbors, schools and businesses. the resources are protected to the customs and border protection to approve infrastructure and technology and put boots on the ground. it includes 1.6 billion for physical there on the southern border and 100 million to hire 500 border patrol agents. the bill also provides immigrations customs enforcement to withdraw to make sure the laws are being followed and this includes funding for additional law enforcement officers removal programs investigation programs and human trafficking.
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the illegal goods entered into and out of the country the bill provides $10.5 billion in funding for the coast guard. securing the cyberinfrastructure against dangerous hacking and cyber attacks. to respond to any emergencies or natural disasters by fully funding the disaster relief accounts and in addition to $2.7 billion provided for the grant programs that support the first responders the first line of defense in the committees. i would like to thank the subcommittee chair and all members may i say the remarkable group of men and women who make
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us look good and works on an won expeditious basis to bring the bill forward. i urge the support of the bill and it's my pleasure to welcome you for any comments you have. >> i want to thank the chair and ranking member and the staff on both sides of the aisle and all the members of the subcommittee for the important work that you have done. with the roadblocks hindering the path forward specifically no bipartisan agreement one might think the majority would produce bills that could possibly gain support from democrats, yet that has not happened. the bill before us today provides some minority input on funding including the
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restoration of proposed cuts to the grants which are of vital importance to my home state of new york and the chairman was receptive to many of the minority requests for the report language in the rather collegial process but we appreciate. however, the bill provides a significant increase to carry out the draconian immigration enforcement that will target hmong criminal immigrants and separate families while underfunding of your priorities. as a result the subcommittee allocation is 1.9 billion over the current level and 250 million more than president donald trump . request while other bills have been severely
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slashed and 700 million on thousands of detention beds and enforcement officers. instead of building walls, we should build bridges to advancing science research through the science and technology directorate to help fill the gaps. we should help protect the airport by increasing in for the law enforcement reimbursement program not eliminating it. security at airports is a shared
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responsibility and this is no time for the federal government to start pulling back on its commitments. it's a tragic reminder that we cannot afford to relax our airport security posture or instead of fulfilling $1.6 billion concrete monuments to the campaign promise to give hard-working americans a fair shake by helping them create jobs in the small businesses protecting pell grants and building safer, faster transportation systems so upgrading, crumbling infrastructure and the list goes on and on. democrats are eager to support
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bills that include appropriate spending levels and are free from the misguided politically driven policies. the sooner we can begin to enact the bills that make the investments the communities truly need. to make sure we have products that we can all be proud of. >> any further discussion on the bill? this department is important to me personally and i want to congratulate the chairman of the
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subcommittee for doing a good job this. this is a tough, tough bill. we created the subcommittee 15 years ago and tried to merge together 22 different federal agencies as varied as the secret service, tsa commits coast guard, cbp and on and on and on. they make these agencies into a single workable efficient one.
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these agencies are not amalgamated as they were drunk could be done. i'm not sure you can and now amalgamate the cbp. when you think about the responsibility, aviation security, border enforcement, customs activity can aspire to service them.
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mr. chairman, as the first chair of the subcommittee that is near and dear to my heart, thank you for a good job. i do have to say i know that this is a process. we will get a final bill we are hoping we can all try to find a consensus. i think i'm the only member that lives at the border.
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they've done a good job. first of all let me mention the custom border protection. one of the biggest challenges we have we found ways to speed up the hiring of the officers. we have to continue working on it and i know there is some language to make sure we try to hire the good qualified individuals. there's about $109 million in inspection equipment and we have
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14,000 trucks a day. that is an emphasis we have to look at and much of the emphasis is between the ports of entry that i want to emphasize we've got to make sure we don't forget the last ports of entry that's very important so i want to thank you. i want to thank you for the humanitarian relief. we have a lot of folks that came in so a lot of them went out of the pocket and actually was working with churning watchers at that time and i think we had it for three years and i'm hoping the governor is going to go ahead and allow that money
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but that is a reimbursement second that's something i want to emphasize. thank you mr. chairman i just want to express my support for the over the road assistance grant program which wasn't funded in the legislation. in light of the attacks of abroad there was over $22 million for the appropriate amount of a few million dollars so certainly a demonstrated desire to improve the security of the service is to protect the traveling public and i hope as we continue working into this
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process we find a way to support the program to protect the nation's transportation. we send them dozens by the day to make sure it is safe and we appreciate your consideration. >> thank you mr. chairman. i agree with churning watchers. there are way too many missions and we have a long way to go. they've bee done a great job wog with the committees. we are in a dangerous time as we know. nuclear weapons but then we have north korea, russia and china threat. it goes on. but one of the most serious threats we have are the cyber attacks that can affect the homeland seriously and not only is china stealing 2 billion a
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year but we have russia in the system and it's a serious threat and we have a long way to go to deal with it. it comes from defense dollars and the subcommittee receives a low allocation. this is money that goes to protect the country as it relates to cyber attacks which is the mission for homeland security. this year thanks to the ranking member it is only 28 million so that is a good start. there are two sides one being operational and that's what protects networks with the private sector. it should be known 80% is controlled by the private sector so we must work a partnership and also as we know we are
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competing with russia and china, north korea and many others and we have to stay ahead of the curve. they are attacking us on a regular basis. but there are many people that can do the same and we are cutting the important cyber security research and development works that set the science and technology director shifting the money to fund the border wall and that is what causes a problem between democrats and republicans in the border wall issue. the president made a promise in the border wall but i remember him saying mexico would pay for it. we have to realize the threat to the nation before we have a crisis on our hands. the fritz and protections must remain a priority at the department odepartment of homely and the committee and i look forward to working with the rest of the committee members to
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close the funding gap in future builds. >> as a longtime member and one-time subcommittee i want to first thank the chairman and ranking member for the collaborative process that they have exemplified in formulating this bill. you've both been accessible and receptive to the concerns and i appreciate your ability to work in a bipartisan manner. in particular the bill does include the rejection of the national bio surveillance center and we are grateful for that. however, the bill does provide significant funding increases for the immigration enforcement and border infrastructure that i believe go far beyond what is needed and can be extended.
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they come at the time that border apprehensions have declined and when they are operating at already high levels of funding. the majority has appropriated more than $1.6 billion for 74 miles of new border walls in this bill. people wouldn't know it from the rhetoric that they are already over 700 miles of vehicular fencing on the southern border and i know this firsthand since the majority was built when i was chairman of the subcommittee. in that time congress appropriated funds to build hundreds of miles of fencing. however, we did have some requirements. we be quite aired a segment analysis and alternative analysis of the best way to secure the border, we required studies of the environmental impact and a member of locations for new fencing.
