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tv   Health Care Law  CSPAN  July 25, 2017 10:57pm-11:07pm EDT

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make no mistake the reason they will tell you what's going to be in the final bill because the moment they do this thing will come crashing down. what the american people have to do is make sure that this thing comes crashing down anyway and we have to do it for the tens of millions of americans who depend on medicaid and the ace a. we have to do it for our rural hospitals. we have to do it for people with pre-existing conditions.s we have to do a pretty people without power, without money without the ability to walk 200 yards from this building chamber and get the best health care in the world. i will be fine. all the members of this chamber will be fine but our job is not to take care of ourselves. our job is to represent our constituents and this spill hass earned the title the most unpopular major bill in american history. the most unpopular major legislation in american history.
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there's still time to walk back from the break. i yield the floor. >> the senate put a tiebreaker from vice president pants did vote to to start the debate on health care in that debate continues for the next few days. our live coverage resumes when the senate gavel senate 9:30 eastern time. for more on what's happening the senate would talk to capitol hill reporter. kelsey still as congressional reporter with the "washington post". when it comes to health care debate in the senate tell us about senator mcconnell. how did he have to lobby for the final votes? >> guest: as i understand it he was out talking to senators well into the day-to-day leading directly to the vote. he was perfectly worried about a group of moderate senators from states that accepted medicaid expansion under the ace a. he was speaking directly with them about how they could extend
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the amount of money that medicaid would -- and we ended up agreeing to a vote on an amendment that would give $100 million for flexible spending to medicaid however it's important to realize this amendment is added to another portion of another bill that probably isn't going to succeed. and all it comes down to being a symbolic vote but one that was important to many of the senators who needed to say they took a step and did what they could based on medicaid. host who we knew in advance at lisa murkowski and susan collins would vote no. they joined a 28 democrats in voting no the final vote 51-50 with vice president mike pence casting the tie-breaking vote. what were the objections of senators collins and murkowski moving forward pass. ..
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in his speech? >> he was very warmly we seek to have received and his speech was well received.
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he encouraged the senators to do things that kind of work in the process and speaking with one another. he was going to be the adult at thtable, but democrats were not happy because he repealed the affordable care act after raising a lot of questions about that going in. he said in four weeks even if he didn't necessarily agree with the legislation debate and he's followed through with that so there was a little bit of drama waiting for him to come and generally anticipated that he would go to start the debate. >> taking a look at the article you contributed at the "washington post".com with the headline senate votes to launch
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on revamping the obamacare and using your colleagues point out they see as a slimmed down version of repeal and replace as perhaps the best chance. why is that? >> they don't have the votes on the senate immersion of the repeal and replace bill that will likely have to get 60 votes when it comes up later today or early in the day tomorrow. i would live to fight another day and move on to a conference committee they could work out the house to try to rewrite something that could pass both the house and senate that is a longshot and a difficult path but the one they think is most likely to succeed at this point.
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>> we haven't seen evidence of amendments being offered were developed off the floor or on the floor. are there things you're hearing about that might be offered in the final bill? >> it's hard to know what amendments will be offered because we don't know exactly what the bill will be. it's hard to know if you are a democrat or republican how are you going to amend in the question so that is the place they are in. i've heard of different amendments that it's hard to nail down what would be offered in the first set of votes in the substitute amendment if that is what we are debating and voting on that day is coming. >> with the "washington post." thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me.
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>> failed to get the 60 votes and the amendment was a version of the most recent proposal from republicans to repeal and replace most of the 2010 healthcare law needed a higher vote threshold because it hasn't been scored by the congressional budget office. the senate will continue work on health care legislation when the gavel and that's my:30 eastern. watch live coverage on c-span2.
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plan is social security reached its lowest point, we had ronald reagan and tip o'neill and the congress acted to make social security solvent into the future. all of this wringing of hands about social security and being installed and can be solved immediately by lifting the cap.
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>> the hearing will come to order. let me welcome you to the senate foreign relations subcommittee on asia and pacific international cybersecurity in the 115th congress on behalf of the committee i apologior


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