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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell Schumer on Puerto Rico  CSPAN  October 3, 2017 12:41pm-12:50pm EDT

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>> i a junior at st. john's college. i'm a student supervisor of the mitchell art gallery, currently at the mitchell art gallery is the lord of nature by the fall collection in my job and responsibility of being a student supervisor is to teach people about the art and get them involved in the workshops that we offer here at st. john's and the community of annapolis. i think it's important for someone to understand art because you understand history, you will understand literature and the culture of the art you are looking after i think it's really important so you can understand history, you can understand his health -- yourself and what you want to go in the future. >> voices from the state on c-span. >> the senate latest commented on president trump's visit to puerto rico nearly two weeks after the island was hit by hurricane maria. senator mitch mcconnell talked about disaster aid that's needed also in texas and florida that's
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causing challenges for fema. senator schumer said scott the president is going but he needs to quote make up for slow responses in puerto rico. here are their comments this morning from the senate floor. >> the president is on his way to puerto rico to serve it hurricane damage personally and see of the federal government can continue to assist in the recovery effort. our thoughts remain with hurricane victims as they continue to peace their lives and communities back together. during his visit the present love the opportunity to see the resilience of the puerto rican people. you can also witness the overwhelming support of theireed fellow americans who have volunteered to help deliver relief. much of that support is come from a military including the men and women of kentucky's air and army national guard who helped bring relief to texas, florida, the virgin islands and puerto rico. just last week the 100 first airborne combat aviation brigade
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deployed from fort campbell in my home state to help support relief efforts in puerto rico. president trump will also have the chance to see the groundswell of generosity from our communities many donated money, food and other essentials. of the brave americans left their homes behind to go to the disaster site to offer aid. i am especially proud to recognize some of kentucky's come kentuckians who volunteered to join the relief efforts in the wake of these storms. the kentucky board of emergency medical services selected eight fire departments from around my state to send a florida to assist local operations after hurricane irma. working 12 hour shifts these firefighters responded to 911 calls in tampa as residents begin to move back into their homes. the route my state churches and nonprofits and volunteers help however they could.on one religious organization
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arranged more than 200 volunteers to help flood victims in texas and florida, in all this will over 78,000 meals, help with the laundry and distributed many bottles of water. the kentucky humane society stepped in to care for that were affected, chapters of the american red cross from across the commonwealth have mobilized the help when needed. the kentucky association of electric cooperatives sent dozens of climate to georgia help restore power after hurricane irma. to the joint effort from the 17th of our states electric cooperatives represent one ofon the largest mutual deployment in kentucky history. he'these kentuckians along witho many more have generously given their time and labor to help their fellow americans during this time of suffering. and they are not alone. compassion many women from the country joined the cost to help ease the pain of the victims. along with my call it in us i've committed to continuing to do our part to support relief efforts with fema, the department of defense and the
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rest of the administration. we will receive a supplemental funding request from the administration, and we do expect congress to act quickly to ensure the men and women providing critical support in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands have the resources they need. the senate will continue to stand with those suffering from these devastating storms. >> now, mr. president, on another matter, the crisis in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. today, president trump will be visiting puerto rico nearly two weeks after hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico. in my view, the lateness of this visit is indicative of his thi leadership and the federal response to this humanitarian crisis. it's been slow. it hasn't been well coordinated or surefooted, and it's been too late in coming.
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president obama visited sandy two days after the storms hit. president trump himself was much quicker to visit texas when harvey hit. two weeks is too long. better than nothing, that's for sure, that too long. and it sends a signal. and maybe he believes puerto rico is less important than what happened in texas or in floridao and in the lead ups to hurricanes harvey and irma,a, pe president trump was tweeting on an almost daily basis, prevailing on texans and t floridians to stay safe from the store. that was the right thing to do. but when it came to puerto rico, there were no tweaks or public statements in the lead up to the storm, and it took several dayse before he even mentioned in puerto rico in his tweets after maria hit. and even then, he had mostly
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blame for the people of puerto rico, or pats on the back for his own administration. he kept decrying fake news, but he couldn't fool the american happenin they saw on tv what was happening. the devastation that stayed for so long. and let me give you just a comparison, because the president said well, it's an island, it's harder to get to. it is, but when haiti was struct by a massive earthquake in 2010, the united states didn't wait for things to get worse. we ramped up military and disaster assistance quickly, and responded with an overwhelming amount of support. within two days of the earthquake in haiti, 8000 troops were en route. within two weeks, 22,000 troops were troops were en route, at 300 helicopters in assisting relief efforts. the number even to this moment
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for puerto rico is a much smaller. that shows that the response has not been good enough. why was the response of puerto rico so much less than a response for haiti? so we need a much better response on the ground in puerto rico, and the virgin islands. so i say to president trump, i'm glad you are going, glad you arr going. but this is your chance to make up for what is been a prodding start. when you visit puerto rico today, mr. president, don't get into any political fights or blame puerto rico for its problems.igure figure out what's wrong, figure out what else has to be done, and marshal the resources of our governments at a military to fix it. the 3.5 million americans citizens in puerto rico and thet u.s. virgin islands are counting
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on you, because you either president. these are american citizens. >> here to talk to us about federal assistance to puerto rico is there are subtle, the ninth district of florida,g democrat from the state and just back from the island. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me thank you, >> host: can use those which is not muslim political but gives the the sense of the federal response. >> destroys your reading and hearing about are all true. i saw people waiting in line for groceries, waiting in line for gas, no power throughout most of the island as well as no cell ae phone service. and you go to different towns and some of them have even seen someone from fema. i was in a couple towns and the heads anybody besides one or two members of the military. the traffic lights are out and i saw a ton of containers on, at the port but not much moving. it begs the response that we don't have enough assets but we


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