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including the fiscal 18 pounds for th18 fundsfor the dhs to sue cost-benefit analysis we work with congress through any modifications. i don't believe funding and unnecessary walls especially one without appropriate congressional oversight to make us good stewards of taxpayer dollars. we have simply become complicit in campaign demagoguery. in that connection, this bill makes it clear the majority in ten for the american people to foot the bill, not mexico as the president has so often claimed. this $1.6 billion could be spent on much more important priority is then what improve the lives of our citizens and security of the country and i look forward to the ranking member's proposal
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to do just that. >> i want to thank the chairman of the ranking member and all the subcommittee staff for the work you put into this bill and the enormous amount of labor that went into it. while this markup will likely touch on quite a number of controversial issues, i want to pause and highlight an area that the majority and minority did come together to help ordinary americans both the homeland bill and the interior bill to include language interpreting customs and border protection and fish and wildlife to cooperate on streamlining the permit process for trade goods offered by environmental regulations. this language also prompts the
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agencies to bring the process online making it simpler and easier for businesses to comply. these changes will help the businesses like my constituent conform to important environmental regulations by reducing the compliance costs across the border. i want to thank the subcommittee for working together to make it possible. i do hope this sets the tone for the further bipartisan cooperation moving forward through the appropriations process. >> any further discussion? >> i knew my seat changed but i didn't know my name had changed.
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.. >> anytime you have the greatest country on earth still invite people by his behavior and democratic form of government, the economy, and its way of living, still invites people to come here, that's a good thing. does that mean that we have to have it up all controlled, no.
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does it mean that we cannot adjust somethings, no, we should. but we should never feel bad about it. it's not a terrible thing. those people are coming here, the same people the same way that those other people came here years, years, years before us. in one way or another. few of us are not immigrants or come from an immigrant family, or great-grandparents or grandparents, or whatever. and so when i hear us always talk about the wall is something we should build, i keep this image in my mind. my city, new york harbor with that majestic statue of liberty that says, this is give me people, give me those that hurt,
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give me those that are hungry, give me those that are poor, me those that need help. and then a wall on the south assess, keep those out. there's something wrong with that. it's not about who we are, so anything about the small, as you take the first steps and i was with rogers on that committee, on that homeland security committee when it was first formed, remember we are starting to do wonderful things and then the building of the fence came into play. sort of ruined the whole discussion the committee. as you think about it, just don't pay attention to the fact that already promises have been broken. mexico has to pay for, who really believes that? do you see that in this bill? were going to pay for it. but it's a symbol on the message
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it sends to the world and to ourselves as a people, we, the united states of america, the greatest country on earth, one his military uniform i was proud to serve in a very lowly rank, but proud to serve. this country should never build a wall to keep people out. should a deal with immigration issue, yes. but never, ever, ever build a wall. on the contrary, put another statue of liberty on the southern border. that's our message to the world. that statute, not the wall. again, the wall will cost billions of dollars to waste of money, it will divide us, it will divide our country, our --
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and that's what will become. so i ask you please in closing when i think about going forward with the next steps of building this wall, think about what it means for our country if we instead of saying, yes, we know you want to come here because we're the greatest country on earth, let's talk about how you get here, instead you build a wall and say, stay out. we don't want you. that's not who we are. us that we should become. thank you mr. chairman. >> now turn to mr. -- carter to managers amendment. >> think mr. chairman. thank you for this bipartisan measure. >> the clerk will re. >> and amendment offered by mr. carter. >> asking intermittent consent the it -- >> measurement is bipartisan include several noncontroversial items to accommodate several of our members of the committee
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commit there's any questions asked that committee adopt the amendment. >> thank you. >> i support the amendment. >> any further discussion? >> think mr. chairman. i want to thank the chairman and ranking member and community staff that places a stay on the closure three science and technology labs the national defense analysis in 40 trick in the national urban laboratory manhattan there critical for chemical agents and for cities respectively. the administration has outlined the priorities for the following year the national defense
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analysis center contains impacts, and ebola. the chemical security analysis center is only 24 hour, seven days a week center offering reach back capability. it provides first responders with immediate guidance with instructions to medicate the chemical threat. that's to bolster a security there able to form late the best game plan to counter mitigate these labs are essential to maintaining the security of our homeland. moving for, hope you can find and fully fund the centers. once again, i think the committee for evaluating the labs in the report. >> thank you.
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alexis think your subcommittee chair to see if we should put our nation's infrastructure under critical infrastructure. we know one of the companies that makes voting machines and election officials in the majority of states there were attempts to hack in the last election. was same thing we do with our financial services and utilities another that provide that protection. i appreciate having that language and and i support the managers amendment. >> mr. quigley is recognized. >> thank you. i want to thank you for including the manager amendment will talk about how you can
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better address or soft target. thank you. >> thank you. i rise to in support of managers amendment. i appreciate the chairman ranking member including one of my priorities which you might be surprised to hear is in this bill, that's related to organic import. you probably seen recent articles about organics fraud and imported food, it's nearly 50 billion-dollar industry in the united states. that's why these fraud allegations are so troubling to me and others who care about the issue. it is not fair to consumers who expect that when they buy something labeled organic they find out it's not. it's not fair to the farmers often have to use more expensive inputs or labor to produce the products. part of the problem is we don't have sufficient tracking of import what makes it impossible to know the quantity and origin of organic products. we have a shortage in our country of organic commodities and are not able to track,
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toward bringing them from other countries to understand how much more we could be growing. there's language that urges u.s. customs and border patrol to add questions the automated commercial environment which is the new automated import tracking system to track products that are certified organic under usda organic standards. i think you for including the language and i yield back. >> i also want to thank the ranking member in support of the managers amendment for editing language to encourage tsa to continue to move in the direction of making sure the airports across the country are working towards developing better interoperability as well as integrated airport centers. i'm sure you remember in january when my home airport had a shooter who had a firearm in their bank and open fire in the
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baggage claim area killing five people and wounding 13 others. one of the items they're looking at and have been examining dealing with the public area security is making sure there's a better coordination across the country in interoperability and operation centers. there's language in the bill that encourages that. all those in favor, ci. all those opposing a. yeses have it. the amendment is approved. >> i have an amendment at the desk. >> the clerk will read. >> and amendment offered. >> consider red, the gentleman has been recognized. >> i would increase funding as
12:12 am
noted in the opening statement it's premature to -- and oppose hiring they're not well justified. and have a security focus. the need for heavy icebreakers as well document the national academy for science is released last week warned, the united states has insufficient assets for -- implement policy execute and meet its obligations and its arctic and antarctic because it lacks adequate icebreaking capability. >> this is because currently the coast guard only has one functioning heavy icebreaker. the polish star, built in 1976
12:13 am
which is well past his 30 year expected operational life. and no longer has the reliability we need and the cost to maintain it will continue to rise. at this point, its primary mission is to clear path through the ice to the research facilities in antarctica. this means we have no heavy icebreaking asset in the arctic unlike other countries like russia. the publishers expected to continue for shooting for 3 - 7 years leaving the united states with no heavy icebreaking capability. we are dangerously falling behind. russia has 41 icebreakers for the arctic that are active are under construction, for which are heavy icebreakers. this puts the united states at a tremendous disadvantage. we are unable to operate in parts of the ocean for months at
12:14 am
a time. the national academies report goes on to recommend that, and i quote, the united states congress should fund the construction of four polar icebreakers of common design that would be owned and operated why the united states coast guard. the defense spending bill included $150 million for coast guard heavy icebreaker as a down payment on what's expected to be nearly a $1 billion price tag for the first ship. but the authorization that passed the house last week includes a provision prohibiting the pentagon from using any fy 18 funds to acquire an icebreaker for the coast guard. an amendment to strike that provision failed under a recorded vote. the solution is to fund the next installment of funds directly through the coast guard.
