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tv   Open Phones on Health Care  CSPAN  July 25, 2017 12:28pm-1:00pm EDT

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unanimous consent that the senate recess until 2:15 p.m. today for the weekly conference meetings.
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the presiding officer: the senate is in a quorum call. a senator: i would ask that the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. fischer: thank you, mr. president. i ask consent that the senate recess until 2:15 p.m. today for the weekly conference meetings. the presiding officer: is there any objection? without objection. the senate will stand in recess the senate will stand in recess
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open up for debate. >> host: year is where things stand. the senate came in at noon eastern today. they have recessed the republicans and democrats going to weekly party meetings. we expect them to come back at
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2:10 p.m. eastern. the timing of the vote getting a little more clarity. the bout will be on a motion to proceed whether to begin debate on health care legislation. timing information here from our capitol hill producer craig kaplan talking about mitch mcconnell's comments rather appeared his intention is to do whatever it takes, no matter how small to get the house and senate gop into conference on health care. craig kaplan also says senator mccain will return to senate about 2:45 to cast a vote on a motion to proceed and talk to the press after that. senator paul who had earlier handouts then this morning the majority leader and for me to plan for today is to take up to 2015 clean repeal bill as urged. if that is the plan to read senator, i will vote to proceed to the snow. i also now believe we will defeat the new spending and
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bailout. that's from rand paul. we will continue to get comments and calls. we would expect some comments before the gavel back in. we did want to return and show you the opening comments this morning from the majority leader mitch mcconnell as the senate opened at noon eastern. >> in just a couple of hours, senators will have an important decision to make. seven years after obamacare was imposed on our country, we will vote on the critical first step to finally move beyond its failures. many of us have made commitments to her constituents to provide relief from this failed left-wing experiment. and now, we have a real opportunity to keep those commitments by voting to begin debate and ultimately to send smarter health care solution to the president's desk for the
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signature. the president reiterated his intention to sign them. just yesterday the president released a statement urging all senators to vote in favor of the motion to proceed so that we can quote to move forward on repealing obamacare and replacing it with true reforms that expand choice and lower costs. so i would like to express my appreciation to the administration for its continued work with us on this issue at every step of the way and the president, vice president and secretary price, and administrator burma as well as so many others come in the engagement we've seen is important for effort and it is an unmistakable signal to the country that this administration not only understand that paying middle-class families have felt under obamacare, but is actually committed to doing something about it. by now, we are all keenly aware of the pain that obamacare has
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caused for literally millions of families. premiums have skyrocketed, doubling on average in the vast majority of states on the federal exchange. insurance options have declined under obamacare, leaving many with one or zero insurers to choose from. many americans now face the real possibility of having no options at all and confine themselves trapped to purchase obamacare insurance without any means to do so. all the while, markets continue to collapse under obamacare in states across the country with the troubling indication of what is to calm unless we act. fortunately can the american people have granted us the opportunity to do so. we finally have an administration that cares about the suffering under obama cares failures and a president who will sign a law to actually do something about it.
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we have a house that recently passed its own legislation to help address these problems and we have a great chance before us to do our part now. if other senators agree and join me in voting yes on the motion to proceed, we can move one step closer to sending legislation to the president for his signature. i hope everyone will seize the moment. i certainly will. only then can we open up a robust debate process. only then will senators have the opportunity to offer additional ideas on health care. an action will do nothing to solve obama cares problems or bring relief to those who need it. in fact, it will make things worse for a constituent all across the country. i would like to reiterate what the president said yesterday. any senator who votes against
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guarding debate is telling america that you are just fine with the obamacare nightmare. that is a position that even democrats have found hard to defend. remember president clinton called obamacare the craziest thing in the world and the democratic governor said it's no longer affordable. you won't hear me say this often, but they are right. so i hope colleagues will consider obama cares history of failure, the scarce choices, burden on middle-class families, that they cast their vote this afternoon. i would urge them to remember the families who are hurting under this collapsing law. numerous kentuckians like so many others across the nation have conveyed their heartbreaking stories with phone calls, letters, meetings and dozens of health care all across kentucky. these families are suffering
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under obamacare. they need relief. i'll be thinking about them is a vote to proceed to the bill today. i know many other colleagues will do the same. her constituents are hurting under obamacare. they are counting on us to do the right thing right now. that means voting to allow the senate to finally move beyond obama cares failures. that is what i intend to do. that is what i yearn to recall it to do. we can do better than obamacare. we have responsibility to the american people to do that. today so to begin debate is the first step and we should take care. >> host: the majority leader about 40 minutes ago. he spent capitol hill producer tweeting moments ago about what is going on is the senate is in recess. the senate gop close lunch to discuss this afternoon's motion to proceed to on health care. that is the vote on whether to begin debate on the health care
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law. reporting on the health care law, what we might see beyond the about commended hill's peter sullivan writing scaled-down health care bill. senate republicans are considering passing a dramatically scaled-down version of the obamacare repeal bill as a way to pass something instead of negotiations in the house according to gop aides. we welcome your calls and comments. twitter@c-span on the phone. democrats 202-748-8920. republicans train 38921. and i'll others 202-748-8922. again, the senate returning it to 15:00 eastern. on twitter, sherry asks what is ahead. is this advise any bill that the hill wrote about, the gop bill that one could look up and read on the net. as far as we know, so far it does not. let's hear from scott from philadelphia, republican line.
