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tv   Open Phones on National Book Festival Part 2  CSPAN  September 4, 2017 5:07pm-5:17pm EDT

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[applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> book tv is live coverage of the 2017 national book festival continues."rogue h that was ted mcintyre talking about his book rogue heroes. coming up in ten minutes, john aloysius carol talking about his book, richard nixon.ut we have about ten minutes between these two authors and we want to hear what you are reading.748820 748-8200. for those of you in the eastern central time zones, (202)748-8201. if you live in the mountain and pacific time zone, these are the comments we've got on facebook and what people are reading. robert hunter writes in and says he is reading shakespeare the man and martin is reading
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young radicals by jeremy carter and book tv has covered that book, young radicals. we will read some more these comments as we go.o. let's hear from kathleen in plymouth michigan, cap lane, good evening to you, what are you reading. >> right now i'm reading robert service, my favorite poet.ob i'm not sure how familiar you are with robert but one of the most poignant poems is the march of the dead. he was from england. he's a great writer. where he writes, actually it's the army that has died and is coming back during the celebration because they are the ones that are parading through the streets and it's absolutely wonderful. anybody who hasn't read him should read him. he is marvelous. >> what's the secret to reading poetry? >> so dear..>> cal i think it's the inflection
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and understanding what you're reading. >> thank you for calling in. that was kathleen.d bill in baltimore, high. >> are you doing? i really enjoy book tv and as i was saying, i've always been disappointed that i've never seen paul on your television show. he was always in one of my favorite authors. they've recently stumbled across a british author who has written four books and the last one i read was the tomb of the inflatable pig and that is the history of highway. he is an author who i will put up there with paul perrault. he's written 12 books. i would like to see him on
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your show. >> thanks for the suggestion. thanks for calling in. couple more facebook comments that we've gotten, markgg houlihan post that he is reading rules for radicals and dave is reading behave by robert sapolsky and book tv has covered behave as well. coming up next is ronnie right here in washington d.c., good evening. >> hello, however you. >> i love book tv and i love you. just great. the only reason i'm not there is because of the medical procedures the first year that i have missed. i so much appreciate the comment on the statues.ading regarding slavery. i'm reading a couple of things. i generally read two or three things at one time.
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>> that won the national book award last year. >> it's the history of racist ideas in america. it wasn't quite what i thought it was from the title initially, but indeed, it is well worth reading. it is a way forward. a more importantly, i want to talk about be free or die. kate line berries book. she was a researcher for national geographic, but it's about the amazing story of rob smalls who escaped from slavery in buford and charleston south carolina and commandeered and turned it over to the union army. he is really an american hero. he's not just a hero of the o south. that's the thing i would really like to see go forward because it should be a magnificent statue of robert smalls in south carolina.
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and also were to because he is an american hero. >> ronnie, did you see kate line barrier on book tv? we covered that book as well. >> of course i did. [applause] i never miss book tv, if i can help it.t. it is a wonderful read. other people had written a bit here and there about robert smalls, but she did a very personal perspective and did a lot of research and oral d history, and also talks at length and met with some of his descendents and one who kept an enormous history and portfolio of her ancestors. >> thank you for calling in. thanks for watching the tv. we hope to see you down here next year. >> thank you. >> on twitter, a post that the choice of books for this person is rules for revolutionaries, man of peace, the illustrated life, story of
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the dalai lama and giant of the senate by al franken which is also being read by hm roland who post that on our facebook page. next call comes from steve inn stamford virginia. >> hello. >> good evening. i'm just about finished with my most recent nonfiction book by mark boutin who also authored black hawk down. i will tell you i've learned a few things from this book. while this battle was going on , unfortunately it focused way too much on our situation and to my gratitude, i might point out, what i found that was interesting was that i had
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either served with or known at least eight officers that were recognized in the book, of which five were awarded navy crosses which is the highest award for valor in combat. i would highly recommend this book to anybody that would be interested in reading it. >> thank you for calling in. i let's hear from james. >> james, you are on book tv. >> yes, thank >> i am reading seven rivers, a book that is interesting to me because i do have indian h heritage and it concerns the main character and her assimilation into white i society and how everything affected her on her travels on the wabash and the river to southern ohio. it's very interesting book.
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i recommend it highly. >> what you do down and brian texas? where you hit by harvey et al. >> we were with 24 inches of rain and we survived that without any flooding to the south of us they are in pretty bad shape. prayers are needed. >> thank you for calling in. >> a couple more facebook comments we want to share, jamie morris, a war of necessity, war of choice who is head of the council on foreign relations, former bush administration state department official, and lucille is reading two books that we covered two days at the national book festival.ishep david mccullough's the american spirit. both authors who use our, and by the way everything we've covered today we will re- airel the entire day beginning at midnight eastern which is 9:00 p.m. on the west coast.


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