12:15 am
while plans to sign a contract in fy 19, it will release a request for proposal amid fy 18. by providing 2.3 billion in this bill, enough to cover the cost of two, and maybe three heavy icebreakers, we can help the coast guard get a better price per ship. in fact, it's estimated that acquiring three ships at one time to save the government nearly $160 million per vessel according to the national academies report. just think what we could accomplish your today with this one amendment. we can put the united states on a path to securing our sovereign interest in the arctic region. we cannot afford to delay any further. i urge my colleagues to support this amendment. >> i think of her comments. chairman carter. >> thank mr. chairman. i rise in opposition to my
12:16 am
friend amendment. funding is essential to obtain operational control of the board. to with migrants, despite -- in the nation's border, terrorists, and others in human traffickers. this is unacceptable. operational control requires the ability to detect, identify, and prevent illegal crossing of the border. enabling law enforcement's response illegal activity in the appropriately trained border patrol can conduct their mission, cutting funding would leave our border open and threaten our national security. physical barriers on the border work and are necessary as evidenced by the dramatic decline in apprehensions after the border security infrastructure was put in place
12:17 am
in san diego and arizona. that illicit traffic has shifted to the rio grande valley. i'm committed to bring the same security to texas. the proposal to turn ice funding to enforce immigration laws and remove those here illegally are not only in danger, of the safety of the american people but also convey to the bad actors that the rule of law no longer exist in the united states leading to increased motor crossings and growing population in the united states. it will release other criminals and to other parts of the country. additional safety is needed in our communities. this compromises isis mission,
12:18 am
jeopardizing homeland security and public policy. this is important national security and public policy and cannot be separated from border security. successful border control system must be supported by enforcement of all pertinent, adding funds to polar icebreaker, while a noble idea and want to support, the icebreakers, but is not practical at this time. they're still in the stage of design will not be ready to procure the first icebreaker until fy 2019 at the earliest. this on executable and therefore waste of time and waste of limited resources we have. i ask you to join me in opposing them amendment. >> thank you.
12:19 am
>> thank you mr. chairman. i rise and strong support of the amendment. the course guards fiercely defense are what are some borders everywhere. from san francisco, new york, alaska, the polar region. russia simply has a. >> guest: when it comes to ice cutting. outperforming us on the construction of icebreakers and maintaining a significant presence in the polar region. our antiquated ice cutting technology is out of the water half of the time due to maintenance, leaving russian china plenty of sea to explore without american deterrence. this is exactly the type of investment we should be focused on. it is for american foreign policy, keeps homeland safe, puts americans to work, and it's well overdue. instead, the majority has chosen
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to spend millions of dollars on a wall in implement draconian immigration policies. let's stop the filling empty campaign promises focus on where the real investment is needed, vote for the amendment. >> thank you. >> thank mr. chairman. i rise and strong support of the amendment. this fulfills the committee's responsibility to make sure resources are allocated and responsible manner. kids are country safe. we heard earlier in the discussion that we are all for secure borders. we need to do it in a commonsense way. with that protects criminal elements from entering our country, but also welcomes immigrants and people want to
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enter legally. were putting up a wall that is telling people that we don't want anyone to join us in the united states who live in hope and prosperity. as we continue the debate a national security want to be clear. russia has taken full it vantage of the changing arctic. today there 40 icebreakers in our building more. the scores russia 40, u.s. two. make that one because one is always in operational. icebreakers are needed now more than ever. with commercial fishing and tourism. we have a responsibility to protect alaska's border too. i strongly support the amendment. it does what it needs to do, redirects misplaced funding from a border wall and puts it in a pressing need for national interest. >> thank you.
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the coast guard's mission statement indicates the need to expand its icebreaking capacity. ideally with six icebreakers to meet mission demands. unfortunately it's reaching the end of its service life ordinarily in the committee they have to struggle. but not in this case. the ranking member has said pay for that strengthens the bill and improves the bill because she's removing funding for unnecessary and harmful border wall and, she's also taking some
12:23 am
funds for the increases for ace enforcement, not the core capacity of base, but the excessive ice hiring that is anticipated in the bill of the unneeded detention. it actually strengthens the bill and the amendment itself addresses a critical national security need. >> one minute to close. >> i just want to repeat that the national academy of sciences has said the united states has insufficient assets to protect its interests. it is estimated that acquiring three ships at one time the save the government nearly 160 million per vessel. i urge my colleagues to vote for the amendment. >> thank you for your comments. questions, say i, all those that nose havoc, the clerk will call
12:24 am
the world. [inaudible] [inaudible] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
12:25 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
12:26 am
[roll call] [roll call] >> any member who wishes to change the what? >> if not, the clerk will tally. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> the amendment is not agree to.
12:27 am
>> and amendment offered by mr. -- consider red, the gentleman is reckless for five minutes. here's my colleagues to support it is basically one that has been passed last several years of this committee. the purpose of the languages to codify the policy that i have followed. it is not codified in statute, the bill is with a limitation so that dealing with anyone that is detained by ice would not be paid for by the federal government, the bill already has the exact language. it covers the federal bureau of prisons in this language has been carried many times by both democrats and republicans.