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>> caller: yes, i have parkinson's disease for the past six years and my wife just passed away in january and i'm lucky to stay on her insurance for the next five, but i don't know what's going to be there. i just keep jumping around and doing this and not. how are we supposed to deal with the other countries threatening our country? they've got to get together and be civil to each other and make a decision that is going to work for the people because we can't get in there and make a decision. they have to make it. i know it is a tough job, but going back and forth is ridiculous. and you know, they have other
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more important things that have to be handled as a country safety. i'm not saying medical is not big because it is for me. i take a different medicines, 26 pills a day. most of the time in my house. so these guys keep laying back and forth. it's like watching a tennis match. put the ball down and make a decision that's going to work for the people. they have their insurance. right away they got a whole new insurance thing. the congress and the other day men should not. why can't we get the same thing they have? why do we have to go through all of this? >> host: scott in philadelphia, talking about debates this afternoon on the health care law. in jackson, new jersey. >> caller: yes, i would like
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for them to open up though so they can discuss the health care. the democrats have seven years to fix this bill. the republicans have seven years to think of their own bill. they could get their act together, both of them to spend too much time on russia and not on american people. we need lower drugs, health care for everybody. everybody talks about medicaid. that is fine. there should be a special fund. it is just like a car. if you have a car you can't afford the gas, how can you drive the car? you can have insurance but if you can't afford the deductible, and how could you get health care? there is maybe one or sometimes done in this county is they have to get together. these politicians, both republicans and democrats are not doing their job.
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post omits, you are calling from new jersey. there is something where you live in new jersey and there is one or sometimes no choices to choose from. >> caller: yes, it is very hard. even if you have it, my son, you know, you can have it, but it can be like a 5000 to $8000 before the insurance kicks in your.just because you have insurance doesn't mean you can use your insurance. like in new jersey, you had to pay a tax if you didn't join the insurance. they make you join and then you can't use it because the deductible is so high. >> host: thanks for calling in. here's where things stand. you are watching c-span2. the senate in recess. they will be back at 2:15 eastern. sometime today they will vote on whether to begin debate on the
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health care law, what is called the motion to proceed. after that, it is likely they will take up the version which passed in 2015. we should find out more details as the afternoon goes along. welcoming your calls and comments at 202-748-8920 for democrats. republicans 202-748-8921. everyone else 202-748-8922. we will take you back live to capitol hill. democrats in the half blood by democratic leader pelosi will be holding their own meeting, their own briefing on health care legislation. we aim to take you live to that in about 10 minutes or so. the reporters regularly seen on our "washington journal" program and others on c-span covering health care for years. julie rosner tweeting this morning, i have covered every health bill in congress since 1986.
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there has never been anything this nuts before in terms of process. never. we will get back to your calls momentarily. next i will share the comments of chuck schumer, a democratic leader as the senate gavel then. >> mr. chairman come in the senate will vote to proceed on the republican health care bill. i will have more say on the matter prior to the vote. at the moment, no one knows the plan being cooked up in the republican leader's office. it seems to be his intention to do whatever it takes to pass anything, no matter how small, to get the house in the republicans into a conference on health care. surprisingly, i have heard my friend, the junior senator from kentucky will vote yes on the motion to proceed here denouncing himself. it is true to likely get a vote on the motion to repeal would not replace, but surely he knows that will fail.
