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Charles Schumer
  [untitled]    July 26, 2017 7:59pm-8:04pm EDT

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mr. schumer: madam president. the presiding officer: the democratic leader. mr. schumer: madam president, i rise this evening to announce the democrats will offer no further amendments to the pending legislation until the republican leader shows us what the final legislation will be. clearly the senate bill repeal and replace has failed. senator paul's bill repeal without replace has also failed. we know the republicans are not going to take a final vote on the underlying house bill, which is still the pending legislation. and now the republican leadership team has been telling the press about a yet to be disclosed final bill. if the reports are true, the republicans will offer a skinny repeal plan. we just heard from the
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nonpartisan congressional budget office that under such a plan, as reported in the press, 16 million americans would lose their health insurance, and their health insurance, and and millions more would pay 20%e 20% increase at least 20%.g with and i want to thank senators murray and senators wyden with working with cbo's to begin figure out what's exactly going on if this skinny pill is the bill is brought to the floor. my republican friends come to the floor every day to assail the problem. if the reporting is accurate and skinny repeal is their plan it makes premiums far higher than they are today. we don't know of skinny repeal is going to be there final bill but if it is, the cbo says it would cause cost to go up and
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millions to lose insurance. now in the meantime madam president, democrats are not going to continue to try and amend the house plan that is already dead.'s certainly while we are not going to do that while there is legislation skinny repeal its reported waiting to emerge from the leader's office. the republican leader had said that this is a robust amendment. process.ill no, it isn't, far from it. we don't even know what bills to direct our amendments to. certainly a process that bypasses the committee and public hearings. it was never an open and transparent process. it was never a robust amendment process to this spill but now since the beginning of this debate we have just been takinge votes on amendments to appease the dead legislation.
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what kind of process is this? anyone who listened as we all did so intently to senator mccain's wonderful speech the yesterday, and we applaud the sentiment that he mentioned, getting back to regular order and proper procedures. anyone who listened to that speech would blush at this sham of an amendment process thus far. we don't even have a final bill two unmanned. the idea that this is a robust amendment process i would say to credulity. no one believes it. i doubt any person on either side of the aisle believes it. so, democrats are not going to participate in this one-sided and broken process. once the majority leader shows his hand, reveals what his bill
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will actually be, democrats will use the opportunity to try and amend the bill. we have to see it first and we ought to see it soon in broad daylight, not at the 11th hour. until we see the real bill, democrats will offer no further amendments. thank you and i yield the floor. >> that was senator chuck schumer the democratic leader late this afternoon the senate wrapping up their session today, the second day of the debate on the health care law. they have some eight hours or so of debate left and hear on c-span2 we would like to hear from you, what you saw today in what he heard from senators today on the health care law. we had a couple of amendment votes earlier today the amendment by rand paul and late this afternoon amendments by bob casey and also dean heller. if you are going to join the