12:28 am
again, this is not new language just codifies what ice follows. that's what we need to have because of lack of mapping codify. >> thank you mr. carter. this amendment does nothing more than codify current ice policy. the policy creation and that nationalization service followed for years. i ask for the adoption of the amendment and i you'll back. >> mr. chairman, i rise in opposition of the amendment. i won't belabor the debate on it since it has become a perennial exercise. there is already a government ride politician on these of federal funds for these procedures. the restrictions are specifically formalized in part,
12:29 am
4.4 detention standards. there are many urgent homeland security matters actually facing the department in this country. we simply do not need the distraction of this amendment which is a solution in search of a problem. i urge my colleagues to oppose it. >> horizon strong opposition to this amendment. this ideologically driven rider from the majority was introduced year after year, it's particularly troubling on homeland security spending bill. if we keep weighing down this bill we do it on the risk of first responders.
12:30 am
most of us in this room have met with our first responders, hard-working security personnel. frankly, my friends, at no point have any of them said to me that women's reproductive rights makes their job more difficult. not one. the serious threat facing us today is restricting women's reproductive health really a homeland security priority in this congress? let's do the right thing and oppose this misguided amendment. >> thank you mr. chairman. iressa strong opposition of the amendment. here we are once again going through another unnecessary, justifiable and unsafe amendment preventing women to make their own health care decisions. it's unnecessary to my colleagues so full well, current ice policy guidelines provide a woman held in an immigration
12:31 am
facility may receive abortion care only in cases of life in danger or incest. this amendment is a painful reminder of how you have to your the majority disregards the fight of 3000 women held an immigration detention on any day. it's especially cruel light of the fact that girls are raped 60 or 80% of their way to america. once again, the amendment is unsafe because the service medical and health decisions are was made between a woman, her family, faith, dr.. i know how to make it more clear. women expect and deserve the right to make their own choice about their bodies and health. notice i did not say with their guidance of the member of congress.
12:32 am
urge my congress to trust that woman know what is best for our own bodies and vote no on this amendment. >> mr. stewart is recognized. >> address and strong support of the amendment. i'm the father of six children. i think all of us remember the day we hold her first child in their life is forever changed after that. i feel the same way but my grandchildren now. i just think it's a part we stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. it's more than a political issue or legal issue, it's a moral issue that we have responsibility. as stated, this amendment is not repetitive. consistent with the current law and continues his standard for more than 20 years. i understand there are exceptions in women's health is just as important to the child's. the amendment provides
12:33 am
exceptions for rape, incest and i encourage my colleagues to defend innocent lives. >> horizon strong opposition to this proposed writer as i have year after year. inappropriate and purely based on ideology. it's shameful that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are introducing language to the bill that further less politicians to interfere with a woman's personal health care decisions. just because of who she is. the language prevents immigrant women in custody for making the best healthcare decision for herself and family. elected officials should not be playing politics with women's access to healthcare. it's wrong and misguided. his crew and in more on the ability of immigrant women in their most memorable moment. although this harmful amendment provides exception in the case of rape and incest and a very
12:34 am
narrow definition of life endangerment, it was still allowed nonmedical personnel such as detention center employees with no medical training to block access to life-saving care and information to women. this amendment poses a direct threat to the lives of pregnant women in detention centers. once again, politics is being put before women's health and asserting politicians into decisions which should be made by a woman and her healthcare professional. it's a responsible and has no place in the bill. is my colleagues have said the hyde amendment is currently a mall, that doesn't mean it's right. doesn't mean it doesn't discriminate against women. personally we should take that off the books also. >> thank you. >> i asked the reading be suspended.
12:35 am
let me clarify this because there's some miscommunication. basically no federal funds should be use to pay for an abortion. there is an exception, life of the mother's in danger, in case of a princess or if the fetuses carried to term. so i just wanted to clarify that. i have supported the amendment. >> thank you. all those in favor say yes, all those in favor say nave sumac the amendment is agreed to. the clerk will call the role . [roll call]
12:36 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
12:37 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
12:38 am
smack other members wish record their vote? >> anyone further? >> mr. rooney recorded as yes like mr. new house, the clerk will tally. [inaudible] . [inaudible] >> ps or 29, those are 21, the
12:39 am
amendment is great too. further amendments? misleads recognize. >> the clerk will repay. >> the amendment offered by mislead. at the end of the bill. >> thank you very much mr. chairman. let me think the ranking member and chairman for including language which i requested to accelerate the completion of the cyber security strategy and also for the customs and border patrol for its allocation on resources. thank you for including the spine i'm offering this amendment but i will withdraw. i think we need to reflect upon what it would do. and really look at our role in aiding and abetting this muslim band. the amendment would would enforce executive order 13780
12:40 am
which is known as the muslim band 2.0. financial force on march 6, 2017 this executive order is better known as the muslim band for replacing a broader band in january 2017 by another executive order. the first being created chaos at airports cap thousand stranded as a customs and border control another offices struggled to interpret the broad guidelines. once administration real the first man would not stand up in court because of its unconstitutionality and hateful intent, they issued a retooled muslim band in march of 2017. this continues to significantly flash refugees the united states limit and continues a broadband on visitors from iran, libya,
12:41 am
somalia, sudan and libya. while the supreme court allows partial enforcement of the van last month, a nation should be considered by the administrations ca interpretatin that we are closing doors to muslim refugees. i've heard from many constituents and others that they their families abroad are quite afraid to travel. that's why my amendment is critical. it would prevent funds from being used implement this heartless executive order because it's dangerous and un-american. the ban on loved ones does not make america any safer. it diverts resources away from the threats and weakens our leadership. contrary to claims in the executive order and none of the 9/11 hijackers would've been affected. according to the cato institute which is a conservative think
12:42 am
tank, not a single person has been killed in the united states by terrorist attack admitted by the countries under this band. with a 100 bipartisan argues this band endangers america's more. the fact that the united states has been enacted muslim band is a propaganda victory for extremists groups. more portly, it's hateful, unjust takes a wrecking ball to the statue of liberty. it is bringing prejudice in the form of phobia. it's not who we are as a nation. were a nation of immigrants have come together to form a more perfect union. congress should not allow the president to turn us into a country that turns its back on refugees and discriminates against people they send their religion.
12:43 am
i know the argument that we'll hear. the issues being litigated in the court. in the congress should not metal. we as appropriators and americans have a duty as members of this committee to do the works reflect upon our american values. that is to ban and these are resources to further address our national security in ways that are reflective of the american way. >> chairman carter. >> horizon opposition to the amendment. protecting the nation from foreign terror. under section 212 of immigration nationality act. and of the presence of the form
12:44 am
policy. the majority of the provisions were not challenged in court. the amendment is overly broad. those rechallenge have been held to be within the president's authority or are still in litigated in the supreme court. for these reasons i oppose the amendment and ask others to vote no. >> thank you. i planning to withdraw the amendment? leslie? >> i do plan to withdraw the amendment. i would encourage members of the committee to really understand what's taken place in terms of the executive orders. the future we need to debate this more fully in terms of what we want to allocate an appropriate are resources for. >> thank you. >> thank you mr. chairman.
