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tv   Summer Reading with Representative Jim Costa  CSPAN  July 23, 2017 1:27pm-1:31pm EDT

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b. next, roxanne looks at her lifelong struggle with food and body image in "hunger". a retired u.s. navy admiral provides advice for self-improvement in "make your bed. wrapping up the look at the best-selling nonfiction books according to indy bound, is a book by mark boutin which recounts a battle that change the american approach to the vietnam war. many of these authors have, or will be appearing on book tv. you can wash them on our website, >> book tv recently visited capitol hill task members of congress with their reading the summer. >> i'm reading a book i'm really enjoying, tom friedman's latest, thank you for being late and i
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am a big fan of tom friedman. i think it's an important bridge as to where we are in technology today and where we will be in the next ten years talking about more syrian a lot of things going on. i'm usually reading multiple books. i just got meacham's book on president andrew jackson and i'm looking forward to getting into that. i have finish recently mccauley's book on the right brothers, very interested in biographies of americans have made a difference. i've always been a big aviation buff and following the development i was on the science committee. i recommend reading to all my staff, we learn every day and the challenge i always have is trying to find time to read
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because of the other reading have to do. i tell students, i didn't care for homework very much when i was in high school and university and i look back i think, i do a lot more homework today than i ever did when i was in school. if i had applied myself the i had a lot of sees that could've been b's and be second benes. reading is the key. having a strong foundation and good reading habits regardless of what you are reading rather american history, world history, whether biographies, or certain times in the history of mankind, science. it is a way that we make ourselves better educated but the thirst for knowledge, that curiosity that we have in each of us in one way or the other is enhanced by good reading habits
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and reading regularly. of course the challenge we have is making sure we find the time to read things we like to read besides what we have to do every day. >> thank you for your time. >> guest: thank you. >> book tv wants to know what you are reading. send us your summer reading list via twitter, book tv, or instagram, at book -underscore tv, or posted to her facebook page,,/book tv. but deviancy spent two, television for serious readers. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> good e

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