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why would the junior senator from kentucky, a man who has preached the repeal of the affordable care act, a man who is proselytized republicans to stop at nothing short of full repeal. why would the junior senator from kentucky vote on the motion to proceed knowing he won't get what he wants. it is because i believe that he and some of the others in this body know that if the senate manages to pass something to perk up in the half, the likely compromise in the house, and the conference is either a full repeal of the affordable care after something close to it. it will certainly mean drastic cuts in medicaid, huge tax cuts for the rich, no help for those with preexisting conditions and millions and millions losing
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health care, particularly our rural states. that is the only thing i republicans have been able to agree on. the hard right freedom caucus and the house would never accept a republican bill that only repealed a few regulations in the aca leaves much of it in place. they want full repeal and at minimum, deep, deep cuts to medicaid. huge, huge tax breaks for the wealthy and millions and millions in every state in this nation losing their health care. to my republican friends who have repeatedly said the full repeal without replace would be a disaster, to my republican friends who have opposed the deep and drastic cuts to medicaid, i say to you, don't be
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fooled by this ruse. a vote in favor of the motion to proceed will need deep cuts to medicaid. maybe even deeper than in the house bill. it will mean people with preexisting conditions will be left high and dry it will mean huge tax breaks for the wealthiest of americans. it will mean millions will lose their coverage. while we are here at this late moment because even the house bill was too drastic for many of the members here is now being ignored on this motion to proceed. because we all know the routes that is going on. the roosters bend it back to the house and we will see what they send us. we know what they'll send us good we may not know every
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detail. we needed a full repeal without replace or something far too close to that. and all of the work, all of the english that so many of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have shown in the last several weeks will be wasted because they know darn well what is going to happen when there is a conference. there were no democratic votes in the house. the freedom falcon calls the shots. he will either ask for full repeal or something very close to it. so make no mistake about it. a vote in favor of the motion to proceed this afternoon will be a permission slip to slap medicaid
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hurt millions and raise taxes on the wealthy, something the vast majority and the state, large, large percentage of republicans and trump voters at war. one last to my colleagues. do not fall for the ruse that the majority. we know what is going on. we all know our constituents will be fooled. we on this side are not fooled. and i hope my colleagues out of compassion and care for the people in their state have made such a fuss up to now won't be fooled either. >> host: the senate returning an hour and 20 minutes. 2:15 eastern. the motion to proceed midafternoon today. we continue with our live
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coverage in about 10 minutes or so. we'll take you to capitol hill. democrats holding a meeting today looking at the 2010 health care law and republican efforts in the senate to repeal and replace the law. take a few more of your calls before we go there live. in your treats as well. jackie treats about a call a few minutes ago from new jersey. she tweets that the caller from new jersey but there are plans -- on a new plan, we need single-payer health. america agrees. why doesn't the gop reflect the wishes of we the people. sorry kids, no free handout. total repeal and not replace. let's hear from bill in tennessee. he and waiting on the republican line. go ahead, bill. >> good morning.
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i've been in republican politics for over 65 years. i'm not happy with either party and i think we need to address the elephant in the room. number one, we have three rhino pro-abortion senators who will not vote for any health care bill that is being proposed with one main issue in the bill. and that of course is the elephant in the room that is the funding planned parenthood. as i said to senator, these three will not vote for any and health care bill. the new health care bill down with its own personal endorsement on it. that is the number one thing that the elephant in the room. no matter what they come up with, the motion to proceed and all that is going to the conference. you will not get enough senators on the republican side with the 51 vote majority requirement and republicans who will not vote
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for any bill with defining planned parenthood. secondly, d. funding planned parenthood is now being questioned because of the miraculous discovery by the senate parliamentarian that would preclude them from leaving it in the bill. i don't blame that on the democrats. i think senator mcconnell is in a dilemma and he's got his finger all over that so he can remove d. funding of planned parenthood and get the votes he needs to pass the bill. >> all of that had on the bill. joe in louisiana honored democrats line. >> yes, this is joe. >> host: go ahead. >> caller: this is joe bradley. i was calling in on not just be half of the democrats, but calling in as a u.s. citizen and that we should, above this republican democrat craft and
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start thinking as americans. how could you your own as a man say that you could put these people out of health care insurance where there was people before affordable care act didn't have insurance and didn't know how they was going to get treated and be able to see a doc dirt. they are telling us one thing about the health care, but they are not telling you the whole truth. and that's the sad thing that you've got people in this world to know that we have no other choice and no place to turn to butter rogue government. now, if you can help across the nation and across the world, surely you can do something for your own people you are representing. >> host: that is


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