12:45 am
i've amendment number one. >> and amendment offered by -- >> considered red. please proceed. >> i want to thank mislead for her amendment to she talked about the muslim band. this is a very narrow approach regarding the decision around familial relationship. i hope we might be able to recognize those familial relationships that include grandparents and grandchildren that would count as close family relationships. talking about holding his grandchild that's a common feeling that people have. yet under the current language under the trump administration those grandparents not be considered as close family relationship. the bona fide relationship that became the supreme court on the muslim band, under the directive the trump administration made an
12:46 am
arbitrary list there were not exemption from the band. it included a small number family relationships will continuing to being grandparents and other close members of the united states. the justification they used the considered the bona fide family members, stepsiblings count but not nieces and nephews. parents in the third cover but not cousins. this arbitrary determination leaves countless people facing humiliation of navigating a series of arbitrary rules that devalue family relationships. one of our colleagues, tammy baldwin was raised by her grandparents. that relationship is as close as any relationship that she has. that's true for so many people. the fact that under the current
12:47 am
ruling on the trump administration they don't count does not make sense. we have the opportunity to broad not to match with the courts and why have decided. i hope this is something we can support. >> chairman carter. >> thank you. horizon opposition to the amendment. the same talking points agencies for mislead. so i'll save time and not save them over again. >> mr. sherman arise in support of the amendment. when the supreme court misguidedly allowed the administration to go ahead with the flawed travel plan the administration took in their view of who counted as close relatives. graham princeton cap, needed to grandchildren, brother and sister-in-law's, uncles, and's, nieces and cousins. district court stated they
12:48 am
should be counted as close relatives. the amendment would do just that and i urge my colleagues to support the amendment. >> horizon support of the amendment. since united loving family should always be a goal, one of the greatest treasures we have in life and something that unites all of humanity is our desire to be with her close family. freedom to visit these relatives is one that america cherishes. i'm sure each of us has at some point worked on a constituent case related to the goal of allowing a close family member of a constituent to immigrate to the united states. the strongly support the amendment to ensure that grandparents, in-laws and others can visit their close relatives. federal judge ruled that the temporary ban on travelers and refugees from six muslim countries should not stand in the way of grandparents and
12:49 am
other close relatives from entering. judge ruled what anyone from a large family no space grandparents, brothers and sister-in-law's, nieces, nephews and cousins are bona fide mission ships. they should be permitted to visit u.s. relatives. despite that confusion, this has been rampant. congress must make clear that's our job, these recent rulings to respect the relations carry the force of law. 's crucial given the administration has given no -- must be set more broadly that this muslim band does nothing to make us safer. it makes us less so by diverting resources from legitimate -- where the stifling exchanges and it's been used as radical recruiting tools. >> we have one minute to close.
12:50 am
>> we often talk about family values in this town. if we want to respect the family values this is an opportunity. from parents and grandchildren clearly a part of family values. in her debate half hour ago that's part of the conversation. i hope we can honor those close family relationships with those amendment. >> all is in favor say yes, all those opposed say no. the nose have it. the clerk will call the role. roll call. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
12:51 am
roll. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
12:52 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] >> the members wish to record their vote?
12:53 am
>> anyone want to change their vote? seeing or hearing no one clinical tally. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> , spoke, yeses are 23, the
12:54 am
nose or 29, the amendment is not agree to. mr. serrano is recognized. >> mr. chairman i raise for an amendment and i asked that the reading be waived. >> considered done. >> this amendment would help reduce the harm caused by the administration and the increase in the immigration enforcement efforts. it would protect children and families from damaging separations by preventing ice from it removing parents of susan children with serious criminality on the part of that parent. let me repeat that. the parent is a criminal determined by the court this does not apply. this is a serious problem according to the 2015 report. whether -- citizens of children
12:55 am
reported between 2009 and 2013. the two options available for citizen children and the circumstances are harsh. first, if a child chooses to remain in the united states they come his contact with their parent and come to rely on the child welfare state at a significant cost to state local government. second, for citizen child decides to remain with their deported parents than they are defective to ported to a country there likely unfamiliar with and forced to abandon their country, the united states. i'm not a lawyer, but i would ask those of you are, i wonder if it's constitutional the case like this to the port an american citizen and that's what you would be doing with the child.
12:56 am
>> it is a lose lose situation and it shouldn't be a job to prevent it. our immigration policy should not promote separation. we should be promoting family unity. as much of the immigration policy on this administration and others, these have tragic circumstances are likely to rise unless we take action. in the absence of comprehensive reform were left with the appropriations process is the only vehicle to introduce some reasonableness into the immigration system. that's why over the amendment today. we should prioritize our children's best interest over mass deportation agenda. separating children and parents his nose idea of a good immigration policy. this is our chance to stop the senseless policies that are against everything was stamper as a country. i urge support.
12:57 am
>> chairman carter. >> horizon opposition. it's not constitutional graham. >> the amendment would authorize the main elements further, any provision regarding immigration of aliens is an issue for the house judiciary committee and beyond the jurisdiction of this committee. therefore i pose the amendment and ask you vote against it. >> high-rise and strong support of the amendment. when it comes to children who are citizens of the country particularly if their parents have not committed serious crimes and to not pose a threat to others.
12:58 am
dhs removed 14161 people who for parents of united states and send minor. in los angeles, 424 were removed. in york city, 95 were removed. in hissing, 369, el paso, 281. chicago 241, atlanta 418, and the list goes on. each one represents a family torn apart and at least one u.s. child faced with either leaving their homeland to be with their parents are facing a life without their parent. i urge the adoption of the amendment spent. >> one minute to close. >> as i said before i think the important point to keep in mind that were not talking about giving a free pass to a criminal.
12:59 am
any parent who has committed a crime serious enough for the courts to consider serious, would not be covered this grueling. really. a child that was born here as an american citizen should not be deported. in many cases if the child gets left behind to become a ward of the state because there's someone to take care of them. it is a unique situation, a difficult situation. i think it's a simple solution. no child born in this country can have a parent was found by the courts not to have committed a serious crime deported for any reason. thank you. >> the gentleman from new york's amendment, if your favor say yes, if you post say no. the nose happened. sufficient hands, the clerk will call the role.
1:00 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] . .
