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tv   Washington Journal Bob Cusack Discusses the Week Ahead in Washington  CSPAN  September 5, 2017 2:46pm-3:00pm EDT

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congress returns from summer recess today and they will work on federal spending, current spending authority expires at the end of this month. members also considering the president's request of $7.85 billion for hurricane harvey response. we have the house live free on c-span and here and c-span to the senate comes back in about 15 minutes or so. 45:30 vote on a judicial nomination for the district of columbia. senators also begin debate over harvey response money. the house rules committee is meeting at 4:00 o'clock eastern and they will determine what amendments will be allowed to the 28 spending bill that comes up in the spending bill this week. one of those may include harvey recovery a midwife covered on c-span three online at c-span .org or on the free c-span radio app. as we wait for the senate to gavel in at 3:00 o'clock eastert we will take a look at the week ahead in congress with theo journalist follows the house and senate. >> any day is a good day to have
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bob with us. it's especially good to have him here as congress returns from its august recess, from a very busy college in the head. we want to start that announcement stay on the preferred action for childhood arrivals program and respecting that announcement at 11:00 o'clock and works within the president to say he will be attending that program with a six-month delay. how do you expect that to go over on capitol hill? >> it will be really difficult to pass any type of dream act, even if a conservative dream act. years ago john, the speaker had a secret group of bipartisan members were trying to get somey type of deal and they met on and off for well over a they couldn't come up with a solution that could pass the house and the dream act when president obama did pass of the house but fewer than ten republicans supported that and then they couldn't get the 60 votes they needed in the senate which eventually led to this daca program.-- some
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some members have already -- and i know you talked earlier about sheets and some members are saying this is the opportunityun we can do it but maybe there is a big deal and maybe there is a dreamers plus, trumps wall that could pass but certainly, john, the other against it. >> what sort of things are possibly going to be tied together here in the next couple of weeks there's a lot of big issues and big funding deadlines and do you think this is one of the things that could be part of some sort of big deal? >> i think there could be a big deal on this though the fiscal issues will have to come first. so, possibly harvey relief with raising the debt ceiling, funding the government and you have other deadlines on the fence and children's healthcarei and this is something that congress actually does a lot but a lot of members including speaker paul ryan has said they don't want to do and it's having one big bill where you don't have a lot of hearings and youou don't see the bill until the last second and then it passes
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quickly so this is something that congress has not been able to get its act together underthe democrats or republicans under the single appropriations bills at the end of the fiscal year they lump them together. that is what were looking at as early as this week. right now the conservatives don't want to raise the debtsa limit as part of the government funding bill. mark meadows, chairman of the caucasus said let's not do that but that looks to be an easier way for republican leaders, including mitch mcconnell and ryan, to get a bill passed. >> first up is hurricane harvey relief. were expecting about tomorrow in the house at 11:00 o'clock on that. one of the concerns aboutng hurricane super dorm standing was that this became one of those vehicles that a lot of other things were hung on.o at the relief package that wasty eventually passed was the reason why a lot of conservatives say they didn't want to go for thel,
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sandy package. will that happen this time around with harvey relief i know it will happen in a couple of different parts in the first $27.85 billion possibly moving this week. >> yes, this will be one of many bills. we have seen estimates of over 100 billion and this is just the beginning of the relief for harvey. there will be other ones that possibly as early as this month and after this passage. the difference between back then and now is that we are not seeing a lot of conservatives say well, we need to offset the cost of relief with other cuts. this is been more bipartisan and remember before the house acted on super storm sandy governor christie called out speaker weiner for not acting and that was an embarrassment to the speaker then and they subsequently did pass a bill. right now we are not seeing the type of partisanship on disaster
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relief but listen, there will be bites of this especially because this is only one of many bills that will probably pass on herbie. >> president trump tweeting late last night big week coming up and then just less than a minute ago congress get ready to do your job. daca is what the present it outn this morning. the relationship between president trump and congressional leaders on daca, walk us through what we are expecting to see and some of the history. >> for most of the august recess troubles going after members of his own party including, most notably, mitch mcconnell about not getting healthcare done in blaming mcconnell for that. remember mcconnell's wife, is -- this will get kicked into next year which is a big kiss petition bill.
