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Charles Schumer
  Senator Schumer on Health Care  CSPAN  July 19, 2017 5:34pm-5:46pm EDT

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instead and agrees with us that americans deserve a lot better. i appreciate the efforts of the administration at every step of the process to move beyond the failures of obamacare. the present, the vice president, secretary price, administrator and so many others, we thank them for all the work they have done so far and we look forward to continuing these collaborative efforts will be travel to the white house later today because we have an important task before us. as i announced last evening, after consulting with the white house in our members, we decided to hold the vote and open debate on obamacare appeal early next week. the obamacare appeal legislation will ensure a stable, two-year t transition. which will allow us to wipe the slate clean and start over with real patient centered health care reform.
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this is the flame legislation that a majority of the senate voted to send to the present in 2015. now, thankfully, we have a president in office will find it. we should send it to him. mr. president, according to the majority leader there won't be a vote on the motion to proceed te the health care bill until next week. in the time between now and then, my republican friends have a choice to make about how they want to move forward from what looks like a failed vote. do they want to take the path ot president trump yesterday said he wanted our healthcare system to fail? or do they want to work with democrats on legislation to improve the law? is that simple. we democrats know the affordable care act isn't perfect and we propose specific legislation that could pass right now to stabilize marketplaces and lower premiums for americans across the country.
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these proposals are specific, ad nonideological and pass quickly and make life better for millions of americans. a decent number of governors ane even senators have said that these are the kinds of proposals we need. here they are: first, we propose the bill by senatorhahen shaheen that would guarantee the premium reduction payments that insurers say is the number one thing we can do right now to stabilize the individual marketplace; second, we propose the bill by senators cochran that would create a reinsurance program for the individual health insurance market, again, aimed at stabilizing workplaces third, the bill by senator mccaskill that would enable american in a county that lacksa health insurers to purchase the shirt same insurance we get here
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in congress. all three of these wouldve stabilize the markets and help to prevent premiums from going up further and coverage from decreasing. they address the actual issues in our healthcare system. i've mentioned they are nonideological and exactly the kind of legislation we can work on together. if our intent is to make things better, this is something we can come together on, all three of these proposals. they address the actual issues that we have and should be an immediate thing that we can do together. the republican approachepublica decimating medicaid to give a tax break to the wealthy doesn't solve any of the problems republicans claim to be so worried about the effect high premiums, peer counties, high deductibles..o in fact, most reports make them worse. the cbo said that under each a
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version of the republican plan premiums would go up on many americans and deductibles would go up and there would be even more bare counties in today. tens of millions would lose insurance. repealing the healthcare lot without any replacement is even worse. it would cause our healthcare system to implode, creating chaos. millions more would lose their homes and for millions more than that coverage would be r diminished. all of that, even worse, under the republican bill. so, i hope that my colleagues will join with us in working on these three nonideological, practical problem solvers that will reduce premiums and make healthcare better for many manye americans. i many republicans have spoken favorably of these ideas and i
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hope that we will go forward. the worry i have, mr. president, is that our report and colleagues follow the policy of president trump. t president trump's promise to let out our healthcare system collapsed is mind-boggling. it's hard to believe that he could say something like that. president trump's promise to let our healthcare system collapsed is so, so wrong on three counts it's a failure morally; it's a failure politically; and it's remarkable failure of presidential leadership. first, the president's position is a moral failure. it's morally wrong to intentionally undermine the healthcare system in this country using americans as political pawns in a cynical game. it's morally wrong to play a political gain with the healthcare of this country.
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there is no religious precepts or moral precept that could advocate such a cynical ploy. the president didn't say he wanted the system to change in a way to make it better. he said i've lost and i'm going to make it worse for everyone to show you that i should have one. as i said, that is a moral failure. none of our religious leaders of any of the great religions would ever, ever accept. untreated nor will the american people. sayin second, i'm saying that i won't own it won't work politically. the president is the president. he's in charge. americans look to him for leadership and they note the republicans control both
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branches of congress and the white house. they know they are in charge. earlier this year, the kaiser founder foundation found that two thirds would blame president trump and congressional republicans for the future problems in our healthcare system. just as they blamed president obama when he was in charge, they will blame president trump when he was in charge. he's tweeting a way that someonn else is to blame when he's in charge won't work politically. especially when it comes to something as near and dear to americans as healthcare, god's great gift to us, life so, it just won't work saying that democrats are to blame. believe me, we won't stand idly by and shrugged her shoulders when american people are suffering because the president is sabotaging our healthcare system for political purposes. we will pointed out in the spotlight and it will be on
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those who the american people in november put in charge.qu elections do have consequences and one of the consequences, mr. president, one of the consequences, mr. trump, is that you are in charge and you have to make things better, not simply point fingers and. finally, the president's failure of presidential leadership. his own party has failed to pass a bill, his own party which controls both houses offrom congress, his own party which uses special rules designed to exclude democrats from the beginning and president trumpr blames democrats and threatens to hold our nation's healthcare system hostage out of peak. the president was being petty. the president was being small.
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the president was not presidential at all. the president would rather throw up his hands then roll up his sleeves and get to work. he would rather cast blame and point fingers and even tried to work with democrats to make the healthcare system better. that is not what president do. it shows a tremendous lack of leadership. the american people want then president to lead. the american people, when there is a problem, they want the president to fix it. the american people know that when you face a defeated president you don't sit in a corner and pout and get angry, you go on from there and try to make things better. as i hope my colleagues on the c side of the aisle will do, some
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of them have indicated they will. let's recall another president: president truman. president truman famously said the buck stops here. he was admired for it. this president words shirking response ability, casting blame' were exact opposite of president truman. the buck stops here. may this made president small trileptal. president thompson blame gamee makes him look small and diminished. people will begin to realize his lack of leadership and respect for him and his office will diminish. r the president should rise to the incredible responsibility of the office, not quit and take the ball home every time the game isn't going the way he likes. the president of the unitedibler
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states, for better or worse, is responsible for the healthcare of the country, for the a healthcare of americans who voted for him and for americans who voted against him. he took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of this country, not just the ones he likes. there is no docking responsibility as president. the buck stops with you, president trump. if the procedural votes feel next week, i sincerely hope that my republican friends here in congress reject the premise of healthcare system collapsed and hurt millions. instead, i hope they work with us in the areas i mentionedfi among many others do what is right for the american people. >> the most important three words are the first three, we the peopti