1:01 am
the [roll call]
1:02 am
[roll call] [roll call]
1:03 am
v. amendment is not agreed to an amendment offered by mr. price. >> to pay for the increase in cbp by reducing the enforcement. the subcommittee targeted the limited immigration resources to prioritized individuals who committed serious crimes or pose a threat to the community is it's not providing a free pass to anybody that it has assumed the discretion must be exercised by enforcement authorities.
1:04 am
it includes my home state of north carolina there were 700 arrests of immigrants with criminal records in january of this year compared with only 137 such arrests during the comparable period in 2016. it's at the time apprehensions are actually down. hire a thousand officers and agents the number of agents has already nearly tripled there is
1:05 am
not the need for a thousand additional hires in fiscal 18. there is another need and it's one we have addressed to find the kind frontline staffing shortage despite the fact that the officer has been chronically understaffed setup in the ports of entry. enforcing the customs and regulation in 2016 the officers encountered over 274,000 undocumented immigrants to see 600,000 pounds of illegal narcotics in the legal currency.
1:06 am
over the land, air and sea. border security and mitigating wait times at the ports of entry all require adequacy. in the immigration enforcement and reallocate first 543 million added additional customs officer for the homeland security investigations. religious leaders and others have committed no crime beyond crossing the border to better their lives and family.
1:07 am
>> cutting the funding to the release of criminals and other in the community across the country. they see the rule of laws no longer exist adding the funding and as we know the department struggled to a. funds would be an expendable in the waste of limited resources we have a.
1:08 am
as mr. price has made clear as a model for customs officers at his well short of where we need to be. if history is a guide we cannot count on the overpriced committee to authorize the new fee revenue if we hope to hire new customs officer we need discretionary funding in this bill and offer additional support could have a significant beneficial impact and human trafficking, child exploitation, intellectual property rights violations and other critical priorities. i know there are concerns about whether they could actually hire
1:09 am
all of these additional officers and i share that concern. based on what we've seen over the last year i have more confidence in the ability to hire and retain customs officers than it does in its ability to hire and retain border agents with which the bill already funds. they won't hire the additional customs officer mr. price is proposing to fund a. i know one thing for sure however. i urge my colleagues to support the amendment. say to my colleagues ports
1:10 am
that's what we have to focus on. and the budget itself is nearly $2 billion over last year. i offered an amendment because of the importance of ports which has been shortchanged for far too long by the department of homeland security. there's been understaffing at the port for years. if you read the report itself the contraband are transported through the ports of entry. i offer this amendment because it includes no new funding to address the current frontline
1:11 am
staffing shortages. there's there is a vacancy rate0 existing officers at the ports to meet 2017 staffing so we are talking about a total officer understaffing at 3,500 today. they are concerned that attrition continues to outpace hiring of the border patrol agents in further we've already seen a steady decline in individuals attempting to cross the border as we've seen an uptick in the violations of human rights perpetrated in the
1:12 am
current border patrol agent so they've gone as far as to violate the law and deny asylum to refugees that present themselves at the border. the reality is the agents of nearly tripled since 2003 and provides funding for an additional 1,000 more. we know what will happen to children and their families and asylum seekers and residents of the country that posed no risk to public safety. despite five hundreds more agents and 1,000 additional agents when the ports are desperate and if the need is desperate for inspection, we have another economic argument for the additional officers hired it gains over 1,000 private sector jobs. don't you get complaints when they line up and kick get stuff through the port.
1:13 am
it results in economic loss and in my own reach let me tell you the greatly ports are significantly understaffed. the mitigating wait times at the port of entry require adequate staffing at the ports of entry and that is why we must re- prioritized the accounting fund them to help the economy so i know chairman carter is helpful of this. >> thank you mr. chairman. i rise in strong support of the captured amendment which would remove funding from ice enforcement and unreasonable increases to detention and use
1:14 am
it more wisely including two combat the real epidemic facing the nation. their presence is quietly undisturbed to be in tripled up cross-border trade. listen to these numbers. the national human trafficking outline received reports of 8,042 cases of human trafficki trafficking. a 35% increase from 2015 we must provide law enforcement with the tools to eliminate human trafficking and frankly increase
1:15 am
awareness. in this socioeconomic status is robustly funding initiatives to the far better use of taxpayer dollars then increased enforcement and detention beds vote for the amendment. for much of the reasons the gentle lady from new york just went through a it's important that the nation currently spends $2 billion a year over $5 million on immigrant detention. they are occupied each day and this is an arbitrary and cost the detention mandate and the
1:16 am
majority seeks to increase that number even more. it is disgraceful. no other agency is subjected to a quota dictated by congress instead of spending the critical funds on the endeavor we should be spending money to combat the genuine atrocities. the amendment does just that. it's a devastating crime in a form of modern-day slavery involving women and children with the most vulnerable members and that is who we need to be looking out for in the homeland security bill. the department estimates between 14,500 to 17.5 in the united states each year. under the justice act congress asked to develop a strategy to combat human trafficking and the report was completed in january of this year. we've talked about how horrific it is and people have studied reports and now it is being time to act. we are deemed to combat this gorge of trafficking and should
1:17 am
support the amendment. i urge my colleagues to do more than talk about the opposition to human trafficking in support of the amendment. the amendment is quite straightforward while simultaneously increasing the legal flow of people in commerce. increasing the number of cbp officers has been a bipartisan priority for members of the committee for many years. we now have an opportunity to act on this and we can do it without a single fee increase or single change in the tax code. we do with simply by being good stewards of taxpayer dollars and redirecting wasteful enforcement funding toward genuine national security. i urge the adoption of the amendment.
1:18 am
>> [roll call] [roll call]
1:19 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
1:20 am
how would you like to be recorded? mr. joyce is recorded as no. >> anyone voting one way or another if not the clerk will tally.
1:21 am
>> the amendment is not agreed to. >> i have an amendment at the desk. i would like to bring an item of great importance with repeated evidence over the past decade has shown that there are some jobs in agriculture that many americans simply do not want to do even though a lot of these jobs offer competitive wages, similar nonagricultural types of occupations they are physically demanding, they are outdoors and subjected to elements, all seasons, all weather.
1:22 am
it's just hard work. the labor situation has been a concern for many years. today the large segments of the agricultural industry in our country needs a critical lack of workers. this is worse than by the fact the program commonly thought of as the guestworker program isn't just working for all of agriculture. agriculture has changed. modern techniques are different than they used to be. seasonality used to define agriculture and it doesn't exist as it used to. crops like mushrooms can be harvested year-round. it's currently excluded from utilizing each program because milking cows is not feasible.