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this will be a little awkward, congressional leaders are meeting with john today including mcconnell and we haven't seen a lot of love between mcconnell and trump. this could get pretty awkward but mcconnell tried to downplay it and said we have our priorities and will be able to get them done but certainly, thi pressure is on congress to get a lot done this month. we will keep watching the president's twitter page this morning. this is a time of day when he often treats so if there is more will walk through that as it comes. you can join the conversation and we continue to talk about your priorities in these upcoming deadlines that congress is basing in the coming weeks and months.48 bob cusack is with us for our 8:00 o'clock hour this morning. thmocrats this is 2(027)848-8000. this is a good guy to ask those questions. don is up first.can. republican.. go ahead. >> caller: how are you doing
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this morning. >> host: go ahead. >> caller: my question is years ago when even president bush was in there this money for the wall was already branded and where did that money go. was used for something else and how many times was the money iran to the wall but not used for the wall. i don't even understand that part at all. why they didn't use the moneyte that they granted for it for the wall? can you answer me that. >> guest: congress did pass when bush was president the fence act of 2006 and that was a border security bill, it was in a wall, they called it a fence but was supported by a lot of democrats including senator schumer and senator hillary clinton at the time. there was funding put into this secure fence because it did pass and bush signed into law but ais
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lot of critics said the job was finished and that certainly was what the now president trump is saying is that that wasn't enough and they didn't complete the project gao, governmentt auditing and they had looked at this issue and spelled it out and they have a full report and if you go online you can find out all the money that has been appropriated but certainly there was a fair amount of money spent on the secure fence act but they say it didn't finish it shop. >> host: something like $2.3 billion. you're talking about the report earlier this year. >> guest: yes. >> host: jim is important. line for independence. good morning. >> caller: good morning. first i would like to represent earlier callers one from the left and wants them to be from the right. one was complaining about 11-dollar an hour wage and the gentleman from the right, i believe as a business owner and complaining that his brick cost labor cost went from 50 cents a
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brick to 70 cents a brick. i'd like to see the brick cost cutdown immigration, bring the brick cost up to a dollar so that people in the cities and out in the country who need money are getting paid more. i'm using the reference and it can be done across the board wages. once the brick gets to a dollar that is good and when it gets to a dollar ten open up the spigot and let more immigration in. needs to be regulated. daca is a big chip. maybe we should have some kind of land compromise.. give that ship to the left and get something back for it. we have 5% of the worlds population in 20% of the world immigrants, 40% of immigrants wind up on welfare and we take in more legal immigrants in any other country. we need to do something about this. thank you very much. >> guest: a lot of issue with
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immigration. that's the difficulty aboute getting the build on.20 wages is something that democrats of said minimum wage needs to be increased and it's something that whether it's $15 or $20 sunset 12 but that legislation has been installed on capitol hill. that is a big question. can there be a big deal. we haven't really seen any massive sweeping bipartisa're deals in recent years unless you're talking about something that was passed by funding the government. that goes to the political will. do the parties want to have a deal? do the democrats wanted to give at tident trump a victory on something especially as we get closer to the midterm election where political handicappers are looking at the president's approval rating and they are saying that democrats should pick up seats in the next election and it's just a matter of how many. >> is this a sign of the lines were short.
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>> guest: absolutely. go back to president clinton in 1997 the balanced budget act of 1997 made sweeping reforms to medicare and balance the budget. we even see no child left behind with bush. you just didn't see that a lot in the obama in michigan. he saw big bills passed, certainly dodd frank and affordable care act but those were also through undemocratic votes. as far as big bipartisan bills, not big ones. we haven't seen it. i think that is a sign that the right and left are very strong right now and that's why you are saying docking in the 2020 democratic race but you also see republican members like jeff flake was up next year for primary. >> host: you talk about the six month delay for the daca cangram.
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a lot of can kicking that happens with these deadlines that are set for congress. obviously we will see what jeff sessions has to say at 11. >> it will be showing it here on c-span but from what we understand so far about what is expected to be announced is there a possible can kicking the can happen after six months? >> it's an interesting dynamic.. they're trying to set up a deadline kind of like the sequester where congress gives s itself from deadline and no one wants us to pressure which will cut spending just with the meat cleaver and it wasn't thought to be incentive to get a deal. that deal didn't come in the sequester kicked in. it's somewhat similar in that president trump who has been conflicted over what to do with dreamers -- but remember, in his primary he went hard right on immigration and it was a big reason he basically lead wire to wire in the 1617 candidate then after that, after the primary he softened his position and said, kids are very important to him and conflicted so i think this is a compromise like, we will end the program as he promised to do as a candidata
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but, congress should act on this. you have six months of seeking to anything.g. >> host: as we have this conversation, i would be remiss not to bring up jordan's story in the hill newspaper. trump packed a september agenda and she puts it together there, hillof these deadlines that were talking about and you can read through her story in the hill newspaper at the hill .com and bob cusack is here until 9:00 o'clock to take your questions about any and all of those deadlines. steve in roberts hill, missouri. line for democrats. go ahead three thank you, john nancy said. i hope you allow me at least a minute or two. i'll go fast. the least congress does the better off it does for the middle class. everything they do is against us. on the infrastructure they'll g- >> will break away from this recorded program to take you


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