1:23 am
two to three times a day, 365 a year. most of you this is something that should be of importance to you. they have a harvest that comes one after another. it clarifies all of agriculture may use the programs. so it is more truly the nations guestworker program. it's employed through the programs to stay in the united states and wouldn't change to show the hiring of domestic
1:24 am
workers it would just ensure that all of agriculture can utilize the valuable program. making it clear it can utilize and i would ask that all of my compadres please accept the amendment. >> chairman carter. >> i rise in support of this amendment. it has a long needed reform and the judiciary is not opposed to us including the language. thank you mr. chairman. >> anyone further? who can clarify that for me?
1:25 am
>> whoever would care to address it. >> they do not have any objection to this. that is a deep concern of mine in this committee. >> i hear time and time again in the committee when i first was on this committee, what we needed to have was a letter from the ranking member and chair of the committee that they didn't need to have a hearing on this. i noticed this trend before and i was going to say something the last time it came up and now i'm
1:26 am
doing it on your legislation. who has signed off on this has the ranking member signed off on this because the committee is both majority and minority. >> thank you mr. chairman. this is a very radical step that is fundamentally changing program which was intended to provide labor for businesses that are seasonal or temporary. the reason for the temporary seasonality limitation and h. two a. program is that it prevents year-round jobs from being taken by foreign workers. employers are trying to fill the year-round jobs should do so by competing like other employers by raising wages and improving working conditions.
1:27 am
this is clearly legislating on an appropriations bill. united farm workers of america, the afl-cio and farm worker justice just learned of this amendment and the way this is being done and the substance of the amendment. the place to start if there is a legal shortage is the legalization of workers that are here and who are experienced. the implications of this amendment are not thought through. and without a policy that discourages overstay and protects u.s. workers that want these jobs, this is very misguided. we strongly urge you to oppose this amendment.
1:28 am
the notion that we can all of a sudden come up with something at the last minute for someone's interest is inappropriate to. >> i respectfully disagree with my fellow colleagues. i do support this amendment because again, i have seen a lot of my constituents have been willing to pay 14 or $15 an hour more but they can't find more workers. i know it's a hard job. then in order to keep the industry moving we've got to have some workers.
1:29 am
so i strongly support this amendment and it's the right thing to do. thank you. >> by allowing employers to use the program, the program supports the communities struggle to have the domestic workforce required to keep up with production and allowing them to hire temporary. the communities continue to struggle having a workforce that meets their production while there are details that could be worked out and i encourage the author of the amendment to work out the details in rulemaking and other avenues this would help us in the short term and allow us to continue to have conversations about long-term policies.
1:30 am
>> thank you all for your thoughtful comments on this important issue. let me just remind you these will not be permanent workers. there is a limit to people to be in the united states and then have to go back to their home countries of it has been thought through let m but let me tell ye implications of giving this. our agricultural industry will have the necessary workers they need to continue to put food and fiber in front of the population so i would ask the court for the amendment. >> the amendment is agreed to a
1:31 am
this is a simple straightforward amendment that would give them amid security to give the old program. although i believe the secretary and possibly has the authority today my amendment would make it explicit. they are brought to the country as children known as streamers to continue living here i and te only home they know and remember the.
1:32 am
would be the definition of cruelty to take that away from them now. i know the committee is not comfortable with authorizing provisions into appropriations of the bill also i think we are a little bit in this regard in general we should avoid using authorizing language unless the circumstances are compelling. these individuals find themselves in such dire circumstances through no fault of their own. this amendment is intended to have the highest in th and light possible touch to hopefully achieve a just result. while it is an authorization that wouldn't compel the president or the secretary to do anything. the president said he would be the one to decide if it continues. this would make clear he has the
1:33 am
authority if he chooses to do so. i plead with my colleagues to do the right thing and let's not turn our backs on them now >> this bill is up at ou not ouo educate the program. these individuals should be decided by the jurisdiction of the committee therefore i oppose the amendment and urge everyone to vote against.
1:34 am
with mixed messages coming out on deferred action for dreamers, families need for stability this measure provides. dreamers are throughout the country at young ages and grew up with her children or grandchildren, have similar experiences, and no america as home. bubut if the clarity to live productively and free from fear
1:35 am
>> recipients were brought to the country through no fault of their own they consider to be american in the nomination if known. the program shielded more than half a million young people that contribute to the community that lives here. this would allow an opportunity to weigh in. these are about people and families whose livelihoods are built on the promise they can stay if they follow the rules.
1:36 am
if we want to let the promise crumble we urge the committee to do the right thing. >> the legislation was authorizing language. in texas when i was the secretary of state be in one of the first to allow kids to go to college. we've done it in a conservative state like texas.
1:37 am
these kids might want t not know another country but they know the united states. this is where they were raised. this is the right thing to do and we need to do this for our country as we make this is emotional for both sides of the aisle but patchwork on top of patchwork is what is wrong with our immigration policies in the united states. many of you know that we are here i guess it would be now five years ago a group of
1:38 am
republicans and democrats gathered in the room for almost two years and met every weekend we decided we could make progress on immigration reform it would bthat would be somethig supported by the conference on both sides. the most amazing thing about that was the staff was included in telling people what's going on and not one word was picked up by the press in the entire time we did that. if nothing else that was a divine providence putting in the end of positive on that action.
1:39 am
we came up with a solution you are discussing right here today. we had a bill that was supported by liberal democrats and conservative republicans and both sides were going to have trouble filling their side but they felt like they could inva invade. that's the way you fix immigration policy in the united states. what was the result? leadership of both parties opposed it. that is a fact. it's still sitting in my right-hand drawer in one of these days somebody will have to send for it although by that time probably all the people that were on that effort will either be dead or have left congress. but the bottom line is that's what we need to do. many times our democratic
1:40 am
friends say we need to do immigration reform and they are right. but we need to do it the way that it was designed by the founding fathers and modified patches by regulators and people who have a cause in this appropriations committee. that's the wrong way to do it. right now, the president has said this is on hold. the courts are looking at the policy of this and this is not the way to go about doing this and this is serious and is affecting many thousands of lives. if we don't have the righ give t way, then the next time we change people in this congress they will give it the wrong way again. something as serious as this it is time to step back and say this is not the right way to do
1:41 am
that and the threat isn't so real that we need to do it. fear drives fear in this country, and i would urge you let's try to do this in the regular order in the committees of jurisdiction for something so serious as these young people are talking about. this process we are doing today i oppose and hope you will join me. >> thank you. just very briefly, i don't usually like to disagree with another member because i'm not that kind of person but you said there are emotions on both sides
1:42 am
and you've also alluded to a difference of opinion. if i do something right and something in the past few years that if i watch on the other side the faces of people and i wonder what they are thinking when we discussed the subject because it is not as simple as others. it's not as cut and dried as other subjects. i believe not knowing the final vote on any amendments, there is a sentiment on the other side of the aisle on the republican side for this issue to be resolved and resolved here. listen to me closely. i honestly believe that many of you honestly agree with us or agree with yourselves that this is the right thing to do to take care of these young people that know no other country except this one.
1:43 am
so probably the final result will be parting lines or whatever people think the party line is. but i don't think in the republican party is clear-cut on how people think about the dreamers and these young people. people understand the need for a different category. they came here through no choice of their own and grew up in this country and know no other country. they don't speak english with a spanish accent. if they speak spanish they speak it with an american accent. they are as american as apple pie and they should remain that way. we should throw them out. >> the gentleman has a minute to close. >> i wish the authorization committee had the will to do the right thing. i wish the congress had the will to do the right thing.
1:44 am
but how many more years do we have to wait for that to happen? in the meantime, i would like to believe we are not doomed to perpetual intransigence when it comes to immigration. i would like to think there is a middle ground and compromise we can find, something that recognizes the importance of controlling the borders while accomplishing the difficult price faced by so many immigrant family. if we are ever to reach middle ground, we need to start somewhere and i can think of no better or fairer place than this amendment. my colleagues, i ask that you support this amendment so that the dreamers can continue looking forward to their future as a part of this great nation, the only nation they know. thank you mr. chairman and i ask for a vote. >> all those in favor?
1:45 am
[inaudible] >> the last word if you would please. >> happy to recognize you. i have great respect for the chairman, and i understand what he was saying about authorizing and an appropriations bill, but i am puzzled with that argument because having worked on this issue as he said so eloquently for two years, you probably understand this more than most of the people in this room. we give our particularly experiences, i talk about how families need stability. i'm just giving one example, but there've been many about authorizing and the appropriations bill. if i'm not mistaken on finci pae bill that was included in the financial services appropriations bill.
1:46 am
it seems to me the last time i checked that's authorizing on an appropriations bill. so i think given the emotions on this issue, given the mixed messages that are coming out of the administration on the third action for dreamers seems to me families desperately needs the stability this measure provides and i want to repeat again they are brought to this country at very young ages. they grow up with our children and have similar cultural experiences to our children, they know america as home. so i agree with the distinguished chairman and that we need comprehensive immigration reform. but until then, for all of us, think carefully about we'd rather not include authorization on our appropriations bill, but
1:47 am
we've all had the experience of voting for it, where most of us have. so let's give the families in our community the clear key to live productively free from fear. this is an urgent issue. many of us in our communities understand how much pain and suffering is being caused now so i just plead with the chairman and again let's make another exception besides on financial services. >> i think the gentleman for her comments. questions on the amendment all those in favor? apposed? the amendment is not agree to do. a number of hand the clerk will call the roll. [roll call]
1:48 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
1:49 am
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] members that wish to record
1:50 am
anyone further? on this vote the amendment is not agreed to. >> my amendment prohibits funds being used to illuminate the action for childhood arrivals
1:51 am
program. within this mark i wanted to run through a few of the eligibility requirements since we've been talking about the program. children under the age of 16 or6 were under the age of 31 by 2012, continuous residence at least five years at the ti t wae lawful immigration status and not convicted of a felony in school graduated obtained general education certificate honestly just charged. this is about keeping a promise to our kids. i understand if we want further
1:52 am
discussions. so we can talk about protecting our kids and what the future of the immigration program looks like we are having amendments. their voices should be heard here. it prevents the administration from ending the program does this year.
1:53 am
we may be able to remov remove e sufficiently during the process and i look forward to standing with those as well but right now right here why can't we allow and speak for them and say we want to do everything we can do this right by you as you fulfill the promise. i rise in opposition to this as well. the issue is. they need to be made by the committee of jurisdiction barring the use of funds.
1:54 am
the chair man as opposed to this language and we will fight it on the floor. the reality is these are emotional issues we talked about. if it passes today gives a rip off. is this a good thing for the people you're dealing with i would say it is not. we know what our responsibilities are and they've been searching someplace but this not the place to be done so i strongly oppose and ask for a no vote. >> i rise in support. as discussed this amendment would prohibit funding to stop the program. let me just say anyone that objected to my amendment because it included authorizing language, this should be an acceptable alternative.
1:55 am
these young people got here sometimes as intense and are under constant threat of deportation to a country they don't even know and where they may not even speak the language. the program simply puts their cases on hold until congress gets its act together on comprehensive immigration reform. they deserve a chance to work or continue education and the only home they know or remember it. taking the opportunity away from them now would be cruel and punish young people coming forward attempting to do the right thing. >> i rise to speak to this amendment. i do believe this is not the time or the place for this argument. as the last one i will be opposing it, however i do think that this debate, a bipartisan one is one we should have in the
1:56 am
congress. the president said he would keep the program in place but the legal standing is questionable. the long-term solution is yet to be debated and acted upon. to me these kids brought up on our soil are just as american as i. they shouldn't be accountable for the actions of their parents. i look forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find a compassionate, fair and long-term solution. >> i support this amendment but i do want to suggest, and i respect the works of their drinking members of the committee it's fair for us to say okay if we are not going to authorize then nobody occupies. we will go through the cycle
1:57 am
with no policy writers. we use broad-based concepts and rules to justify our views on a particular build it i bill but l analysis it is always a matter of convenience one day we are federalists and then we are not. wheone day we are big on states rights and if it doesn't pay than we are going to change our mind. the government's role in society seems to change at the same pace. i appreciate the concept, but i've been here now several terms in that they always flip-flop whenever it was convenient to support the concept of the bill we are looking at. i was glad to all of those if we are consistent.
1:58 am
>> i've had multiple conversations with the sponsor of this amendment and i know he's sincere. the folks that are being protected to the one thing that defines the united states a is e art of meritocracy. we don't judge people for their relatives do we judge them for what they do and these folks didn't make the decision to come to the united states. the question isn't whether we are protecting the right it does the right thing to do some of the question is does this amendment do that and frankly i'm not sure. and again the sponsor and i have
1:59 am
had these conversations. what's the best way to protect those kids and i don't know if this is the right way to proceed. i yield back. >> i have respect for my good friend but that i haven't heard anybody say we should be protecting the young people and i'm just puzzled.
2:00 am
i don't know how long it is going to take so much just to do this now, let's help these kids now. and i would like to know if there is anyone in the room that disagrees on supporting these kids. let's follow up with my good friend and the heartfelt comments this won't be the first time that we have reauthorized.
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